Chapter 070 – Killing Balan, Destroying Youming【1】

“Since you, Li Xuan, have this kind of heart, I will fulfill your request. However, if you get beaten this time, please do not say that I as the grandfather am bullying you. With your haughty personality, you must undergo training, and such training will greatly benefit you in your future cultivation.” Yatuo’s outer appearance expressed great dignity, but in his heart, there was no actual change.

In his previous instant of panic, Yatuo realized that if Li Xuan truly became the elder of Allan Auction House, then nothing would need to be said about his wife’s status! Furthermore, Li Xuan’s innate talent was pretty good, and if a time came that it could be controlled, Yatuo could simply find a slave to establish a servant’s contract, turning Li Xuan into a devoted slave….

In a flash, a myriad of schemes blossomed in his mind, and his original intention to let Siyu protect her chastity had been abandoned. He was now prepared to let Siyu give her body to Li Xuan in the case that a child could be had….

“Hehe, in that case, all the elites of the Manton Clan, please come up! Let this Young Master see exactly what kind of skills you all possess!” Li Xuan activated a Wind Soaring spell and immediately flew onto the prepared fighting stage without any other words.

“Li Xuan, don’t think too highly of yourself!”

“Li Xuan, while others may fear you, why would I, Mozhe, fear you!”

“Li Xuan, receive this Leaf Slaughter technique from me, Ada!”


At this moment, a group of people charged over while shouting.

In a flash, magics like Withered Ghost Vine, Leaf Slaughter, Binding, and Bramble Engulfment all surged forward.

“Hehe, come at me!”

After Li Xuan chuckled, his figure flashed as two tangible wings of wind elemental energy sprouted out from his back. Flapping like an angel, he soared into the sky and evaded the magics’ target range.

At the same time, his figure halted for an instant, fire elemental energy immediately flickering and roiling about as he extended his four limbs and got into a simple *Tribody Stance to directly begin utilizing Xing Yi battle magic skills!
(*TL: Tribody Form will be changed to Tribody Stance)

“Xing Yi Chicken Form, Phoenix Nirvana, Ninth Fiery Berserk Firmament!”
(TL: omg is he really shouting this? omg the cringe factor. CHICKEN.)

Li Xuan lightly shouted and his body immediately began to blaze with a massive amount of flames. After that, an aura of a Flame Beast that seemed to swallow the entire world extended outwards, causing everybody present to feel intolerable pressure and fear.


It seemed to be a noiseless yet berserk whistle, yet also to be the heartrending wailing of one’s soul. Once the phantom of the fiery phoenix abruptly appeared in the air, one could say that heaven and earth paled in comparison.

The element was fire system elemental energy. The extent to which it was condensed was simply the early stage of 3rd Fen 1st layer, or rather, the level was not yet at the stage of being able to condense.

However, when this fiery phoenix phantom unfolded its body and sped towards the members of the Manton Clan, these people were still in the middle of casting! Not only were their spells instantly interrupted, some people could not even flee in time!


The phantom of the fiery phoenix instantly assaulted the people on the fighting stage and the people in turn let out numerous miserable shrieks. After that, their bodies directly rang out with an enormous explosion, followed by an innumerable amount of splattering blood and a heavy stench of scorched human flesh. It was a scene of carnage.

The originally intact fighting stage had collapsed by more than half, and at least ten odd spectators in the outer area who couldn’t dodge in time were also buried. For those who did not go on stage yet were still wounded, there were more than twenty-some people.

As for the elite core disciples of the Manton Clan who jumped on stage under Li Xuan’s instigation, there were a total of nine. Out of the nine people, those with the lightest injuries had already been crippled, while those who were injured most were only left with a single breath.


Retracting his fist and standing straight up, Li Xuan let out a slight expression of amazement at the shocking scene. However, his face soon brimmed with pride and glee.

