Chapter 052: Educating, Educating

After he said this, Jiang Nan suddenly transformed to reveal the actions of an elegant bard, “The moon can be shady, clear, round, or fragmentary, and it is an unpredictable existence. Since ancient times, the moonlight has been inextricably linked with werewolves. Victor, do you agree?”

Although Jiang Nan’s words were directed towards Victor, his eyes gazed at the moonlight from the three moons instead. At the same time, he sneakily hid his two hands behind his back, as if he was preparing to unleash an ultimate and final move!

This appearance was similar to how an absolute expert with complete confidence of gaining victory would not mind giving one or two pointers to a weak opponent. It was basically saying that the difference between them was like that of heaven and earth.

Victor went blank!

Jiang Nan fiercely bit his tongue to arouse his spirit, nimbly getting to his feet and continuing to say: “On a night of a full moon, a werewolf’s battle prowess increases immensely after transformation. On the other hand, when the moon is not full, the four limbs of a werewolf will lack strength, thus making the werewolf unsuitable to endure a long battle. Victor, in regards to the weakness of your wolf clan, is this so?!”

“Hmph, so what if it is? When the moon is not full, the battle capabilities of us werewolves will decline sharply, but this isn’t any secret!”

Victor laughed coldly in arrogance, but his eyes furtively glanced towards the two hands that were clasped behind Jiang Nan’s back!

“Correct, this isn’t some secret. However…. Your wolf clan still has a weakness that is yet unknown by all!” Jiang Nan’s gaze lingered on Victor’s nose as he spoke in a purposeful manner: “The tip of the nose is the most fatal weakness of a wolf! It is only necessary to use one move to kill you if the tip of your nose is hit!”

Victor’s expression changed drastically!

Jiang Nan was correct. The tip of the nose was Victor’s fatal point; it was the innate weakness of all members of the wolf clan!

Jiang Nan had dissected no less than a hundred wolves, so he was naturally aware of this deep secret on the Yuanzhi Continent.

Glancing at Victor’s unsightly expression, Jiang Nan muttered in his heart, Alright, this brat has been stunned for at least twenty or thirty seconds. Next…. Is to dupe Sauron!

Oh, no, no. For the sake of being a model character, how can I dupe someone? Rather…. I’m simply educating Sauron. En, educating, educating.

“Carnivorous Flower Totem, Sauron!”

When Jiang Nan called out Sauron’s faith totem, his expression suddenly went icy, “With the Carnivorous Flower as your faith totem, you have eaten an innumerable amount of people. Do you enjoy eating people?!”

“Human flesh is indeed something I am most fond of, tsk, tsk. Lord Professor, do you have any advice?”

Sauron was far more collected than Victor, and in reality, he was already suspecting whether Jiang Nan was simply displaying false bravado. However, he could not determine correctly for a time, so for caution’s sake, he did not act rashly.

“Towards a villain like you who eats his own fellow humans, I do indeed have something to say!”

In the Elegant Forest Restaurant, Jiang Nan had personally seen Sauron consume a living person. As such, his every word resonated with Sauron as he laughed coldly: “When you eat a person, have you ever thought that it is a fellow human that you have eaten?! Considering how nature grows and multiplies and how if there is a cause, there must definitely be an effect, have you ever thought about the retribution you would ultimately suffer after eating so many people?!” Jiang Nan’s tone of voice suddenly grew very mysterious and enigmatic, “Perhaps you might say that you do not believe in such judgment. However, let me ask you this…. Whenever you eat a person, does your arm not experience an acute, twisting pain after the fact, and do your eyes not swell up? Do you not lose the appetite to eat and drink for three days?!”

Sauron’s face distorted slightly.

Jiang Nan had spoken correctly yet again!

It would be impossible for Jiang Nan to speak wrongly anyway! This was because he was too familiar with the composition of the human body and with medical knowledge. The human body hosted a countless amount of bacteria and germs, and there were several components that would be extremely hard to digest. Considering that Sauron swallowed people alive, it would be abnormally strange if it did not appear the way Jiang Nan described!

However, Sauron did not understand these things, so after Jiang Nan exposed his secret, he assumed that Jiang Nan was already aware of all his weaknesses. For a time, he unexpectedly gave birth to the notion of fleeing!

“Sauron, these symptoms are your retribution!” Jiang Nan barked out once more in a fierce voice, “Having eaten an innumerable amount of people, there will soon come a day that your arms fracture from their twisting pain, your eyes lose their sight, and you will forever lose the privilege to food and drink!” These words were pure nonsense, but with the cushioning of his previous words, these nonsensical words directly thrust Sauron’s mind into chaos, “Furthermore, these symptoms have already taken root within your body! To kill you through this root, only one move is necessary!”

After he said this, Jiang Nan stood up straight with his hands behind his back, massaging each other. His appearance was icy and disdainful, as though he was saying, ‘Young fellows, my guidance has ended already. To kill you, all I need is one move. Who will come receive his death first?!’

Jiang Nan no longer spoke.

Victor and Sauron looked at each other, and did not rush to be the first to take action.

One second….

Two seconds….

Twenty seconds passed!

At this moment, the clamoring noises and shouts of Weylin’s mercenaries could already be heard from down the mountain.

