Chapter 071: Death and Disappearance


The next moment, Jiang Nan acted out a scene as if from a soap opera.

“Sauron, can you take this blow?”

“Ah! Good! As expected, you’re a good opponent. Take this next move!”

As he made noises of battle with his mouth, Jiang Nan did not keep his hands idle: he stripped off Victor’s Flower Battle Armor, tying it and poking it, and turned it into a large bag!

He then placed the bag next to Victor and took out the dissection cane at his back, pressing lightly on a crystal button….


Two sharp scalpels popped out!

The blades gleamed and flashed!

Jiang Nan dissected Victor’s throat and wrists!

These three areas were arterial locations which, once cut, would gush and splatter out with fresh blood.

However, Jiang Nan poured all this fresh blood into the Flower Battle Armor bag.

It had to be said that the Flower Battle Armor’s sealing property was shockingly good. After filling it with a few kilograms of blood, it actually did not leak anything out.

“Sauron, you’re f***ing vicious! You, you actually want to snap at me?!”

On one hand, Jiang Nan continued making fighting noises. On the other, he waited for Victor’s blood to fully drain out.

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle….

The sound slowly quieted, and the blood flow from the three wounds finally dried up!

Right at this moment, Jiang Nan’s scalpels once again flashed. This time, starting from the neck, he began to dissect all the way down. In just a few short minutes, he had already turned Victor’s body into a pile of werewolf organs!

Internal organs, arteries, muscle, bone…. After the removal of any body part, Jiang Nan would diligently scan it, then throw it into the flowery bag full of blood!

A full-grown male’s body was at least sixty to sixty-five kilograms, and after Victor turned into a werewolf, his weight exceeded one hundred kilograms, making him a huge lunk!


Through Jiang Nan’s dissection and compression, the fragments of Victor’s body were all squeezed into the flowery bag. If held in one’s hand, it would look just like…. A handbag that was simply a bit larger than normal!

What was even more satisfying was this: a flowery fragrance danced and fluttered unceasingly around the Flower Battle Armor, and continuously emitted even more flowery perfume. Under the cover of the fragrance and the petals, not even the slightest smell of blood leaked from the bag!


Should probably be able to deceive them, right?

In consideration of the bag he was holding, Jiang Nan guiltily looked both left and right. Hey, no one’s here!

He then stuck out his chest and proudly roared in a loud voice, “Sauron, where can you flee! You despicable coward! Since you can’t beat me, you want to run?!”

After he said this, Jiang Nan strode around in circles, his two legs making ‘thud thud’ noises as if two people were currently in the arena, one chasing, one fleeing.

“Banana your guava! Sauron, in order to escape with your life, you don’t even want your Flower Battle Armor anymore? Alright, alright! This brother here will see where you can run off to!”

After Jiang Nan’s meticulous trampling, several pieces of limestone turned into powder. Jiang Nan then grabbed a handful of the powder and threw the rest to the wind!

“Sauron, don’t even think about leaving!”

Jiang Nan rushed right after the powder while carrying Victor’s body and jumped out of the arena’s surrounding black curtain!

The manager outside listened to Jiang Nan’s performance as if intoxicated.

From what he heard, this was what was currently going on in the arena: the Professor was currently fighting magnificently with Sauron when suddenly, Sauron let out a sound similar to that of a wolf’s howl.

(It must be that Sauron had hurt himself, so his voice was hoarse, right?) <– these are the author’s words.

After a miserable shriek, the arena was silent for a few moments, then the intense battle abruptly began once more. Furthermore, this time…. The Professor held the advantage, and was beating Sauron to the point that Sauron was trying to flee in every which way!

Several blows later, Sauron was already at the end of his rope, so he did not hesitate to throw out his Flower Battle Armor to hold Jiang Nan off as he escaped!

Oh no, Sauron was going to run!

Tonight was a life and death arena, and before the outcome was decided, Sauron could not be permitted to escape. When the manager realized this, he raised his hand and barked out: “Longbows at the ready! Be prepared to attack the fleeing Sauron at any time!”


Jiang Nan threw out a cloud of dust and appeared, dazzling everybody’s eyes for a moment!