“Even a pile of trash like this dares to compete with this Young Master? Although this Young Master is only 3rd Fen 1st layer, I’m still more than capable of instantly killing 3rd Fen 3rd or 4th layer trash! If even you pieces of trash are unable to defeat me, wouldn’t the time this Young Master spent focusing bitterly on cultivation be wasted!”

His domineering words nearly caused Yatuo’s eyeballs to pop out of their sockets.

It wasn’t that the Manton Clan did not have anybody, but rather that the important figures were all cultivating at the moment. As for other clans, would it not be the same way? He, Yatuo, a 5th Xing 2nd layer envoy, was also the clan leader and sufficient to deal with everything at hand.

However, now, he discovered that he was no longer able to deal with it.

Yet as an expert, he did have a calming art. Faintly suppressing the raging fury within him and the urge to rush towards the stage and tear Li Xuan apart, he squeezed out an extremely ugly smile: “As expected, Li Xuan’s talent is exceedingly great! Your strength surpasses the rest and your might is unmatched! You are indeed worthy of my granddaughter, Siyu, and the fact that Siyu is able to find a husband like you is her fortune!”

“I’m worthy of Siyu, but is Siyu worthy of—”

“Xuan Er, don’t talk nonsense.” When Siqin Duanyue heard the first string of Li Xuan’s words, she knew that he would begin speaking in a blithe manner, so she immediately kept Li Xuan from saying that Siyu was not worthy of him.

“Hehe, since Mother has said so, I won’t say anything more.” Li Xuan said loftily.

“En, it’s true Siyu falls somewhat short of you, but she also possesses talent and manifests it quite well. Furthermore, for this match, you had it easy because your battle magic skill was at least a 5-star grade skill. I don’t know from whom it was passed on from?”

“From whence this inheritance came from? For now, you don’t have the qualifications to know.” Li Xuan spoke without the slightest bit of courtesy.

“You….” Yatuo nearly fainted from anger. Waving his hand, he signalled to people to bring down the heavily injured core elite disciples from the stage. Only after doing so did he let out a soft sigh of relief, “As of now, you’ve passed the first event. The second will be the kowtowing ceremony of both parties to each others’ respective elder generation…. The third will be safely escorting Siyu to your Li Clan residence. If you run into any difficulties or trials en route, the members of our clan are not permitted to help you…. These difficulties or trials are naturally created by our experts through our arrangements. However, this also increases one’s benefits because it is a one time comparison between our clans’ strengths…. After arriving at the Li Clan residence safely, we will mutually congratulate each other and conclude with the banquet. By then, the engagement will have been considered completed.”

“How very troublesome.”



At this moment, Siyu was also wearing a 4-star lower grade magic robe that was light green in color, making her appear beautiful in a cute and helpless-looking way.

On the other hand, Li Xuan was standing beside Siyu and attired in that fire system 4-star lower grade magic robe.

Currently, the crowd of people within the main hall were all watching from the side, observing the ceremony.

Balan, Ai Wei’er, and others like them were all standing in the VIP section.

“Alright, this concludes the ceremony. The final kowtowing will now begin….”

A manager announced in a loud voice. At this time, replacing the two parties’ familial places were unexpectedly the Youming Elders on Li Xuan’s side, making Li Ning feel immensely embarrassed and causing fury to surge in Li Xuan’s heart.

Although the reasoning that strength was the most important in this world was not incorrect, such behavior was indeed too excessive. Hence, at this moment, Li Xuan stealthily entered a state of unification and immediately began gathering spatial elemental energy, forming it into a ‘needle’ that was very similar in appearance to a highly condensed fire needle.

And this needle violently shot towards Balan in a flash!



Following the sharp noise of space tearing, a fist-sized black hole appeared at the center of Balan’s eyebrows. Bright red blood and white brain matter began to spray out like a fountain as Balan’s body began to topple to the ground, a trace of envy immersed within an expression of shock and fear not even able to fade away in time.

