Chapter 051: The Wondrous Use of Staying Calm

“You already have someone you love? You already have some you love? Awooo!!!”

Victor suddenly howled, his figure transforming, “Who is it, tell me! Exactly who is it!”

Weylin rolled her eyes, “Why would this woman tell you?”

“Tell me, hurry up and tell me! A wolf will definitely never let off any love rival. I must kill him!”

Victor suddenly stared distantly towards the peak of Mount Longinus, seemingly crazed, “Is it the Professor?! Damn it, it must be him!”

After he said this, Victor leapt up and dashed up Mount Longinus, “A wolf can never accept this sort of disgrace! The Professor must die!”

In Victor’s perspective, the Professor’s dubious alliance with West Farms and saving of Weylin’s life was enough to prove that the relationship between him and Weylin was not ordinary. Therefore, it would be only logical for the person Weylin loved to be the Professor.

Staring at Victor’s receding figure, Weylin urgently stamped her feet, “Son of a b****, would this woman like that cold-blood lowlife?! Victor, get your f***ing ass back here! The person this woman loves isn’t the Professor!”

But Victor had already ran a significant distance away!

“Damn it! If you don’t return, you’re just looking for death….”

Weylin horrible temper erupted. Snatching out the whip from her waist, she barked out: “Brothers, go chase and kill Victor! F*** it all, if Victor is going to kill this woman’s man, this, this woman will take my man’s place to get rid of Victor, this love rival!”

After spitting out these words, Weylin bustled up the mountain in pursuit.

The fifty mercenaries followed close behind her.

And that black-clothed surveyor….

Simply gave a helpless laugh and followed along. This surveyor stood on neutral ground. If someone were to obstruct him, then he would not just barge through. However, no one was currently blocking the way, so he naturally went to go inspect the conclusion to the match.

Victor had already transformed into a wolf man and his speed originally was not slow either, so having followed the main road, he soon arrived at the peak of Mount Longinus.

At this moment, Jiang Nan was still weakly collapsed in the vicinity of the volcano’s entrance and he no longer had the ability to fight.

“Professor! For this wolf’s dignity, you must die!”

Victor spied Jiang Nan from a distance and baring his teeth, he pounced over. From the looks of it, he unexpectedly wanted to gobble Jiang Nan up!

Jiang Nan struggled to flip over and evaded Victor’s first attack with difficulty. However, he was sincerely baffled in his heart. It was really f***ing weird; he and Victor did not actually have some immense grudge between them, so why did he look like he was butchering a love rival?!

Time did not allow Jiang Nan to think further. Seeing that Jiang Nan had dodged his bite, Victor smoothly turned his head and directed a roar in Jiang Nan’s direction, “Awoooo!!!”

The sound waves vibrated through the air and spiraled around in layers. In the blink of an eye, they formed a cyclone similar to a meat grinder and arrived at the top of Jiang Nan’s head!

Twenty-seventh form of the Wolf Howl, Cyclone Blade! Victor had used this move to rescue Weylin in the past before. However, at that time, he was heavily injured, so the force he was able to display then was far inferior to what he could demonstrate now!

“Mister Victor, do we have enmity between us?!”

Jiang Nan shouted severely. At this time, his necromantic energy had already been thoroughly depleted, so he had no way to escape Victor’s second blow.

“Victor, you’re f***ing looking for death!”

At this critical juncture, a whip-like shadow lashed in front of Jiang Nan, dispersing the Cyclone Blade made of sound waves. Weylin pointed at Victor’s nose and spat out in fury, “You damned lowlife, if you want to fight, then come at me!”

“Weylin, are you dead set on protecting the Professor?!”

Victor glanced at Weylin, then looked at the Professor. In his mind, this was a standard demonstration of an adulterous couple!

So enraged that he nearly shattered his steel-like teeth, he roared: “Fine, you ungrateful woman! Both of you come at me then! A wolf will not fear any kind of enemy!”

“It isn’t possible for this woman to fear you!” Weylin scowled deeply. Currently, those mercenaries were far from being a match to Weylin in speed, so any traces of them were no longer visible. As such, she could only fight alone, and she cursed in fury: “Come, Victor! This woman will accompany you to the end!”

This great fight would break out any moment!

In actuality, Victor understood very clearly in his heart that his strength was nearly on par with Weylin’s. If they truly were to fight, it would probably result in heavy injures for both of them.


How could a wolf endure such humiliation from a woman?! According to a wolf’s dignity, even if he died, he would have to fight!

Carrying the determination that he would definitely die, Victor was just about to throw his life away in this struggle when a playful voice abruptly rang out from the mountain peak, “Tsk tsk, so the fun hasn’t ended. Ladies and gentlemen, I haven’t come late, have I?”

