Totem chapter 75 out!

Here it is~

School has officially begun, and I’m already looking forward to winter break…
Well I feel like I don’t have to say it, but yep, summer’s over and school has started, so that means my rate of releasing chapters will definitely go down. Or not. I mean, it’s not like I was ever really fast at all… but there’s the chance that I’ll procrastinate and go full-blown translator beast mode. Who knows.

Totem chapter 74 out!

Here it is~

Finally back at home, but school starts tomorrow. 😦
Sorry for the long break, guys.

Note: I’ve changed the color of the TL notes – I heard that to some, the color I was using before was strangely bright and noticeable, so I’ve changed it to one I think is less noticeable. If it’s too hard to read, just click and highlight the text.