Chapter 071 – Killing Balan, Destroying Youming【2】

At this moment, Li Xuan’s soul dragged out Balan’s soul and violently crushed it to pieces, gobbling it up in a frenzy. He then directly absorbed the souls of the seven people he had killed at Reid’s home and then assaulted the two Youming Elders in a sudden, fierce burst!


Soul force combined with spirit system magic forcefully charged into the opposing parties’ areas between the eyebrows and instantly blew up the meditative area within!

Boom boom—

Two severe exploding noises rang out due to the souls of the Youming Elders blowing up. This caused their souls to immediately scatter and disperse and also shattered their elemental meditation cores within their heads.

Bang bang—

An enumerable amount of elemental energy mixed with destructive darkness elemental energy congested the air.

Li Xuan’s face went slightly pale as he uncontrollably spat out a mouthful of blood. By killing the two 5th Xing 1st layer Youming Elders in a row, all his soul force had been awakened and depleted at once. If not for Li Xuan seizing the powerful remnant soul force that resulted from the explosion and capturing it with spatial magic, he might have suffered disastrous injuries.

However, luckily, this demonstration of his also covered up the possibility of him being the culprit behind the attack.

That was because the surge of force had actually been heading in his direction, so he deliberately grabbed onto Siyu’s hand and suddenly dodged to evade the oncoming aftershock.


Consequently, the situation had been completely thrown into utter chaos because Balan had been standing next to Ai Wei’er. This sort of occurrence was actually assumed to be an assassination attempt on Ai Wei’er, Balan, and Li Xuan, these three geniuses. As for the Youming Elders, they of course died in the process of protecting Li Xuan….

Although this sort of result deviated a bit from Li Xuan’s original intent, it was still a desirable outcome. If the two Youming Elders had not been present though, it would have been much simpler to deal with the situation. However, with these two people in the mix, the chances of the purpose of the entire operation getting fulfilled—having the blame fall on the Manton Clan—were far smaller.

Yet although the situation was unable to pit the Bai Hui Sect against the Manton Clan for Balan’s sake, the relationship between the two parties would definitely worsen.

From the beginning until the end, Ai Wei’er had been watching every single thing that had happened and keeping silent. She would only occasionally glance at Li Xuan, a glint of thoughtfulness imbedded deep within her eyes.

This astute young woman had clearly already understood something.


“This physical body is seriously trash! After arousing my entire soul force, this body was actually incapable of bearing it! It seems that I must cultivate manifest jin to its peak and then break through to encompassing dan. Otherwise, this body will just be a piece of junk!”

Li Xuan was quite displeased with how he had injured himself during this process. However, considering that he had once used soul oppression to intimidate that 6th He ancestor and consumed a significant amount of soul force, he could still somewhat tolerate this sort of outcome.

Following every single advancement, his soul would also recover by a certain amount. This was also the reason why there was such a large difference between the strength of his soul now compared to when he was at 2nd Hui 7th layer.

One could say that taking action this time had overdrafted his soul force, so he had naturally suffered considerably.

It was fortunate that he was capable of using spatial magic to capture the scattered soul force that had dispersed outwards after the explosion. While he would not be able to completely recover to his previous state, after he consumed and absorbed it along with the soul force of the Youming elders, it would not be a problem to recover sixty or seventy percent of it.

Li Xuan pondered in this manner in his heart.

“Who is it? Daring to challenge the Allan Clan of the Allan Auction House! Once my Allan Clan discovers you, we will definitely tear you and all the forces backing you up from the roots!”

Ai Daya could not keep himself from roaring in fury, and the original kowtowing ceremony that had been planned was naturally canceled as well.

Following these events, Yatuo sent Li Xuan and the others off with a heavy heart, after which he began to deal with the matters concerning Balan.

If one said this was a major event, it honestly wasn’t that big, yet even though one could call it small, it really was not that insignificant either. In the afternoon that day, after Ai Wei’er’s personal appearance, regardless of whether it was the Li Clan, Manton Clan, or the Fenport Clan and Bai Hui Sect who had quickly received the bad news and were inexplicably furious, in the end, they all minimized any word of it and simply acted as though this event had never happened.

And Balan’s death was simply like loud thunder, but a sprinkle of rain, quelling over just like that.

Only Li Xuan, who was aware of the entire situation, knew of the oncoming stormclouds. The Li Clan was preserved for now, and after the Youming Elders had been dealt with, the secret organization behind them had also drawn back into the shadows without any sort of movement.

