Chapter 075: Weylin and Jiang Nan


The course of nature ran without rest, and if there was a cause, there would always be an effect…. This phrase was pretty damn reasonable.

If Jiang Nan had not thought of going to Mount Longinus to dig tunnels, he would have most definitely been cornered in some alleyway by a group of wolf clan members. After a few howls, he would most likely turn into some wolf’s excrement after two gulps.

On top of that, Jiang Nan’s good luck was still continuing!

When Sofus sealed off Sun City, Jiang Nan had already arrived near a large river outside the city.

Since it was midwinter, the river’s waters had already frozen over. Jiang Nan excavated a block of ice, then threw Victor’s corpse and the Flower Battle Armor in. They both froze over into an ice block as well, which Jiang Nan then carried along as he went on his way.

Jiang Nan could swear to the heavens that his actions were only to guarantee that the corpse would not decay.

However, the river’s waters and ice just so happened to disperse the smell, and Jiang Nan’s inadvertent actions subsequently led to pursuing wolf clan members howling in frustration several hours later because they could not determine Jiang Nan’s whereabouts.

Jiang Nan was still trekking towards Mount Longinus, but…. Sun City had already been turned upside down!


Countless giant wolves appeared out of nowhere, snarling ferociously as they guarded every major entrance around Sun City. If a person put up even the slightest bit of resistance, the group of wolves were sure to swarm over and tear the person to bloody pieces!

When the light of dawn soon broke through in the sky, Sun City had already turned into a world dyed in blood. Families wept bitterly and every person was in complete panic!

Sofus, on the other hand, sat upright in the city square beneath a Dragonhawk statue. His two eyes were narrowed as he gazed disdainfully at Sun City’s miserable state!

“Your Majesty!”

Not long after, Battle Wolf Mody rushed over and knelt on the ground, saying, “The wolves have already searched every corner of Sun City. They caught onto the Professor’s scent at the eastern entrance, so Berserk Wolf and Sauron are currently continuing the pursuit!”

Sofus was expressionless.

After another while, Berserk Wolf and Sauron hastily ran over, with Berserk Wolf smiling bitterly as he reported: “Your Majesty, I tracked the scent to the vicinity of a large river, then lost any sign of the Professor! Damn it, that bastard definitely took advantage of the river water and ice to flee!”

“The Professor ran off?”

The Wolf King’s eyes widened, and a biting iciness could be seen within them!

Berserk Wolf hurriedly knelt down, “Your subordinate is incompetent!”

“Uncle, this nephew here has a bit of an immature suggestion. I don’t know if I should say it or not….”

However, Sauron’s face was full of confidence as he spoke: “Although the Professor ran, Weylin is still here. *You can simply let Weylin take the initiative to hand the Professor over! If she doesn’t hand him over…. By killing Weylin, *you can let my brother Victor die in greater contentedness, can you not?”

The Wolf King’s mouth curved in a cruel smile, “Where is Weylin?”

“In the suburbs, the Sixth Block!”

“Command the wolves to set out and besiege the Sixth Block!”

As the wolves moved, Weylin fretted!

Before dawn broke, Weylin was still in a pretty good mood: she had succeeded at acquiring Yulianne’s favor, to the point that Yulianne had even given her a jade token that Weylin could present to the Emperor in order to receive her reward!

Carrying this jade token, Weylin was so happy that she was unable to close her mouth.


Suddenly, numerous wolf howls rang out from the window!

Weylin’s smile abruptly disappeared.

Unfortunately, right at this moment, a beggar sent over the Professor’s letter of explanation!

“Dear Miss Weylin, this brother here accidently killed Victor…. Don’t worry, everything has already been handled properly. You can just deal with Sauron in relief—yours truly, the Professor who is about to disappear for several days!”

Damn it, a group of wolves were all snarling and howling, so Sofus has most definitely arrived. Professor, you actually disappeared?!

Weylin only felt as though the firmaments had collapsed!

Yet right at this moment, Eddy simple-mindedly came looking for her and casually asked, “Weylin, where’s Yulianne?”

Yesterday, Eddy followed Jiang Nan’s advice and teamed up with Weylin to carry out the Knife Work Feast. The relationship between the two had been temporarily smoothed over, so Weylin did not respond angrily, “Yulianne, that lady, went out. She said that she wanted to see Sun City’s morning market.”

“Oh!” Eddy’s expression gleamed a bit. He inched closer to Weylin with three centimeter steps, giggling as he shyly lowered his head, “That, Miss Weylin, can I discuss something with you?”

“If you have crap then let it spew!”

“Hehe, I’ll let it out, I’ll let it out!” Eddy fiddled with his fingers, saying, “Look, Rodi, that young fellow, performed pretty well during the Knife Work Feast. Are you considering…. To reward him?”

“En, he should be rewarded!”

“Right, right, he should be rewarded! Then would you consider…. That since Rodi is a knife work slave, to reward him, you would reward him with good prospects?”

“What prospects?!” Weylin heard some ill-intentioned cunning in his words and pricked her ears up with a ‘whoosh’!

