Chapter 060: The Ten Minute Arrangement

In the past several days, Glaston had gotten acquainted with Jiang Nan. However, he did not actually express much astonishment, and instead kept his back towards Jiang Nan, not moving the slightest bit!

However, he was laughing coldly in his heart!


He was going to get cut open tomorrow, yet this slave was requesting for a deal at this moment….

Rodi was definitely plotting something unlawful!

Glaston shut his eyes and refused with an extremely hoarse voice, “A dead person has no interest in making a deal!”

“Oh, no, no! My dear man, you are definitely interested in this deal….”

Jiang Nan sat before Glaston with a gleeful smile, “Perhaps…. We can start with the question from the day before yesterday: why do I understand the skeletal structure?”

Glaston’s eyelid opened up the slightest bit.

“Alright, you’re interested!”

Jiang Nan laughed, and then raised one finger. This finger slowly extended outwards, slowly, slowly, until a skeletal thorn unexpectedly protruded out from it!

On the skeletal thorn was a layer of dark purple poison!

“Skeletal Lance Poison Blade, you’re a Ghost Totem master?!”

Glaston’s eyes finally opened up completely!

“En, Mister. Your conclusion is correct. Just like you, I also possess a Ghost Totem. However…. There really isn’t a need for you to call out so loudly, right? I took such trouble to charge in here, so I don’t wish for your cry of alarm to ruin my plans.”

Jiang Nan moved his wrist as though he had just experienced a bitter fight. However, in actuality, everybody was currently busy with the Knife Work Feats preparations. When he snuck into the cellar, he really did not expend that much strength. In fact, he did not even need to cover his face and disguise himself.

Glaston swept over Jiang Nan with a cold gaze, “Since you are a Ghost Totem, then you’ve….”

“Mister, please keep your mouth closed. Right now, it is my time to speak, is it not?”

Jiang Nan gave a faint smile and fixed his eyes onto Glaston’s as he spoke, “Tomorrow morning at ten o’clock, three hundred fellow Ghost Totems will assemble at the city gate. A freak with a hanging eyeball will then save you at that time! Listen, my dear Mister Glaston. If you wish to continue living, you must use your leadership capabilities to help that freak command the three hundred prisoners. Cooperate with all his operations!”

Jiang Nan did not welcome Glaston’s thanks. On the contrary, Glaston coldly spat out two words, “Dream on!”

“Oh? You don’t believe that I will save you all?”

“I believe. However, I do not believe that someone can save us in front of Yulianne!”

Glaston’s face was expressionless, “Rodi, I appreciate that you have the heart to save me! However, Yulianne’s strength is absolutely beyond your imagination! Do not risk your and your friend’s life to save me!”

“En. As expected, you are a real man who values sentiments and justice….” Jiang Nan repeatedly nodded, “Yulianne is indeed very strong. I heard that she is no longer inferior to the Undefeated Legend, Rondor Rheinhardt….”

“It is Yulianne’s ‘currently demonstrated’ fighting capability that is no longer inferior to Rondor!”

Glaston coldly corrected Jiang Nan’s mistake. Jiang Nan, on the other hand, spread his arms out in an exaggerated manner, “My dear man, don’t tell me that you mean…. That Yulianne’s true strength may be even stronger that the Undefeated Legend?”

Glaston nodded, “Yulianne is not human. Her strength has already exceeded the limits of a human!”

“Alright, Yulianne is very strong. Okay, Yulianne is extremely strong….” Jiang Nan retracted his smile, then crossed his two forefingers and suddenly said: “However, ten minutes. After Yulianne enters into the city, she will definitely be late ten minutes! Glaston, you have ten minutes to escape!”

Glaston’s eyes shined with a light full of disbelief, “That isn’t possible. Yulianna would not be ten minutes late….”

“No. Yulianne can be late because…. I need Yulianne to arrive late!”

After he said this, Jiang Nan departed from the cellar with a beaming smile on his face. His last glance landed upon the man’s vacant expression.

Not long after Jiang Nan left, the unconscious guards in the cellar soon awoke. However, no matter how much they looked around, it seemed as though they had forgotten that they had been ambushed.

This wasn’t any unimaginably difficult magical art, but rather due to Jiang Nan’s knowledge. He knew that by striking a point three centimeters below the Yu Zhen acupoint on the back of a person’s head, he could cause temporary memory loss for a person.

The structures and functions of the human body’s acupoints and head were all compulsory academic courses within the anatomy major.

When Jiang Nan came back to the surface, he lifted his head and looked at the moonlight.

It was now midnight, and the new year had already come….

Today was the first day of the Flowerstream Era’s year 2143!

At ten in the morning, he would proceed to exhibit his knife work skills to Yulianne!

Tonight at 9:30, he would then contest with Sauron over the throne of Sun City’s number one expert!

Today…. Ah, today would truly be a busy day!

Jiang Nan loosened his waist and displayed himself in an undisciplined and dishevelled manner, then ran towards the pasture gate, “My dear Mister Eddy, don’t tell me that I’m already late! It’s just that my stomach began hurting, so I spent a not very pleasant period of time in the latrine!”

“You damned Rodi, you’re already late by half an hour! Hurry up and get into the ranks!”

Eddy glared fiercely at Jiang Nan, “You better remember, boy. At three o’clock in the morning, we will go to the city square to set up. Your job is to follow by my side. Once any mistake occurs, you must immediately go up and handle it!”

Follow along Eddy’s side?

Then how was he to hold Yulianne off?

The moment Jiang Nan thought of this serious issue…. He simply shrugged his shoulders in indifference.

In his mind, simply saying a few words would be enough to leave Eddy’s team.

At three in the morning, Eddy led the team and departed, making sure to take along Glaston’s group of ten as well.

The location of the Knife Work Feast was Sun City’s public square. From Rheim Pasture to the destination, one only needed to go through the city gates and two main streets, a roughly forty-minute journey.

However, right after they passed through the city gates, Jiang Nan suddenly began fretting and worrying as he murmured to himself, “Huh? If it’s like that, there might be a slip-up, huh?”

Eddy, who was next to him, was currently very excited, so he did not hear Jiang Nan’s words.

Jiang Nan spoke louder this time, “Aiyah, this truly will bring about a lot of trouble!”

This time, Eddy heard and went slightly blank.

At this moment, Jiang Nan suddenly smacked his forehead, “Not good, not good. This will be a huge inconvenience!”

“Rodi, what is a youngster like you muttering about?”

Eddy finally reacted.

“My dear Mister Eddy, I just realized that we may have overlooked a huge thing for this Knife Work Feast!” Jiang Nan’s arms flailed in panic, “If we cannot resolve it in time, I’m afraid…. The Knife Work Feast will be ruined!”

Eddy was utterly gobsmacked, and said hesitantly: “That can’t be? I’ve taken every little detail regarding the Knife Work Feast into consideration. There shouldn’t….”

“You’ve taken into account every little thing? Mister Eddy, have you factored in their mental state?!”

Jiang Nan turned around and pointed towards Glaston and the rest of them, “If we think about it through their perspective, Mister Eddy, if you were the one who was about to get cut open, right now, what would you be thinking?”



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