Hello hello~ I’m American born Taiwanese, and can read and speak Chinese pretty (questionable) fluently. I love reading, music, cats, food, and sleep, and my timezone is UTC -8. (I really, really, really love cats. A lot. And chocolate comes second. But cats.)

Now… onto the important part. Be merciful please; my Chinese honestly isn’t very good, and I may make some mistakes in translation here and there. I’ll also take my liberties when translating, so YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. When these things happen and I honestly have no idea what I’m writing, I’ll insert part of the raw into the posted chapter in case any of you guys would like to help me out. All in all, I’ll always maintain accuracy of the general gist of the story.

I am astonishingly lazy so hopefully I’ll be able to get through this whole translation. Now, the best support and motivation you can give me is simply your thanks for my efforts and constructive criticism.

*note: As of 2/20/16, Martial Emperor Reborn has been dropped.

Chapter Release Schedule:

No schedule in place as of 9/15/15. Releases will be posted at any time, on any day:
Main project = Totem

Just know that I am a student, so my time is limited, but I’ll try my best.

Enjoy the read!



3 thoughts on “Translator/Schedule

  1. I swear i read a Novel which name was Martial Emperor Reborn. In that he was reincarnated and had taken over a body. My question is was it this site that translated it or am i mistaken?


    • it should be this site o.O before I started translating this novel, i looked everywhere, reddit, google, spcnet, and so on. there were no such translations of MER before i began translating it. maybe you read it on spcnet or on reddit when someone posted it?


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