Hearing the mercenaries’ noises, Sauron started in realization, “As expected, the Professor is treacherous! Victor, he’s deceiving us! Move!”

“Deceiving us?! Alright, if you have the guts then try this one on for size!”

Jiang Nan’s cold eyes flashed like lightning as they gazed at the two people, seeming as though he really had not been blathering just before. Rather, it seemed as though he was simply stating the absolute truth of this world!

What an imposing aura! Could it be that the Professor truly had a final trump card?

The two of them hesitated once more….

Several seconds later, the mercenaries drew even closer. By nature, Sauron was prudent and cautious, so he was already intending to withdraw. However, Victor could no longer rein in the anger in his heart. He abruptly beat his chest and spat out in indignation, “Victor, you coward! A wolf ought to be fearless! Could it be that just because the Professor said a few words, you’ve already been scared out of your wits?!”

Tearing out a handful of wolf fur, Victor gave a crazed roar and violently pounced forward!

Jiang Nan, however, did not dodge because he already had no more strength to evade….


Right at this moment, a voice brimming with an infinite amount of destructive power charged onto the mountain peak. The sound wave seemed almost tangible, and it unexpectedly outlined the form of an iron fist.


This Sonic Iron Fist collided into the Victor who was completely defenseless, blasting him into the air!

Victor could only feel that the sky and the ground were spinning, and when his head finally cleared up, his body was already in the middle of the air. Moreover, the mountain peak was only a narrow, oval area. For a time, he was unable to take back control of his body, and unexpectedly plummeted through the air along the precipitous cliff!

Almost at the exact same time, in the direction of the cliff Victor was falling along, a robust and overpowering figure dashed up!

“So you are the Professor?”

The person who had just arrived was precisely Talik. After studying Jiang Nan with an indifferent eye, his mouth suddenly revealed a hint of a smile, “It was all due to your nonsense that I did not arrive late!”

In actuality, when Talik was ten odd meters away from the mountain peak, he could already hear Jiang Nan’s absurd babbling. Furthermore, as an executioner proficient in anatomy, he could tell that the Professor was almost at the end of his rope. The goal of his senseless drivel was clearly to stall for time!

Damn it, the Professor almost could not hold out anymore!

Talik frantically sped up! After arriving, he had already continuously used his bare fists to open up a path, so his ten fingers were already soaked with blood. Some areas were even ripped to the point that the eye-catching whiteness of his skeletal joints were visible!

“Lord Talik?”

Seeing Talik, everybody went blank. Sauron even licked his lips as he asked skeptically: “Lord, you ought to be at Rheim Pasture helping Eddy prepare for the Knife Work Feast. Why have you come to Mount Longinus?”

“You have no place in asking about my matters! Rather, you, Sauron!” Talik aggressively glared at Sauron with an indifferent face, “You selfishly trespassed onto the West Farms’ estate, attempting to wreck the fairness of the match between the Professor and Gibson, and are even suspected of attacking the competitor. According to the law of the empire, you ought to be condemned with the punishment of being chopped in half at the waist!”

A sentence?

Sauron went blank. Although he did not necessarily fear Talik, it truly was not worth it to offend a high-ranking officer of the empire at this time. Giving a faint smile, he explained: “Chopped in half at the waist? Oh, no, no! Lord, please listen to my explanation: Mount Longinus will belong to Madame Suzanne tomorrow, so the only reason I came here was to guarantee a smooth transference of the property, instead of ‘selfishly trespassing’. As for me attacking the competitor? Good heavens! This is simply a joke! Lord Talik, *you also saw yourself when you came up that I was only standing here. I never actually attacked the Professor! On the contrary, it is the Professor who is currently threatening me!”

His eyes exuding a sinister air, he continued, “Lord Talik, *you are currently helping Madame Suzanne prepare the Knife Work Feast, while I am the Madame’s most trusted commander. Why must we criticize each other? We can become friends, can we not? Why not…. Forget about the law today, and just talk amiably?”

“Talk amiably? That’s also fine!” Talik was currently worrying about his image, so when he heard Sauron’s words, he laughed coldly, “Today, on the peak of Mount Longinus, I am not an officer of the Empire, and you are not a commander under the Sommer Clan. We will only talk amiably!”

Sauron laughed. It seemed that Talik could still be roped in, “Since we are only talking amiably, Lord Talik, my friend!”

He suddenly pointed at Jiang Nan, “This is the Professor, the perpetrator behind *your nephew, Hank’s, death! I am willing to help *you avenge Lord Hank’s death!”

“Avenge Hank?”

“Correct, avenge Hank!”

“En, avenge Hank….”

Talik came before Jiang Nan, and just as Sauron was about to express his glee and Weylin was about to cry out in despair, he suddenly turned his head around and asked instead: “Why must I avenge Hank? Sauron, it seems that you’ve misunderstood my intentions. In terms of talking amiably, I am not talking amiably with you, but rather with the Professor!” After he said this, he gave a slight bow, the standard etiquette of an aristocrat, “Lord Professor, are you in need of a friend capable of intimidating Sauron right now? What a coincidence! I just so happen to be able to do so. Are you interested in making a friend?”

Sauron gaped, dumbstruck!



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