Chapter 053: Let’s Fight Again Tomorrow

Talik actually wanted to help his enemy?

Having just heard news of Hank’s death for the first time, Jiang Nan completely blanked out. As he leaned against the stone slab, he glanced at Talik’s blood-red pupils, then shifted his gaze to Talik’s two torn, bleeding hands.

This red-eyed guy really wasn’t feigning it. He was truly doing his best to help himself!

As such, Jiang Nan extended his hand out, “Alright, I truly do need a friend, Mister Talik!”

“Then we are friends, my young brother!”

The two men clasped hands!

“Talik, do you want to keep Hank from dying contentedly?”

After Sauron’s astonishment, he yelled ‘Hank’s’ name out loudly, as if he was recalling a familiar, old friend, “Hank, if your soul is in heaven, take a look at what your blood-related uncle is doing! He actually calls the perpetrator behind your death brother, and is actually protecting him!” Fixing his eyes in righteous solemnity at Talik, Sauron continued, “Lord Talik! Please consider your actions seriously! Your actions are not only humiliating the dead Hank, but also insulting my own dignity and your reputation!”

“Sauron! You are Sun City’s number one expert, not a screeching and screaming shrew!” Talik barked out coldly: “The Totem Arena is fair and just, with no complaints whether one lives or dies! Hank’s death was due to the inferiority of his skills relative to his opponent, so what fault does the Professor have! Less of your nonsense now. If you want to fight, then I’ll accompany you! If you want to leave, for the sake of Madame Suzanne’s face, I’ll leave you a way out! Make your choice!”

Sauron truly could not understand the reason behind Talik’s actions. However, his mind was already operating at lightning speed.

Today, he definitely could not kill the Professor. Furthermore, with the Professor and Talik teamed up together, to use any sneaky methods to achieve a quick assassination was already impossible as well.

Then was there some way for him to openly and honorably kill the Professor?

“Lord Sauron, if I might be so bold to guess, the current situation is that *you wish to fight a carefree battle with the Professor. However, Lord Talik is not permitting this, correct?”

In the middle of Sauron’s train of thoughts, the surveyor of the Totem Advancement Association had already walked over. This old fellow was experienced and sharp, so with just one look at Sauron’s and Talik’s appearance, he had already hit the nail on the head.

Since the surveyor was a neutral party, it was necessary for Sauron to give him some face, “Not bad. Do *you have any good proposals?”

“I dare not call them proposals. I am a surveyor, so I cannot interfere in the grievances between you all. However, I can only raise a personal idea of mine to share with *you all for discussion.” The surveyor gave a slight chuckle: “Since you wish to fight the Professor, why must it be today? Five days later, it will be the first day of the first month, the first day of year 2144. On that day, Yulianne will also be arriving in Sun City, so why not arrange a match to decide the winner between you two five days later at the Totem Arena?” He turned around to face Talik, “I believe that *you, Lord Talik, would not refuse this suggestion? After all, a match between the Professor and Sauron would also be for the purpose of welcoming Yulianne. As a high-ranking officer of the Empire, approving of this suggestion is equivalent to supporting His Majesty the Emperor in his strategy of treating Yulianne preferentially, is it not?”

This old fox!

Everybody was cursing in their hearts!

The surveyor’s intent was clearly obvious: he did not actually care about the lives of the people in front of him. He only hoped to see a certain situation: with this match between the Professor and Sauron, spectators in Sun City would come flocking over, while he would be on the side, subtly…. Selling tickets to make money!

In simpler terms, this surveyor was seizing profit for the arena!


Sauron was the first to be swayed. He wanted to openly and honestly kill the Professor. Was not the opportunity before him the best chance?

If his mind was no longer enough to decide victory, then he would use his fighting capability as the strongest in Sun City to get rid of the Professor! “Lord Surveyor, tsk, tsk. A very good suggestion, I accept!”

He glanced at Jiang Nan with a cold eye. At this moment, Jiang Nan had already seen that his life and safety was guaranteed, so he relaxed his spirit and weakly sat beside Weylin. Seeing this appearance, Sauron immediately knew that he had just been played by the Professor, so his playful voice contained a trace of resentment, “Professor, how about you? Do you dare to accept this challenge?”

Fight, or not to fight?!

Truthfully speaking, Jiang Nan did not want to accept the challenge because on the first day of the first month, he would probably have to participate in the Knife Work Feast. Furthermore, there were spectators at the Totem Arena, and under the circumstances of being unable to use his Ghost Mystique Arts, he was not necessarily Sauron’s opponent! However, if he was to reject the suggestion….

