Chapter 066: Truth and Falsities (2)

“As long as this person’s knife work is faster than Yulianne’s, Yulianne will definitely marry him!”

Yulianne spoke in a resolute and decisive manner. However, a trace of craftiness could clearly be seen radiating from her eyes, “However…. Is this man’s knife work truly faster than Yulianne’s?”

The Golden Lion went blank, then began laughing heartily.

Yulianne stepped onto the carriage, “Let us go. Someone has ruined my welcoming feast. If I still do not show up, Sun City will go into an uproar.”

The unicorn-drawn carriage slowly made its way to Sun City’s public square.

Jiang Nan’s speed, on the other hand, was a bit faster than Yulianne’s. He had already seen the state of Sun City’s public square.

More accurately speaking, what Jiang Nan saw was this: ruins in every which way and city guards and soldiers wailing and sobbing as they held their feet and their heads.

While the liquid poison which the freak with the hanging eyeball sprinkled in the air was not fatal, after it landed on people’s heads, it would immediately disintegrate the person’s entire head of hair and scald out a pattern like that of a toad’s bumpy skin; if one stepped on remnant poison by mistake, then…. The toad-like pattern would appear on the bottom of their feet.

In the center of this group of people whose heads and feet now possessed toad-like skin, Weylin and Madame Suzanne seemed particularly distinct.

Under the protection of Talik and his executioners, their bodies had not gotten injured.

However, they were very hurt on the inside, extremely hurt….

Gazing at the ruined site of the welcoming feast, Madame Suzanne felt like crying, but had no tears to cry out, “Little Sister Weylin, let bygones be bygones and let us think of a way! The welcoming feast has been destroyed, Yulianne will not be pleased, and His Majesty the Emperor will be infuriated. We…. we are in trouble!”

Weylin’s face had also gone deathly pale, “Even if you ask *me, who would *I ask? Just wait. Even if the Professor helps me take back Mount Longinus tonight, Clan Headquarters won’t let me off either…. Suzanne, I can’t f***ing take the fact that I’m going down with you!”

Just several minutes before, the freak with the hanging eyeball led the three hundred Ghost Totem criminals and killed their way out of Sun City. At the same time, they destroyed Madame Suzanne’s painstakingly prepared welcoming feast site in passing!

“Calm down, you two beautiful ladies. Frustration is not good for your bodies, truly….”

With a silver mask on his face, Jiang Nan walked over in his Professor’s disguise with a beaming smile.

“Professor? You actually have the face to come over?!” The moment she glanced at Jiang Nan, Madame Suzanne’s face shifted and darkened as she criticized him: “Don’t you know? Because you did not come in a timely manner, the welcoming feast was utterly ruined!”


Is this woman shirking her responsibility and preparing to place all the fault on this brother?

Jiang Nan had guessed correctly. Madame Suzanne was going to try anything in this sort of crisis, and whoever she seized, she would dump the blame on that person. She berated him in a severe voice, “Professor, you must pay a price for your conduct today! Someone, come! First incarcerate the Professor, then escort him to the Imperial Capital. Ask that His Majesty the Emperor puts him on trial for the crime of ‘delayed support and neglecting Yulianne!”

“Suzanne, *I’ll f*** your mother!” Weylin shot to her feet, “You want to pass the bucket? Keep dreaming! If we’re talking about untimely support, your Sauron….”

“Calm down, Miss Weylin. I understand your intent to pay your respects to Suzanne’s mother, but….” Jiang Nan glanced at Weylin’s lower body in total seriousness and concern, “But, do *you have this capability?!”

With a whoosh, Suzanne’s face went red. Weylin, on the other hand, glared at Jiang Nan, her face saying, “You rogue, you actually dare to take liberties with *me?”

However, Professor Jiang did not feel the slightest bit like a rogue, and instead spoke in a deliberately slow manner, “En, the site for the welcoming feast has been destroyed. Yulianne will not be pleased, and His Majesty the Emperor will be infuriated. In this situation, a person truly will have to take the blame. However…. My dear Miss Weylin, as *your most competent worker, I have already arranged everything for *you. Today, everybody may be put to death in His Majesty the Emperor’s fury. However, *you, and only *you, will not be punished…. On the contrary, it is even possible for *you to receive a commendation from His Majesty the Emperor!”

Weylin went blank, “Professor, you’re not joking, right? Why would His Majesty commend me?!”

“You will know in several minutes….”

Jiang Nan’s laughter was quite enigmatic as he mixed into the ranks of the injured on the large street.

Crunch, crunch!