After the people’s visions returned, the Professor had already descended from the air while holding the Flower Battle Armor. He then grabbed onto the manager’s collar, so angry that the veins on his hand popped out!!

“Tell me, where did Sauron run off to?!”

The manager was completely dumbfounded!

Sauron, Sauron had already fled?

I didn’t see anything though!

Did you see it clearly? The manager looked at his companions only to see several hundred blank expressions.

“Bastard! Several hundred of you didn’t see Sauron running away?!” Jiang Nan was utterly steaming with rage, so he slapped the manager’s face twice, “Bastard, bastard! Tonight is but a life and death match! You actually let Sauron run off? Damn it all! Damn it all! Damn! Damn! This is all your fault, this is all your f***ing fault!”

“Lord, please calm down, please calm down!”

The beaten manager almost began crying as he held his face dazedly, not knowing what he did wrong.

Did Sauron really run away?

He looked at the empty Arena #1 before him. F***, Sauron, this lowlife! He unexpectedly and actually ran!

You ran and actually made me receive a beating?!

The manager was also enraged, so he barked out angrily: “Brothers, open a city-wide search of Sauron! Damn it all! Running away from a life or death match! Sauron’s a coward, an absolutely shameless coward! Locate and track this coward down!”

“Would a city-wide search alone be enough? Pig-brained, pig-brained!”

It was as if oil had been added to Jiang Nan’s fiery rage. Jumping up, he landed two more slaps on the manager’s face and pointed towards him, scolding: “Sauron destroyed the Totem Arena’s rules by fleeing just before the end! His actions are insulting the Totem Advancement Association, insulting all the totem masters on the continent, and particularly insulting your reputation, sullying your dignity! This damned Sauron, damn it all!”

“That’s right, Sauron ought to die! Brothers, cancel the searching order, and take on heavy weaponry. When you see Sauron, kill without pardon! Remember…. The storehouse has military weapons!”

Under Jiang Nan’s angry roars, the manager changed his command. He then looked meekly at Jiang Nan, “Lord, about what happened tonight….”

“Forget it, forget it. You brothers are quite diligent in your work, so about tonight’s affairs…. I won’t bother about it with you guys anymore.”

Jiang Nan’s face was exceedingly dark. He glared at the manager in a huff, then raised his hand and shook the Flower Battle Armor in his hand, “Hey, Sauron used this thing to stall. What should I do with it?”

The manager let out a sigh of relief, “The Flower Battle Armor? Lord, it is already *your spoils from the battle. *You can do with it as *you please!”

“Really? So it’s fine if I take it with me right now?”

“Of course it’s fine!”

“Alright, then I’ll be leaving now…. Tsk, after several hundred blows, I really am a bit tired!”

With Victor in hand, Jiang Nan openly left the stadium!

Just like that, the results of tonight’s battle changed: Sauron fled right before his demise and disappeared! The Professor was completely victorious and seized the Flower Battle Armor!

Several hundred workers at the stadium could bear witness!

The day after, if Wolf King Sofus was to investigate the whereabouts of his son, Jiang Nan could openly educate him, “What?! The person I fought that day was actually Victor?! Okay, okay. Several hundred people can testify that after his defeat, Victor fled, and I no longer saw him again. Even if Victor died, huh…. It doesn’t even have a hair’s worth to do with me!”

This way, Jiang Nan had absolved himself of the crime of ‘mistakenly killing Victor’!

Furthermore…. Was clearing himself of his crimes enough?

This guy Sauron had lent the Flower Battle Armor to Victor. After several minutes, he would definitely come out to investigate the results of the battle!

As long as Sauron dared to appear at the stadium….

With the Emperor’s blessing! Those managers who now already hated Sauron to the bone would definitely put on a good show!

As expected, a minute after Jiang Nan left, the manager roared out inside the stadium, “Soldiers finished assembling! Brothers, Sauron has already abandoned his Flower Battle Armor and fled death! Immediately set out into the city to pursue and kill Sauron!”

What was even more interesting was this: almost at the exact same time, Sauron, the genuine Sauron, actually really came to the front of the stadium entrance!



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