Chapter 072: Professor, You’re Ruthless!


Sauron was currently very happy.

He could already imagine the upcoming events: he would pretend to have a hangover and only be dressed in his underpants and tank top. Then, he would dash into the stadium in a seemingly frantic manner and grab onto a manager, barking out in a booming voice, “Has the duel started? Damn it! Victor got me drunk and even stole my Flower Battle Armor in order to disguise himself as me so he could participate in the duel!”

With utter astonishment, the manager would be so startled that he would be left speechless.

Only after a long while would he manager to sputter: “Lord Sauron, *you, how can *you have just come now! Victor has already been defeated; the Professor has already killed Victor!”

“What?!” Sauron would be flabbergasted, then subsequently lift his head and wail: “Victor! My brother! Why did you have to steal my Flower Battle Armor! You’re but Reyne Mountain’s only successor! How am I supposed to explain your death to your father!” His tone of voice would then take a turn, “Give me pen and paper! I want to write a letter to Wolf King Sofus describing the true reality of the situation—Damn it! The Professor murdered my good brother, Victor!”

That way, Wolf King Sofus would arrive in Sun City and completely wipe out the Professor, Weylin, and West Farms!

As for Sauron himself….

The Wolf King would not make any trouble for him because he was intoxicated by someone else. He had even lost his Flower Battle Armor, so he was also a ‘victim’!

Borrowing the Wolf King’s hand to destroy West Farms without any blame on his own part…. Tsk tsk, was this not a wonderful plan?!

The more Sauron thought about it, the happier he was. By this time, he had already knocked on the back entrance to the stadium, and a manager opened the door and stuck his head out.

“Has the duel already begun? Damn it….”

According to the play he had already planned in his mind, Sauron feigned a frantic appearance, preparing to fulfill his role in this scheme!

However, he had not even finished his sentence before the manager’s countenance changed. He glanced at Sauron’s underwear; en, as expected. He definitely had the appearance of forsaking his Flower Battle Armor and fleeing! He roared angrily: “Sauron, you coward! You lowlife, you dare to come back?!”

Sauron was stunned!

“Brothers, Sauron has appeared! Seize this guy and kill him!”

Swish, swish, swish!

Several thousand arrows descended from the sky in a thick blanket, aiming for the dazed and innocent Sauron!

One must know that before Sauron began putting on his show, Jiang Nan had already performed a scene like something out of a soap opera! Right now, the manager of the stadium absolutely loathed Sauron, this ‘despicable coward’ and ‘shameless runaway’!

As such, the manager did not hold back at all. After the first wave of arrows were released, he did not even check whether Sauron had lived or died before he shouted: “Cannons! Prepare the small scale cannon, the mortar cannons, Mortal Cannons, all the cannons! All cannons at the ready!!!”

Mortal Cannons?!

The moment he heard this phrase, Sauron went crazy!

Mortal Cannons were not some funny nonsense. On the continent, since there was the Ghost Totem that had to do with the nether world, hell, and the likes, there was naturally something to do with the living. It was the ‘Human Totem’, something associated with the human world!

The Mortal Cannon was something created through the Human Totem’s Vitality Art that boosted vitality and destroyed any unorthodox thing or evil spirit!


The manager hates me to the bone and views me as an unorthodox evil spirit to be destroyed!

Good heavens, exactly what happened?!

If they really were to fight, Sauron was not necessarily afraid of the stadium’s guards or firearms. However, he could not provoke the Totem Advancement Association behind the stadium!

Seeing that he could no longer explain himself, Sauron gritted his teeth, turned tail, and ran!

“Damn it! This lowlife Sauron actually ran away again! Brothers, pursue!”

Why did he say ‘again’?

An extremely unimaginable scene played out in Sun City.

Sauron dashed madly on the road in his underpants and tank top with several hundred stadium guards chasing him like wild dogs. Furthermore, as they chased, the manager even yelled out, “Residents of Sun City, in the name of the Totem Advancement Association, we declare Sauron a f***ing coward, a fake man without balls! Residents, help us capture Sauron! The person wearing underpants in front is him!”

