Pretty self-explanatory. Spoilers can be said here as I don’t wish for them to appear on chapters or anywhere else.

Please note that any spoilers in comments OUTSIDE of this page will be removed or brought to this page.

For those wanting closure for MER, this is a very brief summary of the last chapter in the novel:
Li Xuan basically comprehends a move (Reincarnation Fist of Life and Death) that incorporates and embodies all that he’s been enlightened in and kills someone with that one move. Then it becomes all dramatic and he’s desolate and solitary; he shoots off like a meteor and disappears from the world he’s in. He’s torn through space and entered into the vast infinity of the void where the universe is limitless. At the same time, the place to where he’s gone is a path that one has to go through to reach the graves of the gods. As you can tell, it’s an open-ended conclusion, and he’s alone, so I don’t believe the romance aspect is strong in this story.


11 thoughts on “Spoilers

  1. Moved comment from ‘MER chapter 43 out!’

    Darkly: i’m sorry man but i just been reading the raws till the chapter 89(SPOILERS ALERT READ IT ON YOUR OWN RISK !!)or so somehow it’s not as good as you think things will become cool the MC started making something like brainwashing on people to make them submissive like Gina and other girls after the brainwash they just like revere him like a god total submission which made the story have a bitter taste and the MC looks soo paranoid he must kill everyone and everything that shows the slight disapproval with anything he did and frankly the author himself doesn’t know how to go with the story flow he jumps from here to there without a proper link and let you do the work yourself and till now the MC didn’t really went on something that look like a fight every time it’s an overkill but still you don’t feel it that way nothing flashy really happens either -_- to many BS talk his surrounded by girl but never really fucks he say he wanna a girl that care for him but for fuck sake he doesn’t even let them have a chance to actually develop to that kind of relationship you sometimes i just wanna slap the crap out of him… so really man it’s totally not worth translating the 5xx chapters you’re wasting effort on a crappy story here


  2. Moved comment from ‘Chapter 065 – Individual Schemes’

    ANIMEPLEX (in reply to Nameless Reader): He won’t .
    Even releases the brainwashing on the girls later

    ANIMEPLEX: If you’re wondering yes he does brainwash his little sister. He brainwashes her with words


  3. Since youre dropping mer and this is a spoiler tab.. would you mind spoiling whats left on the novel … and possibly the ending.. so atleast when no-one picks this up, we can get a proper closure.. even if its only in summeries. thnx


    • Lol I only read the last two chapters, so I can’t really give you a spoiler. After all, I don’t know who the people that are introduced are and I don’t know what’s going on. However, Li Xuan does come up with some ultimate move that is the combination/essence of all the stuff he has learned or the stuff of the world. Something like that. And then Li Xuan disappears into the void.


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