Chapter 073: King of the Wolf Clan


It took at least two or three days worth of time to get to Mount Longinus, so before he left, Jiang Nan entrusted someone to send two letters requesting leave to Weylin.

The first was written in the Professor’s name and explained the truth of killing Victor. It then asked Weylin to thoroughly trample that soaked dog and take advantage of this opportunity to eliminate Sauron and Suzanne Farms.

The second letter requesting leave was written in Rodi’s tone of voice, “Dear Miss Weylin, it’s almost been a year since I’ve seen Auntie. I miss her dearly, so I’m specially requesting to return to the farm for several days…. Do you agree, or do you agree? You’re most obedient slave, Rodi!”

After seeing this request for leave, Weylin would probably blow her top, right?

Jiang Nan imagined this with a shudder, then sneakily departed from Sun City out of fear that Weylin would stop him.

After seeing Rodi’s request for leave, whether or not Weylin would blow her top was still unknown. However, once she saw the letter explaining how the Professor accidentally killed Victor….

Weylin would undoubtedly pass out from anger!

Jiang Nan was not aware of something extremely important: Victor had once mentioned that his father, Wolf King Sofus of Reyne Mountain, was about to arrive in Sun City to see Weylin, this ‘daughter-in-law’!

This son of a b****, Professor!

Running away after killing Victor, what if Wolf King Sofus were to suddenly come?!

Ambiguous communication was always bound to bring about some trouble….

This phrase was a true portrayal of Jiang Nan’s future several days later.

At the same time, this also described Sauron’s currently gloomy mood!

Under the crowd’s pursuit, Sauron zipped through ten odd main roads and came to Sun City’s eastern gate.

Right now, it was ten o’clock at night, the time at which the city gates would soon close, and seventy or eighty pedestrians were currently seizing this final chance to enter the city. At the same time, they also blocked Sauron’s path!

Damn it!

Glancing at the pursuing soldiers behind him, Sauron’s heart grew cold. With one fist, he knocked an unlucky fellow flying, then consecutively punched out several more times, knocking twelve innocent passersby flying!

Either he would not do it or he would continue doing it! Discovering from the corner of his eye that there was still someone in his way, Sauron charged forward with his left foot. He then raised his right hand, the five sharp fingernails snatching towards the thirteenth person!

“Your dog eyes are blind!”

Suddenly! The thirteenth person laughed coldly and clamped onto Sauron’s wrist instead!

He then twisted Sauron’s entire right arm lightly…. Tearing it off!


Blood spattered everywhere, and Sauron was in such pain that he nearly fainted!

In an instant, everybody was shocked into a daze!

Half a second, this guy crippled Sauron in just half a second!

Although Sauron was panicked and flustered, his mental state not exactly in the best condition, he was, after all, Sun City’s number one expert up till yesterday!

An intermediate-rank 6th level Carnivorous Flower Totem Warrior had been crippled by someone in half a move….

How high exactly did this person’s level need to be?!

“Tsk, with the fragrance of fresh flowers, this person’s flavor is quite outstanding. Do you want to try it?”

After crippling Sauron, that person actually grabbed up Sauron’s torn arm and put it underneath his nose to take a whiff. He then threw the arm to a massive black wolf next to him!

Aooo! The massive wolf devoured Sauron’s arm in one gulp!

This animal actually dares to eat my flesh?!

Hot blood bubbled up into Sauron’s head. He raised his head up indignantly, but right at that moment, Sauron saw the person’s appearance clearly. Immediately, any sort of grievance he might have felt vanished like smoke in thin air….

This man was around forty years old, had a slender physique, and was taller than Sauron by half a head. An eerie arrogance also shined through his pair of dark green eyes!

And on that enormous wolf’s body hung on gleaming, gold spear….

Dark green eyes! Black wolf! Gold Spear!

It was the leader of the Nine Wolf Generals of Reyne Mountain, intermediate-rank 6th level Wolf Totem Master, Battle Wolf, Mody!

“I was not aware that General Mody had arrived and ran into the General! May the General forgive me!”

Sauron hastily clambered to his feet, and ignoring the fact that his torn arm was still bleeding, he quickly bowed.

“You know of me?” Mody spoke without lifting his head as he patted the enormous black wolf.

“Despite Sun City being a remote place, the name Nine Wolf Generals of Reyne Mountain is still well-known!”

