Chapter 006 – Healing Li Mo

Because of the tyrannical power of fire, some some dual element fire mages and wood mages were able to refine equipment and pills.

In regards to refining equipment, one would be able to as long as they possessed the fire or lightning element. However, for refining pills, one absolutely had to possess the wood element as support, or else there would be no life energy to give birth. Without the wood element, wanting to refine pills was simply a joke.

And because the general majority of people could only cultivate one element, the number of dual element mages were far less. For dual element mages of wood and fire, they were even scarcer, and the amount of people within this population who actually had the potential to refine pills was naturally a pitiful amount.

In order to change their situation, many fire mages or lightning mages would come together with wood element clans in marriage in an attempt to allow the following generation to possess the innate affinity towards fire and wood.

Li Xuan’s inherited innate talent was 5th Xing innate talent of the fire element.

As for Lisa, her innate talent was 4th Xiang innate talent of the wood element.

So, this was the reason why their two families were willing to arrange a marriage between the two. Besides the debt of gratitude Lisa’s family had to pay, they also looked forward to imagining that the following generation would produce a genius.

Of course, the value of wood mages was incredibly high, whether it be in the area that its life energy was equal to the light element, or that its powerful offensive potential was equal to the earth element. All these qualities drove wood mages to be extremely valued.

As such, the marriage with Lisa was clearly only to repay a debt, because wood mages would never lack for future prospects, even if they were the most inferior kind.


Li Xuan paced around in the room. Besides cultivating, because of the matter of merging, he could divide his mind to manage both the memories of the past Li Xuan as well as his memories from the past world. Imprinting the past Li Xuan’s memories into his heart, he also tidied through his own memories and snatched up the bits and concepts that were useful to him.

Under these circumstances, Li Xuan also understood the might of an all-element mage!

Mages collectively referred to the people who were able to cultivate because all people cultivated in magic, even if one couldn’t awaken their inner talent. For example, mages that focused on tempering their bodies were known to have either not awakened their innate talent or known to have failed during an awakening. As for 4th Xiang mages, it basically meant that they were mages in the 4th Xiang realm, and for 9th Ming 7th stage mages, it equated to being a Lord-level mage expert in the 7th layer of the 9th Ming realm.
(TL: okay so raws sometimes use the word stage and layer, so just remember that both of them mean the same thing and don’t get confused.)

As for all-element mages, it was an existence that was absolutely unheard of since ancient times because at present, the most awesome, legendary character that had appeared since tens of thousands of years ago was one by the name of ‘Flame Emperor’. His main focus of cultivation was fire, yet he also simultaneously cultivated lightning, wind, wood, and earth. He was an exceedingly powerful expert at the 9th layer of the emperor level, and emperor level signified being in the 10th Fang realm, capable of being addressed as ‘Emperor’!

Of course, this was only a legend, and whether he was a true existence or not was naturally unimaginable. However, Li Xuan still unconsciously believed that this character existed because he himself was such a legend in modern society! In the modern society, no one would’ve believed a being such as him, a martial artist who could tear space apart. They would’ve just thought it as nonsense because not even missiles could tear space, not to mention human strength. However, Li Xuan had done it, and although he was still a bit amazed, it was still fact.

According to his deductions, the Iris City of this continent already had a population of nearly one hundred million. Then in this immense world, considering that an empire consisted of hundreds of cities, and that there were three empires, the amount of experts was difficult to imagine.

Besides the territory of the three empires, there was still the limitless ‘Distant Sea’, the island suspended in the air, ‘Thunderwind Island’, the boundlessly vast ‘Black Ice Palace’ beyond the Northern Seas and glaciers, as well as an endless wilderness south of the empires—Savage City.

Distant Sea, Thunderwind Island, Black Ice Palace, and Savage City were four ancient historical sites. In the past, emperor-level experts ran rampant anywhere, but later on, they all completely disappeared, and these four great territories met extinction and died out. Any who entered these lands were bound to die.

And Li Xuan believed that in these four great territories, there definitely still existed experts within.

Besides these four areas, this world also had a mountain range by the name of ‘Magical Beast Mountain Range’ that stretched on almost infinitely. The Magical Beast Mountain Range ran through the three great empires, like the roots of a massive tree, forking and snaking everywhere. In some areas, the mountains were smaller, and in others they were bigger, and in these bigger mountain ranges, innumerable magical beasts ran amuck.

For mages, their training fields were either remnants of ancient historical sites, battlefields, large caves for cultivation, or the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

However, for those who advanced through the Magical Beast Mountain Range, only those who were strong enough would enter, as most didn’t dare to go, and in this situation, the value of wind or lightning mages were fully exhibited because of their swift speed.