This sudden unforeseen explosion caused everybody to directly sink into a daze!

At this moment, Li Xuan’s soul dragged out Balan’s soul and violently crushed it to pieces, gobbling it up in a frenzy. He then directly absorbed the souls of the seven people he had killed at Reid’s home and then assaulted the two Youming Elders in a sudden, fierce burst!


Soul force combined with spirit system magic forcefully charged into the opposing parties’ areas between the eyebrows and instantly blew up the meditative area within!



76 thoughts on “Chapter 070 – Killing Balan, Destroying Youming【1】

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  2. Thanks for the chapter XD

    Ya know, this Xianxia is different… cause this is the only MC that is not only arrogant, but lacks humility to the point that even the readers can’t sympathize with him (though because he is MC, we’d be on his side)….

    Because it’s so different, we can’t stop reading it… but… cute little sister needs to punish him >.<

    Liked by 2 people

      • He’s sorta like every other Xianxia MC (which are anti-heroes), it’s just right now… he’s acting like a villain…

        He admitted to doing it on purpose (he wants the image of a villain), but this was what we were seeing for most of the novel.


    • Wrong, Some readers can sympathize with him and some readers do support/like him not just because of his MC status but because he’s an interesting character.
      This dude is a typical Xianxia MC in many regards but probably more realistic in a sense with his state of mind.


      • Nah, he isn’t realistic. He’s too arrogant.

        He’s basically like those enemy xianxia characters (now, I understand this is mostly on purpose, but still, it’s what he’s showing).

        He’s basically acting like all those Xianxia enemies that are normally hated to the point that almost everybody wants them dead.

        Again, I do realize it’s on purpose…

        Liked by 1 person

      • He’s more realistic than Xianxia MC’s that are supposedly bloodthirsty murders that fall in love for lolis, shy, innocent girls for no reason except that they’re loli’s, shy etc..

        How is he any more arrogant when compared to other MC’s? What Xianxia MC doesn’t ruthlessly kill or treat those who offend them like trash once they get powered up? His arrogence & behaviour is very similar in many ways to many other MC’s.


      • Umm….. Xianxia MCs usually aren’t lolis…

        They go after the sexier women….

        Usually, the ones more interested in young girls are the MCs that are still kids themselves.

        And this MC just offends everybody and always acts arrogant and insulting.

        Other Xianxia MCs are ruthless to kill their enemies, this guy is acting ruthless and more like the villains in Xianxia that always think they are better than everybody else and because of their position and talent, are the greatest thing ever.

        Xianxia MCs don’t usually go this far for arrogance. Even when they do do bad things, it’s usually done because they were offended or they were being treated unjustly.

        This guy is just being arrogant because he thinks he’s the best.

        Again, he did admit a while back to doing this on purpose…. but this is the character we’ve being seeing through out the novel… so even if it is done with reason…..

        He is still acting more like the Xianxia villains than MCs


      • Many Xianxia do have loli’s, shy, cute or innocent females that the MC usually likes, loves or cares deeply for.
        List how/when he was soooo arrogant because many Xianxia MC are just the same.
        List a Xianxia MC that has never thought he was the best because guess what? Many Xianxia MC think they’re the best too. Explain how he acts more like a villain because many Xianxia MC have this trait.

        Doesn’t matter if he’s doing this on purpose or not because his arrogance is no different to many Xianxia MC’s.


      • There is a difference, because most other Xianxia MCs aren’t arrogant to this extent.

        They actually are willing to treat others nice, and they don’t always claim to be better than everyone and talk about how everybody is inferior or unworthy of them.

        This guy acts the way he does to everybody except his direct family.

        He acts 1st. There is a difference in how they act arrogant.

        If Chu Feng meets random people, he won’t talk about how he’s the greatest ever and how everybody should bow to him just because of who he is.

        Yun Che doesn’t either. Neither does Linley, or Tang San, or Yue Yang.

