Chapter 048: This Move (1)

On the other side, Jiang Nan had already arrived with a radiant smile at the entrance to the mountain pass.

“Halt, did you not hear? Mount Longinus has already been sealed off!”

The soldiers obstructed Jiang Nan, but Jiang Nan only gave a leisurely wave towards the elderly manager in the distance, “Head Manager, it’s me, Rodi! Can you let me in?”

The elderly manager went blank and then waved his hand to tell the soldiers to let Jiang Nan in, “Rodi, why did you come here?!”

Why Rodi came to Mount Longinus at this moment was also a question of great severity. If Jiang Nan could not give a proper answer, it would herald big trouble for him in the future!

However, Jiang Nan had already long since thought up a proper response. With a face that said, ‘I’m a devoted servant who is faithful and loyal to Weylin,’ he called out indignantly: “Head Manager, I’ve come to report to you! Do *you not know? Talik, Eddy, and Victor, those three scoundrels who are on good terms with Madame Suzanne, they’ve already entered Mount Longinus!” Jiang Nan explained what he had done to mislead them truthfully, then concluded: “I suspected that they would try to disrupt the match, so I mixed in with their group and directed them towards the wrong path! Head Manager, please dispatch warriors as quickly as possible to pursue them!”

The elderly manager’s eyes lit up and revealed an expression that said, ‘Rodi, I never expected that you were this loyal,’ then instructed: “Third Company, follow according to Rodi’s directions and obstruct Talik’s group of three with all your strength! If you cannot block them, then drive them into the dense forest!” After he said this, the elderly manager patted Jiang Nan’s shoulder, “Rodi, today you’ve made a great contribution. You will definitely be heavily rewarded!”

“I thank *you for your praise, honored Head Manager. It’s expected that I serve Miss Weylin to the best of my ability, but….” Jiang Nan shrugged his shoulders helplessly, “*You also know that I still must return to Rheim Pasture to participate in the Knife Work Feast preparations, so please keep what I’ve told *you confidential. By all means, do not allow Talik and the others to know of my previous words, okay?”

“Rest assured about this! I definitely will not betray a devoted worker!”

“I thank *you once more, honored Head Manager! Then…. Is it okay if I report the situation to Miss Weylin now?”

The elderly manager nodded his head and approved Jiang Nan’s entry into Mount Longinus.

In response, Jiang Nan spread his hands out and watched the elderly manager with a dazzling smile as he retreated into the entrance of the mountain pass.

Reporting Eddy’s group of three promptly explained why Rodi would appear here and even brought about more trouble to the group, delaying them and prolonging the time it would take for them to reach the site of the match. This was getting the best of both worlds, was it not?

Eddy’s group of three honestly placed too much trust in Jiang Nan. However, what could they do? Even if they dreamed, they still would have never imagined that a trifling slave would carry out such a thing. All three of them were infected by the universal sickness of all the aristocrats on the continent: looking down on slaves.

Jiang Nan did not actually go see Weylin like he said he would. Halfway up the mountain, he came to a small, hidden shack, then began to take off his slave attire to exchange it for his Professor’s disguise.

With a black mask, a black outfit, a head of strikingly pale, silver hair, and his dissecting cane at his waist, Jiang Nan walked out of the tiny wooden shack only for it to suddenly begin snowing heavily.

Drifting Snow Festival!

In Sun City, it would always begin snowing five days before the new year. This phenomenon had never faltered for several thousand years, which is why there was such an occasion as the Drifting Snow Festival.

Furthermore, snowy landscape of the Drifting Snow Festival was a bit out of the ordinary. Snowflakes would always be tinged with a scarlet layer of ice, resulting in snow white and blood red colors. It was as though a pitiful woman was overlooking Sun City in the sky and weeping tears of blood!

Gazing at the drifting snow in the sky and stepping on the gold soil beneath his feet, a bizarre feeling suddenly flooded Jiang Nan’s chest!

