Chapter 065: Truth and Falsities (1)

“So it’s Yulianne, huh? Oh, you said that you wanted an audience with me previously…. If you wanted to see me, then you should have just said so~! If you don’t say it, how am I supposed to know that you want to see me? In this situation, you’re in the wrong. If you wanted to see me, then you should have just said so….”

For the sake of stalling for time, Jiang Nan turned one sentence into multiple sentences and talked in a rambling manner as he began his chat with Yulianne.

Yulianne had very good manners, so she simply sat cross-legged before Jiang Nan and silently tolerated the nonsense that spewed out of his mouth like a nosy supermarket granny.

Two minutes later, Jiang Nan suddenly smacked his forehead, “Ai, I’ve talked for so long. Why did you come to see me?”

“Yulianne wishes to seek audience with Great Master for none other than to ask for advice concerning knife work culinary arts.” Yulianne half rose out of her sitting position in a polite manner and smiled.

“Knife work culinary arts?”

Jiang Nan scratched his head, “This brother here can play around with a knife to kill pigs…. But for culinary arts, that isn’t something this brother is good at. It’s fine if you want to ask me about culinary arts, but this brother will just blather without thinking. If I say something wrong, don’t blame me~!” He halted for a bit, “If you blame me, there’s nothing this brother here can do. However, you’re the great and exalted number one Blade Knight on the continent, and you’re a strong person who can off me with just one finger! Even if this brother here says something wrong, you wouldn’t bother with it, would you? If you were to bother with it, this brother here can’t do anything about it, but you….”

What the f***!

Was this pig peddler a meddling old granny in his past life?

The Golden Lion’s mouth twitched slightly.

Yulianne, however, acted as if nothing was wrong. She politely said in a soft voice, “Great Master is too modest,” then shifted her beautiful eyes to gaze at the whole and undamaged pig in the booth.

More accurately, she was looking at the twenty-seven knife cuts made on the pig!

“Yulianne has personally seen the Great Master’s spectacular knife skills in which a whole pig was dissected with twenty-seven moves of a blade in seventeen seconds…. This sort of miracle is something Yulianne is completely inferior to! As such, Yulianne wishes to inquire of the Great Master exactly what the secret is to this miracle?!”

“The secret huh…. Seven words!”

Yulianne’s starry eyes abruptly flashed, “What seven words?”

“No rush, No rush, do not worry….”

Jiang Nan calmly spat out these seven words. Right as Yulianne sank into astonishment, his eyes opened up wide: “This lady here hasn’t misunderstood me, right?! These seven words are not the secret to killing pigs! This brother here only wished to communicate to you not to rush before I tell you the secret. After all, I still have another question!”


This pig peddler was definitely a meddling old granny in his past life!

The Golden Lion’s eyes had gone bloodshot!

However, Yulianne’s expression was the same as before! She calmly answered: “The Great Master may ask as he pleases! Yulianne will not keep anything back!”

“This brother just wants to clarify something. You swore before an entire crowd that you would marry any man whose knife skills were faster than yours…. Is this true or false?”

“Yulianne did indeed make such an oath!”

“Oh, then didn’t you just say before that you were inferior to my knife skills? In other words, you admitted…. That the knife skills of this brother is faster than yours, right?!”

After he said this, Jiang Nan’s eyes glittered with a light that could only be described as dubious. His eyes jumped around on Yulianne’s body, the rate at which they darted around surprisingly similar to that of the rhythm belonging to lively and upbeat Latin dance music.

Yulianne laughed.

Her response was something which Jiang Nan could not really make heads or tails of, “The Great Master’s knife work is indeed faster than mine!”

Her tone then grew cold, “Great Master, can you now instruct Yulianne regarding the seven-word formula?!”

As she said these words, Yulianne’s eyes flashed with an icy gleam that caused people’s hearts to palpitate.

If he continued rambling on….

This lady would probably lose it!

“The formula to slaughtering pigs is only seven words….”

Jiang Nan calculated that it was more or less about time and suddenly stood up, backing away as he spoke, “Steady heart, steady hands, an unsettled blade!”

“Steady heart, steady hands, an unsettled blade!

Yulianne digested these seven words, a bit of puzzlement filling her beautiful eyes.

Several seconds later, her starry eyes blossomed with the radiance of pleasant surprise. She then stood up and bowed in Jiang Nan’s direction, “Many thanks to the Great Master’s advice! Yulianne…. Has benefited from this teaching!”