        It’s the type of arrogance. that makes him look down on everybody. Other Xianxia MCs don’t look down on every person they meet. Just the people that try to harm them for no reason other than the fact that they think they are the biggest thing.

        Other MCs usually follow a simple “you don’t bother me, I won’t bother you” code. This guy just offends everyone and follows the typical Xianxia enemy pattern of “I’m going to offend you because I think I’m better than everybody”

        And loli? No, they don’t go for lolis… at most, the girls the MCs go for are just a few years younger.

        Name the MCs that try to get lolis?

        Linley went for an adult Delia, Tang San was the same age as Xiao Wu. Yue Yang wants nee-chans, Chu Feng goes for girls that are his age or a year younger.

        The only MCs going for lolis are the ones that are still shotas themselves (usually).


      • MCs are arrogant to this extent they just show it in different situations.
        This guy keeps to himself and offends people he knows are fake who approach him. Which innocent bystander did he act arrogantly towards or kill? This guy is at least 100+ years old he treats others as younger generations that haven’t even lived his 1/4 of his life. He treats his bother, Father, Mother & Sister with care but when others plot against him or his family he acts before they can, hmmm… Sounds like many MC’s.
        Yun Che & Chu Feng are arrogant though, offend them and they become arrogant similar to this MC except this MC is much wiser so he see’s through lies and acts first.
        This MC’s arrogance is no different to other MC’s, he does his thing and keep to himself and if you plot against him he takes action.


      • I did say that the MC is acting this way on purpose.

        But he is acting badly to get a bad reputation on purpose. He even stated that acting like an overly arrogant spoilt young master was the easiest way to get things done.

        Other MCs don’t just needlessly offend, he just always shows arrogance and haughtiness…

        Which is what the other MCs lack, haughtiness (I forgot about that word). He shows disdain for almost everybody except his immediate family.

        Again, he WANTS that image. But it is something he has been showing for many chapters to the point that it over laps more than the normal Xianxia image.

        But he did state he wanted to have the image of a spoilt master.

        His actions are different from Xianxia MCs.

        Look at Yun Che and the young masters of the Burning Heaven Clan.

        Look at Tang San and the Spoilt Prince of the Imperial Academy.

        Look at Lin Feng and… almost every character he deals with.

        There is a difference between their actions and the actions of their antagonists.

        Yes, this MC is good to what he’s treating as his direct family…. but so do all the other pompous and selfish young masters/mistresses.

        He’s acting much more similar to the antagonist than the normal Xianxia MCs.


      • Nope, he’s acting just the same as any other MC. Keeps to himself but goes apeshit when offended. No innocent bystander has been killed by him, his act is still in line with many other MC.

        When has he needlessly offended those who didn’t offend him?


      • No, not every person offended him. They may not have had good thoughts, but many haven’t actually done anything.

        Also, he is purposely showing an arrogant image that he himself admitted -_-

        Even if the others offend him a bit, he will instantly use his status and tyrannize them. He tries to always show off that he’s superior and is constantly rude to everybody.

        Even when in the previous chapter, the auction house had no bad intentions, he was rude.

        And towards people that looked down on him because of “him” trying to get his sister raped, he also looked down on them and antagonized them.

        He bullies people of his sect and forcefully takes their money and shows little respect in general.

        In fact, outside of his immediate family, he didn’t show anybody respect -_-

        Other Xianxia MCs don’t go this far. If you don’t attack them, they won’t attack you… but that’s it. They don’t constantly talk about how they are superior or talk down to others constantly (they do after the other person tries to get into a fight with them thought).


      • Everyone so far are trying to plot against him or use him so he treats them coldly to not give them any chance to bully/plot against him and because there is no point to faking friendships.

        His line of thinking is still the same as many other MC except he acts first.


      • Yes, he acts first, but he’s rude to all.

        It isn’t just acting 1st, but being rude in general.

