Chapter 040: The Rising and Falling of Bargaining Chips

That *lady?!
(*TL: I neglected to mention that Jiang Nan refers to Suzanne at the end of chapter 39 as 娘们. There’s not really an English counterpart, but it’s basically a derogatory term towards adult women that expresses contempt.)

This term of address that leapt from the Professor’s mouth startled Weylin into stupefaction.

Fortunately, Weylin had only met with the Professor twice, so she just assumed that this behavior of his was his natural disposition. And right after this instant in which Jiang Nan lost his composure, he resumed his original disposition of a model character.

“Suzanne has three shops located on Third Main Street….”

Weylin slapped away Jiang Nan’s hand and grabbed the elderly manager’s pocket watch, taking a glance, “It is seven o’clock right now. Professor, I will begin negotiations with Suzanne at ten minutes after seven. As for you, starting at 7:20, you will follow along the *Third Block to carry out some destruction. When you see a sign that says Suzanne, smash it! Although there is a good amount of guards in the shops, they are definitely not your opponents! Furthermore, I will help you hold up Sauron, so just thrash everything to your heart’s content. The more things destroyed the better, and the more violently done, the better!”
(*TL: Weylin previously refers to Third Block 第三街区 as Third Main Street 第三大街, which is why I used different wording.)

“Oh, so you will be negotiating, while I’ll be putting on a show of force in the dark to increase your bargaining chips…. Alright, as you wish! I’ll carry out this old job of mine then!”

Old job?!

Could it be that the Professor previously specialized in wreaking havoc?!

Weylin’s expression became even stranger.


A minute later, Jiang Nan and Weylin departed from the courtyard house.

After around ten days of recuperation, Weylin’s body had already made a major turn for the better. Although she still was not able to display her entire fighting capability, giving some scoundrels a good thrashing was still doable.

Jiang Nan and Weylin split up at the entrance to the Third Block: Jiang Nan headed towards Suzanne’s shops while Weylin brought a team of people towards Elegant Forest Restaurant.

Several of Suzanne Farms’ overseers were in the middle of patrolling in front of the restaurant’s gate. Catching sight of Weylin, they hastily rushed up to receiver her, “Welcome Wey….”

“Welcome my ass! You damned lowlives, screw out of here!”

The moment she opened her mouth, Weylin characteristically roared and cursed at them, pushing the overseers that were guarding the entrance out of the way and taking her team of people inside, “Suzanne, come out! *I’ve agreed to cede Mount Longinus to you, and I’ve brought the map!”

“Aiya, Little Sister Weylin, how come it took you so long? Big Sister was almost running out of patience.”

Madame Suzanne walked out with graceful steps. Tonight, she did not wear a gauze veil.

Weylin had already seen Madame Suzanne’s appearance long ago, so no particular feelings welled up inside her. However….

If Jiang Nan were here, he would definitely have cried out in startlement, “Calm down, for the sake of maintaining appearances, I must calm down. Okay, is Madame Suzanne Suzu’s relative?”

(Do you still remember the mute girl who Jiang Nan released? Her name is Suzu.)

Madame Suzanne and Suzu looked as though they had been created from the same exact mold. The only difference was that Madame Suzanne looked a bit older because she was already thirty-five years old.

Weylin coldly glanced at Madame Suzanne and raised the map she had prepared long ago high up in the air, “Suzanne, less nonsense! Find a place and let’s begin our negotiation!”

Madame Suzanne’s gaze lingered covetously on the map, “As expected, Little Sister is quite frank. Please, this way. The restaurant’s third floor’s conference room has already been tidied up for you.”


When the two people arrived in the conference room located on the third floor of the restaurant, a large round table appeared before them.

Weylin unceremoniously took the head chair as Lola and the three managers took places standing behind her back. On the other hand, Madame Suzanne looked a bit lacking in presentation. There were only to servants next to her bearing a pot of tea and pouring it out.

Weylin inquired in a strange tone: “Where’s Sauron? Call him out! Today’s matters cannot be handled without him!”

Sauron was naturally monitoring the Weather Totem duo, but Madame Suzanne would not tell her this, “Recently, my farm has encountered some minor difficulties, so Sauron has set out from the city. Little Sister Weylin, please direct any words you would like to say to me.”

Sauron wasn’t in Sun City?! Weylin smiled. With Sauron not here, the success of the Professor’s operation was ensured further.

She officially began the negotiations, “Suzanne, several days ago, *I agreed to rent Mount Longinus to you. However, a slight change in plans has occurred…. The Professor wants to challenge Gibson. Are you aware of this?”

