Chapter 062: Unicorns and Country Bumpkins

“Young Master, amiability will bring you wealth, amiability will bring you wealth! Telling me to kill someone here…. Probably isn’t too good, right?”

The obese Mister Qian still had a beaming smile on his face, as if the order he had just received was not to kill someone, but rather simply the loss of an ingredient with which to garnish a dish with.

The crowned youth’s face grew even darker, “Qian! I order you to kill this country bumpkin! Do you not hear me?”

“You want to get rid of *me?! Ha!”

As the two youths bickered back and forth, Weylin did not continue idling about. She charged forward and slapped the crowned youth, then kicked him down from the abdomen.

The crowned youth crashed to the ground pathetically!

On the other hand, Mister Qian simply shook his head in vexation, yet still did not intend to attack Weylin or help the youth up.

However, right as the crowned youth toppled to the ground, a corner of his aristocratic attire fluttered upwards, revealing a golden jade pendant hanging at his waist.

There were also two characters engraved onto it: Janya!

The Janyan Empire?!

Even if Weylin had always lived in a remote area, she immediately connected the dots about the youth’s identity: the Janyan Empire was another powerful empire outside of Rheim Empire, and was located northwest of it. Its relationship with Rheim Empire could be summed up in this one sentence: a war per decade, a battle every five years, and an annual border clash!

This youth carried a jade pendant with the name of Janya on it, and with further recollection of the rumors concerning the Janyan Empire’s Imperial household….

Damn it all, this wretch was actually the Janyan Empire’s crown prince, Kajeer!

But who cares about your identity! That you dare to threaten *me, if *I don’t trample you to death, then my name isn’t Weylin!

Seeing that Mister Qian was simply watching the excitement unfold and that Kajeer was just an annoying coward, Weylin smacked down the Kajeer who was struggling to climb back to his feet and began pelting him with heavy kicks!

“Weylin! Stop it right this minute!”

Suzanne had also caught sight of Kajeer’s jade pendant and hastily held Weylin back, saying urgently: “If Prince Kajeer has come to our country, then he is our country’s esteemed guest! Beating up another country’s prince, do you want to start a foreign dispute?” She then turned around and helped up Kajeer, saying pleasantly: “Aiyah, I didn’t think that the Prince of Janya would actually come here! We’ve truly failed in welcoming you. Your Highness, you wish to receive Yulianne? Please, please, this way! Please stand at the very front of our welcoming committee!”

Madame Suzanne wanted to smooth things over, but neither of the two parties wished to acknowledge her intent.

“You lowly country bumpkin, get your filthy hands away!” Prince Kajeer pushed Madame Suzanne away and once again pointed to Weylin, commanding Mister Qian, “Qian, I order you to kill her!”

In response, Weylin simply punched Kajeer’s nose bridge in and then snarled in Madame Suzanne’s direction, “This damned lowlife, so what if it’s another nation’s prince?! Did you forget? The Janyan Empire has exacted more than eight years of invasions and killed millions of our fellow citizens. Being courteous to him…. Damn it, the blood of the Empire is destroyed in the hands of your group of so-called peacemakers!”


Weylin finished speaking, but her fist did not actually land on Kajeer.

Mister Qian intercepted Weylin’s fist and said in a troubled manner: “This Miss here, I’m sure this is enough, right? If you continue beating him up, Prince Kajeer will die…. Ai, this will cause quite a lot of trouble for me. Are *you aware? Kajeer’s father paid me a huge sum of gold coins in order to protect Kajeer’s life. It doesn’t really matter if you injure or cripple Kajeer, but if you beat him to death…. Tsk, I’ll just have to take action.”

Mister Qian’s palm was flabby and seemed to be soft and powerless, yet the arm of Weylin’s that had been grabbed onto had already begun to ache. Occasionally, she could also detect a boundless and overwhelming pressure flashing from Mister Qian’s eyes!

“She’s come, she’s come!”

“Yulianne has arrived!”

Amidst this group’s dispute, a horse-drawn carriage slowly appeared in the horizon.

To be more precise, this was not a horse-drawn carriage.

This was a unicorn-drawn carriage!

A snow-white unicorn with a mysteriously black horn at the middle of its forehead led a carriage, its four hooves prancing as if they were dark clouds upon snow. This unicorn-drawn carriage slowly traveled along the red carpet, while a meter tall cart shaft rotated around and around. To one’s surprise, the mechanism did not make the slightest noise either. The carriage was snow-white in appearance and encased in a light muslin that was slightly discernable. One could also faintly see a figure’s graceful posture within.

