Chapter 067: Golden Ghost Butterfly (1)

What did I get myself into?!

Tsk, of course this brother here likes to ‘maximize all benefits’ when getting stuff done~

With a pig slaughtering performance, he saved three hundred Ghost Totem comrades with his identity as a Ghost Totem master himself. As Professor, however, he helped absolve any guilt that might be placed on Weylin’s head and gained the favor of Yulianne. This was making the most out of maximizing the benefits!

Furthermore, Jiang Nan had extracted even greater benefits out of this performance!

After leaving behind the dumbfounded Madame Suzanne, Yulianne and Weylin both departed. Jiang Nan, on the other hand, waved his hand with a dazzling smile, “Ladies and gentleman, this brother here still has a match to attend tonight, so let’s chat tomorrow! If you don’t understand what just happened, you can go ask Yulianne.”

With a turn of his body, he left!

Several minutes later, Jiang Nan changed into his slave clothes and came to the rear end of the city’s public square where the Knife Work Feast was to be prepared.

“Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Talik, I’m finished!” Eddy was currently standing there ashen-faced as he grabbed onto Talik, pleading: “I did not successfully carry out the Knife Work Feast, Yulianne will not be pleased, and His Majesty the Emperor will butcher me! My dear little Ta-ta, please allow me to call you by this nickname for the last time…. After His Majesty sentences me to death, if you are the one carrying out my execution, you absolutely must make it easy for me! I-I’m just a chef!”

Talik seemed to have not heard Eddy’s pleas. Instead, his expression was gloomy and downcast. After a long moment of silence, he answered, “My old friend Eddy, I’m also to blame in this Knife Work Feast failure! If we’re talking about who’s going to die…. Both you and I will die!”

In truth, half the reason for Talik and Eddy’s arrival to prepare the Knife Work Feast was due to a first-grade classified order from the Rheim Emperor!

Or else, just based on Madame Suzanne’s identity as a country bumpkin, could she invite one of the four great chefs of the Empire and a high-ranking official who was on the same level as a provincial governor?!


The Knife Work Feast had been ruined, and these two people’s futures had also been ruthlessly cut off.

“Calm down, my dear Mister Eddy. Frustration isn’t good for your body, really….”

Jiang Nan’s hands were placed behind his back as he strolled over, “Laugh a little. This brother here recommends that you laugh a little, and you will benefit!”

“Oh my goodness, can *I still laugh right now?!”

Eddy shot to his feet, an unreadable expression on his face. In truth, all three hundred of the knife workers had all come to gather around Eddy, their faces all indiscernible poker faces similar to when a person held a hand of spades*.
(*TL: highest suit, although I don’t know what it means in poker because I thought suit doesn’t matter. I’m not super sure what the author is trying to convey about the spades either because the last word is censored.)

“Why can’t you laugh?!”

Jiang Nan face expressed extreme simplicity, “Isn’t it just that the Knife Work Feast is ruined? My dear Mister Eddy, what’s so bad about that? Or is it that you forgot that this brother here…. Had already prepared an alternative course of action?!”

“That’s right! You prepared three hundred dead pigs for me!” Eddy’s eyes lit up, but soon dimmed, “Ai, there’s no use, no use. The situation’s already fallen to this state, so even if you were to give me three hundred more Ghost Totem criminals, it would still be of no use!”

“Tsk, who said that there’s no use?! My dear Mister Eddy, seeing that you’ve taken such good care of me, this brother here will tell you a bit of news from West Farms….”

Jiang Nan lowered the volume of his voice in a mysterious manner, “Weylin made Yulianne quite happy, to the point that Yulianne will go to live at Weylin’s side residence…. Do you still not understand? Alright, I’ll just say it straight out: Mister Eddy! Right now! You must immediately take the knife work team to Weylin’s residence and use the dead pigs to carry out a Knife Work Feast! If Yulianne asks, just say that Miss Weylin arranged it all….”

Eddy was still in a bit of a daze.

