Chapter 054: Strategic Retreat

The surveyor hastily departed.

And following immediately after the surveyor’s steps, “Professor, I’ll see you in five days!”

Sauron also walked down Mount Longinus. As he walked, he smacked his forehead, “Tsk, tsk, what a mess it was tonight. However, at least all of this will come to an end in five days!”

“Alright, after five days, everything will come to an end!”

Jiang Nan flapped his hand dejectedly in the direction of Sauron’s receding figure, then glanced at Weylin, only to then glance towards Talik….


Jiang Nan staggered and fainted headlong into Weylin’s arms!


Weylin immediately cried out in alarm. Talik also took several great strides to hastily come over from his distant spot.

But right before Talik arrived, the ‘unconscious’ Jiang Nan suddenly spoke in a tiny voice to Weylin, “Hurry up and take me away. No matter what excuse you use, do not let Talik follow along!”

Weylin went blank, and for a time, she could not understand Jiang Nan’s meaning. However, by this time, Talik had already drawn near. As such, Weylin did according to Jiang Nan’s intent and abruptly waved her hand, “Get out of my way, what are you doing?!”

“Miss Weylin, even if it was your honored Grandfather Rondor who saw me, he would not be as overbearing as you! Step aside and let me see the Professor’s injuries!”

Talik was not in the mood to bicker with Weylin as he gazed anxiously at Jiang Nan.

“Talik, I know that you are a major personage. However, this place is this woman’s territory! I* am the master! You trespassed my private estate in the middle of the night with unknown intention, and now you want to get closer to the Professor? Peh!” Weylin heaved Jiang Nan onto her shoulder and laughed coldly: “Who knows if you want to seize the opportunity to harm the Professor or pull off some trick! Talik, you listen to me. Before I know your intentions clearly, I will be bringing the Professor away with me!”

“Weylin, a junior like you dares to….”

“So this woman dares then!”

Weylin’s shrill voice pierced the air, and jabbing a finger in the direction of Talik’s nose as she supported Jiang Nan on her shoulder, she launched into a flurry of abuses, “Talik, if you have the ability, then why don’t you try and act against me*?! If you dare to come closer another step, this woman will go to the imperial capital to expose your crimes! Even if I* need to bring the case before His Majesty the Emperor, I’ll* accompany you to the end!”

After she said this, Weylin’s lovely eyes glared fiercely at Talik, then retreated down Mount Longinus.

Talik wanted to chase after them, but Weylin was not in the same position as Sauron. Weylin was the Professor’s leader in name, so offending Weylin was equivalent to offending the Professor!

Furthermore, he had exposed his identity tonight, so if he did not want to be seized by the people chasing after him, he would have to stay behind and make reparations.

Thinking up till here, Talik remained on the mountaintop and shouted out loudly: “Weylin, I’ll always be at Rheim Pasture! After the Professor wakes up, tell him to immediately come and see me! If I won’t be able to see him…. Hmph, I’ll just look for your grandfather, Lord Rondor, to have a talk!”

“Aiyoh, this woman’s so scared~!”

Seeing that Talik did not follow along, Weylin harrumphed in glee. After walking a distance away, she asked: “Professor, why not let Talik come along? He is the person who saved us!”

“Miss Weylin, did you notice Talik’s two hands?”

Jiang Nan pulled himself off from Weylin’s shoulders, his steps a bit feeble and unsteady: “The finger joints of Talik’s hands had all their skin broken and torn, to the point that some of the bones even showed. What does this mean? This means that for the sake of promptly rushing over here to help us, Talik had no qualms about climbing up a steep cliff with his bare hands, and simply threw caution to the wind to reach us as fast as possible!” Jiang Nan smacked his forehead in vexation, “Think a bit more about Talik’s identity. He’s from the highest court of law in the empire and is the Vice Captain of the Execution Squad, an officer comparable to a provincial governor! For a provincial governor level officer to spare no effort for a small farm owner and a fighter with a bit of a reputation in Sun City, do you really believe that he has no agenda?”