The only thing that disrupted this harmonious image was the driver; he was a burly Beastman with a head of gold fur, a pair of golden eyes, and a lion’s mane of golden hair that rested on either side of his temples. This was shockingly a royal member of the Beastman race, the Golden Lion King!

To let a royal member of the Beastman race drive one’s carriage….

Good heavens!

The country bumpkins of Sun City suddenly felt as though their breathing became a bit laborious.

Under the pressure this grand air of nobility brought, only Kajeer expressed indifference, to the point that there was even a hint of contempt and disdain.

He viciously glared at Weylin, then tidied his clothes and slowly strode to block the carriage’s way, “Beautiful Miss Yulianne, I sincerely welcome *your arrival to Sun City on behalf of the Janyan Empire. At the same time, if there is a possibility, we hope that the next stop of *your continental travel will be the Janyan Empire.”


The minds of the ignorant residents of Sun City flashed with realization. No wonder the Crown Prince of the Janyan Empire would appear in Sun City. He was here in representation of the Janyan Empire to sincerely invite Yulianne to come and visit Janya with his identity as Crown Prince.

The person within the carriage seemed not to have heard what Kajeer said, and the carriage continued to be driven closer toward Sun City. Only after it passed by Kajeer did a female voice say calmly: “There’s no need to go to Janya. If His Highness the Crown Prince could simply be troubled to give Yulianne’s respects to Marshal Iron Eye.”

Marshal Iron Eye was the military head of the Janyan Empire, the number one expert!

The only reason why Weylin’s grandfather Rondor was only called the Undefeated Legend and not the Unsurpassed Legend was because several years before, Marshal Iron Eye had fought him to a draw!

Giving one’s respects to Marshal Iron Eye was a courtesy between peak experts, but….

Why did she only pay her respects to Iron Eye? Did she simply treat the Janyan Emperor, the Janyan government, and the several hundred Janyan high-ranking officials as though they did not exist?

Kajeer coldly snorted, “Miss Yulianne! I will relay your greeting. However, I’d still like to ask *you to step out of the carriage so that we can engage in discussion concerning the details of etiquette regarding *your visitation to my country!”

Step out?!

The person within the carriage suddenly laughed, while the Golden Lion King simply spoke frankly, “You want our family’s Miss to step down?! Preposterous! The Janyan Empire has yet to possess the qualifications to make our family’s Miss step out. Only one person can—Marshal Iron Eye!”

His underlying meaning was this: You…. are not yet qualified!

“Miss Yulianne!”

Kajeer was infuriated, and stepped out to grab ahold of the unicorn’s reins in an attempt to force Yulianne to step out.

Yet right at this moment, the Golden Lion suddenly gave a muffled snort, shooting out two cyclones from his nostrils. In a flash, he knocked Kajeer flying!

“Ai, only amiability will bring you wealth. Why must one start fighting the moment of the meeting?”

The obese Mister Qian caught Kajeer.

“Mister Qian?!”

The person within the carriage suddenly let out a sound of surprise, and then….

She actually stepped out of the carriage! In a white gown and a silver wrought mask, she stepped on the cart’s shaft and directed a bow in Mister Qian’s direction, “I did not think that Mister Qian would actually be here. Yulianne has behaved poorly!”

She came out!

She actually came out!

The country bumpkins all inhaled sharply. Although Yulianne did not step off the carriage, that she was willing to show herself and greet the man could only mean one thing!

In Yulianne’s eyes, although Mister Qian’s status was not equal to Marshal Iron Eye and the Undefeated Legend, it was not a large difference!

Mister Qian’s face knitted together in bitterness as the pudgy flesh on his face twitched, “Ai, I’m such an unfortunate person to have to do business for others after taking their money. Iron Eye gave me a huge sum of money and entrusted Kajeer’s protection to me, which is why I came….” He chuckled, “Miss Yulianne, how about you give me some face~ Just let Kajeer go for now. I assure you that he will quickly disappear!”

Yulianne returned to the carriage’s interior.

Mister Qian gave a faint smile, then dragged Kajeer into the city gates.

Kajeer continued to argue on the way: “Qian! What are you doing! I came to invite Yulianne, but I’ve still not finished my task….”

“My dear Prince Kajeer, there might be an interesting show to watch later on.” Mister Qian’s smile contained a certain degree of mystery, “First come with me for now. I guarantee that you will definitely be able to finish your task!”

He turned his head to look at Yulianne’s unicorn-drawn carriage and suddenly rubbed his fingers together in silent laughter, seeming as though he was a…. Cheating businessman who had just discovered an unknown commercial opportunity!



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