        Other MCs usually are willing to leave others alone if they aren’t bothered themselves…

        This guy, his way of thinking is similar, but to get his goals, he is planning on making himself seem like a tyrant/douche so that it is easier for him to move around and he won’t have to look at how he acts, since everyone would expect him to be a douche.

        It’s like during his stuff with his “fiance”…. he didn’t need to be so rude, even if he did suspect them of plots.

        And am I the only one having issues with the letter “f” on wordpress?


      • Well he can’t be nice to his enemies now can he? His Clan has their own plans to use him and so secretly he wishes to abandon them soon but he’s putting up a front till the time is right, so he isn’t always rude.
        Everyone on his fiancée’s side wants to humiliate him & his family and are even plotting against him, he is taking action to counter them. Everything so far I would describe as politics, In politics, you have parties that are friendly but they make comments or take action that holds multiple meanings to try and take jabs at each other.

        What does “F” do on wordpress?


      • The letter “f” just seems to be missing on words every time I type a word….

        like on your post, I’m seeing “fiancée”…. it’s missing the “f”

        And that is happening for all the words with that letter -_-

        And yes, he is putting on an act for politics…

        He’s purposely acting bad, so that he doesn’t have to toe the line with everyone….

        But it doesn’t change that he’s acting worse than most Xianxia MCs.

        It is on purpose, and he does have a plan and reason for playing the villain…. but he really is trying to act like a villain….


      • Hmm… do you swear a lot? lol maybe you should clean the “F”.

        I wouldn’t say he’s acting bad, I’d say he’s just cutting the BS and being blunt.
        I feel he just doesn’t want to waste time playing games with these kids, It’s like Old people that don’t sugar coat their word or actions. This old man lived his life cultivating alone, so he probably wants to do that but everyone in this little well is trying to scheme against him.

        This whole thing seems to be a perspective type thing.


      • I guess… so lets just agree to disagree, since we ran outta points…

        And I don’t think I curse too much…. and I can’t read the letter “f” on your posts either if they are in a word…

        so I see “irst” and stuff…. but it isn’t consistent either -_-

        Seems something is screwing with me or maybe it’s a small glitch…..


      • Ummm… ya, but for Yun Che, he was 16 when she was 13. And he isn’t trying to capture her yet.

        Meng Hao tried to get that loli to call him uncle. And for BTTH, the young girl was also not much younger than him.

        Usually MCs go for the women that are more beautiful than the women that are so beautiful that they can’t exist in the real world….

        sometimes, they aim lower for women that are so beautiful that they can’t exist in the real world….

        But the women they go for are often older or the same age as them (maybe one or 2 years younger) and are supposed to be impossibly beautiful.


      • Yep, typical Xianxia MC. Go for loli, shy, innocent, princessy, yandere, tsundere, clingy type or females that contrast vastly to the ruthless, murderous MC’s.


      • Ummm…. so are you basically saying they go for any girl???

        That said…. they don’t usually go for the loli unless if the loli is barely younger than them (which, by then, the MC barely stopped being a shota himself).

        You seem to be describing shonen MCs more than Xianxia.

        The only requirement for Xianxia is that the female is just too beautiful to the point that they need to constantly remind the readers.


      • No, I’m saying most ruthless, bloodthirsty MC usually becomes infatuated with females that is so different to their murderous self that it becomes unrealistic to an extent, these females usually involve loli’s, shy, innocent, princessy, clingy & overbearing type etc..


      • Most of the MCs aren’t blood thirsty… they just kill once they have an enemy.

        And the females acting like they do…. that kinda fits how ancient China did things.

        Men were warriors or more ruthless while the females were expected to be more understanding.


      • Most MC’s aren’t but most are too.
        Understanding yes but many females aren’t but because they fit a certain type they almost always get with the mc in some way/shape or form and its little to no sense and that’s one of the things I find unrealistic.
        Dalia & Linley makes sense because there was history, background and real development but a lot of MC’s just fall for chicks for no reason except for him to own a “loli, Shy, innocent” etc.. etc type chick in his harem.


