Chapter 069 – Shameless, Yet Completely Ignored!

“Oh, so it’s the beautiful Ai Wei’er.” Li Xuan stretched his hand out and touched Ai Wei’er’s tender face, immediately causing all of those in the courtyard to sink into stupefaction as their jaws dropped to the ground.

This, this person was truly driven by lust! He even, even dared to take liberties with Ai Wei’er? Did he not know that Ai Wei’er was Allan Auction House’s third generation’s leading figure of direct descent, the Young Miss of Allan Auction House? Was he unaware that Ai Wei’er was the future wife of the Wade Empire’s King’s eldest son?

Everybody had been struck dumb. Even Balan who was domineering and haughty fell into a daze.

Was this true cockiness, or had Lisa traumatized him to the point of insanity?

Ai Wei’er never predicted that Li Xuan would touch her face, and after staring blankly for a moment, her face immediately grew boiling hot. That sort of fiery sensation caused this noble Young Miss to involuntarily feel great shame.


Ai Daya and Ai Da’te nearly flew into rage and were just about to berate Li Xuan. However, looking at Li Xuan’s presumptuous behavior, they suddenly recalled Lord Mu Xuan, and for a time, it was as if a basin of cold water had been dumped on their heads. After the word ‘you’, nothing else was said.

“You—Young Master Li, please conduct yourself with dignity.” Ai Wei’er tightened her lips and retreated a single step.

“En. This Young Master is very thin and not that heavy, so you don’t need to worry about finding it hard to breathe once I’m pressing on top of you. However, seeing as how you are so sincerely generous, this Young Master will accept the position of Honorary Elder with great difficulty.” Li Xuan snickered.


His words caused everybody present to glower at him. This was simply, simply vulgar to the absolute extreme! That he could even say these words….

Ai Wei’er had a rough idea of Li Xuan’s character, so while her lovely face had flushed an unnatural red, after taking a step back, she said: “Since it’s like this, then many thanks to Young Master Li. For Young Master Li’s engagement this time, Allan Auction House could not make proper preparations in time. As such, we’ve only prepared two meager gifts—one for the Manton Clan, and one for the Li clan.”

After saying this, Ai Wei’er presented Li Xuan with an interspatial ring while giving another interspatial ring to Ai Daya, who then brought it to Yatuo.

Yatuo was naturally extremely appreciative as excitement filled his face. However, amidst this excitement, in the depths of his heart, he had sunk into a panicked frenzy. It was as if he had been trampled all over as a result of people conspiring against him.

If, if Li Xuan truly became an honorary elder of Allan Auction House, the amount of things this issue would implicate would be far greater….

At this moment, Li Xuan had already accepted the interspatial ring and was now activating the elemental magic formation inscripted onto it. Through this conversion formation, he immediately obtained the usage rights to this interspatial ring.

After he saw the things placed inside, not even Li Xuan could help but be a bit astonished.

Allan Auction House was so generous!

There was a 4-star upper grade magic robe that was wind, fire, and lightning attributed. The other medicines and moyuan coins within were also ennumerable.

A rough estimate told him that the value of this was at least more than a hundred thousand moyuan coins!
(TL: one trillion gold coins)

“En, these things aren’t bad. However, besides the tri-element 4-star upper grade magic robe, this Young Master really does not care much about the rest. I can only accept it with great difficulty.”

As Li Xuan chuckled without the slightest courtesy, everyone present expressed contempt for his tone of voice. This person was truly beyond shameless!

At this moment, Li Ning’s voice came around a bit awkwardly: “Young Miss Ai Wei’er, Xuan Er is still young and impetuous….”

“Uncle Li, it is fine. Before coming, we all got an understanding of Young Master Li’s character. As such, we really do not mind. What is more, from this point onwards, Young Master Li is an honorary elder of our Allan Auction House. His status is no less than Elder Ai Da’te, so Uncle Li really does not need to worry.”

Ai Wei’er’s fitting answer immediately caused the people present to inwardly praise her, and in comparison to Ai Wei’er’s outstanding behavior, Li Xuan’s conduct truly allowed them to see the essence of a spoiled, rich young master.

At this moment, Shuang Er, Gina, Feng Yao, and Li Ru were all staring at Ai Wei’er, hypnotized. Ai Wei’er’s beautiful appearance seemed to have stunned these four young ladies, taking their breaths away.

On the other hand, the shallow core elite disciples of the Li Clan had all become restless for the sake of showing off to Ai Wei’er.

