Chapter 077: The Genuine or Fake Yulianne


Yulianne’s body jolted.

“As expected, Mister Qian is incredibly sharp!”

She then gave a slight bow, “I concluded that I had already perfected the art of imitating Yulianne flawlessly, and even my knife work has reached seven tenths of Yulianne’s level. I wonder how Mister Qian detected that it was me?”

Mister Qian slowly put up two fingers, “First, your eyes! I’ve personally seen Yulianne’s eyes before, and they exude a mysterious and exceedingly superior air. You do not possess Yulianne’s martial capability to bewitch the moon with one blade and fell a thousand­-troop army in one stroke, much less the heart of an expert who looks down on all the experts under heaven. That is why you will forever be unable to imitate Yulianne’s charm!”

“Then the second?”

“The second….” Mister Qian shrugged, “I just so happened to know that Yulianne has a personal maid named Anya…. Isn’t that right? Miss Anya?!”

Anya tacitly agreed to her identity: taking off her mask, she revealed herself to be a seventeen or eighteen year old girl whose face was plain and unnoticeable, similar to a girl who would live next door.

“Many thanks for Mister Qian’s advice. I wonder what the second part of the transaction is?”

Mister Qian answered seriously: “I would like to ask Miss Anya to find Yulianne immediately and relay to her this: the Janyan Empire hopes to invite Miss Yulianne to visit for a few days!”

Anya nodded, “I will certainly relay Mister Qian’s invitation as soon as possible. However, whether my family’s Miss will accept….”

“Just say that it is I, Qian Duoduo, ranked ninth on the Totem Heaven Ranking, and Marshal Iron Eye, ranked second on the Totem Heaven Ranking! It is us two Totem Heaven Ranking experts who would like to extend the invitation. Miss Yulianne will certainly accept then!”

“As expected, Mister Qian understands my family’s Miss. Well then, Anya will take her leave now!”

Anya faintly bowed, then walked past Mister Qian.

“Wait a moment!” Mister Qian chuckled, “I still have a question…. Of course, this question isn’t part of our transaction. You can choose to answer or not to answer…. Where is the true Yulianne?”

“Even if I tell *you, would *you dare to find her?”

Anya turned her head and laughed.

Mister Qian went blank, then laughed heartily.

At this time, the Golden Lion could not understand this clever and sharp-witted conversation, so indignant at Mister Qian’s forcefulness, he berated: “Qian Duoduo, I’m not afraid to tell you that my family’s Miss is currently making an offering for a deceased friend. If you dare to disrupt her offering ritual…. Hmph, be careful not to lose your head!”

“Deceased friend? To be able to become friends with Yulianne, that person must have been quite powerful while alive, hmm?”

“Far beyond powerful! Do you know of the Three Saints on the Totem Ranking who withdrew themselves from the world?”

“Of course I know!”

“Then do you know that before the Three Saints, there was the story of the ‘Four Saints’ too?”

“I know of that as well!”

“Then do you know why the Four Saint became the Three Saints?”

“Are you telling me that you know?”

“Of course I know! The reason why the Four Saints became the Three Saints was because one of the Saints was offed by my family’s Miss’ deceased friend!”

Offed a Saint?! Mister Qian’s pupils suddenly contracted!


A drop of cold sweat actually fell from his forehead!

Anya slightly knitted her eyebrows as she called out to the Golden Lion, “You’ve spoken too much. Let us go; we’ll go look for Miss right now!”

The two of them left Sun City.

Mister Qian, on the other hand, stood in the middle of the road for seven or eight minutes in silence. Suddenly, an outrageous thought appeared in his mind.

That person actually killed a Saint when he was alive….

Ai, how come I’m not a Ghost Totem? If I was a Ghost Totem Master, and then I summoned that expert’s skeleton….

The throne of the number one expert in the world would have to change masters then!

After departing from Sun City, Anya and the Golden Lion came directly to Mount Longinus.