      • Actually, many interactions in Xianxia, it isn’t like the MC doesn’t develop a relationship… but that it’s just time-skipped over…

        But they do usually develop a relationship.

        I’d say ATG has the best romantic development in Xianxia I read so far (or at least the ones that aren’t a romance). Of course, that’s why it bothers me when Yun Che gets a harem….

        Each individual relationship is done so well, that it feels like cheating when he does go around with different girls. At least for me…


      • I’m talking about when we have no time skip and they only have a few interactions. I’d say Linely has a better one but Yun Che and who? I like his first wife & little fairy but I feel little fairy’s development makes more sense.


      • Well, his little Aunt relationship was just set from the start.

        But he had good development with the princess, and with little Fairy, and all the moments with his wife were all pretty good…

        Now, for the wife, even he admitted that it wasn’t really love yet, but it is developing well and going on at a good rate.

        Each relationship was actually done very well for this series. Frankly, most Xianxia don’t have it this good.

        And to be honest, I felt it was much better than romance in CD.

        I mean, sure, Linley and Delia had a few moments… but really, development outside of Linley was minimal at best.

        Delia and Linley’s relationship mostly progressed through the time skip and in the end, it just revolved around a few sweet moments (writing wise)… that said, I felt that CD was weak over all in character development even by Xianxia standards.

        And Xianxia, I find has some of the worst character development in general.

        Peerless Martial God was one of the worst… it had a bit of character development for a few of the villains… but 100 chapters later (give or take) it all just disappeared and they went back to being the same old douches……


      • Lin & Delia are fine because there isn’t much competition to compare it I guess.

        I put PMA on hold because the characters/story was getting dull, sounds like it hasn’t changed.


      • Most Xianxia repeat a bit…. but frankly, PMA is a bit too much….

        For a bit, there was some hope… author showed a tiny bit of some characters changing for the better….

        Then it went back to being the same old sorry pattern….

        On the bright side…. you don’t feel like you missed much if you don’t read a few chapters… I can’t remember most of the character names anyways…

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s funny… cause the events are interesting…

        But it’s just too repetitive and the characters are so flat -_-

        They have little depth (though I guess that’s true for most Xianxia -but PMA is kinda the worst).

        That said, I’m grateful for the translators hard work, and as such, will keep on reading.


      • I gave it up mainly due to the author sometimes dedicating chapters to the MC and his love interests. Don’t get me wrong, I ship MC and Meng Qing, but with the princess, he’s constantly talking about how MC just can’t resist the princess’ love for him, but Meng Qing will always be first in his heart, so it’s fine if he adds the princess to his harem as well. I mean, harem is harem, but if you’re going to have a harem, don’t be all ‘dammit she’s so cute, I can’t say no. but Meng Qing will always be first, so it’s okay for me to like her too’. In my opinion, even Yun Che’s behavior is better. At least he’s not like ‘Oh! I like you too and I want you in my harem. But don’t worry Little Fairy/Qingyue/Little Aunt, you’ll always be first in my heart’

        Liked by 1 person

      • too arrogant? he is a God. arrogance is a right of the winner. as a masters sc2 player, i dont even put people from lower leagues in my eyes. i dont even say glhf to them. they are garbage. respect is earn and arrogance is deserved.


  3. Wow.. replacing the parents and family’s place with a bunch of unrelated elders in a marriege respect vow.. these people deserve to get their soul crushed.. theres a limit one can disrespect another..

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I just found this novel yesterday… It’s refreshing to find MC that evil… 😀

    Thank you for the great work translating this leo jiejie


  5. this guy is awesome there are too many goody main characters already i really hope this guy keeps going true to himself and conquers this world then trains again to tear space and reach godhood to make all beings bow in his presence


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