Chapter 044: The Legend of Mount Longinus, Talik’s Shock!

By 9:25 that night, Weylin had already prepared all the luggages. Suzu, the three managers, and Lola also departed along with Weylin. They were going to return to the farm to prepare for the match and would not be able to return to this place for at least four or five days.

The only people left in the courtyard were the unconscious Count West and two additional overseers.

At 9:30, Weylin and her team departed from the Sixth Block. Almost at the exact same time, Talik and Victor rushed over and hastily pushed open the entrance to Weylin’s courtyard house.

“Tell me, does the Professor who killed my nephew live here!”

Talik barked out darkly!

An hour before, Talik and Victor had met up and found Hank’s corpse.

Hank’s corpse had been frozen in the hospital’s cellar.

“Lord Talik, if *you could please verify the corpse! I’ve fulfilled Hank’s final wishes and guarded here for five days. I assure you that absolutely no one has touched Hank’s corpse!”

Truthfully speaking, Victor had carried out ‘Hank’s final wishes’ with extreme care and responsibility, so Talik still somewhat had to show his appreciation. At the very least, he had to say ‘thank you’.

However, Talik seemed as though he had not heard what Victor said at all. He hastily thawed the frost on Hank’s body, then stripped off Hank’s clothes.

Victor stared blankly, “Lord Talik, what are you doing this for?”

“Victor, you talk too much.” Talik’s face brimmed with urgency, “You don’t have the qualifications to know anything else concerning this matter. Go out!”

“You’re telling me to get out?! A wolf will not suffer this kind of insulting command! Talik, I gave you face only because I respect you as the empire’s high ranking official….”


Talik threw down a shiny command token, “Victor, your family’s Reyne Mountain is also within the borders of the empire! As of this moment, I order you to leave this place right away as Vice Captain of the execution squad of the empire’s highest court of the law! If not, you will be committing the serious offense of ‘spying on the empire’s classified information’ and be sentenced to the punishment of ‘being hung and chopped in half with the destruction of three generations of your family’!”

Victor was so furious that he bared his sharp teeth, but he still left the cellar resentfully.

Talik was, after all, a high official of the empire. Victor did not want to bring the resentment of the imperial government upon Reyne Mountain for only one or two sentences.


Victor’s curiosity had been piqued.

He came to the floor right on top of the cellar and pried open a crack in the floorboards, sneakily observing.

Wolves were originally adept at concealing themselves in the first place, and Victor’s faith totem was even more so the type of wolf that was the most skilled at hiding, the Nether Wolf. Talik did not discover Victor’s presence—so after Talik stripped Hank’s body bare, he suddenly unsheathed two slender dissecting knives from the bag on his waist!

“Hank, for the sake of our future, Uncle can only let you die without peace….”

The blade gleamed and flashed, cutting open Hank’s chest.

Victor grew alarmed and fearful as he watched.

Taking care of the dead was the main issue, but Talik actually damaged his own nephew’s corpse! Exactly what was this for?!

The following events caused Victor’s ‘heart to crawl and flesh to creep’, making him stare ‘dumbstruck’!

Talik dissected Hank’s corpse and burned the pieces of rotten flesh that weren’t needed. Afterwards, he arranged Hank’s skeleton before him!

“So this is the skeleton that was dislocated by the Professor?”

Studying Hank’s skeleton, Talik’s eyes became unsure, “Hank, you said that the key to unlocking the secret was in your skeleton, but…. Ha, I understand, I understand now!”

It was unknown what Talik saw, but he abruptly called out in surprised delight, “Correct, Correct! As expected, the skeleton dislocated by the Professor is not ordinary! Hank, what you said is correct! To unlock this secret, the Professor must be found!”

After he said this, Talik knelt before Hank’s skeleton, “Hank, Uncle will bow to you in place of everybody else! Uncle will thank you in place of everybody else! You did not die in vain, but rather used your own life…. to direct us to a bright path!”

Talik choked with sobs.

He was not aggrieved because of Hank. Instead, he was excited! He was incomparably excited!

It was only ten minutes later that Talik calmed himself down.

He then stored Hank’s skeleton in a bag. As if he was protecting a newly born infant, he securely bound the bag to his chest.

Arriving outside the cellar, Talik grabbed onto a medical apprentice of the hospital, “Tell me, where can I find the Professor?!”