Correct! The true Yulianne was on Mount Longinus!

Yulianne’s deceased friend, the peak expert who was able to kill a Saint when he was still alive, was buried within this dormant volcano as well!

Soothing moonlight shined upon the peak of Mount Longinus, and the reflection of the red lava along with the golden radiance of the golden soil appeared strange and wondrous under its light, filling the place with an intangible and indiscernible air of mystery.

Within that shroud of red and gold, a gown of white fluttered and waved, while long, raven black hair danced gracefully in the air. With a silver mask, a figure dressed in a gown whiter than snow stood in the fierce and biting wind of the mountain.

There was absolutely no difference between this person’s appearance and Anya’s disguise as Yulianne, but if Mister Qian could venture to say something, it was that within those boundless yet intense eyes, a nearly unnoticeable hint of sorrow existed.

The strongest under the heavens, a hint of worry. This was the continent’s number one beauty, the sovereign of knife work. This, was the person that no one could imitate….


At this moment, Yulianne was currently gazing calmly through the reflecting red light of the lava towards the seemingly bottomless volcanic opening.

“Miss, Anya was incapable and was seen through by someone!”

Anya and the Golden Lion came to Yulianne’s side.

Yulianne seemed to have not heard, and those starry eyes of hers continued to fix onto that volcanic opening.

“Miss, you haven’t made your offering to your comrade yet. What are you looking at?”

The Golden Lion came to the edges of the volcanic opening and looked down curiously.

Unfortunately, he was not powerful enough, and could only see the red light.

Yulianne softly opened her vermilion lips, her voice ringing out like celestial tones, “A primary rank Ghost Totem Warrior is selecting a Totem Guard down there.”

She continued with a faint laugh, “Moreover, he’s actually chosen the skeleton of my old friend!”

The Ghost Totem master Yulianne was referring to was naturally Jiang Nan!

And the skeleton Jiang Nan had set his sights on was precisely that of the peak expert who had once killed a Saint!


The process Jiang Nan had undergone to choose this skeleton was quite unconventional.

More accurately, this process could be split into three steps: during the first step, Jiang Nan paced back and forth between the forty-two corpses, only to suddenly throw the familiar corpses of Victor and the Weather duo aside.

These three corpses were only about primary, intermediate rank Totem Warriors, which were not up to Jiang Nan’s standard.

The second step: Jiang Nan was most skilled at dissecting human bodies, so when selecting his Totem Guard, he naturally chose the human skeletons that he was most familiar with and heaved all the beast corpses aside.

When the third step came around….

Of the remaining human skeletons, there were delicate bone structures, wide hip and pelvic bones, and relatively small skeletal structures. Any corpses that conformed to these characteristics were definitely female, so Jiang Nan threw any female corpse he encountered behind him!

This unlucky fellow who deserved to be incapable of finding a girlfriend was fiercely thinking in his heart: Pig-brained women! None of you find me up to par, but this brother here doesn’t find you up to par either!


After finishing these three steps, what lay before Jiang Nan was simply….

Something he had no other choice about, the final corpse!

To be precise, it was a skeleton.

Furthermore, this skeleton was extremely unusual: Jiang Nan had dissected a countless number of corpses. If one was to give him a bone, he could even determine the basic characteristics of the physiology of the person to whom the bone belonged when he or she was still alive. However, this skeleton, whether it was because it was too ancient or some other reason, exuded a faint, golden light, and its bone quality was as fine as gold. Solely by looking at its outer appearance, forget its basic physiological characteristics, Jiang Nan could not even determine its gender—it was probably, maybe eighty percent, seemingly, most likely, male!

The only thing Jiang Nan was sure about was that this skeleton was extraordinarily old!

But, no matter what, it was the only choice.

“Alright, alright! I guess it’ll be you then!”

Jiang Nan shrugged his shoulders helplessly and inched closer to this golden skeleton with difficulty, or rather, drew nearer to the one who had once cut down a Saint…. A peerless expert!



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