Chapter 064: Sun City’s Pig Slaughtering Legend (2)

The Golden Lion was completely gobsmacked!!!

A nation’s prince could not make Yulianne step out of her carriage!

A mysterious expert could only make Yulianne greet him from atop the carriage!

Even the Undefeated Legend and Marshal Iron Eye could only get a word of greeting from her!

However, now….

Yulianne was bowing! She was respectfully and deferentially bowing to formally pay her respects to a pig peddler!

The most unimaginable thing was this: that pig peddler acted as though he did not see Yulianne and simply threw down his knives in a sloppy manner, turning around….

And leaving!

He actually ignored Yulianne, actually ignored the number one knife work chef on the continent, actually ignored the continent’s number one Blade Knight. He actually ignored…. The continent’s number one beauty?!?!


The golden Lion pressed down on the pig peddler’s shoulder, “Did you not hear my family’s Miss speaking to you?! Do you know who my family’s Miss is?!”

“Calm down, Mister….”

The pig peddler looked askance at the Golden Lion, then slowly and deliberately pointed out one finger, “My first question: is this road the private estate of your family?”

The Golden Lion went blank, then shook his head.

“My second question. Is your family’s Miss the Emperor of Rheim Empire, or Sun City’s City Lord?”

“She is neither!”

“My third question. Am I a servant of your family’s Miss?”

The Golden Lion furrowed his eyebrows, “You are not….”

“Then why are you blocking me for?!”

The pig peddler pointed towards his chest and began speaking in a rude and foreign manner, “Mister, puh-lease! I’m just an honest citizen who observes the law and carries out his duties. First of all, I don’t steal, second of all, I don’t rob, and third of all, I’m not the servant of some family’s miss. If I want to leave, then I’ll leave! Does it have any kind of bullsh** relationship with you?!”

He turned and continued walking.

The Golden Lion was so startled that he could not speak!

That’s right! On what basis was he obstructing someone else? The other party was simply slaughtering and selling pig meat here. The person did not break the law, nor did they provoke himself. He, he, what reason did he have to obstruct someone else?!

After sulking for a while, the Golden Lion noticed that the person had already walked afar off and said urgently: “Hey, I don’t have a reason to hold you back, but my family’s Miss is Yulianne!”

“Yulianne? You mean the Yulianne who holds the title as the continent’s number one beauty?”

The man reluctantly turned his head around and glanced at Yulianne.

Yulianne, on the other hand, was still in the bowing position before his pig stall!

“So you’re Yulianne?”

The pig peddler came before Yulianne.

“It is precisely this one*!”
(*TL: She’s speaking in a humble way, and I don’t really know how to denote it.)

Yulianne gave a slight smile.




Right at this moment, the sound of a severe explosion rang out from Sun City’s public square!

A small scale cannon! This was a small scale cannon placed within the city for military use!

Following the sound of the explosion, one could see that a huge clock displayed the time…. 10:01 in the morning!

The freak with the hanging eyeball had already begun rescuing the three hundred Ghost Totem criminals!

(*TL: sound of the freak’s laughter or the noise he makes. Pinyin would be ‘jie-jie’, and this sort of laughter is supposedly usually used for a person who is laughing sinisterly)

A black mist enshrouded the entire city square, and the freak with the hanging eyeball seemed similar to a ferocious demon of the night as he floated in mid air, sprinkling out a purplish blue liquid relentlessly!

On the ground, there were people holding up umbrellas and hiding under the buildings’ eaves. However, no matter where they hid, the purplish blue liquid would let out a ‘tss-tss’ sound as it corroded all obstructing materials and proceeded to land on people’s heads.

The two leaders of this activity, Madame Suzanne and Weylin, were both hiding in the vicinity of Talik and his executioners. At this moment, the only place still keeping calm was Talik’s group of executioners!

“Ghost Totem, it’s that son of a b**** Ghost Totem master!” Weylin roared in desperation, “Suzanne, *I told you to use the Ghost Totem criminals to prepare for the Knife Work Feast. Great! Now can you see what trouble it’s brought?!”

“Weylin, now isn’t the time to be grumbling!”

Madame Suzanne’s face had drained of all color as she yelled out: “Soldiers, soldiers! All of Sun City’s guard soldiers, move out! Weylin, call out the Professor! I’ll immediately go look for Sauron!”

“Is that any use?!”

Weylin pointed towards the sky and howled: “Look at that guy’s strength! Even if you called out all the experts in Sun City, they would only be sending themselves to death! Son of a b****, the only person who can hold him back is….”

Speaking up till here, Weylin’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Madame Suzanne’s eyes also lit up as both of them shouted out in unison, “Yulianne! Hurry up and ask Yulianne to come over and help!”

After hearing this shout in the air, the freak with the hanging eyeball trembled. However, even after looking in all directions, Yulianne…. Actually hadn’t come!

Kek! As expected, Rodi was reliable!

He had already held off Yulianne!

“My fellow comrades….” The freak with the hanging eyeball spread out his arms in mid air, “Right now, I need a helper….”

“With my name as Glaston, Ghost Totem criminals, congregate!”

Glaston stood up as he bore the 150 kilogram cangue and a drop of liquid just so happened to land on his fetters. With a crack, the fetters disintegrated, and the freed Glaston remained as calm as before as he commanded fiercely: “Those previously soldiers, step out!”

Several tens of Ghost Totem criminals stepped out and the liquid that diffused through the air promptly dissolved their chains.

With his back towards the veterans, he pointed in an imposing manner towards Sun City’s soldiers who had already fallen into disarray as his long hair fluttered in the air, “Imperial Assault Formation, Level Halfmoon, do you still remember?!”

“We remember!”

“Then…. Seize their weapons and kill!”


The freak with the hanging eyeball discovered in excitement that under Glaston’s command, three hundred Ghost Totem criminals quickly formed into a powerful current as strong as steel, rumbling as they crushed the Sun City’s guards.

Interesting, interesting. Rodi actually found such a manly general….

The freak with the hanging eyeball was excited, but Suzanne and Weylin had already gone mad, “Yulianne! Your welcoming feast has already been destroyed by someone else! Hurry up and save us!”

On the corner of a street a distance away, Yulianne heard the calls. However….

She did not move!

This was because before her was Jiang Nan, disguised as a pig peddler and sizing her up this way and that.

“So you’re Yulianne?”

Jiang Nan once again asked the same question.

“It is precisely this one!”

Yulianne gave a faint smile once more.

“Are you really Yulianne?”

Yulianne continued smiling.

And then….

Jiang Nan waved his head, “Oh, it’s nothing. You can go now!”


“Shameless! Are you playing around with my family’s Miss?!”

The Golden Lion flared up!

“Calm down, Mister Lion. Losing your temper frequently is not good for your digestive system…. Please note that I am not playing around with your family’s Miss….”

Jiang Nan pointed in the direction of the chaotic city square, “Did you not hear that? A huge rebellion has occurred in the city, and they’re currently looking for your family’s Miss to rescue them! If I was to delay you two…. Good heavens! After this day, there would definitely be people falsely accusing me of being an accomplice to the rebellion, accusing me of delaying Yulianne from saving them!”

“The Great Master is thinking too much!” Yulianne gave a slight laugh, “If anyone truly falsely accuses Great Master, Yulianne will clear up the facts for you: Today, it is of Yulianne’s own initiative that she pays her respects to the Great Master, rather than the Great Master deliberately stalling for time!”


This woman Yulianne was pretty damn sensible!

Jiang Nan’s face seemed to say, ‘A good student, worthy of my teaching’. He then sat down and very, very slowly…. Prepared to chat for fifteen more minutes.



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