“I, I don’t know where the Professor is! However, I heard that he joined West Farms. If you find Weylin, you will definitely be able to find the Professor!” This apprentice just so happened to be the person who had helped Victor several days ago. As such, he knew Weylin’s address, “Lord, if *you wish to find Weylin…. You can go to the largest courtyard house on the Sixth Block!”

“For providing important information, according to the empire’s laws, I bestow you with ten gold coins!”

Talik threw a pouch of gold coins to the apprentice and was just about to leave for the Sixth Block when suddenly, “Lord Talik! Are you going to look for Weylin?”

Victor’s figure appeared from around the corner as he spoke with a cold smile, “Weylin is my fiancée. If you are going to harm Weylin, then please step over my dead body! If you wish to make a friend…. Too wonderful! I’ve already fulfilled Hank’s final wishes and was just about to go and propose to Weylin, so we can go together! Lord Talik, your decision is….”

“We can go together to find Weylin!”

Just like that, the two of them arrived at Weylin’s courtyard house. However, by that time, Weylin and the others had already arrived at Rheim Pasture.

The two of them only saw an empty courtyard as well as an unconscious Count West who was being taken care of by two overseers.

Furthermore, these two overseers knew that Weylin hated Victor. They closed their eyes, and no matter what Victor and Talik asked, they only answered, “Miss Weylin has departed from this place. If you wish to find her, then you’ll have to wait. She’ll probably return after around half a year.”

Talik’s eyebrows tightly knitted in regret. However, in the blink of an eye, he caught site of the stack of flyers on the table next to the overseers that were to be distributed to the entire city. He stuck his hand out and snatched up a sheet, “Ten days later, the Professor will challenge Gibson of the Wind….”

His eyebrows eased up, “Ten days from now, on the Drifting Snow Festival at Mount Longinus…. I will also go to participate in the fun! Victor, are you going?”

“Where Weylin is, Victor will definitely be there. As long as Weylin goes, I will go too…. Aooo~ The Professor is going to challenge Gibson?!” Victor was absentmindedly staring at Weylin’s empty room, but when he heard these words, his wolfy eyes suddenly shone with a cold light and his spirit immediately inflated by a hundred times, “A wolf will definitely not let off any enemy! The Professor pushed me out of the Top Ten Ranking. I just so happened to want to measured his strength, so let’s go together, Lord Talik!”

Talik gave a slight nod and took another look at the written challenge. Suddenly, he called out wildly in his heart.

“Wait a minute! The Professor actually set the match ten days from now. Is it a coincidence, or is it that…. he knows the legend concerning Mount Longinus and wants to make use of it to overstep his rank and prevail over that Weather Totem Warrior?!”

Weylin did not know! Madame Suzanne did not know! The entire Sun City did not know either! However, because Talik was a high official of the empire and was in charge of the core of criminal legislation, he knew some secrets.

A legend had been passed down for a millennium concerning the secret of Mount Longinus.

When Talik and Victor decided to attend the fight on the night of the drifting snow, Weylin had already arrived at Rheim Pasture.

However, Rheim Pasture had already been rented by Madame Suzanne. Weylin did not feel like looking at the *faces of Madame Suzanne’s subordinates, so she just waited in a small grove of trees, telling an overseer to call Jiang Nan over.
(*TL: raw word used = 嘴脸, which is used in a derogatory manner)

She did not think that the overseer would actually be unable to find Jiang Nan!

Of course he could not find him. Professor Jiang Nan was currently on the road returning to the pasture. Catching sight of Weylin’s carriage outside the small grove of trees from a distance, he hastily took a detour and did not go through the pasture. Instead, he came to Weylin from a small path on the side.

“Oh, it’s a dark night and truly a good time to sleep…. Alright, Miss Weylin. You were looking for me?”

Jiang Nan appeared drowsy and sleepy as he looked towards the dark clouds in the sky while speaking. In his mind, Weylin would definitely send out a flurry of curses, “You damned lowlife! Not being in the pasture in the middle of the night, where did you go die?”


Weylin’s expression was extremely calm. She waved her hand, “All of you leave and stand watch outside of the grove. Without my command, you are prohibited from coming in.”

“Miss Weylin, what are *you….”

Jiang Nan went blank. At this time, only he and her were left in the grove. Weylin suddenly sighed, then threw herself into Jiang Nan’s chest, weeping pitifully, “Rodi, do you know? Right now, I’m so tired, I’m honestly so tired….”



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