Chapter 074: Memories of the Limestone


“Oh? Do you have something you dare not say?”

The Wolf King spoke amiably and contentedly. Usually, he would never allow a small character like Sauron to speak so much, but today, he truly was in a wonderful mood.

His son had already found his true love, while he himself, after waiting till his hairs grayed, could finally anticipate carrying a grandchild….

The moment he thought about this, the Wolf King’s smile grew even deeper, to the point that he even wanted to tell Sauron in a cordial manner, “Since you’re my junior, do not hesitate to say anything!”


Sauron still did not speak. On the contrary, he turned his head to look at the pursuing crowd!

Catching sight of Sauron’s small action, Battle Wolf Mody chuckled coldly, “With the Reyne Wolf King’s name, all pursuers of Sauron, beat it!”

Reyne Wolf King?!

They had just seen the Battle Wolf cripple Sauron in half a move, so after hearing Sofus’ name, there was almost not even one second of hesitation; several hundred people dispersed completely!

Only the manager of the stadium came closer with a bit of hesitation. He belonged to the Totem Advancement Association, so he had to pay his respects to the Wolf King, His Majesty.

“Now can you say it?” The Wolf King towered above Sauron, looking down on him, “Young fellow, my patience has its limits.”

“Uncle…. Ai, alright. Now that it’s come to this, I can only tell the truth!”

Sauron pointed towards the underpants and tank top he was wearing, “Truthfully speaking, my current situation is due to Young Master Victor! Just before, Victor intoxicated me and stole my Flower Battle Armor to disguise himself as me and attend a duel….”

“What? The one who fought in the duel just now wasn’t you?!”

The stadium’s manager stared at Sauron, flabbergasted.

“Of course it wasn’t me. Just before, you criticized me for fleeing, but if you think about it, if I really did do that…. Would I still dare to go look for you while dressed like this?”

“That, then that person….” The manager’s face was ashen, “Was truly Young Master Victor?!”

With their confrontation, the truth of the situation seemed to have been revealed.

An idea had already formed in the Wolf King’s mind: Victor was displeased with the Professor as a love rival, so he intoxicated Sauron and stole his Flower Battle Armor to go duel with the Professor.

However, Victor was not the Professor’s match. In the end, he could only abandon the Flower Battle Armor to help himself stall for time to flee….

Right now, Victor had already ‘disappeared’!

When he thought till here, the Wolf King’s face darkened.

Victor, for the sake of a woman, you actually stole your friend’s belonging without the slightest care of your face as Reyne Mountain’s young master?!


Once this news spreads, how can I as your father have the face to meet the experts in this world!

“Immediately take me to the stadium and capture Victor, this unworthy son!”

The Wolf King’s eyes had already turned blood-red due to anger, but the manager blanked out, “Go to the stadium? Your Majesty, Victor has already fled for a while now. I’m afraid if we go to the stadium….”

He wanted to say, “I’m afraid if we go to the stadium, we won’t be able to find Victor,” but before he could even finish speaking, he shivered in fear!

Damn it, he was really too muddled!

Wolves were the ancestors of hunting dogs and were the most skilled in tracing people through smell, so who under the heavens could compare with the Reyne Wolf King?!

Thinking of that year when Rheim Empire had warred against Janya, Janya’s number one expert, Marshal Iron Eye who was ranked on the Totem Heaven Ranking, had hidden himself within the million soldier army, taking the opportunity to kill seventy-some mid to high-ranking commanders. His actions completely paralyzed Rheim Empire’s commanding echelon for a whole three days!

At long last, the Rheim Emperor used a huge some of money to invite the Reyne Wolf King: he only used fifteen minutes. In fifteen minutes, Sofus found Marshal Iron Eye’s exact location, which led to the most stunning battle in a century’s worth of history between Rondor and Iron Eye!

In terms of tracking and investigating, Reyne Mountain was the absolute champion on the continent!


The closer they drew to the stadium, the more furious the Wolf King felt. When they arrived before Arena #1, his fury was nearly at the bursting point!

Although Sauron had been at his side expressing goodwill the entire way and that he would not spread the fact that Victor had stolen his Flower Battle Armor, and although the stadium’s manager was also acting like a yes-man, hinting that the Advancement Association would not pursue the matter of Victor’s impersonation further…. His own son, the one and only son of the Reyne Wolf King and his sole successor, committed a shameless robbery?!


Sofus let out a long sigh. However, right after he inhaled following his sigh, he suddenly smelled a bizarre odor.

To ordinary people, this odor would only smell faintly of flowers; for a hunting dog, it would only be able to detect a second odor – the odor of a human carrying the scent of something like a pig.

However, Sofus, the one who was completely unrivalled on the continent and could locate Marshal Iron Eye, had detected a third smell! Under the cover of the flowery fragrance, this smell was extremely faint. Even so, he was absolutely certain that it was…. The smell of fresh blood!

