Chapter 059: The Real Man Must Also Lower Himself Before Me!

To find a more precise term to describe Glaston’s current mood, it would definitely be: go f*** yourself!

If one really had to add a certain term before go f*** yourself, then it would be: godda** it, go f*** yourself!

Although he had fallen to this degree, he had still managed a hundred thousand man army before and was a national hero who had quelled a rebellion in the Empire. However, just looking at Jiang Nan’s appearance, sloppy and dishevelled, patting his shoulder, opening his mouth with ‘brother’ and closing it with ‘a real man’, was he ridiculing this former hero?

Furthermore…. This bastard was actually wearing the clothes of a slave?!

When did I, Glaston, fall to the point where a slave is even mocking me now?!

Glaston closed his eyes, simply pretending that Jiang Nan was not there.

Unfortunately, Jiang Nan did not feel as though he did not exist. His two hands passed through the chains and grabbed onto Glaston’s two hands heavily, “Brother, let’s be friends. My name is Rodi.”

Glaston lifted his head.

“Brother, how about you just give me some face!” Jiang Nan’s voice grew softer, “You are a criminal and I am a slave. If you become my friend, you will receive your proper compensation in the future.”

Glaston tilted his head even higher.

“Looking at you, it seems that you look down on my identity as a slave, huh?”

His head tilted up several degrees higher.

Seeing as how Jiang Nan had not brought about any satisfactory results, he inched closer to Glaston’s ear with a dazzling smile and said in a small voice: “If you raise your head any higher, watch out for *hyperosteogeny! The fourth vertebra of the human spine is extremely fragile!”
(*TL: “excessive bone development”, according to

Glaston’s eyes suddenly shot open!

Astonishment flashed across his eyes, as if clearly asking, “You actually understand the skeletal structure of the human body?!”

Jiang Nan gave a faint smile, leapt off the jail cart, and left!

“Remember my name, Rodi!”

Jiang Nan was very satisfied with this first meeting with Glaston.

He had already appointed Glaston as the criminal with leadership capabilities.

This was why Jiang Nan revealed a bit of his skeletal knowledge to leave a strong impression on Glaston. Later on, he could just contact Glaston in secret and then complete part of the mission the black figure had entrusted to him.

When Jiang Nan and Glaston were talking, Weylin’s expression grew extremely strange, and it grew even stranger as time passed by!

She felt that Jiang Nan was a bit different!

(TL: made a mistake in the last sentence of chapter 58 and fixed it – damn should be a part of it)


A real man!

Where these phrases words that Rodi would normally use?!

Rodi’s words should have been that of a model character, a person who would always open his mouth to speak in a level headed manner and close his mouth in amiable agreement, always displaying a chiding face. At the same time, he would also demonstrate the meekness and servility of a slave!

As such, Weylin called out Jiang Nan’s name, “Rodi, get yourself over here!”

But after Jiang Nan arrived, she simply stared at him without speaking.

“Miss Weylin, I’m awaiting *your command?”

Under Jiang Nan’s urging, Weylin finally opened her mouth. However, she responded with seemingly irrelevant words, saying hesitantly: “Rodi, you, you seem to have changed.”


Jiang Nan rubbed his face, “Miss Weylin, have I grown a third eye?”

“You haven’t!”

“Have I suddenly grown another nose?”

“Not that either!”

“Yet you’re saying I’ve changed? Oh, my dear Miss Weylin. Your joke is not the least bit funny.”

After he said this, Jiang Nan mingled into a group of people and obtained two bottles of wine from an overseer’s hand. He then jumped onto the jail cart and began to chat idly with Eddy.

He also left behind a blank Weylin, who, at this moment, truly felt as though there was something different about Jiang Nan.

Exactly what had changed?

Jiang Nan knew where he had changed, but he just wouldn’t tell Weylin.

What changed was his attitude!

A friend of Jiang Nan’s who was a psychologist once told him, “Humans will change according to their environment.” Jiang Nan was just like that: after he transmigrated into this world, he was a lowly slave. The slave markings and the whips of the overseers had already ground away his sharpness from the previous world, making him a servile slave through and through!

However, now….

Alright, one could say that this result was a bit similar to that of a person of low status achieving his dream. Jiang Nan now possessed a fighting capability that allowed him to experience being at the peak of Sun City, and he was already qualified to look down on the several tens of thousands of people within the city!

Following the surveyor’s words, ‘Professor, Sun City’s number one expert!’, Jiang Nan’s dignity, confidence, and personality from his past world…. Had all returned!

At this moment, the person who had returned was not only Professor Jiang!

It was also Hua Zainan!

That’s right, Hua Zainan! This was the alias Jiang Nan had used while in the criminal underworld before becoming a medical professor.

Correct, Jiang Nan was once a hoodlum of a criminal gang.

No person would develop an interest in skeletons and internal organs from the moment they were born, and there was definitely no person who would be naturally inclined to associate with the dead. Before becoming a passionate anatomy specialist, Jiang Nan was actually a member of a criminal gang!