Yulianne’s carriage had finally arrived. As expected, when the Golden Lion saw the ruins strewn about, he immediately furrowed his eyebrows, “Hmph! A nice welcoming feast this is!”

“Yulianne, you f***ing dare to complain to us? Just before, only you were capable of beating back that freak whose hanging eyeball hang out like a dick*, yet why didn’t you come?!”
(*TL: Yes, what she is saying means dick, and in quite a vulgar way too. It’s quite offensive to say it to women, although I don’t know about others since I’m not sure about the banter that goes on in China and in the different regions.)

Weylin wished to launch in a barrage of curses just like that, but the words stopped at her mouth. She and Madame Suzanne both lowered their heads, and Madame Suzanne herself pleaded: “Honored Miss Yulianne, beautiful Miss Yulianne, we simply ran into something a bit unexpected just before. *You….”

“Please do not blame us!” Weylin scrambled to talk, “If *you could just wait, ten minutes! Within ten minutes, we will definitely prepare an even grander welcoming feast for *you! Please forgive us….”

“Huh!!! Weylin, did not this brother tell you?? Today, anyone can apologize to Yulianne, but only you cannot!”

Jiang Nan popped out from within the injured ranks and stood up!

The moment she saw the Jiang Nan who was dressed in his Professor’s disguise, Yulianne’s beautiful eyes flashed with a gleam of pleasant surprise.

The Great Master was actually here! Heh, I actually thought that he was not willing to divulge his name because after imparting that seven word incantation, he just left!

The Golden Lion also restrained his expression of unbridled arrogance to complete reverence. Weylin, however, grew panicked, “Professor, Yulianne is here! Don’t f***ing speak your nonsense!”

Suzanne had also gone nearly insane from panic. She maintained her face as an aristocratic madam with difficulty, then coldly berated him: “Professor! Not only did you not provide support in a timely manner, you even spoke rudely before Lady Yulianne! You, what charge should you bear!” After she said this, she swivelled around and bowed towards Yulianne and explained fearfully: “If your distinguished self could forgive us, please excuse us!”

“That…. Yulianne, they both say that this brother here is guilty. What do you think?”

Jiang Nan glanced at Yulianne from the corner of his eye. In comparison to the others’ frenetic appearances, he seemed to be an ignorant idiot that had just come from outer space!

However, Yulianne stepped out of her carriage instead and directed a bow towards Jiang Nan, saying in a light voice: “What crime can the Great Master be guilty of?!”


Weylin was utterly gobsmacked!

Suzanne was utterly gobsmacked!

Several thousand injured soldiers were utterly gobsmacked!

All of Sun City was gobsmacked!

Amidst these dazed and blank expressions, Yulianne continued speaking, “Yulianne cannot thank Great Master enough and is indebted to Great Master for his instruction! The only thing that is unknown…. Is why Great Master is in this place?!

“This brother here huh…. Ai, I’ll just speak truthfully then!”

Jiang Nan went to stand next to Weylin and patted her shoulder as he spoke, “In truth, this brother here is Miss Weylin’s subordinate! Just before, the knife work I performed for you was arranged by my family’s Miss. It was just a bit of a unique…. Welcoming ceremony!”

“A wonderfully unique welcoming ceremony!”

Yulianne’s tone was light and springy, revealing that she was in an extremely good mood. In the process of esteeming Jiang Nan, she conveniently heightened her impression of Weylin and took a few additional looks!

“So it was Miss Weylin. Many thanks for your creative and original welcoming ceremony.” Yulianne gave a slight bow to Weylin, “It is Yulianne’s fortune to have gotten acquainted with Miss’ subordinate. Would it be possible for Yulianne to have the honor of temporarily residing at Miss’ side residence* and asking Great Master’s guidance each day?”
(*TL: The word is 别院, and basically refers to the subordinate and adjoining residence to the main residence.)

She actually bowed towards me?!

She, she even wants to live at my home?!

A warm and fuzzy current swept through Weylin from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. All she could feel was that the sun at this moment was really f***ing glorious! Hastily taking several steps backward and demonstrating the appearance of an aristocratic miss, she answered, “*Cough! That Miss Yulianne is willing to reside at Weylin’s side residence is Weylin’s honor. If *you could please…. This woman’s side residence is located at the Sixth Block!”

After only speaking half an aristocrat’s response, Weylin’s *innate disposition soon exposed itself. She then turned her head around and glared viciously at Jiang Nan, “Professor! What exactly did you f***ing get yourself into now?!”
(*TL: in terms of how she refers to herself – the haughty way of referring to oneself)



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