In their hearts, they wished to rely on the engagement’s martial arts competition to humiliate Li Xuan as well as show off their own valiant qualities, their elegant and dashing auras as experts, and win the attention and adoration of beauties like Ai Wei’er, Li Ru, and Feng Yao.

Although Ai Wei’er had already been promised to the eldest prince, they were still more than happy to obtain the favor of these beauties.


“If everybody could quiet down a bit. En, this time, I am honored that all of you could attend my granddaughter Siyu’s engagement. Young Miss Ai Wei’er and the honorable Managers Ai Daya and Ai Da’te in particular have truly graced the Manton Clan with their presence. This time, I, Yatuo, sincerely express my gratitude for every individual’s loving affection towards my granddaughter, Siyu…. Now, I declare that the formal engagement ceremony will officially begin.
The first event is naturally the competition.
Everybody says that Li Xuan’s strength advances by leaps and bounds, and at only sixteen years old, he has already reached 2nd Hui 10th layer. His innate talent is even comparable to the Wade Empire’s number one genius, Yao Gang. As such, I’ve sent out three of our Manton Clan’s core elite disciples to compete against our three brethren of the Li Clan.”

Yatuo had not even finished speaking when *Ada Manton and the group of people with him began rubbing their hands together.
(*TL: Last chapter I said Aida. That’s wrong. It should be Ada, so I’m correcting the last chapter.)

“Ada Manton, Mozhe Manton, Silan Manton. You three will individually fight against Li Mo, Li Xuan, and Li Ru. I don’t know if the Youming Elders or Elder Feng have any objections towards this sort of arrangement?”

“I have an objection!”

The Youming Elders had not even spoken when Li Xuan cut in.

He directly interrupted Yatuo’s words, making Yatuo a bit displeased.

“Oh? Do you have any objections, Li Xuan?”

“The three people you mentioned, have they all reached the 3rd Fen magister realm?”

“That’s right. Don’t tell me that you don’t know the rules are like this? The realms of the bride’s side of the family must be higher than that of the groom’s side of the family, and the members of the groom’s side must contend bravely, working hard to prevail. This sort of performance is to demonstrate the meaning of risking one’s life for the other party in this engagement.” Yatuo answered in resentment.

“Of course I’m aware. The problem is that my big brother and younger sister do not have to step out–I alone am enough! Furthermore, I am also in the 3rd Fen magister realm, no longer 2nd Hui 10th layer–your information is outdated. On the other hand, those three are inadequate. It’s best that you have the brave and dauntless elites of the 3rd Fen realm that are raring to perform to all come up and fight me at the same time. Only by doing it this way will I, Li Xuan, be able to demonstrate how crazy I am for Siyu!”

Li Xuan chuckled.

Concerning the Youming Elders, Li Xuan did not have the tiniest bit of a good impression from them, and Yatuo was a lowlife as well. As a generation’s martial emperor, when had he ever been considered a cumbersome task to deal with? Yatuo simply asking the Youming Elders and Feng Yeyuan in itself was an act that completely neglected Li Xuan’s father, Li Ning, as the lead character!

Thinking till here, Li Xuan began to hold some discontent towards Li Ning’s father, or rather, his own grandfather. What the hell was this? When your son returns, you don’t come, when your adopted daughter Li Yun dies, there’s no sign of you, and even at this engagement, you do not show yourself.

Even if he was cultivating, was cultivating more important than all these major events?

For example, this engagement. Although it was just a political deal in reality, it was still his grandson’s first time. Would it kill him just to attend?

After all these things ran through Li Xuan’s mind, Li Xuan held some resentment in his heart. Originally, he did not have such a strong feeling towards the existence of the Li Clan, but such a blow caused him to feel uncomfortable. As such, he wished to take the earliest opportunity to get rid of any future troubles and recover his strength as fast as possible, or why else would he continue to suffer such oppression?

Your little sister! Ignoring my and my father’s existence! Just wait and I’ll let you see a earth-shaking show!
Isn’t your Manton Clan just a group of twenty-three, twenty-four year old 3rd Fen 3rd or 4th layer magisters? Just you wait! I’ll directly annihilate them and give them a thorough beating! While I can’t pulverize their heads, don’t tell me I can’t cripple them until they only have a single breath left?

Li Xuan laughed sinisterly in his heart.

Calculating and scheming against these people wasn’t any fun. Soon, he would directly fight to his heart’s content.



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