“It is such a major event, how could I not know?”

“So long as you know then!” Pa! Weylin smacked Jiang Nan’s revised announcement onto the table and pointed towards the words written on it: “Look at the remaining points yourself. The Professor has already accepted the challenge. However, he has requested to change the match’s location to Mount Longinus!”

The Professor actually accepted the challenge?!

Madame Suzanne’s eyes flashed with an astonished light for an instant before she swiftly covered it up.

At this moment, Weylin spoke with a dazzling smile, “Do you understand? The Professor is to use Mount Longinus, so the matter of the rental agreement will be temporarily put off for now. *I am not preparing to rent Mount Longinus to you currently!”

Madame Suzanne chuckled, “Little Sister Weylin, that your side’s Professor is challenging Gibson is a major event. It is understandable that you do not wish to hand Mount Longinus over…. However, no matter how significant this event is, can it possibly be even more important than welcoming Yulianne?! My purpose in renting Mount Longinus is to build a temporary residence for Yulianne!
Little Sister, you have already delayed many days. If you do not rent Mount Longinus to me, then Big Sister cannot construct the temporary residence in time! Yulianne will not be please and His Majesty the Emperor will be infuriated. Are these consequences something you can bear?!”

The underlying meaning of her words: If you don’t hand Mount Longinus over to me, then I guess I’ll just force!

Weylin understood Suzanne’s meaning, “You want to use force with me?”

“Aiya, Little Sister, your words are too grating on the ears. How could I let Sauron bully you, my little sister?!”

Correct. If you don’t give me Mount Longinus, then I will force you too! I will make Sun City’s number one expert Sauron go and straighten you out!

Weylin smirked. Looking at the pocket watch on the elderly manager’s person, she saw that it was no 7:25 in the evening, “Suzanne, you’re actually Sauron’s fighting capability to threaten me. Oh, *I’m honestly so scared! However….”

“However what….”


Right in the middle of their negotiation, an overseer of Suzanne Farms charged in, “Madame, something bad has happened!”

He suddenly caught sight of Weylin and sealed up his mouth in panic.

Weylin knocked against the table, “What’s bad thing has happened? Say it~ Don’t tell me that your Suzanne Farms has some shameful secret?!”

When the overseer saw that Madame Suzanne did not object, he answered with a dejected face, “Madame, starting five minutes ago, a person began following along Third Main Street and destroying our shops! Our brothers tried their best to block him, b-but, that person was truly too strong!
In just five minutes, he destroyed three of our farm’s shops and injured one hundred twenty something of our brothers!
The injured brothers went to go find the peacekeeping city guards, but that person didn’t even put the soldiers in his eyes! He has already beaten two offensive groups of the soldiers into retreat, a-and even injured Sun City’s Guard General!”

Pa! Madame Suzanne slapped the table and shot to her feet, glaring coldly at Weylin.

Meanwhile, Weylin sat there without a face that said, ‘What are you looking at me for? *I’m currently in the middle of thinking about a man’.

Weylin then scratched her head blankly, “Huh? Where did we negotiate to? Ah, it was if I didn’t hand over Mount Longinus, you’d send Sauron to straighten me out….”

Weylin abruptly stood up, “Alright, then send Sauron to straighten me out! However…. *My Professor isn’t easy to handle either!”

Her underlying meaning: You see now? The Professor has already begun destroying your shops. If you even dare to think about Mount Longinus, I’ll let the Professor continue wreaking havoc!

Madame Suzanne’s face went through a variety of different expressions, and she suddenly laughed aloud, “Good, good Little Sister Weylin! You actually allowed the Professor to go and destroy my shops!”

“Aiyah. Big Sister, your words are too unpleasant. How could I let the Professor bully you, Big Sister?”

Weylin imitated Madame Suzanne’s previous tone. Her mood had already brightened to the extreme as she picked up the map on the table, “If Big Sister doesn’t have anything else to take care of, *I’ll just take this map back. The matter of renting Mount Longinus…. will just be settled like this then.”

Weylin strode out of the conference room with Lola and the others following behind her. Their heads were raised and their chests stuck out, their faces brimming with spirit and vigor.

With the Professor, with Jiang Nan giving a display of power on the other side, West Farms had once again retrieved their dignity!

However, right as they reached the doorway, Madame Suzanne smiled coldly: “What are you in a rush for? The negotiations haven’t yet come to an end!”

Could it be that Madame Suzanne had even more bargaining chips?!

Weylin turned her head around in stupefaction.

Madame Suzanne’s smile grew icy, “Little Sister Weylin, I have a visitor here, and he would very much like to see you! Come out!”



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