Chapter 079: First Totem Guard Jack Is Born!


Under Yulianne’s gaze, Jiang Nan summoned the rest of the bones one by one.

However, he was, after all, only a primary rank Ghost Totem warrior, and possessed a limited amount of necromantic energy. After summoning the seventh bone, Jiang Nan was so tired that his face had turned pale and drenched in sweat.

However, after resting for a short while, he continued summoning!

Just like that, by resting when he became weary and eating golden soil when he became hungry, Jiang Nan began his long and arduous summoning process.

In Sun City, on the other hand, the situation had developed quite strangely.

“Uncle, four hours have already passed!”

Sauron stood next to the Wolf King and surmised with a frown: “Yulianne still hasn’t appeared. In my opinion…. Yulianne isn’t even in the courtyard. Weylin is deceiving us!”

How would the Wolf King be unaware of the possibility that Weylin might be deceiving him? However, if there was even one ten-thousandths of a chance that Yulianne was inside, he would not dare to be rash!

Bewitching the moon with one blade and felling a thousand-troop army in one stroke….

Yulianne could not be provoked!

It soon became five o’clock in the afternoon, and the sun had already begun setting.

But Sofus still had not made a decision! At this moment, Battle Wolf walked over angrily, “Your Majesty, a giant wolf patrolling Sun City just sent over some news: he said that this morning, there was a conflict between Yulianne and a fatty who looked like a merchant. The two of them exchanged a few words, and then Yulianne departed from Sun City!”

“Yulianne already left?”

In an instant, the Wolf King’s face turned green!

Disgraceful! I’m the great master of a hundred thousand wolves, yet I’ve actually been duped by a girl like Weylin?!

“Command the wolves to attack! As long as they belong to West Farms…. Leave none alive!”

“Ai. What should have happened is now happening….”

In the courtyard, Weylin heard the Wolf King’s roar and sighed bitterly.

Talik had been taken away and Yulianne had departed from Sun City….

No more reinforcements were left, and the only path left for her was death!

Weylin raised her head and looked at the people within the courtyard: three farm managers and several overseers.

At this moment, their hands and feet were trembling, and color had already begun draining from their faces. Under the oppression of several thousand giant wolves, if they said they were not scared, it would be absolute bulls**t!

“Are you guys afraid of dying?”

Weylin asked in a strained voice.

An overseer laughed, “Miss, we brothers have followed *you for so many years. We’re afraid of getting the wrong end of the stick and being treated injustly, but we have never feared death!”

“Then have you all made proper arrangements for your families?”

“The gold coins that Miss rewarded us with that day are enough to last our families a lifetime!”

“Alright!” Weylin snatched out the whip at her waist and raised it, declaring: “In this lifetime of mine, *I’ve tasted bitterness and defeat, but I’ve never gotten the worst of something! Damn, I’ll count it enough to just bring a wolf pup down with me and a profit if I take two down! Let’s go! Follow *me to our deaths!”

“To our deaths!”

Swish, swish, swish!

Several tens of men all unsheathed their knives and swords, charging towards the street!

Seeing this, the Wolf King sighed in admiration, “With just one command, a myriad of men do not fear death. Weylin…. What a pity!”

It was a pity that Weylin was only an illegitimate daughter. If she was a successor of direct descent to the Rheinhardt family, Weylin’s name would have probably already been made known throughout the younger generation!

“Aiyah-yah, my dear Majesty, Sofus, I’m quite curious. Exactly what do *you think is a pity?”

Suddenly, a voice rang out from the street corner!

This voice was very feminine and shrill, as if a latex balloon filled with water was rubbing back and forth on a steel board.


Including Sofus, a shiver ran up the spines of everyone present, making them feel an uncontrollable urge to scrape off the goosebumps that had appeared on their skin!

What was even more astounding was that this effeminate voice came from someone who was two meters tall, burly, bald, dressed in a vest of golden thread, wearing a small cap, and riding on a wee mule…. A giant black man!

Overseer Ceci!

A big shot surprisingly came from Rhein Headquarters, and this big shot was actually Overseer Ceci who had taken a mass of slaves just a month before!

Furthermore, behind Overseer Ceci, there was a cavalry of at least five hundred men armored in black, riding on black war horses, draped in blood-red capes, and equipped with numerous blades and bows of monotonous shades. Their movements seemed to be like that of a single person!

The First Totem Millennium, the Rheinhardt Clan’s Headquarters’ directly subordinate guards—the Glory Knight Squadron!

The moment the Glory Knight Squadron appeared, it was as if a chain of alternating red and white mountains had appeared, suppressing the crowd of wolves to the point that they began whimpering and groaning, nearly unable to stand up to the pressure!

“Ceci? Weren’t you at Immortal Zoysia City serving Lord Rondor? What brings you here?”

The Wolf King gazed at Overseer Ceci coldly.

“Ai, it’s not my fault that life is so ill-fated.” Ceci withdrew a white handkerchief from his bosom and dabbed it at the corners of his eyes, sobbing: “One month before, I took two thousand slaves from Sun City. I originally thought that I had made a great contribution, and was just about to rest for several days to take good care of my skin, but who knew….” Putting his thumb and ring finger together, then shifting his weight to one leg, he pointed at Weylin, “This disappointing chit actually lost Mount Longinus! So Lord Rondor said, ‘Aiyah, my dearest little Ceci~ You’re most familiar with Sun City’s surroundings, so why don’t you go punish Weylin on my behalf….’ And just like that, I’ve taken the clan headquarters’ law enforcement team and returned~!”

After this long, effeminate response, the Wolf King frowned, while the teeth of everybody else ached and creaked, barely holding back the urge to vomit.

Weylin, however, widened her eyes in pleasant surprise!

After losing Mount Longinus, she had already predicted that the clan’s headquarters would send people to punish her!

