Chapter 049: This Move (2)

Bang, bang, bang!

On the peak of Mount Longinus, Jiang Nan’s stone fragments and Gibson’s gale wind collided into each other, exploding forth with a series of loud booming sounds and bringing about a cloud of dust.

In this cloud of dust, Jiang Nan and Gibson’s battle had already begun.

On his white cloud, Gibson’s every movement was lithe and graceful, and every action could be described with the word ‘skillful’.

Jiang Nan, on the other hand, did not actually begin using his Ghost Mystique Arts. He still continued to display the appearance of a Strength Totem and his moves were wide and all-encompassing, frequently destroying and splitting the mountain up at every turn. As such, his performance could be fully described in one word, ‘tyrannical’!

For a time, the two of them were actually equally matched!

“Lord Gibson, it’s been twenty moves now!”

Amidst the battle, Jiang Nan suddenly laughed, “For these twenty moves, you have been constantly employing the strength of a primary-rank Totem Warrior! I’ve long heard that intermediate-rank experts can activate Totem Guard. Are you not going to prepare to let me experience your Wind Guard?”

“Taking twenty of moves face on and not appearing at a disadvantage, lowly little lamb. As expected of Sun City’s fourth ranked expert! You want to see my Wind Guard…. Alright, as you wish!”

After he said this, Gibson slowly raised his head and spat out a clear breath, “Arise, my Guard!”

This clear breath spun around Gibson at an ever-increasing speed to finally form a whirling hurricane armor!

At almost the exact same moment, Gibson once again drew closer to Jiang Nan!

A whole mass of gale winds also followed along with him.

Jiang Nan drew up the stones on the ground to take on the attack, but this time….

Crack, crack!

The stones were ground into powder by the ‘Wind Guard’ surrounding Gibson! At this time, Gibson had already seized the opportunity to come before Jiang Nan and lightly point at Jiang Nan’s solar plexus, his finger similar a knife, “Lowly little lamb, you have already lost! You have been defeated by the intermediate-rank ‘Totem Guard’ that you do not even comprehend!”

Pu! Jiang Nan was not able to dodge, and Gibson’s finger ended up pointing towards his left shoulder. Immediately, his skin split and his flesh flayed, similar to a meat grinder!

So this was the Totem Guard….

At this time, Jiang Nan personally experienced the might of a Totem Guard: after Gibson called up his ‘Wind Guard’, the Wind Guard gave full support towards his defense while Gibson simply exerted all his effort to go on the offense. This was basically two people fighting against Jiang Nan alone!

An interesting fight!

Jiang Nan’s bloodthirstiness was now activated. Seeing that Gibson’s finger still lingered at his shoulder area, Jiang Nan abruptly bowed his head and lowered his shoulder, using a protruding bone from the area to slam against the weakest place on Gibson’s hand…. The ring finger joint!


Gibson’s ring finger disfigured!

The ten fingers were connected to the heart, so the pain caused Gibson to moan heavily and also caused the hurricane armor formed by the Wind Guard to falter!

Right at this moment, Jiang Nan waved around his right arm which was perfectly fine and stuck it through the slackened hurricane armor, his fist landing onto Gibson’s chest, “Mister, have I truly lost? You must understand that your imagination does not necessarily constitute reality!”

Their two figures immediately separated from each other. Even after Gibson utilized his Wind Guard, both sides continued to suffer. Unexpectedly…. They were still evenly matched!



Jiang Nan covered his shoulder as he howled excitedly in his heart. If Gibson’s strength was only to this extent, he had the confidence to seize Gibson’s place on the Totem Ranking without even using his Ghost Mystique Arts!



Gibson wiped away the fresh blood in the corner of his lips. In his thudding heart, he was also muttering in delight!

One must know that Gibson had not set up this match for the purpose of defeating the Professor, but to test out the Weather totem’s new move!

At first, Gibson worried about whether or not Jiang Nan’s fighting capability would be sufficient enough to test the formidability of their new attack, but now….

Gibson was satisfied! He gave a slight smile, “Little lamb that is fated to die, do you find it strange?”

“Oh? Is there something I should find strange?”

Jiang Nan did not understand Gibson’s meaning and instead took advantage of the momentary conversation to secretly recover his lost strength.

Gibson’s smile was brimming with the contentment of a cat playing with a mouse, “While others do not know, you are definitely clear in your heart that this match was not set up by you. Don’t tell me that you don’t find it strange concerning exactly who started this match!”

