Chapter 043: Suzu Joins, a Trio is Born (2)

In Weylin and the others’ perspective, waiting upon Alisa was the most anguishing and humiliating task. However, Jiang Nan was very aware that his aunt was actually a senior who was quite easy to get along with. Suzu definitely wouldn’t suffer any hardships by accompanying his aunt.

Weylin walked into the courtyard and Jiang Nan followed after her with a face of glee.

At this moment, Suzu suddenly stood up and tugged onto Jiang Nan’s shirt, deep appreciation showing in her large eyes.

And then, Suzu stuck out her fair left hand and wrote the words “Thank you!” on them.

Jiang Nan went blank, then deliberately feigned disdain, “What are you thanking me for? I’ve delivered you into the hands of a lunatic and pushed you into the fiery pit. You’re actually thanking me?”

Suzu gave a calm smile and wrote some additional words on the palm of her hand, “Suzu understands that that young miss was just about to kill Suzu. *Your decision to send Suzu to a slave is to protect Suzu.”

She understood?! She actually understood his intent?!

Jiang Nan gaped in silence, then turned his back to Suzu and waved his hand, “I’m as good as a person that you think I am, young girl. Your impression of me is too kindly.”

From beginning to end, Jiang Nan had never told Suzu that besides being the Professor, he had another identity: Rodi!

Jiang Nan did not actually want Suzu to know that the Professor was Rodi. As to why this was so, Jiang Nan did not really know either. If his psychologist friend from the past world were here, perhaps he would give this kind of answer, “Humans will always subconsciously cover up the most lowly side of themselves, especially in front of a beautiful person of the opposite gender! Jiang Nan, the reason why you don’t want Suzu to know that you are Rodi is because you don’t want her to know that hidden underneath your guise as the grand and mighty Professor is actually the…. appearance of the absolute lowest slave!”

Weylin was currently waiting for Jiang Nan in the room. She had already determined Jiang Nan to be a ‘cold-blooded, hypocritical expert who would die for the sake of face’, so she naturally wouldn’t give him a good attitude.

“This is the map *I promised you. Is there anything else you need? If not….”

Weylin slammed the map of ‘Mount Longinus’ in Jiang Nan’s direction and then pointed towards the door, spitting out: “Hurry up and prepare for your match! Don’t forget, you’ll be challenging an ‘intermediate ranked’ Wind Totem after ten days!”

“Calm down, Miss Weylin. My coming and going is not something for you to decide…. Okay, I’m a bit curious towards Suzu’s background, so I hope that I can see the records about her.”

Weylin snorted and then twisted her head, refusing to speak.

After around seven or eight minutes, “Miss, Miss!”

Lola dashed in and waved about a piece of paper, saying in a flustered manner, “Suzu’s records have already been investigated!”

“What are you all flustered about?” Weylin responded in dissatisfaction: “Don’t tell me that Suzu is a major personage!”

“Suzu isn’t a major personage, no. No, she used to be a major personage!” Lola’s face was quite strange, “Aiyah, Lola really can’t say it clearly. If you could please take a look at the record.”

Weylin curiously took the record and first glimpsed these words, “My name is Suzu; I am a mute….”

Jiang Nan also scooched over. Because his reading speed was even faster than Weylin’s, he understood Suzu’s background after only a few sweeping glances.

There were ‘Seven Great Totem Aristocracies’, with the First Totem Millennium, the Rheinhardt Clan, at the head.

Second only to the Rheinhardt Clan was the ‘Sommer Clan’ that backed Madame Suzanne.

Suzu was of the Sommer Clan! Furthermore, she was the direct granddaughter of the family head, and was previously a young princess!

However, these things only lasted up till five years ago.

Do you still remember the legend about Talik? Five years ago, Talik suppressed a revolt that occurred in the capital: Suzu’s father was precisely one of those rebels.

Suzu did not actually know why her father participated in the rebellion. She only knew the consequence of his betrayal: her father died on the battlefield, while her mother was taken captive by Talik, hung to death on the city gate.

Suzu, on the other hand….

At that time, Suzu was only nine years old. Although Talik had also captured her, according to the law in which ‘those younger than twelve years of age are prohibited from being sentenced to death’, he left her with her life.

And this was the life he gave her: Talik cut Suzu’s vocal cords and sold her to the slave traffickers!

While those younger than twelve years old could not be executed, it did not mean that one could not slit the vocal cords and sell the child, right?

For the next  five years, Suzu was passed from hand to hand six times.

It was not until half a month ago that the stadium bought her and gifted her to the Professor as a prize.

Jiang Nan was already aware of the following events: he destroyed the slave marker and liberated Suzu.

However, after Suzu was freed, she had nobody to go to. She then suddenly recalled that she had a directly related aunt in Sun City.

Suzu’s paternal aunt was Madame Suzanne (which is why the two people’s facial appearances were so similar. Similar appearances between relatives were universally and commonly seen throughout the Yuanzhi Continent).

Hence, Suzu went to go look for Madame Suzanne. However, Madame Suzanne was not willing to care for a niece who had long since been expelled from the clan.

Furthermore, when Madame Suzanne caught sight of Suzu’s appearance, an interesting notion suddenly popped up in her mind: this girl’s was abnormally beautiful. If she used her to entice Count West….

Just like that, Madame Suzanne used Suzu to acquire Mount Longinus.

And now….

Suzu had been sent to Alisa!

After finding out Suzu’s background, Weylin was silent for a while. She suddenly sighed, “So Suzu was actually the Sommer Clan’s little princess…. Ai, honestly, this girl is quite pitiful.”

Lola pouted: “Exactly! Right after I saw the contents of the record, I was so shocked. Miss, are we still going to send Suzu to Alisa?”

“Send, why wouldn’t we send?” Weylin coolly glanced at Jiang Nan, “Some Lord Professor has already ordered it to be done. Do we dare not to send her?! If we don’t send her and Lord Professor’s face can no longer be upheld, what happens if he blows up in fury?”

Jiang Nan chuckled indifferently. Just before, he had only wanted to keep Suzu by his side, and unexpectedly did not realize that his wish to ‘maintain face’ had actually given Weylin such a horrible impression.

However, letting Suzu go to take care of Alisa was having the best of both worlds. Getting misunderstood was totally worth it!

Jiang Nan stood up and excused himself.

Weylin did not hold him back either. She stared at Jiang Nan’s receding figure in disdain, telling Lola, “Lola, arrange the luggage and come with me to Rheim Pasture.”

“Miss, what are we going to Rheim Pasture for?”

Lola went blank, but soon reacted, “Oh, Rodi is still at Rheim Pasture. Miss, did *you want to go see Rodi? But…. Rodi’s only a slave. Is it necessary for *you to go check up on a slave?”

“Why are you asking so many questions?! Whatever this woman tells you to do, just go do it! Hurry up and beat it!”

Weylin pointed towards the door and flew into a round of abuse, the spittle from her mouth shooting out like meteors onto Suzu’s face. However, after Lola stumbled over herself to carry out Weylin’s orders, Weylin’s beautiful face suddenly revealed intense resolve, “Do what? Hmph! This woman won’t be able to live much longer. Can I not say a last farewell to that heartless lowlife before I die?”



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