However, she had not expected that it would be Overseer Ceci, nor did she expect that Ceci would actually bring five hundred Glory Knights. But….

Losing Mount Longinus was a problem from five days ago! Since Jiang Nan had already reacquired Mount Longinus, not only was Weylin free from sin, but she had performed a deed of merit instead!

As long as she had made a contribution, she could ask Overseer Ceci for support!

During Weylin’s pleasant surprise, Ceci and the Wolf King had already exchanged a few sentences. Understanding what had happened, Ceci patted his chest: “The Professor actually killed Reyne Mountain’s Crown Prince…. This, I’m at a loss for words~” He then pointed at Weylin, “Your Majesty, I’ll just give you some face, hm? Weylin is going to receive punishment either way, so there is no difference between dying in our hands or your hands…. My dear, darling Glory Knights, let us withdraw~!”

The Wolf King laughed!

“Ceci, answer me! What is the third rule of the Rheinhardt Clan?”

Suddenly, Weylin’s fierce shout broke through the air.

Ceci was momentarily stunned, “Why ask such a thing~? The third…. *huhu. Of course it’s ‘Reward for contribution, punishment for sin’~!”
(*TL: He’s giggling in a feminine way, but I can’t think of proper onomatopoeia for it)

“Then let the Glory Knights come back and protect *me, someone who’s performed meritorious service!”

“Meritorious service?!”

“Correct. Regardless of who impersonated Sauron to yesterday’s duel, the Professor won, so *I’ve already reacquired Mount Longinus!”

“Aiyah, protecting Mount Longinus is your duty, Weylin! Don’t tell me that….” Ceci’s fingers pinched together as if imitating the size of a tiny ant, “you want to let us dispatch the Glory Knights and fall out with the Wolf King for such a miniscule contribution…. And begin an open battle with Reyne Mountain?”

“Fine. This doesn’t count as a contribution? Then what about this?!”

Weylin took out the jade token that Yulianne had given her, “*I’ve already gained Yulianne’s favor, and this is the token! With this jade token, *I possess the qualifications to be rewarded with the chance of ‘having an audience with the Tortoiseshell of Destiny’ on behalf of the Rheinhardt Clan!”


Hearing this name, Ceci suddenly went silent.

Immediately after, he waved his head, “My darling Glory Knights, Weylin has made a great contribution to the clan, so we cannot let her die in the Wolf King’s hand. Into formation…. Time to battle~!”

Ceci did not hesitate to protect Weylin, and the Wolf King definitely would not give up an opportunity to take vengeance. As a result, both sides turned a conflict into a bloody battle on the street!

The ordinary civilians were all praying silently: Damn it all! I don’t care who it is! Just let a hero come out and stop this chaos!

Unfortunately, that hero did not appear, or rather, during this emergency, the hero that was soon to bring an end to this chaos was still in some cave…. Playing with bones!

“Master, please bestow upon me a name!”

After an entire day of summoning, 206 bones had become Jiang Nan’s Totem Guard.

At this moment, Jiang Nan was surrounded by 206 bones flying and swirling around him. Like a flowering pineapple, amidst these small breezes of wind, Jiang Nan spread out his arms. His silver hair danced around, truly giving him the air of a Ghost Totem expert!

“Master, please bestow upon me a name!” The bones called out once again in a sharp voice.

“No rush, no rush, there’s no rush….”

Jiang Nan pointed at several bones belonging to the feet, “My dear feet bones, please lie down on the ground, okay?”


The leg bones lied down on the ground!

“En, very good…. Ankle bones, please jump onto the feet bones…. Leg bones, your places are right on top of the ankle bones….”

Under Jiang Nan’s guidance, 206 bones swiftly assembled, and in just a few minutes…. They actually combined into a complete golden skeleton!

This was what I wanted!

Jiang Nan finally laughed. He knocked on the skull that he summoned first, “My dear skull, in the future, you will be the leader…. Your mission is to receive my commands and coordinate the movements of all the other bones, understand?”


The skull nodded.

“En, very good, very good. Now, I can give you all a complete name. Jack! From now on, you will be called Jack!”

Jack. This was the name of the pet dog Jiang Nan had raised in his last life – a chubby little Pekingese!


As if sensing the meaning behind this name, Jack suddenly stuck out his mouth and glared!

Originally, Jack’s facial structure was already quite slim, so now, her round eye sockets and angry mouth shape actually…. Seemed a bit cute!

This appearance seemed to convey: “Hmph, you actually dared to give me such a disgusting name! You scoundrel!”

Jiang Nan was immediately stunned!

Could a summoned skeleton make human expressions too?!

The freak with the hanging eyeball’s secret manual never mentioned this!

Alright, alright. This is probably a normal occurrence with Ghost Totems. There’s nothing weird, nothing weird about it….

Jiang Nan comforted himself with a few words, then pointed towards the entrance through which he came in, making an effort to make himself seem like an actual master, “Jack, you are already my Totem Guard. This is my first command: widen this entrance, then carry me out. Understand?”

After he said this, Jiang Nan turned and picked up the small box that the freak with the hanging eyeball had left behind.

This box still contained the way of removing his slave marker, so he had to hide it on himself.

Just as Jiang Nan hid this box in his bosom and turned around to call Jack….


A shining, golden radiance flashed over. Boom! A mysterious, rock-solid cylinder collided into Jiang Nan’s head!

Fixing his eyes onto her, he could see that Jack was currently raising her own rib, pouting, shaking her small rear-end, and glaring fiercely at him!

It seemed as though she was saying, “You dare to make this young lady carry a smelly man like you…. Hah! I’ll rib you to death!”

The mysterious cylinder that had attacked Jiang Nan was precisely Jack’s rib bone!


What an unruly little skeleton!



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