Victor’s blood!

(*TL: sound effect for buzzing/droning/humming)

Something seemed to have exploded in Sofus’ mind, and all the wrath he felt towards his son immediately dissipated like smoke. He spoke, his voice tremoring, “Mody, Tyke, you two…. Have you smelt any particular odor?”

The faces of Battle Wolf and Berserk Wolf had also changed. They had likewise noticed the smell of blood, but they did not dare to mention the outcome they imagined had happened.

“Uncle Sofus, is something wrong?”

Seeing that the faces of the three people from Reyne Mountain had all changed, Sauron had taken it to be that he had made a mistake or something. However, Sofus seemed to have not heard what he said, and instead shook as he walked to the northeastern corner of the arena.

This was where Jiang Nan dissected Victor.

Picking up a piece of limestone that Jiang Nan had trampled on, Sofus sniffed it. Suddenly, two streams of tears flowed down his cheeks.

“Such a quick blade, haha, such a quick blade!”

Abrupt and maniacal laughter burst out from Sofus’ mouth along with tears on his face. He was like a lunatic with his head of white hair, and he held the stone, murmuring to himself, “One blade, two blades, three blades….”

“Uncle, Uncle!”

Sauron grabbed Sofus’ arm in alarm, but Battle Wolf pulled him away and managed to squeeze out, “Your Majesty, this limestone has probably absorbed the various odors from the vicinity…. I can’t identify it. I truly cannot identify it. Tell me, did I smell it wrong?”

Was he really unable to identify it? This was simply because he did not dare to confirm his results!

“Battle Wolf, you are not wrong!” Sofus had already stopped his maniacal laughter. He knelt on the floor as he pointed to the stone, his face expressionless, “Thirteen minutes and twenty-five seconds* ago, the smell of fresh blood mingled with the earthen smell of the stone. This blood was sweet and vigorous, meaning that the Professor cut my son’s throat…. 13:26 minutes ago, the stone absorbed a second odor of blood, one that was heavily fishy and smelt of decay. This heavy odor signified that the Professor chopped off my son’s two hands…. The rest of the odors become chaotic. I do not know what the Professor did…. But my son Victor has already, already…. Aoooo!!!”
(*TL: shortened – 13:25)

A wolf’s mournful howl vibrated through Sun City!

The Professor killed Victor?!

The Reyne Wolf King’s investigate ability are actually this terrifying?!

Tonight’s moonlight…. Is too f***ing beautiful!

This mournful howl descended on Sauron’s ears like heavenly tones, but his face expressed immense sorrow and grief, “Uncle, what did you say? Don’t tell me that my boy Victor has already…. My good brother!” His face twisted as he spat out in rage: “Professor! It is definitely the Professor who killed Victor, used my Flower Battle Armor to bag his dead body up, and left the stadium! You damned manager, you crowd of blind people! You guys, you guys actually let the Professor openly and arrogantly take Victor’s corpse from this place?!”

The manager was absolutely terror-stricken with this accusation. They could not bear the crime of letting the perpetrator off, so he responded panickedly: “Sauron, don’t slander people like that! Both you and I are aware of his large Victor’s body is. The Professor could not have possibly brought Victor’s corpse out before our very eyes! Your Majesty, Sofus, our several hundred people will testify that the Professor could not have possibly taken out Victor’s body. Therefore…. He may not have actually killed Victor!” Halting, he then angrily declared: “Sauron, if you want to accuse the Professor and accuse us, you must take out even stronger evidence! Prove that the Professor could have taken Victor’s hundred-kilogram werewolf body before several hundred people’s eyes!”

That’s right. If one was to say that the Professor killed Victor, how exactly did he take away Victor’s corpse?

If this mystery could not be solved, then even if this was taken to the Imperial Court, the court would only say one sentence, “There is insufficient evidence, so the Professor is pronounced not guilty and shall be released!”

“You want proof? My nose is proof!”

Suddenly, the Wolf King stood up. His face no longer expressed sorrow or grief, but his eyes were vacant, vacant as though everything was so insignificant that nothing mattered!

This sort of expression was what would be considered the most terrifying!

The manager was so frightened that he lowered his head and timidly answered: “Your Majesty, *you are Victor’s father. According to the law, *your sense of smell cannot act as evidence….”

“Alright, my sense of smell cannot be considered as evidence….”

Pu! Sofus suddenly crushed the limestone that had absorbed his son’s blood and stuffed it into mouth in handfuls. He then said coldly: “But when our Reyne Mountain does business, do we need evidence?! Battle Wolf and Berserk Wolf, the gray wolf howls to the moon. Command all the wolf clan members that at the 250-kilometer circumference line around Sun City…. Lock Sun City down and pursue the Professor!”



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