Totem chapter 70 out!

Here it is~

So I know I said there would be no chapters, but this is a scheduled post, so I’m not actually here or translating. This was just one of the chapters I prepared beforehand. 😛 Happy reading! (Don’t get your hopes up though!)


Totem chapter 69 out!

Here it is~

And here we have the very first chapter of Book 3: Ghost Totem Paradise! 🙂 Enjoy.

Also, here is an (important) announcement: I will be busy attending a seminar for two weeks starting Saturday, June 25, to Friday, July 8. I also have so much to prepare for and I’m pretty behind, so I’m kind of wondering how I’ll be able to get things done. In any case, no chapters in that period of time. At the same time, I’ll only be able to be back for a week at home before I’m gone for another three weeks at a seminar from June 17 to August 7. Right after that seminar, I’ll again be unable to post because I’ll be off on a trip for around a week and a half (August 9-18), and of course I also need to use time to pack in between and rest. School then starts on August 22, and so my summer is basically over. 😦 I wish I could’ve gotten more chapters for you guys, but this summer schedule of mine plus some other real life stuff is really stressing me out and making me busy. :/

Anyways, TL;DR:
No chapters during these periods: June 25-July 8, June 17-August 7, August 9-18.
School starts this day: August 22.

Update on The Nine Godheads

So apparently, two translators have already released chapters of ‘The Nine Godheads’.

I did not catch this because I did not check novelupdates, because I did not search it up, and because someone had e-mailed me wanting to pick it up and was already about to release, so I assumed there was no other translator.

I’d just like to talk about them a bit, and please note that the purpose behind my words is not to put down any translator or their translations, but to just spread some light as a fellow translator.

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Totem chapter 64 out!

Here it is~

My family and I came back from a restaurant today and found my neighbor and her toddler hanging out on the sidewalk in front of our house. When we stepped out of the car, our cat also appeared in front of our house (>.> he’s not supposed to be outside!).

Anyway, at the exact moment the toddler caught sight of my cat, my cat saw the toddler too. The toddler made his toddler noises in delight and began toddling after my cat. My cat took one look, was literally like ‘NOPE’ and made a beeline for our house’s back entrance. Thinking he was safe, he stopped halfway only to turn around and see the toddler catching up to him. His eyes literally widened and he sped off again to get away from the toddler, stopping at our door and meowing at us to let him inside and away from the kid.