When interacting with others, who would not have one or two enemies?

The commonfolk did not dare to fulfill the request for capture, but thinking about Sauron’s past actions in the period of time before Yulianne’s arrival, he would threaten and bribe, seize things by force, and establish unfair contracts….

Son of a b**** Sauron, so there comes a day that this can happen to you too?!

A burly man whom Sauron had once bullied before waved around two axes, “Brothers of the Black Tiger Gang, pulverize the enemy! Chop Sauron to death!”


Professor, you’re too f***ing ruthless!

Sauron did not know what Jiang Nan had done, but if someone were to say that Sauron fleeing in just underpants and a tank top had nothing to do with the Professor…. Even if Sauron was beat to death, he would not believe it!

May the Lord protect you, poor Mister Sauron!

Seeing Sauron’s panicked fleeing, Jiang Nan prayed silently in his heart….

At this moment, Jiang Nan was currently squatting outside the stadium in a small alleyway, adopting a stance in which his ‘two hands interlocked with each other’ like how criminals were punished. He wore his silver Professor’s mask on his face and hefted a large flowery bag on his back!

One or two cats would occasionally run past him with their fur on end and a “Meow~~”. With a ‘whoosh’, there would no longer be any trace of them!

Scaredy cats, hmph!

Jiang Nan spat in the cats’ direction, then was at a loss to do after feeling a bit of accomplishment.

Sauron had already become as pitiful as a dog dunked in water, and as for beating up that soaking dog, Weylin could take care of it….

Then next…. What was he to do?

Was he to immediately return to Weylin’s side and receive his reward for defeating Sauron?

No good, no good. Talik was still staying at Weylin’s place, and once this red-eyed guy took notice of the Professor’s appearance, would not his eyes turn as red as a purebred rabbit?

Perhaps he could find a place to study Victor’s body?

That was no good either. An analysis of the body structure could only be done with complete instrumental assistance. Currently, he was only a pathetic slave, and recklessly researching would only waste this perfect werewolf corpse!

Then…. Study the map of Mount Longinus?

En, not a bad idea, not a bad idea. The earlier he could unravel the mystery of Mount Longinus, the earlier he would be able to go look for skeletal remains. Consequently, he would be able to summon a Totem Guard even earlier and advance to the intermediate rank!

Thinking up till here, Jiang Nan grasped one of Victor’s bones and drew a detailed map of Mount Longinus on the ground.

Precipitous cliffs on three sides and a steep incline on another side, while scattered on its northern face were 206 hidden caves….

This was the general structure of Mount Longinus!

If he wanted to locate the rumored skeletal remains at this dormant volcano…. Where was he to start looking?


Steep incline?


Two hundred six caves!

Two hundred six! Jiang Nan suddenly slapped his thigh and shot to his feet. How could he have not thought of this before? Was not 206 the number of bones in the human body?


Jiang Nan immediately recalled the cave in which he hid himself after the battle of the drifting snow.

From the outline of that cave…. Was it not the shape of a skull?

Taking a second glance at the other caves….

This cave was in the shape of the hip bone and so was that one. Following that was the sacrum, phalanx, ischium….


The 206 caves on Mount Longinus were basically a disorderly map of components of the skeletal structure!

It was as if…. A person had exploded in mid air, completely scattering her bones. They then plummeted from the air with immense momentum due to the explosion only to smash into Mount Longinus and create 206 passages!

Then, over the months and years, the golden soil from Mount Longinus gradually clogged up these passages, turning them into today’s…. 206 caves.

In other words….

If he was to locate the skeletal remains on Mount Longinus…. Was it that…. He could just randomly choose any cave…. And continue digging his way down?!

This was an outrageous conjecture!

However, Jiang Nan could no longer keep himself from wanting to attempt it.

“I’ll go to Mount Longinus now and dig a tunnel to summon an expert’s skeletal remains!”



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