Chapter 061 – Qian


“You can’t think of anything? Then see if there is a possibility of this happening….” Jiang Nan spoke very earnestly, “A person’s death is a big thing. No person wishes to die a horrible death, and there is definitely no one who wishes for themselves to become materials for a dish to exhibit a person’s knife work. Mister Eddy, what if these people are unwilling to die from being cut open and commit suicide before the Knife Work Feast….”

Eddy let out a hearty laugh, “There’s nothing wrong with that. Even if dead, they will still get cut open!”

“Then what if they mutilate their own bodies beforehand? For example, what if they go berserk and bite off their fingers, then swallow them….”

This was an extreme situation, but there was definitely a chance of it happening!

Eddy’s face distorted.

If a Ghost Totem criminal really threw caution to the wind and destroyed his own body, then the Knife Work Feast…. Would be f***ing finished!

Seeing Eddy’s expression, Jiang Nan patted his shoulder sympathetically, “Calm down, Mister Eddy. That I can think of this possibility naturally means that I’ve already thought of a way to resolve it. You’ve taken such good care of me, so I’ll help you take care of it!”

“You smelly brat, what solution is there!”

Jiang Nan rubbed his chin: “Give me a few gold coins so I can go buy some live pigs immediately. If that sort of situation really occurs, then we can just use live pigs in place of the Ghost Totem criminals! That way, although the Knife Work Feast might be less exciting, it definitely would not be ruined. What do you think?”

“Using live pigs in place of Ghost Totem criminals….”

Eddy’s chubby face halted a bit, then he suddenly slapped his thigh, “Rodi, you’re right! It’s better safe than sorry! Immediately go and purchase some pigs. I’ll also send out an order right away to make sure that the knife work specialists are prepared to use the dead pigs for substitution!”

“As you* wish!”

Jiang Nan accepted the large bag of money with a beaming smile, then turned and left the team.

Eddy could not really rest assured, “Hey, do you know how to choose the live pigs? I’ll send someone to accompany you….”

“Mister Eddy, have you forgotten what I am?”

Jiang Nan fixed his eyes onto him and put his two hands next to his ears, gesturing in the shape of a fat pig’s ears, “I am but West Farms’ best pig caretaker, so good that people have told me this: Rodi, with you here, no sick pigs will appear! I alone am enough to buy pigs!”

Purchasing pigs was naturally the excuse Jiang Nan was going to use to make an opportunity to challenge Yulianne. However, it was not only an excuse.

Soon, the Knife Work Feast would most certainly be ruined by the freak with the hanging eyeball. At that time, no matter whether or not the freak with the hanging eyeball succeeded, Eddy would lose a portion or or all of the Ghost Totem criminals and face severe punishment!

As such, Jiang Nan prepared an alternative course of action for Eddy so that even in the worst circumstances, he would still have a chance to use the dead pigs to atone for his sins.

This guy, Eddy, has been treating me pretty well this entire time. As his brother, I cannot really harm him, right?

Jiang Nan really did throw himself into the task of purchasing pigs.

At nine in the morning, Jiang Nan had already purchased enough live pigs and changed into his Professor’s disguise.

In order to delay Yulianne by showing off his knife work, Jiang Nan would have to exhibit the fastest speed of his Golden Inch Blade. He did not want people to know that Rodi possessed this sort of knife method, so he prepared to hand the task of delaying Yulianne…. Over to the Professor!

At 9:50 in the morning, the Professor appeared in Sun City’s marketplace with a silver mask, and used the remaining gold coins to rent a pig butchering booth.

Everything was in order. However, at this moment, the situation outside Sun City’s city gates was another story altogether.

Before Sun City’s east city gate was a broad road, wide enough for twelve fine steeds to cross shoulder to shoulder. This road extended from the east city gates all the way into the distance on the level earth. With the terrain so wide and open, one could not even see the road’s limits.