“Huh!! Has your brain turned into a pig brain?” Jiang Nan smacked his forehead, deciding to now state it even more simply, “Listen. Right now, the only person who can gain Yulianne’s favor and speak before her is Weylin! If you want to live, then hurry up and ally yourself with Weylin and entertain Yulianne using Weylin’s name! Once Miss Weylin is happy, Yulianne will also be happy, and His Majesty the Emperor will be even happier! As for you all…. You all will be the most joyful!”

“Rodi! Oh, no. My dear little Dee-dee, *I’ll thank you later!”

Eddy seized two pig butchering knives and roared: “Brothers, if you wish to live, then come with *me to team up with Weylin! Go to Weylin’s residence and carry out the Knife Work Feast there!”

Three hundred people dashed towards Weylin’s courtyard residence with a whoosh.


Pig-brained they are, a group of pig-brained people….

Jiang Nan sighed, then yelled out towards Eddy’s receding figure: “The pigs! The dead pigs I’ve prepared for you are all located at the marketplace on the Third Block! The pigs! Don’t forget to bring the pigs!”

“Got it!”

Eddy was already long gone, and as for Jiang Nan…. Currently, all of Sun City was in chaos, so who would bother with an insignificant slave?

This morning, this brother here has been easy huh!
(*TL: basically, easily taken advantage of.)

I’ll just take it as doing good to accumulate merits then!

Jiang Nan thought in vexation.

It truly was doing good and accumulating merits! At this moment, nearly all of Sun City felt gratitude towards Jiang Nan.

As he ran, Eddy also communicated to Talik, “Little Ta-ta, this Rodi is quite a fine youngster! *I don’t care anymore! Once we’re done with this Knife Work Feast, no matter what, I’ll definitely send him to the Imperial Culinary Institute to thank him!”

On the other hand, Weylin had already escorted Yulianne to her residence. She then turned her head and whispered to Lola, “Hey, you lowly girl, after the Professor joined us, has he gotten his wages yet? Prepared three thousand gold coins for *me! *I’m going to reward him handsomely!”

Even the disappointed Madame Suzanne….

“Ai, it seems that my life is safe for now….”

Madame Suzanne left the city square and came to a private room in the Elegant Forest Restaurant. Sauron, who had the match tonight, was currently in there, and Suzanne grumbled in frustration: “What a pity, what a pity that the Professor is destined to die, or else…. I would truly wish to give him my thanks face to face!”

“Kek! Rodi, this fellow, is pretty good! He’s really pretty good!”

In the outskirts of Sun City within a hidden valley, the freak with the hanging eyeball was currently thanking Rodi as well.

And right opposite the freak with the hanging eyeball were the three hundred Ghost Totem criminals who seemed to have gone completely crazy!

“Free! We’re free!”

“Father, mother, you can rest in peace! Your son was not cut open by others, your son still lives!”

Three hundred people freely exclaimed in their excitement to the point that they nearly went into a frenzy!

However, amidst this feverish atmosphere, Glaston stood silently under a large tree, gazing at the horizon’s white clouds. A few chilly breezes swept over the treetops and fallen snow, making his figure which could not be described as very tall, to the point that it could even be described as skinny, even more desolate.


That’s right, I’m already free!

But what about the future?!

I am a Ghost Totem criminal who cannot travel the continent. I am a Ghost Totem criminal who will be endlessly pursued wherever I go. My future…. Where is it?!

“Young fellows, you are all free, right?”

At this time, the freak with the hanging eyeball spread his arms, shouting out in contentment from a large rock as he stood on the highest vantage point of the valley.


The gazes of three hundred people focused on the freak’s figure and halted a bit, then abruptly broke out in excited roars and howls!

“That’s right, you are all free…. Then, you freed people, are you happy?!”


“Are you joyful?!”


The frenzied roars of the three hundred people nearly shook the horizon!

“I’m also very glad, I’m also very glad! However, my young fellows, I must ask you a question that is not too kind….”

The black figure’s voice suddenly went icy, “Have you guys thought about what will soon happen to your bodies?!”



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