Chapter 070: Night of the Full Moon (2)


At first, Sauron did indeed turn his head to the left, thus dodging Jiang Nan on the right!

However, right as Jiang Nan scattered the rocks, Sauron’s head…. Actually continued turning!

Fifty degrees!

Ninety degrees!

One hundred eighty degrees!

In the end, his head had actually turned 270 degrees! Not only did he dodge the stones, he even used an utterly outrageous angle to once again turn his face to meet Jiang Nan’s!

Wolf Watch! Eagle Vision!

Only creatures like wolves and eagles could turn their heads 180 degrees!

Banana your guava, Sauron’s faith wasn’t a wolf! H-he, how could he perform the signature move of the Wolf Totem—Wolf Watch?!

Numerous doubts bubbled up in Jiang Nan’s heart, but in the Totem Arena, life and death was decided in an instant!

In Jiang Nan’s stupefaction, not only did Sauron turn his head, his mouth even shot open and spat out a cyclone that seemed to carry with it a reeking and pungent animal-like smell!

This cyclone was like a meat grinder, quietly waiting for Jiang Nan to plummet from the sky….

It was just like Victor’s move—Cyclone Blade!

Alright, alright, I can only go all out then!

Jiang Nan did not have any time to think further. Since he was in mid-air, if he did not kill his opponent, he himself would be ground into mincemeat! Seeing that he was just about to fall into this meat grinder, Jiang Nan could not dodge. As such, he borrowed the inertia from his spinning to forcefully flip in the air, changing directions to actively dive into the meat grinder himself!

And right as he was flipping, Jiang Nan’s two arms also began whirling around in imitation of Hank’s Massive Windmill. In an instant, he had already sped up the rate of his spinning to the limits. Now, it no longer seemed like a windmill, but another meat grinder!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Two meat grinders instantly crashed into each other, and at the moment of their collision, Arena #1 rang out with distorted noises of flesh colliding.

“That’s not right, that’s not right! You guys, listen to this!”

Outside Arena #1, a surveyor of the Advancement Association pricked up his ears in astonishment.

“What’s wrong? The noises are very intense, so it seems that the Professor and Sauron are currently fighting to their satisfaction!”

“Satisfaction my ass! Listen to the sounds again!” The surveyor knitted his eyebrows: “Only duels where people fight each other head on will make such intense hitting noises! But what is Sauron? He’s a Carnivorous Flower Totem! Sauron’s matches are always mysterious and unpredictable, swallowing living people in silence. He, how can he produce such loud hitting sounds?”

“This…. Maybe the Professor currently holds the advantage and forced Sauron to fight close combat?”

“Perhaps, but….”

The surveyor shook his head continuously. He still had the time to continue speculating about the strangeness of this duel, but Jiang Nan did not even have the time to suspect anymore.

In his past life, wuxia novels all said that in the middle of some heroes’ great duel, their minds would be able to circulate at lightning speed. After unleashing one move, they would be able to think of f***ing one hundred more!

However, Jiang Nan wanted to say that this was all pure f***ing pig-brained nonsense!

After the two meat grinders collided into each other, the two’s figures locked into combat with each other. Moves were as fast as lightning, and Jiang Nan did not even have the slightest bit of time to think of further moves, much less any time to suspect anything! Every move and action was based completely on instinct, and the movements were so quick that his own thoughts almost could not keep up anymore.

Time gradually passed and it was now 9:45. In order to make it more convenient for Totem Warriors who could fly, the black curtain around Arena #1 did not cover the arena overhead. Three hues of moonlight also landed on the two people’s bodies.

On the Yuanzhi Continent on every first and last day of the month, the three moons would simultaneously shine as a full moon.

Tonight was the night of the first day of the New Year, so all three moons were naturally full!

And under the shining of those full moons, Sauron’s battle capability began to grow stronger and stronger. Twenty moves later, he actually battled Jiang Nan to the point that he could no longer properly keep up with his blows!


Sauron let out a strange howl, and after forcing Jiang Nan into a dead end on the arena, he was too excited, “Professor! This is the price you’ll pay for humiliating me!”

After he said this, his head traveled through the cover of layers and layers of flowers, and a massive wolf head snapped towards the cornered Jiang Nan!

F*** your price!

Jiang Nan’s bloodthirst had now appeared, and still reacting on instinct, he suddenly used ‘Dark Steps’ and arrived behind Sauron in the blink of an eye!

At the same time, a ‘Skeletal Poison Blade’ pierced into Sauron’s heart from the back with a ‘pop’!

He had kept refraining from using his Ghost Mystique Arts for the sake of waiting for an opportunity to ambush like this!




Sauron’s snarl came to a sudden stop as he lowered his head down uncomprehendingly. All he could see was a sharp spike protruding out from his chest right where his heart was located, dripping with fresh, dark blood….

The end had finally come!

Jiang Nan exhaled slowly, the severe consumption from his Ghost Arts leaving him a bit light-headed. However, the next moment, he suddenly saw the massive wolf head within the flowers clearly!

