Chapter 050: The Mount Longinus that Devours People

Gibson groaned heavily, and his originally suspended body swiftly plummeted down. Furthermore, the outer ring of the volcanic crater was quite narrow, so he was not able to stabilize his body. As a result, he toppled into the volcano’s entrance!

On the other side, Merlin had also ran into the same trouble: Jiang Nan swept around and also punched Merlin into the volcano’s entrance.

Following his actions, Jiang Nan stared at the hole as he panted lightly.

The moves he just used before were truly refreshing to use. However, powerful moves required greater consumption of energy.

Jiang Nan could only feel that the necromantic energy in his body had been drained out of him. He even felt as though he could not breathe enough air into his system.

However, now was not the time to let loose. He unwaveringly fixed his gaze onto the hole….

The Weather duo could both fly, and if they had not yet died, they could fly out of the hole anytime!



Jiang Nan’s heavy breaths were transmitted far away by the winds, but his gaze did not dare to leave the volcanic entrance. Furthermore, he had already seen that after falling around thirty or forty meters down, the Merlin whose injuries were comparatively lighter had already grabbed onto Gibson. They were now going to harmonize and come back to kill Jiang Nan.

But right at this moment!


It was as if there was an earthquake, and the peak of Mount Longinus began to shake. Immediately after, the originally red-colored volcanic entrance suddenly turned a ghastly white color!

The same ghastly white color as a skull!

All of a sudden!

This ghastly white radiance split apart to reveal a passageway in which something that seemed to be an ancient, savage variant beast licked lightly on the weather duo’s bodies….

Everything became silent once more! The weather duo disappeared without a trace, as though they had been devoured by Mount Longinus!

Jiang Nan was dumbstruck!

He blankly stared at the volcanic entrance. One minute passed, two minutes passed, and it was not until five minutes later that Mount Longinus returned to its former appearance, no longer showing any hint that it would devour people!


What exactly was this?!

Jiang Nan wanted to leave this outrageous place as soon as possible, but his severe consumption did not allow him to take one step away. With a ‘dong’, Jiang Nan weakly fell on his bottom next to the volcanic entrance.

When the tremor happened, the crowd in the small town at the feet of the mountain was slightly astonished. However, it was just slight surprise, and they simply took it to be an ordinary, small-scale earthquake, or just a result of the Professor’s match on Mount Longinus. Some people even yelled out excitedly, “Awesome, as expected, he’s awesome! Did everybody feel that? Mount Longinus has been struck to the point of shaking!”

On the other side, the Sauron who was almost about to reach the peak of the mountain went blank. However, what he felt was even stronger, “What strong strength…. Could it be that something unexpected happened on the mountain peak?”

After thinking up till here, Sauron increased his speed to his absolute limit!

And deep in the dense forest….

Talik and Eddy who had been sold out by Jiang Nan were currently occupied with evading the soldier’s pursuit.

“What is this, where did all these soldiers come from?”

Eddy crouched on a large tree as he panted heavily. He was only an ordinary chef, and continuously fleeing for his life had already tired him out to the point of exhaustion. He spat out angrily: “Talik, how come you don’t take action! Based on your strength, isn’t it easy to mow down these pursuing soldiers?!”

“Eddy, think of my identity!” Talik’s expression brimmed with helplessness, “I can in fact drive these pursuing troops away, but once I take personal action, the entire continent will know tomorrow that I, Talik, as a high-ranking officer of the empire consciously violated the law and secretly infiltrated someone’s private property! Once this accusation becomes real, what face will I have to see His Majesty the Emperor! What face will I have to see my colleagues of the highest level of legislation?!”

“T-then you still have to think of something! We can’t just keep hiding here in this dense forest!”

Right after he said this, a tremor occurred!


Talik was deeply aware of the legend of Mount Longinus, so his face instantly drained of all color, “Eddy, this is not an ordinary earthquake. I’m afraid…. That Mount Longinus has truly devoured someone!”

“It’s better that it has!” Eddy answered huffily: “It’s the best if the Professor and Gibson are both all completely swallowed up! My god, *I won’t participate in this sort of excitement in the future!”