Sauron held his torn arm as a myriad of doubts ran through his mind. Why did the Battle Wolf come? Could it be that it was for Victor?!

Hearing Sauron’s bootlicking, Mody laughed and turned his head towards the wide road outside the city gates, yelling: “Tyke, there’s actually a little fellow here who’s heard of our title! Interesting, interesting!”


The Berserk Wolf of the Nine Wolf Generals, the intermediate-rank 5th level Wolf Totem Master Tyke had also come?!

Intermediate-rank Totem Warriors could be called lords in Sun City, yet here there were two Totem ‘Masters’! Sauron’s scalp prickled and numbed!

However, the most terrifying was still to come!

Likewise accompanied by a giant Black Wolf, Berserk Wolf Tyke walked in, and on his giant wolf hung two blood-red battle-axes. However, Tyke was quite displeased as he spoke coldly: “Mody, right now isn’t the time to be showing off your title. His Majesty is about to enter the city; what are you dawdling here for?!”

His Majesty?!

An elderly man with a head of silver hair walked in right behind Berserk Wolf Tyke. He was dressed in a plain black robe, and no fierce, giant wolf followed alongside him. His appearance was also as ordinary as could be.

However, the moment this elderly man entered the city, all the various beasts in Sun City began to tremble. They prostrated themselves down and cowered, so alarmed that they were in a complete daze!

This was a sort of instinct, an innate fear a beast had towards the aura of a king!

With the Wolf King’s arrival, all beasts bowed their heads!

The master of Reyne Mountain’s ten thousand wolf clan members, superior-rank 9th level Wolf Totem Master, a man only one step away from becoming a ‘Totem King’, Wolf King Sofus, had come!

Sofus had naturally come to see his ‘daughter-in-law’ Weylin due to Victor’s letter.

As such, his current mood was wonderful. Sweeping his eyes over Sauron’s torn arm, he benevolently said: “Mody, don’t make it hard for him!”

Kill Sauron, don’t make it hard for him. That was the Wolf King’s standard act of benevolence!

“As you wish, Your Majesty!” Mody grabbed the gold spear from the giant wolf’s body and licked his lips as he chuckled, “Seeing as how you have some ability, stand up and attack me! I’ll give you the honor of dying under this ‘Gold Prayer Spear’!”

“Your Majesty, Sofus, please hear me out!” Sauron prostrated himself and called out wildly: “I am Madame Suzanne’s Guard Commander, *your old friend Madame Suzanne!”

“Madame Suzanne’s subordinate?”

The spear in Battle Wolf’s hand halted as he turned his head to look at Sofus. “Your Majesty, His Highness, Victor’s letter mentioned Sauron before. It seems…. That he was His Highness’ friend as well!”

Sauron felt these words were like heavenly music, “That’s right, that’s right! I am Young Master Victor’s, no, His Highness, Victor’s friend! Uncle Sofus, I can also be considered to be *your nephew!”

Sofus glanced coldly at Sauron without any response. Clearly, he completely looked down on such a notion and would never admit to Sauron being his ‘nephew’.

Battle Wolf retracted his spear with a laugh: “Since your His Highness’ friend, where is His Highness? Immediately take us to look for His Highness, Victor!”


The moment he heard this name, Sauron’s heart shook violently. He had but just schemed against Victor, and perhaps Victor had already been killed because of him!

Damn it! If I knew Sofus would appear tonight…. Even if you killed me, I still wouldn’t have dared to scheme against Victor!

An indiscernible hint of malevolence flashed across Sauron’s eyes. Since the deed had already been done, then he could only…. Stubbornly maintain his position till the end, pinning all the blame onto the Professor’s head!

“Uncle, talking about my boy Victor now, can I first say something?” Sauron’s suddenly began acting familiar and intimate, as if he had forgotten the enmity of his torn arm, and spoke sincerely, “*You’re arrival is for….”

“Several days ago, His Highness’ letter read that he had already chosen a crown princess for His Majesty, so His Majesty’s trip now is to see this crown princess!” Battle Wolf’s mouth tightened in a playful manner, but his tone soon turned icy: “Sauron, it seems that you’re speaking a bit much today! Hurry up and tell me His Highness, Victor’s location!”

“This…. It’s not that I’m speaking more per say, it’s just that, Uncle….” Sauron’s face was troubled as he looked towards Sofus, “There are some things I truly do not know how to say!”



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