The very first time he encountered the drifting snow, he was a dazed and ignorant slave.

When he encountered the drifting snow this year, he was already a person for whom Sun City would shake in excitement…. The ranked fourth expert!

“Gibson, on the night of Drifting Snow, on the peak of Mount Longinus, come partake in a match between gentlemen! No complaints whether one of us lives or dies!”

Jiang Nan leaped onto the peak of Mount Longinus!

The mountain wind transmitted this loud shout in all directions and to the small town, causing the crowd who was still disputing with the soldiers to abruptly sink into silence!

After a long while, someone cried out involuntarily in alarm, “The Professor has already ascended the mountain?! Damn it! Let us go over! Hurry up and let us go!”

“Soldiers, hear my command! Get into formation and kill all trespassers without question!”

The elderly manager made a stern command, but his gaze was still fixed on the peak of Mount Longinus.

From the other side, Sauron had also heard the challenge. Sighing, he spoke, “Tsk tsk, I still need to go a bit faster!”

Talik had also heard Jiang Nan’s voice from within the dense forest, so he gritted his teeth and pointed towards the area in front of him with a resolute voice: “We must speed up and continue walking!”

“Lord Talik, Lord Eddy, please do as you wish! This wolf no longer needs to continue going.”

Victor suddenly halted his steps, his gaze lingering on Weylin from a distance, “I’ve already found Miss Weylin, so I’m going to propose now! Please wish me well!”

Just like that, Victor stayed behind on the little path in the vicinity of the overhanging cliff.

By this time, Jiang Nan had already arrived at the peak of Mount Longinus!

From the map, one could see that Mount Longinus extended two thousand meters into the air. On three sides, it was steep and precipitous, while the remaining side levelled off and led to the small town below. Its peak manifested itself as a volcanic crater that was around the size of a basketball court.

On the outer ring of the crater were multiple cliffs, while the inside ring was an entrance to the volcano in the shape of a seemingly bottomless hole.

Before Jiang Nan and the others climbed up the mountain, they saw that there was a red radiance at the mountain peak. That radiance was precisely a reflection of the magma within the hole.

With his feet on the white cloud, Gibson floated above the entrance to the volcano and looked distantly at Jiang Nan with a faint smile, “You lowly little lamb, have you prepared yourself for defeat?”

“Mister Gibson, please pay attention to your form of expression. Lowly little lamb…. Yi, I don’t particularly like this sort of outdated phrase. You need to go study up on literature some more.”

Jiang Nan did not possess the capability of flying, so he simply leaned on a large slab of rock with his arms folded across his chest as he smiled at Gibson.

“An interesting little lamb….” The cloud underneath Gibson’s feet slowly drew closer as he spoke in a light voice: “Can we…. Start now?”

“What do you say?”

“Alright, then I ask that Lord Professor first witnesses one of my moves. Twenty-seventh Wind, Crushing Shadow!”

After he said this, the white cloud underneath Gibson’s feet abruptly accelerated and accurately stopped over Jiang Nan’s head. Suddenly, his two feet kicked out in succession as blades of gale winds suffused with volcanic ash slashed towards Jiang Nan’s head.

Jiang Nan, on the other hand, was not flustered at all. Rather, his fist unexpectedly blasted the rock next to him to smithereens!


For a time, rock fragments flew in every direction!

Right at this moment, Jiang Nan’s figure suddenly began to whirl around with his two fists circling like a windmill all the way from his two shoulders. This motion whirled up the fragments of rock in the air to clash with Gibson’s gale wind!

“Lord Gibson, this is a move in imitation of Hank’s Iron Roar’s Twenty-Fourth Form, Massive Windmill!”

At the foot of the mountain, the crowd could see a sudden appearance of gale winds in the form of a white cloud as well as fragmented rocks that danced to form an earthen dragon from within the yellow and red radiance at the peak of Mount Longinus.

The people immediately understood and howled savagely: “The match has already started, damn it! Let us go and watch!”



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