And under these circumstances, Siyu was engaged just like that and began living together with Li Xuan in the same courtyard house.

Li Xuan wasn’t inclined to keep this woman around because she was, after all, a ticking time bomb. Furthermore, in order to understand a few more things, he simply decided to just baptize her as quickly as possible.

The matter of Balan’s death during the engagement was actually kept very quiet, but the news of Li Xuan beating a group of the Manton Clan’s 3rd Fen 3rd and 4th layer envoys at only 3rd Fen 1st layer could no longer be concealed. It spread like wildfire throughout Iris City, and Li Xuan once again shocked the whole city.

That night, the Wade Institute sent a recruitment notice to Li Xuan, according to everyone’s expectations. With these special circumstances, however, this recruitment did not occupy any of the spaces for the Wade Institute. Not only that, Li Xuan’s engaged fiancée, Siyu, was also specially recruited—an act of preferential treatment towards Li Xuan.

After the Manton Clan received news of this, they also had an indescribable feeling. This fortuitous event of plants having grown even though they were never sown came quite abruptly.


“Elder Brother, you’re going to the Wade Institute! Ru’er’s so jealous~” Li Ru was at Li Xuan’s side the entire afternoon, and Li Xuan really had grown to love her dearly. It was like his younger sister was his exclusive property.

“Ru’er, do you want to go?” Li Xuan asked with a laugh.

“I want to! Of course I want to! But Ru’er knows that Ru’er’s innate talent sucks.” After Li Ru said this, she lowered her head, a dim and depressed light flashing across her eyes.

Innocent young girls weren’t necessarily very innocent because a lot of their grievances and worries would be hidden deep within their hearts.

“Ru’er, if Elder Brother takes you, they will also accept you. Not only that, Elder Brother will also bring Shuang Er, Gina, Feng Yao, Big Bro Li Mo, and Elder Sister Ning Xuan. As for Elder Yeyuan, she can just come as my manager, while Li Pin can just stay behind at home.”

Li Xuan spoke with absolute confidence.

“This, Elder Brother, although your innate talent is outstanding, our clan can at most seize one more spot! With this many people, how can we enroll….” Li Ru spoke worriedly.

She was afraid that her Elder Brother would impede his own education for her sake.

“What is there to be afraid of? Big Bro and Elder Sister Ning Xuan’s innate talent are all very good. Gina’s talent is not bad either. As for you, once Elder Brother teaches you a battle magic skill, your innate talent will increase! Elder Brother still has a superb elemental elixir from the Allan Auction House for improving innate talent, and after Elder Brother uses spirit system magic to open up some of your magic roots, your innate talent will definitely improve!” Li Xuan answered earnestly.

“Elder Brother, if it’s like this, then if Ru’er’s innate talent is so bad that she can’t pass, Ru’er will really feel sorry towards you. Ru’er will feel guilty for an entire lifetime.” Seeing how much Li Xuan was willing to expend for her, Li Ru couldn’t help but feel a bit touched.

Her previous scars seemed to have unconsciously healed over a bit.

“You foolish girl, if Elder Brother doesn’t treat you well, who else would I treat well? Good girl, sit down now. You are not old, only twelve years old, and have conveniently just awakened your innate talent not long ago, so you have a lot of potential. This is why there is hope for you this time! However, if this method works, Ru’er, you must absolutely remember that you cannot tell this to anyone, understood? If you do, that will bring a lot of trouble to Elder Brother!”

“En, Elder Brother, Ru’er knows. But even Elder Brother can be scared of trouble, huh? Teehee, Ru’er thought that Elder Brother wasn’t afraid of anything in this world!” Li Ru said cutely.

Li Xuan stroked her head and hair, his heart an ocean of peace.

He pulled her into his embrace and hugged her intimately, then released her. Seeing her shy and bashful appearance, Li Xuan couldn’t help but smile inwardly.

He then began to alter Li Ru’s aptitude. By using a 3-star fire attribute *Flame Preserving pill, a light attribute Sacred Light pill, and a wood attribute Wood Flower pill to supplement the process, the effect of his work was naturally much better as well.
(*TL: been changed from Flame Chest pill – ch. 21 – to this)

However, in order to avoid going too far, Li Xuan only awakened 6th He ancestor innate meditative talent, but this was already enough to qualify Li Ru to enter the Wade Institute.

As for the innate talents of Gina and the others, Li Xuan would definitely have to seal several of their acupoints before heading towards the Wade Institute to temporarily lower their talents to 6th He ancestor innate talent.



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