Chapter 069: Night of the Full Moon (1)


Sun City was in an uproar!

Excited shouts, enthusiastic cries, and hysterical roars sounded out as the residents of Sun City unleashed their emotions!

Humans would always need some flavor in their life, would they not?

The Totem Arena was precisely the continent’s most flavorful event!

And in Sun City, Sauron versus the Professor was among the best in terms of excitement!

At ten o’clock in the morning, the continent’s number one beauty descended!

At 10:01 in the morning, a freak with a hanging eyeball ransacked the city square and rescued three hundred Ghost Totem criminals.

At the same time, the Professor revealed his almost peerless and god-like knife work to Yulianne, thus placing the title of the continent’s number one knife work chef once more into suspense!

At 10:25, Eddy carried out the Knife Work Feast, the gorgeous movements of three hundred flashing knives fascinating everyone utterly….

However, all of these had already occurred. Right now, the hot topic at the moment was the match that would decide Sun City’s number one expert. It was who the owner of the number one expert’s throne would be, a symbol that represented the strongest person among Sun City’s population of 150,000.

“Sauron, Sauron, Sauron!”

Outside the Totem Stadium, several thousand zealous fans occupied nearly half of the main road. Pictures of Carnivorous Flowers representing Sauron could be seen on their faces, while they themselves raised pictures of Sauron up high. Banners and streamers saying ‘Sauron will win’ were also hung on their heads!

“Professor, Professor, Professor!”

The Professor’s supporters were no less inferior and could even be said to be even more imposing as they occupied the other half of the main road!

Yes, the Professor had only appeared for about a month’s time, and his prestige was still far from being able to compare with Sauron. However, the Professor possessed a Strength Totem, which was the most violent, most bloodthirsty, and most able to stimulate the hormones in those warlike men!

Crushing the opponent to pieces with just a bare fist! This was the scenario that most men enjoyed watching! This was the most masculine sort of move!

“Support the Professor, men*!!!”
(*TL: 纯爷们 – basically referring to masculine men, but I’d rather it stay men.)

This was what the streamers and banners on the Professor’s side said!

At nine o’clock in the evening, the two opposing crowds were already at the peak of their excitement. One or two people began throwing rotten eggs towards the opposite side, and twenty or thirty others began heaving up fist-sized bricks. Gradually, the main road before the stadium entrance turned into a fight consisting of rotten eggs and fist-sized bricks whistling through the air! Amidst this chaos, the peacekeeping city guards and soldiers were all hopelessly occupied, to the point that some of them were so infuriated that their teeth cracked from gritting so hard!

“Brothers!” A soldier pointed towards another soldier and yelled, “This sissy dares to support Sauron! Give me two bricks so I can smash this fake man!”


In his past life, there were violent soccer fanatics. In this life…. Okay, they could be called Totem fanatics!

Jiang Nan rubbed his forehead in irritation. At this time, he was already standing at the stadium entrance…. behind it…. in an inconspicuous corner.

Weylin and the others were currently showing Yulianne around, so tonight’s match was actually a hard to come by chance at rest.

Beside Jiang Nan were to stadium managers.

“Lord Professor, *you, have *you truly decided to completely seal off the match? Good heavens! *You’ve also seen the situation outside! If we do not allow the spectators in….”

A manager currently pleaded for Jiang Nan to ‘open up’ the match with a face of worry and concern.

Jiang Nan glanced askance at him, “Mister, first answer two questions of mine, okay? The first. Is the lead role of the match you or this brother here?”

“It is *you!”

“The second. A complete sealing off was written very clearly on the contract of the match. You’re literate, right?”

“Literate, literate….”

“And you’re still asking me whether or not to seal off the match?!” Jiang Nan clapped his hand to his forehead over and over, “I don’t even know what to say anymore…. Pig-brained, pig-brained…. Huh?”

Suddenly, the racket outside of the stadium screeched to a stop.

It was as if judgment day had come, and all that was left was noiseless space!

Jiang Nan leaned onto the door and peeked through the crack. The fight that had begun outside had already stopped, and a pathway in the center of the road had been opened up.

Sauron was currently walking along this path.

As he walked, he left behind a trail of a flower’s fragrance. From head to feet, he was completely suited up in his Flower Battle Armor, and every step he took caused several petals to dance around him gracefully.

“Flower Battle Armor!”

