Chapter 041: Weylin Beats Her Elder Brother

A middle-aged man with a pale face walked into the conference room.

He wore an aristocratic robe knitted from gold thread and his head with slathered in the most precious, red pomade. Raising his head, one could see that his ten fingers were actually accessorized with seven male diamond rings.

This person appeared as though he had drunk excessively and walked over to Weylin with staggering steps, causing Weylin to call out in alarm, “Elder Brother, what is a lowlife like you doing here?!”

This person was precisely Weylin’s elder brother and the farm’s true master, Count West!

The Count did not dare to face Weylin’s gaze head on, “Little Sister, Madame Suzanne invited me here to discuss the ‘purchase’ of Mount Longinus. I’ve already agreed.”

As if struck by a thunderbolt, Weylin was stunned into blankness!

After several seconds, Weylin suddenly grabbed onto the Count’s collar, “You damned lowlife! Y-you sold Mount Longinus?!”

“Ai, let me go! Hurry up and let me go! I am your blood-related brother you know! Weylin, listen to my explanation!”

The Count struggled to speak, “You also know that I often enjoy gambling here and there. Several days ago, I lost 270,000 gold coins at the betting house.”

The Count cried aloud in dejection, “270,000 gold coins! Furthermore, that betting house was the imperial estate of the empire! I, I didn’t dare to renege on the debt like I used to.”

“So you sold Mount Longinus?!”

The Count’s head drooped, “Little Sister, I truly have no other choice. Our farm definitely cannot gather up 270,000 gold coins! If I did not sell Mount Longinus, I, I would be beaten to death by the debt collectors!”


Weylin was so furious that she slapped the Count’s face, “Lowlife! You damned lowlife! Even if you had to sell it, you weren’t supposed to sell it to Suzanne!
Once this lowlife Suzanne acquires the resources of Mount Longinus, her side’s strength will rapidly increase and our farm will have no way out whatsoever!”

“Little Sister, I didn’t want to sell Mount Longinus to Suzanne either! However, Suzanne agreed that as long as I sold Mount Longinus to her, she…. She would present me with the most beautiful woman in Sun City!”

The Count murmured lecherously, “Little Sister, that woman is truly too beautiful! Her eyes are exactly like the stars of the night sky, and her hair is like a pitch-black waterfall….”

The Count’s eyes began to glaze over as he spoke, but Weylin had already slumped back into her chair, “For a girl, you sold Mount Longinus to Suzanne…. For a girl, West, you sold Father’s sweat and blood to Suzanne?!”


Two snow white wings unfurled from Weylin and her two hands had also transformed into snow white swallow’s talons. She roared as she charged towards Count West, “I will kill you in Father’s place, you lowlife!”


Madame Suzanne watched the liveliness with a radiant face, but seeing Weylin going to kill West, “Little Sister Weylin, be lenient~ Remember that Count West is your dear elder brother.”

With just one sentence, Weylin flattened like a punctured ball, gloomily turning back into human form.

Madame Suzanne spoke with a smile: “Little Sister, your elder brother has already sold Mount Longinus to me. You would not fail to acknowledge this, would you?”

Weylin could only smile bitterly. Losing Mount Longinus had already become a fact, and she was unable to reverse the situation.


She suddenly recalled Jiang Nan’s requirement: during the match, Mount Longinus had to be closed off!

Weylin waved her hands powerlessly, “Suzanne, Mount Longinus is yours now. However, I need time. Only after the Professor’s and Gibson’s match will I hand over Mount Longinus to you!”

“Aiyah, this would not be too good. In just fifteen more days, Yulianne will….”

“Don’t bring up Yulianne so much! Who doesn’t understand that constructing a temporary residence for Yulianne is just an excuse! All you damn want is my Mount Longinus!
Suzanne, I will hand over Mount Longinus after the match between the Professor and Gibson! This is my final bottom line! If you don’t agree….”

Weylin’s face suffused over with a layer of killing intent, “This woman will throw caution to the wind and go all out in a life and death struggle with you!”

Under Weylin’s overbearing tone, Suzanne almost couldn’t breathe, “Alright, alright! Since Little Sister is so reluctant to hand over Mount Longinus, Big Sister will just wait a few more days then!
However, Big Sister has some words to say first! If you suddenly take back your words when the time comes, don’t blame Big Sister for taking some action that would harm our relationship.”

Weylin was so enraged that she could not speak.

She then glared at Count West, “You’ve already sold Father’s sweat, why aren’t you leaving? Hurry up and come with me!”

But the Count did not even wiggle his feet, “Hehe, just wait a bit. Just a bit longer.”

He came to Suzanne with an ingratiating smile, “Madame, the woman you promised me….”

Madame Suzanne laughed, “Ten minutes later, I will send her to Weylin’s courtyard.”