This wolf head was so familiar….


Jiang Nan blurted out in alarm.

The one who had died in defeat was actually the only son of Reyne Mountain’s Wolf King, Victor?!

Victor’s initial half of life was a tragedy!

After the battle during the drifting snow had concluded, Sauron found the Victor who had fallen off the cliff.

At that time, Victor had wanted to charge back up the mountain to kill the Professor and avenge himself for his disgrace.

“My dear little brother Victor, do you still want to go back to confront the Professor?”

Sauron held Victor back, “Oh, no, no. As your friend, I must regretfully tell you that the Professor’s match has already concluded. He has already left Mount Longinus….”

“Even if he fled into a rushing river, this wolf would never let him go!” Victor’s fury did not diminish, “Tell me, where did the Professor go?!”

“I don’t know either! Furthermore, even if I did now, as your only friend in Sun City, I would definitely not tell you!”

Like a very close bosom friend, Sauron spoke in an earnest and sincere tone, “Victor, my boy, I recommend that you forget the Professor. Right now, the Professor is no longer someone you can fight…. Don’t worry, just listen to me. If you wish to take revenge against the Professor for humiliating you, there are only two ways: assassination or a public duel! However, think about it. The Professor has already teamed up with Talik. Aren’t you afraid of attracting the Imperial Government’s retaliation if you wish to assassinate the Professor who is under the protection of a high-ranking official of the Empire?”

“I can publicly challenge him!”

“Oh, no. This is even more impossible! My boy, the Professor is already ranked number one in Sun City with me. Before he duels it out with me, he cannot accept your challenge.”

Sauron ‘inadvertently’ let slip the news of his duel. In accordance with his expectations, Victor blurted out in surprise, “Duel?! When is this duel?!”

“On the night of the New Year!” Sauron laughed, then added an additional phrase, “On the night of the full moon!”

Night of the full moon!

When the three moons shined with a full moon’s light, the battle capabilities of werewolves would shoot up exponentially, so Victor would definitely have the strength to challenge any person in Sun City!

If he wanted to kill the Professor for the sake of revenge, the night of the New Year was the best opportunity!


Sauron had already taken the opportunity to challenge the Professor on the night of a full moon!

Ai, if I could only fight in Sauron’s place, it would be great….

Victor’s thinking was completely in the palm of Sauron’s hands!

The day before Yulianne entered the city, Sauron once again went to look for Victor. This time, he wore his full body Flower Battle Armor, “I’m about to fight the Professor in a duel to the death. Victor, my friend, how about you have a drink with me to boost my morale?”

After several tens of cups of wine, Sauron was dead drunk. He pointed towards his Flower Battle Armor and joked, “See this? This is my Flower Battle Armor, an equipment ranked 936 throughout the entire continent…. Hic* There are so many benefits to this Flower Battle Armor~…. Hic* But, there’s a disadvantage to it: if someone wanted to wear it to break the law or pass themselves off as me to do bad things…. Haha, I wouldn’t be able to clear it up even if I jumped in a rushing river!”

Flower Battle Armor?!

Pass off!!

Victor’s heart was enticed. Looking over, he saw that Sauron had already fainted from his drunkenness!

An opportunity!

His heart palpitated wildly, and Victor could finally no longer restrain himself from personally avenging his humiliation. As such, he tied Sauron up, stripped off his Flower Battle Armor, and pretended to be Sauron as he left the restaurant!

“Professor, don’t disappoint me! Please kill Victor….”

After Victor left, the naked Sauron opened his drunken eyes a sliver and laughed contentedly, “Killing the Reyne Wolf King’s only son by mistake! Oh, Professor, Weylin…. Just wait for the snarling fury of tens of thousands of wolf clan members!”

To let the Professor kill Victor was Sauron’s plan!

Drip, drip.

On the arena, blood continued to flow. Victor’s head turned to look at Jiang Nan, his expression full of unreconciliation and incredulity….

And then his eyes glazed over and froze!

Victor died without closing his eyes*!
(*TL: meaning he died with a grievance)


Brother, how could you die?!

Jiang Nan wanted to cry, but had no tears. He did not know of Sauron’s plan, but he knew that Victor was Wolf King Sofus’ only son, the only heir to Reyne Mountain!

Reyne Mountain’s hundred thousand wolf members were definitely go insane at his death!

Banana your guava!

Jiang Nan viciously spat out some saliva, then shook Victor’s corpse, scolding: “Victor, you pig brain! Alright, alright, you’ve died…. This brother here doesn’t want to be pursued by a hundred thousand wolf clan members, so I can only resort to this now! Don’t blame this brother here for having no spirit of loyalty or brotherhood! If you want to blame someone, blame the son of a b**** who lent you the Flower Battle Armor!”



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  2. if i were Professor, i would erase Victor body somehow. then only take the Flower Battle Armor out of the stadium, showing that Sauron was killed. like this nobody will know Victor the one died inside, and Sauron cant show himself in public.


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