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This project has been dropped. Last translated chapter is chapter 80.

*Note: links do not necessarily mean that chapters are out. You will know the most recent chapter by looking at the release post, e.g. if the most recent post is MER chapter 12, then any chapter link beyond chapter 12 does not work. (Sorry if there was any confusion)

Book 1 / Book 2 / Book 3

Book 1: The Martial Emperor’s Will

Jump to: 050100

001 – Mole Crickets and Ants
002 – Martial Emperor Reborn 
003 – Devilish Talent
004 – Surpassing 9th Ming
005 – All-Element Mage
006 – Healing Li Mo
007 – Breaking It Off With Lisa!
008 – Instant Kill
009 – The Wicked Will Likewise Be Tormented by Those Wicked【1】
010 – The Wicked Will Likewise Be Tormented By Those Wicked【2】
011 – Cultivation? Too Easy!
012 – Kneel!
013 – You Damn Slave
014 – Ning Xuan’s Predicament
015 – Little Lady, You Have a Lot of Love
016 – Unification of Nature and Man【1】
017 – Unification of Nature and Man【2】
018 – Poisoning Yajia Luojia【1】
019 – Poisoning Yajia Luojia【2】
020 – Poisoning Yajia Luojia【3】
021 – Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual
022 – Respect!
023 – Origin Laws?
024 – Too Monstrous…
025 – Xing Yi Magic Fist!
026 – 2nd Hui 7th Layer
027 – Establishing Might
028 – Establishing Might【2】
029 – Insane Hatred
030 – Domineering
031 – Scattered Ashes Dispersed Smoke
032 – You Dare to Make This Young Master Receive You?
033 – Fiends
034 – Innate Talent Examination
035 – The Title of Genius
036 – True Innate Talent—Perfect 100th Jie!
037 – The Solar System Within the Dantian!
038 – The Expert of the Yama Clan
039 – That Fox Lady Is So Moist, So Attractive
040 – Young Master, You’re the Best!
041 – Little Lady’s A Pushover
042 – This, Was Disparity!
043 – 2nd Hui 10th Layer
044 – You’re Not Worthy!
045 – Naked Confrontation
046 – Auntie, You’re Very Beautiful
047 – Unyielding Spirit
048 – Suspicion
049 – Gina Gets Baptized【1】
050 – Gina Gets Baptized【2】 Top
051 – Xing Yi Magic—Dragon Lightning Evasion!
052 – Lisa’s Death【1】
053 – Lisa’s Death【2】
054 – Lisa’s Death【3】
055 – Eliminating the Roots!
056 – A Huge Conspiracy
057 – 3rd Fen Realm
058 – Li Xuan’s Scheme
059 – Still Miserable Even If Not Dead
060 – A Mysterious Master
061 – Xing Yi Magic Fist Battle Magic Skills
062 – Spiritual Baptism
063 – Subduing Feng Yao
064 – Soul Oppression!
065 – Individual Schemes
066 – Sister Complex?
067 – Initial Success Stage of the Dantian’s Solar System
068 – Honorary Elder
069 – Shameless, Yet Completely Ignored!
070 – Killing Balan, Destroying Youming【1】
071 – Killing Balan, Destroying Youming【2】
072 – Balan’s Attachment!
073 – Completion of the Dantian’s Solar System
074 – Feng Yeyuan’s Independent Awakening
075 – Hidden Conspiracy
076 – Shifting the Plan in Advance, Cultivating Strength
077 – Killing and Seizing Souls!
078 – Torment
079 – Humiliation, Violation, Trampling!
080 – Sky-Rending Ancestor!
081 –
082 –
083 –
084 –
085 –
086 –
087 –
088 –
089 –
090 –
091 –
092 –
093 –
094 –
095 –
096 –
097 –
098 –
099 –
100 – Top

Book 2: Temple Ancestor

Book 3: Demon Lacking Hate



45 thoughts on “MER Chapter Index



    • ummm that’s a bit tough because i’m already trying to make it a bit clearer, and i myself don’t seem to find it that confusing. If I make it any clearer, then it’s going to change the original text and it’s going to make it sound quite draggy and boring. if you look at the context, you can basically tell who’s talking, but i’ll see if i can try and format it so that you can tell who’s talking.


  2. Thank you for your hard work, the story looks pretty interesting so far.

    I was wondering if the empty links for the last 3-4 chaps are on purpose? I keep thinking you’ve updated another chap only to go to a broken link.


    • haha yes they’re on purpose, I’m sorry if they misled you. If a chapter is out, there will always be an announcement for it on the home page, otherwise the links on the chapter index should be nonexistent


    • well it might not make sense to you but it does to me.. i have my reasons. and in any case, if the chapter is out, there will be an announcement for it which i believe is in the sidebar, so it should be very easy to see which chapters are out most recently


    • but, but, i’ll announce if a chapter is released… 😦 if it’s not announced, then it’s not out. i’m really forgetful, and not putting links there when it’s convenient for me creates more problems for me (and in turn, you guys). just make sure to always check in the sidebar for most recent releases. if it says, say, totem chapter 12, then that’s the most recent chapter you can read. anything beyond that, you can’t read.


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  5. Thank you for translating..

    Since it says the project was dropped.. Is there no chance of it being translated by you guys? Or can other translation team request to handle this project? Such a waste to drop it ✌️


  6. Would it be okay if you ever find someone who wants to translate it and you put a link to send people to that translation group. It’ll be really great if you could! It’s hard finding translators on the web, because it’s all mixed up with ‘related’ topics >.< Thank you for the chapters so far…


      • Ah, well I removed it because it was partial rant/review, so it wasn’t very good on my part and wasn’t good for others who were curious, especially since the only validations I have are my own opinion and the comments reviewing the novel on the Chinese site.

        Anyways, it’s mainly because the terminology was much too hard and time-consuming to research and translate, because I was annoyed/uncomfortable with the MC’s actions, and because I read that the author’s writing only deteriorated as the story progressed. Also, the final chapters weren’t exactly satisfying either, and I didn’t want to invest my time in something that would ultimately disappoint me.


      • Makes sense, I had trouble reading and understanding some of the translated stuff, so I can imagine how annoying the terminology was to translate. I’m sad no one is translating now, but I can understand as no one like to do things they don’t like. Thanks for what you did translate, I had a good time reading it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for clarifying my questions. I understand your point, and contrarily, I’m happy to finish this before the story get’s worse… but maybe if I were to actually read it I wouldn’t mind the bad wording? Haha 😀


    • Mm.. I apologize, but too be honest, I don’t feel quite comfortable with that. With my knowledge of wuxiaworld, I’m sure they go through a lot of thought and investigation before taking in novels, and (just my own opinion) I don’t really think they would approve of MER. Secondly, all translators on that site already have their hands full with their own individual projects, and MER is honestly very hard to word in terms of terminology, especially if you haven’t read the entire novel, so translating and proofing it would be really hard since they’re committed to good quality. Last of all, (since I believe Ren is the owner of wuxiaworld and because the others are their own translation groups – just hosted on wuxiaworld) Ren is simply putting out two chapters a day of Desolate Era, and there really isn’t room for him to squeeze in MER until Desolate Era has been fully translated.

      As the translator of the first eighty chapters of MER, I feel bad and apologize for just dropping it. I understand why you’d like me to refer it over, but it seems strange for me to ask them to pick it up with their current workload, especially since I’m the one who dropped it. It’s kind of like I’m giving my workload to them, a workload I gave up bearing. Again, sorry, but thank you for praise towards Totem!


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