The manager’s eyes instantly lit up. He glared pettily at Jiang Nan for his previous scolding, and said with a smile, “It seems that Lord Sauron is preparing to go all out tonight! My, he’s even brought out the only Totem Equipment in Sun City that is recorded on the ‘Totem Equipment Ranking’, the Flower Battle Armor!”

“Totem Equipment Ranking?”Jiang Nan retracted his gaze from Sauron.

“Lord Professor, *you, *you do not even know of the Equipment Ranking?!” The manager had an odd look on his face, “Do *you not know? Intermediate ranked Totem Warriors can summon a Totem Guard. After a Totem Warrior dies, his Guard will not disappear. Instead, it will transform into a Totem Equipment based on the Totem Warrior’s attribute and level. Just like the Totem Ranking, the Advancement Association will also rank and compare these pieces of Totem Equipment, thus forming a Totem Equipment Ranking!”
A certain degree of disdain could be seen in the manager’s eyes, although this disdain was of course meant for Jiang Nan, “Lord Sauron’s Flower Battle Armor is ranked 936 throughout the whole continent on the Totem Equipment Ranking, and in Sun City…. Number one!”

Banana your guava!

Hanging eyeball freak, where’s your f***ing honesty!

Such an important thing as the Totem Equipment, you actually didn’t tell me?!

In truth, Jiang Nan had wrongfully accused the Hanging Eyeball Mister. Information about the Totem Equipment, this basic and widely known thing, had been written on the secret manual that he had given to Jiang Nan the first time.

What a pity: this section was ruined by Alisa. Her reason? This toy isn’t advanced enough; it can only hold my Rodi back….


The stadium’s main entrance opened up as Sauron walked in!

And right as the the door was closed once more in order to block the frenzied crowd, Sauron had already passed by Jiang Nan’s side to head directly towards Arena #1.

Throughout the entire process, he had not looked at Jiang Nan even once!

This sort of disdainful action caused Jiang Nan’s mouth to curve in an indiscernible, evil smile!

“My dear Mister Sauron, it is very easy to impair yourself communicatively if you don’t talk, really….”

He quickly passed by Sauron and became the first to enter Arena #1!

Arena #1, which was also called the Experts Arena, was especially prepared for the top ten experts in Sun City.

Currently, this basketball court-sized Arena #1 had already been encircled by a black curtain. It meant that spectators were not permitted to watch, and also meant…. That between Jiang Nan and Sauron, only one person could live to walk out!

Following Jiang Nan’s and Sauron’s entrance into the arena, the manager sealed up the black curtain’s only entrance, then declared coldly: “Before life and death is decided between Sauron and the Professor, any people who attempt to trespass and enter Arena #1 will be killed! Before victory is decided between the Professor and Sauron, escapees will also be killed!”

“As you command!”

Five hundred guards carrying longbows lied in wait in the vicinity of Arena #1, the arrows resting on the nooks of the longbows shining with a sinister blue light–the light of toxic poison!

And inside the arena, “My dear Mister Sauron, before we begin our duel, I want to ask you thirty-five questions…. En, you did not hear wrongly. I have thirty-five questions!”

Right before this critical match, Jiang Nan did not seem to be the slightest aware that this was a duel deciding life or death. Unlike the fanatic crowd or the nervous managers, his face beamed with a light-hearted smile as he began to circle around Sauron, “My first question: your age?”

Sauron closed his eyes.

“Alright then. My second question, your marriage status?”

Sauron let out a dark, cold smile, but still did not respond. By this time, Jiang Nan had already arrived at his left side.

“Ai, then let’s try the third question then…. Do you know, I’m actually really pig-brained!”

At this moment, Jiang Nan had already circled around to Sauron’s back, and he suddenly leapt up to a height of four or five meters!

Straight after, Jiang Nan’s body quickly began spinning like a full-powered drill. His two legs consecutively kicked out and a series of leg phantoms filled the sky, all directed towards the back of Sauron’s head!

An imitation of Gibson’s Wind move, Crushing Shadow!

Correct. Before I even began asking, this duel had already started! This brother here is ambushing the back of your head!

Crushing Shadow attacked the back of Sauron’s head from the back. Under normal circumstances, an opponent would definitely lean and turn their head to the left or to the right to evade this series of leg kicks.

As such, Jiang Nan had already grabbed a handful of limestone before going into the arena. He was simply waiting for Sauron’s head to turn, and he would directly scatter the limestone and blind this pig-brained guy’s eyes!


Not only did Sauron’s reaction occur outside of Jiang Nan’s expectations, it was basically something that almost no one would have been able to think that…. He would be able to do!



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