At this time, a scarlet, velvet carpet had been rolled out from the east city gates all the way to the end of the horizon, and likewise had no limit!

Madame Suzanne was standing on the red carpet, while Weylin stood shoulder-to-shoulder with her.

This represented Sun City’s power ranking, meaning that Suzanne and Weylin both currently had Sun City’s number one expert on their side, so they could stand on equal ground!

Behind these two people were the various representatives of 103 other families, and further beyond this group of representatives…. Was an overwhelming crowd of fanatical people who filled up the entire space from the eastern city gates all the way to the inner district of the city!

Turning her head to glance at the crowd, then glancing at her own head position, Weylin was quite gleeful!

However, she was still a bit confused: Sauron was occupied with tonight’s match, so he would not be in the reception’s crowd, and therefore had an excuse for his absence.


What about Victor?

This wolf cub had kept bugging her this entire time. Moreover, he had come to Sun City for the purpose of welcoming Yulianne, so why had he not appeared?!

Not to mention, Victor had even said that his father would be coming in these one or two days….

“Little Sister Weylin, what are you thinking about?”

Madame Suzanne interrupted Weylin’s thoughts.

“What do *my thoughts have to do with you?” Weylin snorted, “If you must know, wait until my Professor gets rid of Sauron, and then I’ll tell you!”

“Aiyah, Little Sister Weylin’s little temper~! While speaking in this kind of tone with Big Sister does not matter, make sure you keep from speaking like this when Yulianne comes!” Her tone then changed, “Or else…. Big Sister can only excuse you from this welcoming committee.”

“You want to drive me out?” Weylin gave a cold laugh, “If you have the ability, why don’t you give it a try? Damn, do you believe that *I’ll tell the Professor to smash apart your farm right now?!”

“These two beautiful ladies, it seems that there exists some conflict between you two? Oh, please forgive my abruptness!”

A voice suddenly cut in!

Suzanne and Weylin went blank, then turned their heads around to look. At some unknown time, a team of people with two handsome youths had suddenly appeared behind them.

The first youth was around twenty-seven or twenty-eight years of age and was dressed in formal aristocratic attire of a resplendent gold color. He had a head of short, pale golden hair that curled up and a physique that shouted money*. It was clear that he was born in a wealthy family.
(*TL: He’s fat/overweight.)

On the other hand, the second youth seemed a bit sickly. His complexion was an unhealthy pale color, and his seventeen or eighteen year old face unexpectedly revealed signs of excessive alcohol intake. However, he wore a diamond-encrusted crown that clearly showed that he was an influential young master from a great aristocracy.

The person who spoke was precisely the first of the two youths, the overweight one with the golden hair!

Madame Suzanne’s eyebrows knitted slightly, but she soon gave a faint laugh, “These two are?”

“I possess the bloodline of the Yellow race*, and am surnamed ‘Qian’*. The two of you may address me as Mister Qian.”
(*TL: raw – 黄种人 – literally yellow, but also known as Mongoloid. I’m not sure whether that would work in this context, so it shall be Yellow race for now.)
(*TL: Qian – 钱 – money)

The golden-haired youth bowed with a beaming smile, “Today is the great day of Yulianne’s arrival, and I am accompanying this young master to come see the continent’s number one beauty. We’ve arrived in a rude manner, so please forgive us!”

He then pointed towards the red carpet at his feet, “Beautiful ladies, do the two of you mind if we stand here to await Yulianne?”

These two had come for Yulianne?!

Madame Suzanne truly disliked these sort of unexpected situations. However, because she could not ascertain the background of these two youths, she only answered with a slight smile.

However, Weylin, on the other hand, had already blew her top, “Welcoming Yulianne is Sun City’s matter! Have you two lowlives informed us before? Screw off!”

“You dare to scold me? You lowly hick, you actually dare to scold me?!”

The crowned youth’s face suddenly darkened as he pointed towards Weylin and instructed: “Kill!”



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