Chapter 056: A Foul Idea (1)

Blazing Angel?!

Jiang Nan did not know what kind of freaky object Blazing Angel was, but he was very clear  from the black figure’s emotional state that once he let out that it was his aunt who revised the manual….

Okay, this would bring an innumerable amount of trouble for his aunt!

Thinking up till here, Jiang Nan’s face abruptly expressed surprise, “Mister, what are you talking about? The skills I used before were clearly your Ghost Arts! No one has ever revised the manual…. Oh, or more like, I myself know of nobody who altered the Ghost Arts!”

“You don’t know? Hmph!”

The black figure eerily glared at Jiang Nan, obviously doubting Jiang Nan’s nonsense.

“Mister! Is there a need for me to deceive you?” Jiang Nan patted his injured shoulder with a helpless expression, “Mister, can you see what this is? This is a slave marking, a slave marking that only *you can help me remove! As long as this is here, can I deceive you? Do I dare to lie to you?” Halting a bit, Jiang Nan’s tone took a more urgent tone, “If *you wish to investigate the revisions behind the secret manual, I pledge on my dignity that I will give my absolute best to cooperate with *you and help *you do anything until the situation is cleared up!”

“You’ve truly never seen Blazing Angel?”

The black figure’s tone had softened a bit.

“I’ve never even heard of Blazing Angel! If you don’t believe me…. Alright, I’ll recount to *you all the things I’ve done recently. You can find out anything, so if you notice anything amiss, you can cancel our deal and continue to let me be a slave who isn’t even comparable to a pig or dog!”

The black figure could find out anything about Jiang Nan. If these words had been spoken several days earlier, Jiang Nan might have believed them, but now….

That the black figure did not know that it was Alisa who altered his secret manual proved that he was not an omniscient god!

As long as he was not all-knowing….

Then it’d be a piece of cake to ‘teach’ him! Jiang Nan spoke earnestly: “After you gave me the secret manual that day, I was eager to cultivate it so I went to a cellar near the pig pen….”

Jiang Nan narrated all that had happened in full detail and honesty. Moreover, not even one particular was left out. However, when he began recounting about when he first began cultivating, he made a mistake. “After I read through the basic knowledge and was in the middle of locating the necromantic energy from the dead pigs, it was probably because it was my first time coming in contact with necromantic energy or because I did something wrong, but my head began hurting sharply, so I simply took a break for a period of time…. After ten odd minutes or so, the abnormality disappeared and I continued cultivating. After that…. Good heavens, I actually only used several minutes to succeed in cultivating the Ghost Arts! Subsequently, I used the Skeletal Poison Blade from the Ghost Arts to destroy the manual….”

The aftermath of his cultivation took a whole twenty minutes for Jiang Nan to finish narrating, and they were all truthful words.

Hearing Jiang Nan conclude, the black figure’s hanging eyeball began to wriggle. After pondering for a moment, as expected, he pointed out the abnormality that Jiang Nan had deliberately spoken falsely, “When you were absorbing the necromantic energy, you felt a headache?!”

“That’s right, a headache!”

Jiang Nan’s face brimmed with sincerity and honesty.

On the other hand, the black figure’s face exuded heavy killing intent! Damn it all, his own Ghost Arts wouldn’t bring about a headache!

It was definitely Blazing Angel who interfered with Rodi and seized the opportunity to revise the Ghost Arts in secret!

This damned Blazing Angel….

As the black figure cursed silently in his heart, Jiang Nan continued speaking with a face full of innocence: “I’ve already explained all that needs to be said. Mister, do you still not believe me?”

The black figure snorted, tacitly admitting his belief. Rodi was indeed not aware of the alteration!

Jiang Nan let out a sigh of relief, “Alright, you finally believe me. Then, Mister, can you tell me what…. Blazing Angel means?”

“You don’t have the qualifications to know yet! Rodi, I do not wish for you to bring up the name Blazing Angel again, understand?!”

The black figure’s tone suddenly went icy. However, very quickly, his hanging eyeball soon flashed with a glint of craftiness as he spoke in an amiable voice: “Rodi, all you need to know is that someone has revised your secret manual. Furthermore, you should have also felt it yourself during the match that through this alteration, although it is very mighty, its consumption is even greater! Correct. The moves that person has given you will only lead you on the wrong path, and there is no benefit to you…. If you see this person in the future, immediately notify me!”

“Alright, alright….”

Jiang Nan’s head bobbed up and down as he nodded with a face that said, ‘You are my savior; I’ll definitely notify you and repay you!’ He patted his shoulder, “Since you aren’t willing to speak of Blazing Angel, then…. Continuing with our deal should be okay right? Mister, before you remove my slave marking, what is your second condition?”

The black figure suddenly sank into silence.

After several seconds, he coldly spat out a word, “Yulianne!”


Jiang Nan abruptly sat up straight.

“Correct, Yulianne!” The black figure chuckled coldly: “On the first day of the New Year, three hundred of our fellow Ghost Totem comrades will be transferred over to Sun City as materials for the Knife Work Feast. As a possessor of the Ghost Totem myself, I must save them! However….”

“However, these three hundred fellow Ghost Totem comrades will be prepared for Yulianne!” Not waiting for the black figure to finish speaking, Jiang Nan had already picked up from where he left off and began speaking with a frown: “To take away the Knife Work Feast materials for receiving Yulianne right before her and interrupt her welcoming feast…. Okay, once you take action to save these people, Yulianne will definitely act immediately and obstruct you with all her might, isn’t that so?”

The black figure suddenly realized that speaking the truth to Jiang Nan was a very simple matter, and he nodded his head, “Correct, Yulianne will definitely obstruct me. As such, I need a person to help me hold Yulianne off and give me time to save them!”

His hanging eyeball gazing directly at Jiang Nan, the black figure suddenly chuckled, “Rodi, the second condition you need to fulfill before I remove your slave marking is to help me face Yulianne on the first day of the New Year. You must hold her off for at least ten minutes!”

“You want me to face Yulianne?!”

Jiang Nan’s eyes nearly popped out, “Alright, alright. First, answer two questions of mine. The first: what Totem level is Yulianne?”

“I do not know what level Yulianne is at. However, I can tell you….” the black figure laughed self-deprecatingly, “that I have personally seen Yulianne take action. At that time, the fighting prowess she displayed was definitely no less than Rondor’s!”

Rondor was Weylin’s grandfather, the current family head of the First Totem Millennium and a person whose nickname was the Undefeated Legend!

Jiang Nan’s face simply expressed, ‘Oh, so you also know this!’, and then continued to ask: “My second question: if Yulianne wants to kill me, how many seconds does she need?”

The black figure snickered contemptuously, “Not even half a second!”

“And you still want me to go face Yulianne?!”

Jiang Nan smacked his forehead in vexation, unable to keep from saying something from his native homeland, “Why not Allah just let me commit suicide!”

“Don’t worry about committing suicide!” The black figure’s tone suddenly changed, his words brimming with ridicule, “In terms of fighting capability, it’s true that you aren’t a match for Yulianne. However, Yulianne has once pledged before a crowd of people that if a man’s knife speed could surpass hers, she would give herself to that man….”

“Mister, your foul idea wouldn’t be….”



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