He spread his hands out in a helpless manner, “Seeing as how Talik has helped us, the things he wishes to require of us are undoubtedly things that we cannot undertake! Since we cannot undertake it…. Alright, we’ll just have to use a ‘strategic retreat’!”

“Strategic retreat?” Weylin had never heard such a fresh phrase, but in order to save face, she feigned understanding even though she did not understand one thing, “Oh, so it was a strategic retreat…. Ha, this woman had thought that you had benefited from Talik, and just did not want to return the favor, so you deliberately evaded him!”

“Actually, a so-called strategic retreat….” Jiang Nan rubbed his chin, “Is another way of expressing a reluctance to return a favor. En, a model character’s method.”


Very quickly, the two of them came to a fork in the small path beside the steep cliff and Jiang Nan waved his hand, “The match has already concluded. I still have my own matters to tend to, so let’s meet in five days!”

“Hey, you, stop right there!” Weylin pointed towards Jiang Nan’s shoulder, “Do you not feel like f***ing living? Getting so heavily injured, hurry up and follow me back to the farm to receive treatment!”

“I myself can take care of such a minor injury! Miss Weylin, do you still remember my condition before joining your farm? You do not have the authority to order me around, alright?”

After he said this, Jiang Nan turned and entered into a small patch of shrubbery on the side.

Weylin resentfully cursed with a hushed voice, and it was unknown what she said. However, she very quickly tilted her head back up and directed a great shout in Jiang Nan’s direction, “Professor, thanks!”

“Thanks for what?”

“Thank you for betting Mount Longinus and having the heart to help this woman take it back!”

As she called out these words, a strange emotion swirled about in Weylin’s heart.

She could not see through the Professor anymore. This fellow could push a pitiful mute into the fiery abyss for the sake of maintaining face, but he could also bet on Mount Longinus for the her who could still be considered a stranger to him and fight with Sauron in a death match as well….

Professor, exactly what kind of person are you?

Carrying a stomach full of confusion, Weylin came to the small town located at the foot of the mountain.

However, she had not yet entered into the establishment when she heard an ear-splitting, angry shout, and even more so, the rumbles and booms of war drums!

“There’s a lone soldier here, beat him to death!”

“Relay my orders, relay my orders! The second squad must immediately come to my place to provide support. F*** it, hurry up! I* almost cannot withstand it anymore!”

“Damn it, forget the military commands! Brothers, take up your arms and slaughter these sons of b****es!”

The small town had already transformed into chaos! It turned out that during the match, the people who attempted to spectate had already lost all form of self-control. At first, there were only some who wanted to barge through directly, and they were pushed back by the soldiers. However, soon after, these several men stirred up the emotions of the crowd and basically turned a confrontation between a few people into a small-scale rebellion!

The moment she saw this, Weylin flew into a rage and was about to bark out, ‘All of you f***ing stop right there!’, but she had not even said anything when a voice rang out from the highest tower of the town, “Everybody, everybody, we are a neutral faction, and should not be interrupting these affairs in the first place. However, pertaining to tonight’s match, we must say this: the match has already concluded. Furthermore, we have already assessed the results of the match, and have revised the Totem Ranking!”

The person speaking was precisely the neutral surveyor!

Just like eggplant bitten by frost, the violent immediately grew listless as if they had withered. Besides the hundred or so whose eyes had already gone bloodshot from fighting so much, the majority had already been forced to calm down by the soldiers.

The surveyor laughed, “Very good. Since everybody is willing to hear the newest update of the Totem Ranking, then I will declare in representation of Sun City’s Totem Advancement Association that in the battle of the drifting snow, the Weather Duo joined hands and were not a match for the Professor, and have now disappeared on Mount Longinus! Although the Professor’s shoulder was heavily injured in this battle, that he could evenly face off against two opponents and still achieve victory demonstrates that his fighting capability is no less than that of Sun City’s number one expert, Sauron! For this reason, Sun City’s Totem Ranking has been revised to….”

The crowd sank into deathly silence. Only heavy and coarse breathing could be heard as everybody awaited the final verdict.



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