“Gibson can die, but the Professor cannot die!”

Talik suddenly stood up and swiftly strode towards the peak of Mount Longinus!

“Hey, what are you doing? There are still soldiers in front!” Eddy hastily shouted, “Don’t forget what you just said! Going out right now, do you want to throw away all face?”

“Compared to locating the Professor, my face counts for sh**! Even if I break through, *I must go and save the Professor!”

Talik was already so anxious that his eyes had become bloodshot. Seeing that the pursuing soldiers had found him, his two fists swivelled around and struck out without a second word, “Iron Roar’s twenty-sixth of a hundred forms, Massive Windmill!”

Five seconds!

In just five seconds, Talik mowed down all the pursuing troops and then tilted his head up to look at Mount Longinus.

At this moment, Talik was at the west face of Mount Longinus, and wall of precipitous cliffs appeared before him. Calculating the time, if he was to take a detour and go through the small town and barge through, he would need at least twenty something minutes!

So Talik decided not to take a detour!


Talik’s fist smashed into the cliff face, then he did something akin to a chin-up and moved his entire body up a certain length by relying on the right fist that was deeply embedded into the cliff wall.

Immediately after, he raised his left fist up high and smashed it into a space above his right hand, deeply embedding it into the rockwall. After pulling his right fist out, his body moved up once more.

His idle right hand once more raised up high and struck forward….

Bang, bang, bang!

Just by using his bare fists, Talik simply smashed open a pathway up as though he was climbing a ladder!

Seeing Talik climb up like a gecko, Eddy gaped, dumbstruck, “You, you can actually do this? Good heavens, why did you not do this earlier?!”

“Because he did not dare! If he had used this method earlier, we would have discovered him long ago!”

Somebody suddenly answered!

It turned out that the soldiers Talik had knocked to the ground had climbed back up again. With faces beaten black and blue and swollen like peach blossoms, their current faces glared at Eddy with this sort of expression, ‘Sh**, there was still a damn fatty here! Brothers, beat this guy to death to take revenge’.

“Hey, hey, what are you guys going to do? I’m only a chef!”

Surrounded by several dark figures, Eddy shrieked out miserably in despair, “Talik, you’re not enough of a f***ing friend!!!”

Sauron was doing his utmost to speed up while Talik was using his bare fists to open a pathway. However, the first to reach the peak of Mount Longinus was not actually them.

The first to rush to the site of the match was Victor!

Not long before, Victor and Talik had split up. After tidying up his clothes, he raised a ring up high before Weylin and gracefully said, “My dear Miss Weylin, we meet once again. This time, would you please accept my marriage proposal?”

Weylin was currently guarding in the vicinity of the cliff as she fixated onto the black-clothed elder—the surveyor of the Totem Advancement Association! The moment she caught sight of Victor’s appearance, a fiery rage instantly burst forth, “You damned lowlife, are you still not done?!”

“A wolf will not give up the prey in front of him! Weylin, you are destined to become my woman! Wear this ring to symbolize your status as the Young Miss of Reyne Mountain, okay?”

Victor knelt on one knee, presenting the ring to Weylin.

“Victor! Are you insisting on forcing this woman to speak truthfully?!”

Weylin’s fury raged even more intensely as she pointed towards Victor’s nose and roared: “This woman will clearly and plainly tell you now! This woman’s heart…. Has long since been f***ing occupied by another!”

Victor went into a daze, and then forced out some laughter: “Miss Weylin, it isn’t necessary for you to deceive me with this sort of lie if you do not want to accept my love, is it?”

“Your words are the f***ing lie here! Victor, do you still remember the time when I was about to get assassinated?! I already wanted to tell you then, but those hateful assassins didn’t give me a damn chance…. Now, look at the shape of my mouth. This woman will repeat it one more time: in this woman’s heart! There! Is! Already! Somebody! Else!”



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  2. every reader now knows that women will now turn to a yandere in future it will be like u touch my roodi u f*** i will kill u .Another yuno may rise before us and friends we will be witnessing it before our eyes


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