Jiang Nan rubbed his lower back where his dissecting cane was stuck.

The only reason why he could change from a hoodlum to a top-notch specialist of the medical world was a story that stemmed from this dissecting cane….

The specifics included….

Jiang Nan no longer had the time to think further. At this moment, the escort team had already arrived at a point in the outskirts one hundred kilometers away from the city, in the vicinity of West Farms.

Gazing at the indistinct chimney smoke, Jiang Nan’s mouth curved in an interested smile.

Auntie and Suzu…. Were within the farm, a distance no more than seven or eight hundred meters from him.

Auntie! No matter how much you altered the secret manual, no matter whether or not you are that so-called Blazing Angel, you are still my Aunt, are you not?

Just wait. Give your nephew some more time, and your nephew will take back your dignity and let you become a noble lady of high status!

As for Suzu….

You poor girl. I’ll establish a large-scale medical laboratory to heal you of your muteness. Do you believe me?

I swear on my title as a first class anatomy professor!

The more he thought, the wider Jiang Nan smiled.

At this moment, Weylin roared, “None of you may return home! Go directly to Sun City, damn it! Yulianne is soon to arrive!”

When he went to Mount Longinus, Jiang Nan only packed lightly and walked for a day’s journey. While returning from Mount Longinus, he took a whole four days and four nights with the team of people!

In other words, there was only one day left before Yulianne would arrive!

Sun City was already enveloped in a layer of festivity and jubilation, while three banners hung from the city’s gate. The first welcomed Yulianne’s arrival, while the second announced the duel between the Professor and Sauron. As for the third…. It was to celebrate the coming of the new year!

“Happy New Year, Happy New Year!”

Amidst a joyful atmosphere, Jiang Nan returned to Rheim Pasture. By this time, Talik had already returned long ago, and was currently giving the final pointers and guidance for the knife workers before the feast while covered in blood.

The following events did not include anything unexpected: Eddy was liberated, while the ten Ghost Totem criminals were escorted to the pasture’s cellar for the overseers to supervise. Talik, on the other hand, immediately asked about the Professor’s whereabouts when he saw Weylin, only to receive a huge bout of scolding and curses….

However, what surprised Jiang Nan was this: he actually did not see any trace of Victor!

If that little wolf cub was not here entangling himself with Weylin, then where could he have gone?

Could it be that he really plummeted to his death after falling off the cliff?

Even if one was to beat Jiang Nan to death, he would not believe it: he could at least think up five different ways for Victor to escape with his life, while Victor…. Could only think of more!

Another issue that surprised him was this: Madame Suzanne seemed to have worked herself to faintness in preparation for Yulianne’s arrival, and did not appear for several days. She simply sent people to inform Weylin, “The Professor and Sauron’s duel has been arranged to happen after Yulianne’s welcoming feast: 9:30 at night!”

Amidst this hustle and bustle, Jiang Nan welcomed New Year’s Eve.

The night scene consisted of knife workers rushing all over the place in busy preparation. Talik, Eddy, forty executioners, and the knife work specialists had all gathered before the entrance to the pasture to listen to Eddy’s roaring.

“Brothers, Yulianne will arrive tomorrow! Sun City will be watching us, His Majesty the Emperor will be watching us, the entire Empire, the entire continent will be watching us!”

He roared so earnestly his voice tore through the air, “Whether Yulianne is pleased and whether His Majesty is pleased will depend on our performance tomorrow! Brothers, tell me! Are you confident?!”

“We vow to His Majesty to earn favor with Yulianne!”

The knife work specialists roared words that seemed to be representative of oaths and pledges. Although their chants were a bit laughable, once one recalled Yulianne’s bewitching of the moon with one blade and her ability to fell a thousand-troop army in one stroke, her absolute fighting capability that allowed her to change the continent’s history with just one thought, no one thought that ‘earning favor with Yulianne’ was something embarrassing to say! On the contrary, whoever could earn favor with Yulianne was simply a damn good representation of their strength!

“Good! Since you brothers have confidence, then *I’ll just speak bluntly!”

Eddy raised his command banner up high, as if he was a general who was bossing people around, and roared loudly: “Right now, I’ll start assigning the tasks! Talik, your executioners will be the first batch to go on stage and cut apart forty Ghost Totem lowlives! Once Talik’s executioners complete their task, the rest of you knife work specialists must immediately go on stage and arrange the dissected flesh into 120 plates! You must set them up into the words ‘Welcome Yulianne’….”

Orders were passed on one by one, and Eddy violently beat on his chest in excitement as he yelled out: “Rodi, since you are the captain of the general preparations team, once…. My goodness, where’s Rodi?!”

Eddy suddenly realized that Jiang Nan had disappeared!

At this time, Jiang Nan was currently in the pasture’s cellar and standing behind a guard’s back. He gave a slight smile and knocked the guard out, then pushed open the iron door to a certain cell. “Mister Glaston, my real man! Your brother has a little deal. Are you interested?”

Jiang Nan was in the process of arranging the rescue operation for the next day!



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