The Professor would lose all face, and tonight’s fight would have lost all meaning!

“Fight? Why wouldn’t I fight?” Jiang Nan suddenly laughed, then pointed towards the Golden soil, “However, I have to conditions: the first is that the entire match must be sealed off. No spectators are permitted! The second is that we will bet Mount Longinus. The victor will possess all of Mount Longinus!”

Sauron, you would not accept such harsh conditions, would you? Hehe, as long as you do not agree, then this brother can openly and honestly refuse your challenge!

As Jiang Nan thought in delight, a chilling light flashed across Sauron’s eyes!

One minute!

For an entire minute, Sauron’s expression wavered as he continued to keep silent.

Suddenly, he laughed heartily, “Alright, I agree! In place of Madame Suzanne, I bet Mount Longinus!”

H-he actually accepted such harsh conditions?!

Jiang Nan was utterly stupefied.

At this moment, the surveyor was at a loss to whether he should laugh or cry. He originally intended to publicize the match, and then earn some money by selling tickets. However, he had not imagined that the Professor would actually propose a sealed-off match.

However, things had already progressed to this point, and he was no longer able to interfere in the decisions between the two, “Since both sides agree, then as the person who suggested the match, I declare that this contract match…. Is set!”

After saying this, he drew out a yellow-skinned book and asked Jiang Nan: “Lord Professor, everything has concluded here, yes? As a surveyor of the Totem Advancement Association, I still must ask *you a question…. Where is Gibson? Where is today’s other main character, *your opponent, Gibson of the Wind?”

That’s right, where was Gibson?!

Weylin and Talik glanced about in every direction, while Sauron was thoroughly stunned. He was aware of the Weather Duo’s plans, so even though Gibson was not here, Merlin of the Cloud should be here.

“Gibson….” Jiang Nan shrugged. “I’ve already struck him into the volcano’s entrance. I believe he’s already died?”

“Gibson died? *You have already prevailed over Gibson?!”

The surveyor’s facial expression went rigid as he hastily scribbled some words onto the yellow-skinned notebook, “Milky Way Calendar, year 2143. On the day of the Drifting Snow Festival, the Professor defeated Gibson on Mount Longinus, seizing third place among Sun City’s experts, right below Merlin!”

“Mister Surveyor, there’s a bit of an error in your record. Do you mind if I make a correction?” Jiang Nan pointed to the volcanic entrance, “I also struck Merlin into the hole, so second place on Sun City’s Totem Ranking…. Oh, it’s also empty!”

Merlin had also been defeated by the Professor?!

The surveyor gawped, and abruptly put away his yellow-skinned book. He then looked at Sauron with an extremely odd look!

“Ladies and gentlemen, the situation is urgent. I must depart for a short period of time, so I’ll take my leave now!”



30 thoughts on “Chapter 053: Let’s Fight Again Tomorrow

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    • And how does he do that? The Professor and Jiang Nan can’t come face to face, so how will the Professor ask for Jiang Nan’s Freedom? And how will Professor react if Weylin demand Profesor be there while Jiang Nan is freed?

      If you logically think about it getting himself freed just sets him up for a whole heap of trouble, the mman who wants the map of mount Longinus is the best bet.


      • Hmmm…. he should at least try to think of something…

        I mean, he actually has some power now… but he isn’t even trying to think of his freedom.

        Plus, he could just request that the aunt and mute girl get free because he’s feeling generous…


      • we’ve only reached 50+ recently, not sure if he had time to think about those things

        the mc and the plot has always been kept busy with one thing or another, maybe the author will cover it in later chapters

        i’m still interested in knowing about him and his aunts history, how he and the (girl/slave) he freed will react after knowing about/seeing talik, and we have yet to see this much advertised yulian and this so called feast after a years worth of preparation in her honor


      • simple, he asks for his freedom, then he tells her to give it to him by a certain date, switches out of professor mode and goes back to being slave man. That way she can just release him while professor is away.


      • @Nightlight You say that but you may have noticed from the hints given by Weylin that she is on love with Jiang Nan. Essentially she is a Tsundere and won’t let Jiang Nan free unless some very special situation turns up. A future date of release wont work.

        And also note that he ha a map of mount Longinus. Just giving a copy to the man will get him his freedom and at the same time allow him to hide his previous status. This point is important because it is apparent that Jiang Nan is ashamed of the status of a slave.


    • Why should he free himself, he has already been recommended to the chef school which would elevate his status. This is the same school that Talik (High Executioner) shows respect to.


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