Steady heart, steady hands, an unsettled blade!

These seven words were not some nonsensical rubbish that Jiang Nan had just blathered out randomly!

After deceiving Yulianne for a whole ten minutes, if he could not reveal some true ability, would Yulianne allow him to leave peacefully?!

These seven words were the essence of the Golden Inch Blade!


Professor Jiang actually revealed the essence of the Golden Inch Blade to someone else?

No rush, no rush, do not worry….

To reveal a major truth, Jiang Nan had never actually considered the Golden Inch Blade to be a secret. The first reason was because for the sake of maintaining a model appearance, if he knew about something good, he would never mind imparting it to his students.

Of course, this was under the condition that the students made Jiang Nan sufficiently satisfied.

And this was the other reason….

If you assumed that human anatomy only consisted of some gaudy knife work, then you would have made a mistake! A big mistake, a huge mistake!

The Golden Inch Blade that was incomparably fast and as fast as lightning was only a trifling skill!

Jiang Nan’s expertise was in the analysis of the human composition!

Extrapolating the mysteries of life from a dissected body was Jiang Nan’s special ability, a unique secret that he would never reveal under any circumstances!


It’s a pity now that this brother here has landed on this crazy Yuanzhi Continent. There really isn’t any opportunity for me to show off….

Jiang Nan slipped into an alleyway while shaking his head.

“Miss, why are you being so courteous with this scoundrel?”

Right as Jiang Nan left, the Golden Lion blew up resentfully: “This person did not speak frankly and simply prattled on nonsensically. Don’t tell me that he truly is capable of such quick knife work?!”

“Do you still not understand?” Yulianne’s gaze continued to linger in the direction of Jiang Nan’s disappearance as she answered unhurriedly: “How can this person’s blade simply be described with the word ‘quick’…. If you still do not understand, then go take a look at that pig.”

“What’s so good about this pig?”

The Golden Lion came to the whole and unblemished pig, poking at one of the holes made from the twenty-seven cuts, “In any case, I can’t make sense of it, so what can this pig show me? If we’re talking about something strange, it’s that blood isn’t flowing from these incisions. This is much more bizarre…. Good heavens, Miss, is he still human?!”


The instant the Golden Lion touched the incision, the whole and unblemished pig toppled to the ground like a collapsed city wall. It immediately fell apart and landed in a heap of pig organs!

Muscle, bone, skin, viscera…. Various body parts tumbled down in a neat manner and arranged themselves into groups as they fell onto the ground.

The most unbelievable thing was that the pig’s main arteries were nearly all whole and undamaged. Only two spots tore open, allowing the slaughtered pig’s blood to rocket into the air and spray out like a fountain!

“This is the reason why I revere him!”

Yulianne came before the pig and solemnly picked up a piece from the arrangement, which was as tidy as though the pieces of pig had arranged themselves. “Seventeen seconds, twenty-seven cuts! This man used only seventeen seconds and twenty-seven blade movements to dissect a pig….”

“Seventeen seconds, twenty-seven blade movements…. Miss, how did he do it?”

“It’s very simple: this person’s execution of the blade is actually not quick. At most, he can only slash out two or three blades per second…. However, his understanding of the pig’s body is like that of his hand!” Yulianne picked up yet another bone, “Look at this bone. If I wanted to separate the flesh from the bone like this, I would need to use at least thirty blade movements! However, that person understood that pig’s skeleton and flesh far too well. He located the correct point and cut there. With just one cut, he separated the flesh from the bone…. One cut. With just one cut, he did something that I would need thirty cuts to complete, so you tell me! Can this person’s dissecting speed not be fast?!”

The Golden Lion’s mouth was turned in a bitter way, “Then what he said just before: steady heart, steady hands, an unsettled blade, what did that mean?”

Yulianne remained silent.

She then laughed, “Actually, I myself do not understand. However, I can faintly feel that that phrase represents a realm of knife work skill. Right now, I can only engrave those words in my heart and pass it on to her. Perhaps…. She can truly understand the meaning of these words!”

The Golden Lion nodded as if he did yet did not understand, then knitted his eyebrows and bitterly asked, “Miss, the knife work speed of that person has already prevailed over yours. Don’t tell me that Yulianne will really marry….”



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