Martial Emperor Reborn (INACTIVE)

 *Dropped as of 2/20/16 at Chapter 80.

Master martial artists that no one can obstruct. A martial arts expert has been reborn into the body of a genius whose cultivation has been abolished and has been abandoned by a woman. Therefore, he starts cultivating the art of Xing Yi Quan, producing a solar system within his dantian (TL: This is kind of misleading – MC studied Xing Yi Quan in his past world, therefore he already knows how to do it. It’s not something new.) His innate talent tramples over all the geniuses, and even the geniuses among geniuses. His powerful spirit and ruthless and ambitious nature, no matter who he is reborn into, will never change! Slaughter is instinctive, being cold-blooded is his personality, exterminating an entire family is only a means towards a goal, cruelty means infamy, and chasing after women… is just an interest.

(*I will refer to the title as MER occassionally)

Brief introduction: (from here) (personally prefer this one)
Here, it is a world of magic.
Modern-day peak martial arts expert Li Xuan is reborn into the body of a person who has suffered all sorts of insults and humiliation, a spineless good-for-nothing who died because he couldn’t bear the hatred and bitterness in his heart.
From henceforth, Li Xuan absorbs all the magic elements to train his inner strength, and a devilishly talented demon king is born.
(Note: Two Li Xuan’s: 1. The old one who was originally already on the Moyuan Continent – he was not reincarnated, nor is he the MC. His consciousness merged with the 2. MC – Li Xuan from earth. MC here has merged with old Li Xuan, old Li Xuan is no more, but MC Li Xuan still has old Li Xuan’s memories.
Past actions of the old Li Xuan have no relation whatsoever to MC Li Xuan.)

Since there might be some confusion, here’s a sort of explanation on how the realms and innate meditative talent works:

These are the realm divisions:
1st Yuan 元
2nd Hui 会
3rd Fen 分 (magister)
4th Xiang 象 (master)
5th Xing 行 (envoy)
6th He 合 (ancestor)
7th Xing 星 (monarch)
8th Fa 法 (king)
9th Ming 冥 (lord)
10th Fang 方 (emperor)
100th Jie 劫 (saint)
Grand Jie 界 (immortal)
Myriad Zun 尊 (deity)

Parentheses indicate titles or terms of address. Each realm consists of 10 layers. Format of address example: 3rd Fen 4th layer Magister.

Each realm consists of 10 layers each, for example the light mage Ning Xuan who has already been mentioned, should be on the Xth layer of 3rd Fen. As for the titles in parentheses, that’s the way each person of their realm is addressed. Only when one reaches 3rd Fen will they get a title. Now these are the realms only.

For the innate talent, it refers to innate meditative talent. Meditation is one’s ability to sense the elemental energy (magic elements) in the air (and absorb it I guess..?), and how good your innate meditative talent is shows how far you can reach e.g. reaching 7th Xing realm or something like that. Everybody has innate meditative talent, and it can be naturally or forcefully awakened, and that’s just going through a process to forcefully waken your innate talent. Natural awakening is much better (cuz it’s natural), so think of it as the quality being better. Anyways, there are levels of innate meditative talent (innate talent) and it’s pretty much the same as the realms. If you’re awakened and you get say 5th Xing, then that means you can naturally cultivate to reach the 5th Xing realm without difficulty/bottlenecks. 6th He innate meditative talent, you can naturally cultivate to 6th He realm. That’s not your cap, just that one will naturally reach that realm without difficulty, and so on. For innate meditative talent, it’s classified from 1st Yuan – 9th Ming. BUTTT that’s just in theory, and theory also says that you can go beyond 9th Ming, it’s just never happened before (supposedly).
*Note: Author likes to reword things to vary language – innate talent is equivalent to innate meditative talent – you’ll see in the context.

(I honestly have no idea how to translate the realms because it wouldn’t make sense if I did… SO. here’s the raw. There are, kinda, sorta, translations for the first 9, but not really the latter 10, 100, 1000, 10000… so… just to make it easier, I won’t translate them.)

Written by 残剑啊啊啊啊, this web novel is complete at 6 books that contain a total of 582 chapters.

Raw Links:
(all of them have an untold amount of ads that adblock can do nothing about, so I suggest you choose the one whose format you like best) (traditional)


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