Madame Suzanne sent off Weylin’s group of people with her eyes, but the instant the conference room’s door shut, the smile abruptly melted off her face.


A trusted servant walked in, “Madame, we await *your instructions.”

A cold light flickered in Suzanne’s eyes as she threw the notice Weylin left behind towards the servant, “Send this to Sauron! Tell Sauron that the location for the battle during the drifting snow has been changed to Mount Longinus!
Also, tell Sauron to investigate! He must definitely find out why the Professor changed the location of the duel!
If he really cannot find out….

Then tell Sauron to find a way to attend the match between the Professor and the Weather totem duo. When the time is ripe, he is to kill the Professor and the Weather duo!”

After she said all this, Suzanne exhaled out a long breath and murmured to herself: “This damned Professor! If I didn’t have West as a trump card, today…. Hmph! I would truly fall to your hands!”


Jiang Nan sneezed, his face saying ‘Which beauty is talking about me? Oh, that’s not right. I’m an unlucky bastard who deserves to be incapable of finding a girlfriend. Rather, which corpse is talking about me?’

At this moment, Jiang Nan had already completed his task outstandingly. He beat the third round of the city’s soldiers offensive back and then came to Weylin’s courtyard on the Sixth Block.

He still had to await Weylin’s return.

Jiang Nan was extremely lighthearted at the moment. Weylin’s negotiations should have already concluded. He would then get his hands on the map and wait for the freak with the hanging eyeball to help him remove his slave marking.

But right as Jiang Nan lost himself in happiness, Weylin led Count West in.

Count West?!

Hatred immediately filled Jiang Nan’s heart. This was the bastard who chopped off Auntie’s two legs!” Miss Weylin, since the Count is in your hands, you should grab him even more fiercely…. Okay, did something unexpected happen during the negotiation?”

“Get out of the way! All talk about your matters later!”

Weylin smashed the Count onto the ground in a fit of rage and then instructed the overseers, “Hang up this lowlife West on the door frame! Lola, give me my whip!”

Lola was so startled that the color drained from her face, “Miss, the Count, the Count is *your blood-related elder brother!”

“He is not my elder brother! He’s only a lowlife who’s ruined the family’s estate!”

Weylin snatched the whip from Lola’s hands and ‘Pa!’, she violently lashed the Count’s head, “West, this first lashing is in Father’s place! Because you did not uphold the family rule! Because your gambling became an addiction!”


“The second lashing is in the farm’s soldiers’ place! Because you sold Mount Longinus for a woman! For the sake of Mount Longinus, do you know how many people died on the battlefield?!”


“The third lashing is for myself! Because you betrayed the farm and destroyed the estate *I worked so hard to piece together!”

Weylin raised the whip for the fourth time, but the Count had already fainted. Finding no other person to vent on, ‘Boom!’, the courtyard’s main door collapsed!

And the West who had been hanging from the door frame was also buried underneath the debris!

By this time, the elderly manager of the farm truly could not take it anymore, “Miss, calm your anger, calm your anger! Even if the Count should not have done so and is completely in the wrong, he is, after all, *your elder brother! I beg *you, leave him with his life!” He aimed a look in Lola’s direction, “Lola, quick, quickly accompany the Miss back in to rest.”

“This woman won’t go back in!”

Weylin’s hand gripped the whip and stood guard at the ruined entrance of the courtyard.

“Miss, *you’ve already beat him and cursed him, and *your injuries have not fully healed yet either. It’s still better….”

“Shut your f***ing mouths!”

Weylin pointed towards the fragmented rocks beneath her feet, roaring: “*I am going to wait here! Isn’t that woman going be sent here after ten minutes? *I’ll just wait for her here! I want to see exactly what kind of woman turned my elder brother head over heels in lust to the point that he didn’t hesitate to sell Mount Longinus…. Exactly what does she look like!”

As she spoke, creak, creak! The sound of a carriage rang out from an alleyway.

As expected, Madame Suzanne was true to her word. She had already sent the woman over!



18 thoughts on “Chapter 041: Weylin Beats Her Elder Brother

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    • I hope the MC gets the chance to slowly torture and kill this bastard!!!

      And make those servants that want to spare him suffer!!!

      In fact, this is one of the few series where I kinda want almost every damn person but the MC to suffer and rot while knowing how vile they are……

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      • I know, right?

        I get that she likes him, and it isn’t like I don’t understand that it’s because of her situation that she treats him badly (I mean, in this world, slaves are less than people), but as her victim, he should hate her more.


  2. I won’t be surprise if the girl was that girl whom MC prize should be..

    and btw this whole going round thing is getting on my nerves

    They are not allowed to dissect people but they can dissect other human that is guilty of being a ghost totem.. The Hypocrisy lol


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