Chapter 076: One Forty-Secondth of a Probability


This was a three-meter tall cavern that gleamed with golden light. All four walls and its ceiling shined with a dazzling gold color, and from time to time, one or two handfuls of golden soil would sprinkle to the ground with rustling sounds.

And right in the center of the cavern, which was right before Jiang Nan’s eyes, was a wooden stake stuck upright whose thickness was similar to a person’s mouth.

On the wooden stake hung a small box on which was drawn a portrait of the freak with the hanging eyeball and several words written with strong strokes, “Keke, little fellow, you’ve already reached all the conditions of our little deal. The item with which you can get rid of your slave marking is in the box. A manual is also within….”

The freak with the hanging eyeball had already come!

This was not anything surprising. If Jiang Nan could link the map to the structure of the human body and thus find this place, then the freak with the hanging eyeball could only have done it faster!

However, this was the problem: the freak had already come once before, meaning that all the good reapings in the cavern…. Had already been snatched up by him, did it not?!

“That pig-brained freak! If you eat meat, you should at least leave some soup for your brother here.”

Jiang Nan fiercely pounded down with his shovels and widened the entrance, then scuttled in.

Bypassing the wooden stake, Jiang Nan saw that the cavern was the size of basketball court. Corpses consisting of human bodies and beast carcasses littered the entire ground in disarray. After taking a closer count, there were a total of 41 corpses, and two of them had not yet decayed. Looking at their appearance, it was actually the Weather Totem duo—Merlin and Gibson—the experts which Mount Longinus had devoured. As expected, they were all here!

Jiang Nan breathed out a sigh of relief, seeing that it seemed that the freak with the hanging eyeball had not gone to the extreme. At the least, he had left 41 corpses for him!


Jiang Nan suddenly crouched down, fiercely slapping his mouth and clutching his head. He lifted his head and yelled with a frowning face of anxiety, “Hahh!! So worrisome for this brother!”

His face had already twisted.

Counting Victor, Jiang Nan now had a grand total of 42 corpses before him. In other words, he could choose one from the 42 corpses to be his Totem Guard!

And a problem thus arose with this situation: of the 42 corpses, exactly which one was the most suitable?

The freak with the hanging eyeball had explained once before: at the present stage, Jiang Nan could only summon ‘one’ Totem Guard. Furthermore, the quality of this Totem Guard determined his future achievements.

One forty-secondth of a probability! If Jiang Nan chose correctly and summoned the best skeleton, he would be able to advance to the Totem Master stage within half a year. No matter what variables occurred on the continent, he would still be free and unfettered!

However, if he chose wrongly….

He could just look forward to being a minor character his entire life!

Time turned back to several hours before in Sun City at the Sixth Block.

“Weylin, since you aren’t willing to hand over the Professor, aooo…. For His Highness Victor’s death, prepare to pay with your life!”

After Weylin burst out in anger, Sofus did not appear. Battle Wolf, however, laughed coldly and hefted his Gold Prayer Spear.

Golden light flashed, and the spear stabbed towards Weylin’s throat!

“You think this woman’s afraid of you!”

A white light shined from Weylin’s body. She transformed into Snow Swallow, trying to fly into the air first!!

However, right as Weylin spread her wings, the Gold Prayer Spear suddenly split into two, which then split into four…. In the blink of an eye, spear shadows covered the entire sky before her. Pu, pu, pu! They pierced several tens of bloody holes into Weylin’s swallow wings!

The power gap between an intermediate-rank Totem Master and a primary-rank Totem Warrior was truly too wide….

“Hold back!”

Suddenly, a sound wave akin to an iron fist blasted out from the courtyard, firmly jolting Battle Wolf’s spear!

Talik stood guard before Weylin! He was only an executioner, not a warrior skilled at fighting, so after risking death to block Battle Wolf’s spear, he had already been shaken to the point that all seven orifices bled. His blood-red pupils almost seemed to be immersed in blood-colored water!

However, Talik continued to steadily stand his ground before Weylin like a war god protecting his faith, preferring to die than retreat!

Battle Wolf stared blankly!

Weylin was completely dumbstruck!

At Mount Longinus, Talik had also rescued someone from Sauron. He could still be said to have put forth all his effort as well, going for broke! However, this time, Talik was totally staking his own life to contend!

Exactly what did he want to request of the Professor that he actually dared to risk his own life?!

“General Mody, I am an Imperial Count, the vice-captain of the Supreme Court’s execution squad, Talik. Please listen to what I have to say!”

Talik clambered up from the ground and wiped away the blood on his face. He placed his dangling hands onto his waist and panted with a fierce face, declaring: “Regarding today’s matter, I will….”

“Shut your mouth! I am well aware of your identity, Talik! You want to use your identity as a high-ranking official to protect Weylin and the Professor? Ha! What a joke!” Battle Wolf raised his golden spear up high and laughed uproariously: “Reyne Mountain is a wolf clan of the wild! We don’t care about you high-ranking officials and aristocrats! Beat it, or else I’ll kill you along with them!”

“Alright, since the General doesn’t like me using my identity, then I’ll simply discuss concerning the morality of relations!”

Talik suddenly gestured strangely: he curled his right hand into a fist and positioned it horizontally against his chest, while his left hand fastened to his abdomen. All the while, the way he gestured seemed to portray that head of a massive lion, “General Mody, before the ‘Three Saints withdrew and the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains disintegrated’, Reyne Mountain was also one of the disciples of ‘Saint Jupiter’. I was born in the ‘Steel Clan’, and can be considered as an orthodox, direct descendant of Saint Jupiter. Please leave a way out for the Professor and Weylin on behalf of the fact that we are of the same origins!”