Eddy lowered his head, failing to notice Weylin’s expression, “The future prospects of a knife work chef obviously include the Imperial Culinary Institute! Miss Weylin, just sell Rodi to me, and I’ll send him to the Imperial Culinary….”

“Still dreaming your damn dreams!”

As explosive as a barrel of gunpowder that had just been ignited, Weylin seized Eddy’s collar and slapped him with a ‘pa’, “How many times has this woman told you! Rodi isn’t for sale! If a lowlife like you continues to think about Rodi…. This woman will beat your mouth rotten!”

Eddy was flabbergasted, “Weylin, Rodi is a slave, not your old sweetheart or your man. Why are you so reluctant!”

“You, you actually guessed it?” Weylin nearly blurted out, “That’s right, Rodi is the one *I love! *I’ve taken a fancy to him since a long time ago! Ai, it’s a pity that this past half-year, Rodi, that lowlife, did something and actually doesn’t admit to our relationship anymore. It made *me so angry that *I just lashed him the whole day to vent….”

Ai, these words are too embarrassing. How could *I say such a thing?!

Weylin’s face went as red as a ripe apple.


Suddenly, a huge crash sounded from outside the window. An overseer of West Farms had been thrown in by somebody from the outside, thus smashing the courtyard house’s entrance!

Weylin’s expression immediately shifted. She dashed outside, but before she could even react, the pungent smell of a beast assailed her nostrils, making her eyes water and nearly begin dripping with tears!

Wolves. All the wolf clan members in the vicinity of Sun City had all arrived, and at least eight thousand giant wolves had besieged the courtyard house!

Weylin then caught sight of Sauron within the crowd of wolves, “Sauron! You lowlife…. You’re crippled?!”

Sauron only had one arm left, so of course he was crippled. He chuckled: “My dear Miss Weylin, now isn’t the time for you to be concerning yourself with me. Tsk, tsk, the Professor killed Victor….”

“Sauron, cut the nonsense! Weylin, immediately hand over the Professor or else not even the chickens and dogs of West Farms will be left!”

Battle Wolf Modi came to Sauron’s side on the back of a giant, black wolf and slowly took down the golden spear from its back.

Ranked 729th on the Totem Equipment Ranking, Gold Prayer Spear!

Weylin recognized Battle Wolf’s weapon with just a glance. Furthermore, she also knew that the Nine Wolf Generals of Reyne Mountain were also called the ‘Wolf King Weapon Warriors’. This reflected the fact that all nine wolf generals had a piece of Totem Equipment with ‘Prayer’ as part of its name. When all nine equipment combined, it became something with which Wolf King Sofus could cross the continent without fear…. Ranked 49th on the Totem Equipment Ranking, Sacred Battle Prayer Armor!

If a piece of Prayer equipment appeared, the Wolf King was bound to appear!

Weylin closed her eyes in despair!

Then, she secretly crushed the letter of explanation in her bosom that the Professor wrote, destroying the last clue with which the Wolf King could track the Professor down!

The Professor accidentally killed Victor for *me, for West Farms!

If *I can’t protect the Professor now, how would *I have the face to see anyone else! “Sofus, come out! The Professor is long gone! If you wish to take vengeance, come at *me!”

Weylin determined to fight to the death. On the other hand, after a night of trekking at full speed, Jiang Nan had already arrived at Mount Longinus. He was in the cranium-shaped cave in which he had previously treated himself before!

Throwing Victor’s body and the Flower Battle Armor to the side, Jiang Nan grasped an iron shovel from the side of the cave and began digging!

Dear skeletal remains of you peerless experts….


Aren’t you guys buried a little too deep?

Mount Longinus’ soil mainly consisted of golden soil, so it was loose and easily broken apart. After digging for around two hours, Jiang Nan had already gone around seven or eight hundred meters deep.

By this time, Jiang Nan was so hungry that his stomach started protesting, causing an urge to give up to rise up in his mind.

“Fortunately, there’s golden soil here, or else…. Phew, this brother here would starve to death!”

After one more hour, Jiang Nan grabbed a handful of golden soil. Using his right hand, he continued excavating, but his left hand stuffed the golden soil into his mouth.

Immediately, an acrid taste of decay as well as a surging current of heat flowed into Jiang Nan’s mouth, streaming down his throat and into his body.

The acrid taste of decay naturally belonged to the golden soil. As for the current of heat….

Jiang Nan had eaten this golden soil for a decade, and every time he consumed it, this heat current would always form. He had already gotten accustomed to it, so he simply thought it to be a normal occurrence.

Furthermore, the heat current felt as if it was bursting with power, making Jiang Nan feel as if he was meeting an old friend.


As Jiang Nan reminisced, the iron shovel in his right hand seemed to have pierced through something like a window screen!

He had broken through! Jiang Nan had broken through, making a hole the size of a bowl!

A dazzling, golden radiance shot out from within the hole. Rubbing his eyes, Jiang Nan looked through the hole towards the inside….

“Banana your pig brain! Pig-brained!”

Jiang Nan was so enraged he began spitting out curses!



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