“It’s true that I find it odd, but now I already understand…. Mister Gibson, listening to your meaning, this match was initiated by you?”

“Correct, it is I who initiated it! Furthermore, I can even tell you that the reason I arranged this match was to test out the new move that Merlin and I researched for two years in closed-door training—Weather Execution!”

Gibson’s smile grew even more and more self-satisfied, “Lowly little lamb, I am not telling you these things so that you will understand why you died. Rather, it is to allow your heart to prepare itself and give you a chance to bring out your best state to help us test the Weather Execution’s most! Powerful! Strength!”

Calm down, calm down….

Jiang Nan was already aware that the situation was not very good. However, he was even clearer that in this sort of critical situation, it was absolutely necessary to maintain a calm mind in order to continue living!

He simultaneously adjusted his body’s condition and laughed while speaking: “What an interesting trap! Alright, call out Merlin then! She should already be here, correct?”

“Professor, you have already seen me!”

Merlin’s voice suddenly rang out from the mountain peak!

The moment her voice rang out, the white cloud underneath Gibson’s feet floated outwards and recombined to form a middle-aged woman’s appearance next to Gibson!

If primary-rank Totem Warriors could transform into a manifestation of their own totem, then Merlin could naturally transform into a white cloud as well!

Merlin simply transformed into a white cloud and strutted up here after passing through all those security checkpoints!

“Professor, have you made your preparations? In order to make it so that you die with a bit more dignity, please use your strongest move to receive our Weather Execution!”

Gibson swept his gaze over Jiang Nan in disdain as though he were looking at a pitiful white mouse. That he dared to explain his plot showed that he was absolutely sure that Jiang Nan would not be able to live to depart!

In reality, no matter who was here, none of them would believe that Jiang Nan would be able to leave Mount Longinus with his life!

After all, Jiang Nan’s opponents were two intermediate-ranked experts!


Jiang Nan believed that he could leave with his life! The weather duo wished to use him as a means of testing their new move, but he just so happened to want to use the weather duo to test out his…. Ghost Mystique Arts!

In the next moment, Jiang Nan laughed and then spoke some ambiguous words, “Madam Merlin, Mister Gibson, in truth, I understand your pain….”

They both went blank!

Jiang Nan continued saying: “You hold an absolutely destructive move in store, but you cannot easily use it. This is a kind of pain, truly. It really is a sort of pain that I can empathize with because I am the exact same way! I also have several…. Killing moves that I have never used before!”

After he said this, Jiang Nan’s figure disappeared before the weather duo’s eyes, “Please taste my first move, first of the Ghost Arts, Dark Steps!”

Condensing necromantic energy into the space between his eyebrows and directing it to spread out towards his two shoulders, then using the shoulders to instantaneously shift the body was precisely the first of the Ghost Arts that Alisa had amended—Dark Steps!

When this change occurred, the weather duo was worthy to be second and third place on the Totem Ranking. They reacted in the first instant and Merlin shouted in a fierce voice, “Gibson, Wind Cloud harmonization, activate Weather Execution!”

The moment her words fall, Merlin transforms into a white cloud while Gibson turns into a ferocious gale. In the blink of an eye, the cloud and gale merge together!

However, Jiang Nan had already appeared between the gale and the cloud. Contracting his four limbs, he spoke in a light voice, “Madame Merlin, Mister Gibson, did you ask my opinion before harmonizing?”

Jiang Nan extended his four limbs and his body burst forth with numerous long and solid skeletal spikes that sparkled with a dark purple poison. It was precisely the third of the Ghost Arts, Skeletal Poison Blade!

“You, you are a Ghost Totem Master?!” Merlin blurted out in alarm, but now was not the time for shock. She howled crazily: “Gibson, disperse! Do not touch those skeletal spikes under any circumstances!”

For a time, both wind and cloud dispersed. They actually did not dare to combine!

On the other side, Jiang Nan no longer held anything back. Necromantic energy circulated around his body like a powerful current, and turning his body, he abandoned Merlin to instantaneously appear before Gibson. In the next moment, he punched out a heavy fist towards Gibson’s chest!

Gibson subconsciously kicked towards Jiang Nan’s left ribs in an attempt to bring Jiang Nan down with him….


Gibson’s leg bones felt as though they had collided into a steel wall. Shifting his eyes to stare, Jiang Nan’s body was already densely covered in a solid layer of ghastly white bone!

The second of the Ghost Arts, Death Armor!

And at this moment, Jiang Nan’s fist had already blasted into Gibson’s chest! “Mister Gibson, this fight is already over for you!”



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