Weylin was absolutely befuddled when she heard these words!

The Three Saints was a term of address that pierced through the ear like lightning. It referred to three legendary figures who had long since vanished over a millennium ago, and Jupiter was one of them.

However, what did the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains and the Steel Clan refer to?

However, Weylin’s confusion did not mean that the people of Reyne Mountain did not understand. The crowd of wolves parted and Sofus walked out with furrowed eyebrows, “You say that you are an orthodox, direct descendant of Ancestor Jupiter and a descendant of the Steel Clan, but what proof do you have?”

“The clan leader of the ‘Steel Clan’ of the present generation is precisely my Father, Rohn. This matter is not some kind of secret amongst the upper echelons of the Empire, and the Wolf King can investigate as he wishes!”

Talik followed up by pointing to his two eyes, “Furthermore, I am sure that the Wolf King is well aware of the origins of my two blood-red pupils. With a pair of eyes like these, does the Wolf King still not believe in my identity?”

“Huh. As expected, you are an orthodox, direct descendant of the Saint. In that case, you can also be considered to be my nephew!”

Although likewise considered a nephew, Sauron was still beneath Sofus’ status. However, for Talik, he personally came before him and patted his shoulder in praise, “Talik, on behalf of your father’s face and our relationship as descendants from the same origin, I will definitely compensate you for the losses Battle Wolf has brought to you. However, today…. The enemy who killed my son cannot live under the same sky as me! Step aside!”

“Uncle! I beg *you….”

“Talik, I respect that your father is the orthodox saint, which is why I gave you face. However, do you wish to force me to disown you as my nephew?!”

Sofus eyes flashed coldly like lightning, “Berserk Wolf, invite Talik to the inner city hospital. Under my name, no one is allowed to neglect him!”

Berserk Wolf Tyke dashed out, grabbed Talik, then left!

The only one willing to stand up for her had been taken away, so Weylin let out a bitter laugh and stood up with difficulty. “Wolf King, seeing as how you speak reason, all that will happen is *my death. However….” She pointed at Chef Eddy who had long since been scared out of his wits, “This person is Talik’s friend and has no relationship with *me! Release him!”

“Miss Weylin?!”

Even if he was dreaming, Eddy would have never imagined that the Weylin who would constantly batter people with offensive remarks would be so just. He spoke out desperately: “My goodness! Weylin, you’re just enough, but *I can’t just run away right at the front line! What are you afraid of? Don’t forget that Yulianne is still a guest at our residence!”


The moment this name was spoken, Sofus’ facial expression changed heavily as he glared viciously at Sauron, “Sauron, Yulianne is actually here? Why did you not say so?!”

If I had said it, would you still have dared to besiege Weylin’s courtyard house? Sauron gave a faint chuckle, “Uncle, the heavens and the earth are enormous, but these are just words. The Professor killed Victor, so if *you wish to avenge him, it is only right and proper! Even if Yulianne were here, she would not fail to speak reason, would she!”

“That’s right. I respect Yulianne’s strength, but she cannot ignore the pain I feel from losing my son!” Sofus nodded, then suddenly called out loudly, “Miss Yulianne, if I, Sofus, could invite *you to show yourself! Today, I’ve mistakenly surrounded Miss’ courtyard house, and am willing to apologize before you in your presence. However, may Miss understand my difficulty and permit to kill Weylin in vengeance!”

What powerful strength!

Just a simple name had scared Sofus to the point of apologizing right on scene. Exactly how powerful was Yulianne?!

If Yulianne were here, she probably could terrorize Sofus into retreat!


Just several minutes before, Weylin had personally said, “Yulianne went out!”

Weylin’s eyes shifted as she pointed to the main gate and said, “Sofus, wait here! I’ll go invite Miss Yulianne out!”

She turned and entered the courtyard.

Lola just so happened to be hiding behind the door, and she spoke anxiously: “Miss, Yulianne’s not even here!”

“You don’t say! Of course *I know she’s not here!” Weylin then whispered: “Lola, every five minutes, go out and tell Sofus that Yulianne is in the middle of cooking. To see her, he’ll just have to wait outside!”

And the sound of a sigh, “Just stall for time as best as you can, ideally until Yulianne returns….”

Weylin was waiting for Yulianne to return and save her.

However, at this moment, Yulianne was….

Sun City, Third Block, the morning marketplace.

After the Wolf King ordered the besiegement of the city, the bustling marketplace of the previous days had long since vanished. Only occasionally would a few people run past, and that was only to collect the bodies of the relatives who had lost their lives to the wolves!

Seeing this, Yulianne knitted her eyebrows, “The crowd of wolves must be due to Reyne Mountain’s Wolf King arriving. Rhessat, let us return and find Weylin.”

The Golden Lion nodded and was just about to move when a voice suddenly rang out from before them, “Happy New Year, Miss Yulianne! Are you interested in undergoing a transaction?”

Mister Qian!

The mysterious expert who was worthy enough to make Yulianne reveal herself and bow, Mister Qian, was currently blocking Yulianne’s way.

He stood at a place about seven steps diagonal of Yulianne, a place that just so happened to be somewhere Yulianne would have to pass through, and also a place that was most optimal for ambushing Yulianne!

“Mister Qian, our family’s Miss has no interest in any sort of business. Step aside!”

Sensing Mister Qian’s hostility, the Golden Lion’s mane began standing on end.

“No, she will definitely be interested. If you don’t believe me, you can listen to my conditions….”

Mister Qian’s smile suddenly permeated with an enigmatic air. As he fixed his gaze on Yulianne, his voice suddenly went icy, “As long as you accept my conditions, I will not kill you and expose…. Your game of impersonating Yulianne!”



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