A lanky figure covered in bright flowers jumped onto the mountain peak, his every move graced with dancing petals. Even his appearance was covered up by the petals, so nobody could see it clearly.

At first, Jiang Nan could not recognize this person, but Weylin had already cried out in astonishment: “Flower Battle Armor?! Sauron, you, you f***ing dare to sneak up Mount Longinus?!”

At long last, Sauron arrived!

He did not actually see the match between the weather duo and Jiang Nan, but after he caught sight of Weylin and Victor facing each other with their weapons drawn and the fatigued Professor on the ground, laughter immediately escaped his mouth!

Too good, it was truly too good! The Professor had already lost all fighting capability, Weylin was alone, and Victor could be roped into an alliance with him. This…. Was simply heaven sent! It was a golden opportunity to thoroughly destroy West Farms!

Thinking up till here, Sauron gave a light shout. Fresh flowers bloomed across the expanse of the peak of Mount Longinus, sealing off any possible escape routes.

He then came to Victor’s side, the flowers receding a bit from his head to reveal a beaming face that gestured to Victor in greeting: “Victor, my friend, it seems that you need some assistance, is that right?”

“Sauron, are you willing to provide assistance?” Victor’s gaze revealed an expression of pleasant surprise.

“Of course! I am never stingy with helping my friends.” Sauron pointed at Jiang Nan, “I’ll hold off Weylin while you kill the Professor, how about it?!”

On the other side, Weylin stared anxiously at Jiang Nan, “Professor, you lowlife! Can you still stand?” The situation was quite urgent, so she could not be bothered to ask about Gibson’s whereabouts, and instead spoke in a desperate voice: “Quickly get on your feet and team up with me! If not, then don’t even think about leaving Mount Longinus with our lives!”

Stand up?!

Jiang Nan genuinely wished to stand up, but the consumption that the Ghost Arts wrought from him was really too much. All he could feel was that his head was dizzy, his eyes blurry, and his four limbs limp. He could not even sit up properly.

“Professor, hurry up and get on your feet!”

Weylin frantically roared out once more!

“Calm down, Miss Weylin!”

Jiang Nan mustered up his last bit of breath to seem as though he was leisurely leaning on a slab of rock. At this moment, he was dressed in skintight black clothes and was wearing a silver mask. As such, no one was able to see that his face had drained of all color long ago.

Weylin looked on dazedly at this casual movement and said in agitation: “Damn it, what time is it now?! You still dare to say calm down!”

“Why wouldn’t I dare?” Jiang Nan did not display the slightest bit of panic from being thrown into this state of emergency, and instead spoke frankly: “A person once taught me that for the sake of maintaining a model appearance, even if I die, I must die in a calm and collected manner. I cannot let the students see a joke. Okay, right now, I’ve already lost all fighting capability, and you alone are not a match for Sauron and Victor either. We already have no chance of living…. Since this is so, why not sit down and appreciate the moonlight, saying our prayers while we’re at it. Perhaps…. A miracle may occur?”

After he said this, Jiang Nan pointed to his side, “Miss Weylin, sit!”


Weylin was so livid that she went speechless. Coming before Jiang Nan, she only wanted to launch into a barrage of curses, what bulls*** are you saying now! You’re simply a moron!

Yet right at this moment, Jiang Nan used his lowest tone of voice possible and said surreptitiously: “Miss Weylin, if you want to live, then sit down! The calmer you appear, the more the enemy will suspect that we have a hidden card up our sleeves, so the more he will not dare to easily take action. Only by doing this can we stall for time and look for a chance to escape, understand?” He then pointed to his side once more, “Sit down and calm down with me, calm down!” Weylin sat down next to him half in belief, half in doubt.

As expected, a second later, the Sauron and Victor who were just about to take action…. Suddenly hesitated!

Since they were idly gazing at the moonlight on the verge of death, could it be that the Professor had a final trick up his sleeve?!

Sauron and Victor exchanged glances with each other and for a time, did not rush to take the first move.

Victor was worrying whether or not the Professor had a final trump card, while Sauron simply wanted to make someone else test the waters. If Victor did not take action, then Sauron would not easily take a risk either.

“Professor, this woman truly admires you lowlife of a person. They actually don’t dare to take action now!”

Seeing the slight movements of those two people Weylin’s eyes revealed a glint of pleasant surprise as she spoke in a hushed manner: “Just like this, can you stall them for two minutes? As long as you can delay them for two minutes, this woman’s mercenaries will probably be able to rush over. At that time, they definitely would not openly dare to boldly kill us off!”

“Two minutes? Alright, Miss Weylin. From this moment on, just sit without moving. No matter what I say, you must keep absolute calm. By all means, do not ever display an expression of astonishment….”



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