After mages reached the realm of 3rd Fen, they would be able to manipulate elemental energy to soar into the sky. In comparison to other elements, wind and lightning attributes possessed the most capability of governing the sky. Earth attributes, on the other hand, could directly reverse gravity, but to manipulate airflow was a bit troublesome. Light attributes could directly control mediums such as airflow and light rays, but were unable to reverse gravity, and as such found gravity troublesome to resist… but each element possessed their own corresponding methods of rising into the air and flying.
(TL: attribute = element, just to clear it up)

Therefore, those at the 3rd Fen realm also had a title, which was ‘magister’, and once you had a title, you were counted as an expert.
(TL: although previously clarified in announcements, I’ll say again that the title of ‘mage’ has been changed to ‘magister’)

However, when entering the Magical Beast Mountain Range to train, flying was too eye-catching. Thus, when mages went into the mountain range to train, the majority would form groups and stay on the outer regions of the Magical Beast Mountain Range. To go deeper in was just suicide.

After Li Xuan had comprehended all of this, he also began aiming to go into the Magical Beast Mountain Range for training because it was this kind of training that suited him. However, before doing so, he would have to think of a way to learn how to refine equipment and pills. This was due to the fact that this world had such a thing as ‘interspatial rings’ which Li Xuan really coveted. This kind of auxiliary tool was very convenient, and was an essential traveling tool for every clan that people would kill to obtain.

After a long while, Li Xuan exhaled a deep breath and relaxed his mental state. He had, at long last, thoroughly completed getting a grasp on this world.

Only up till now had he truly merged with the past Li Xuan successfully, and consequently, it could be counted that he had finally and truly been reborn. From now on, he had an *expansive field of prospects where he could achieve and accomplish much, and looking at this incredibly marvelous world, it probably wouldn’t disappoint him.
(*TL: idiom – literally: The vast sky allows birds to fly, and the wide sea allows the fish to leap)


Going towards Big Brother’s room, Li Xuan had not even entered the room when Li Mo began to speak.

“Ai, you’ve finally come. A-Xuan, are you going to start helping *Big Bro?” Li Mo was clearly immensely excited as he spoke.
(*TL: now changed from Big Brother to Big Bro)

At this moment, that staunch and stony youth seemed to have disappeared, and in his place was a frivolous, giggling fellow.

“Of course, don’t worry, Big Bro. Alright, sit properly and start meditating. It doesn’t matter whether you succeed or not, don’t excessively ask anything.” Li Xuan immediately told him in a stern manner.

“En!” Li Mo vigorously nodded his head, then complying with Li Xuan’s words, he began meditating—even though it didn’t really seem to help.

“Direct from your eyes to the nose, your nose to your heart, tongue to the roof of your mouth, and qi in your dantian.” Li Xuan unconsciously warned, then immediately stared distractedly. He then explained again, “Enter a state of calmness, clear your heart, and visualize the universe in monotone, an empty expanse. Concentrate your consciousness at the space between your eyebrows, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, and then breathe steadily, inhaling deep, then halting for a short moment, then slowly exhaling. Everything must be performed naturally…”

This was the most fundamental breathing method, and as for visualizing the universe, that was a special *‘musical cultivation method’ that Li Xuan had stumbled upon by accident in modern society, which was what led him to be able to tear space apart…
(*TL: I have no idea how music relates to this but that’s what the raw says)

After mustering together his conviction, he immediately used his powerful spiritual control and directly drew out wood elemental energy to begin nourishing and improving Li Mo’s state of health. Following that, he drew on lightning and fire elemental energy to begin the process of healing.

Only after those steps did he use all the types of elemental energy to adjust and optimize the energy channels in Li Mo’s body.

Without even expending the effort needed to blow away dust, he had already opened up the majority of Li Mo’s energy channels in one breath. After allowing Li Mo to relax and enjoy a moisturizing feeling that ‘one couldn’t hope for in life or death’ that made him feel  ‘as if in seventh heaven’, Li Xuan began to temporarily seal of portions of the energy channels with elemental energy. This wasn’t to harm Li Mo, but rather to allow him to make steady progress.

One must know, the lowest meditative stage Li Mo had awakened was probably the 7th stage, but this would be too shocking to other people. Li Mo was different from Li Xuan in that they had a disparity of heaven and earth in regards to control. As such, when Li Xuan was taking care of this matter, he temporarily allowed Li Mo to only demonstrate 4th Xiang innate meditative talent.



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    • They don’t thats why there was the part about the distracting stare.

      An I think the part about the music is probably supposed to be something like rhythm.
      And the last part is about how he artificially capped his bro’s strength because it’d be weird for him to shoot up in power. He had already fixed him and gave him a power boost but his brother still needs to learn how to control such power.


  1. What I understood from last paragraph is that Li Mo’s talent reached 7th realm (not stage/level/phase) and Li Xuan made it appear to be 4th realm. (Like he made his 10th realm talent appear to be 5th realm.)


      • It was also saying that Li Mo’s control over his cultivation/innate talent is much weaker, thus the only way to hide his cultivation was to block his meridians. Otherwise they would be no other way to hide his 7th realm innate talent.


  2. is the author of this novel and the author of MGS same person…..???
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    • It does sound possible, but I don’t recall the raws specifically coining a term for it. The raws say 音乐修炼法, and it’s basically music + cultivation method together, which doesn’t translate to the name of that theory. It might be possible, but since the author just refers to it with a general term, I won’t be naming it.

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