Chapter 042: Suzu Joins, a Trio is Born (1)

Once Weylin caught sight of the carriage, she was so infuriated that green veins popped out on her skin and she charged towards the front of the carriage, “You damned lowlife, get the f*** out here!”


Weylin destroyed the carriage!

A woman tumbled out in a pitiful manner.

The woman was dressed in a plain white dress and had a head of long, raven black hair. There was also a paper and pen set at her side.

But the most astonishing was that she was actually bound with ox tendon!

When Weylin saw the ox tendon bindings, she was slightly startled, and when she finally got a good look at the woman’s face, she could not help but call out in alarm, “Madame Suzanne?! No, that’s not right! You’re much younger than Madame Suzanne! You damned *girl, exactly who are you?!”
(*TL: raws = 丫头, can be used affectionately, but also deprecatingly, and in this case, it’s clearly the latter.)

The woman in the carriage had a large pair of jet-black eyes. At this moment, her eyes brimmed with the hopelessness of despair as she stared silently at Weylin and then lowered her head.

“This woman’s asking you a question! Did you not hear me?!”

Because Weylin did not get any response, she was so angry that she raised her whip up and directed it towards the woman’s head, “Fine, fine! Since you won’t speak, then this woman will beat you until you are forever unable to speak!”


The whip smacked onto Jiang Nan’s hand!

Weylin looked on blankly, “Professor, what are you doing? This woman drove me to lose Mount Longinus and pushed my farm into dire straits. You, you actually dare to save her?!”

“Miss Weylin, blaming a woman in place of a man’s sin is quite unwise. You need to calm down, calm down….”

Jiang Nan supported the woman and untied her bindings, “Okay, I must tell you two things: first, this woman is not deliberately looking down on you. She is mute and can’t even say anything.”

“Mute?” Weylin looked skeptically at Jiang Nan, “How do you know that she’s mute?!”

“That is my second point….” Jiang Nan shrugged his shoulders, “This woman previously belonged to me, which is why I know she’s mute!”

Belonged to you?!

Weylin was so astonished that she could not get any words out of her mouth!

On the other hand, Jiang Nan let out a sigh in the woman’s direction, “Okay, Suzu. We meet again.”

After he said this, he motioned out to her the crushing of a slave marker, “Do you still remember me?”


Suzu let out an excited sound and her large eyes suddenly lit up with pleasant surprise. Looking at Weylin in fear, she huddled in Jiang Nan’s embrace.

At this moment, Jiang Nan was not wearing a gold mask. However, Suzu was far too familiar with that gesture of crushing the slave marker: with just one look, she recognized Jiang Nan as the benefactor who had liberated her!

The wind howled by as Sun City descended into a heavy snowfall.

Suzu burrowed into Jiang Nan’s chest. With her thin clothes, she was freezing to the point that she shivered.

And Jiang Nan hated that he couldn’t just smack his forehead to pieces!

The woman in the carriage was actually Suzu!

Forget about why Suzu appeared here. The main crux of the issue was that Suzu ran into trouble again, but this time, how was he supposed to take care of her?!

Just neglect Suzu? Jiang Nan could not harden his heart like that.

Let Suzu go? But seeing how Weylin looked, if he let Suzu go tonight, Weylin would have probably chased Suzu in a killing pursuit until she was trapped by the next morning!


There was only one choice left—leaving Suzu by his side!

Jiang Nan was shocked out of his mind by his own idea. Good heavens, how could he have this kind of thought! He was a bastard who didn’t deserve to find a girlfriend after all!”
(TL: I swear this guy is traumatized.)

If one day, Suzu saw him digging out a heart or cutting a person’s head off, she, she….

Jiang Nan truly did not dare to think about it further.

By this time, Weylin had gotten an understanding of the relationship between the Professor and Suzu, but her face continued to darken, “Professor, you’ve already let this lowly girl go, so she has no existing relationship with you anymore! Get out of my way and let me kill her!”

Jiang Nan sighed in his heart. Alright, for the sake of Suzu’s safety, he would still temporarily keep her by his side.


He had two identities: should he let Suzu stay by Rodi’s side, or stay by the Professor’s side?!

Jiang Nan swiftly reached a decision: the Professor wrought havoc and killed the entire day. It would still be better for her to follow Rodi then.

As for how to send Suzu to Rodi’s side….

Jiang Nan chuckled and then barred the way of the furious Weylin, “Miss Weylin, Count West is at fault here. Suzu is only an unlucky mute, so why must you kill her? I told you just before already, blaming a woman for a man’s mistake….”

“Shut up! This woman has no interest in hearing your great principles!”

Weylin’s two eyes were already bloodshot as she raised her whip up high, “Professor, this lowly girl made me lose Mount Longinus and also destroyed my farm! If I don’t kill her, even if *I die, I won’t have the face to be buried next to my father. Get out of my way!”

“But…. what if I don’t get out of your way?! Miss Weylin, you will really be throwing my face in the dirt by killing the woman who previously belonged to me!”

Jiang Nan spoke in a hard-pressed tone, “We’re all on the same side, and there’s no need for us to negatively impact our relationships for a mere mute. You want to kill her, and I want to save face. How about…. we discuss a compromise?”

“Compromise? You can still f***ing compromise about this?!”

“Why can’t I? You being unable to think about it doesn’t mean that it does not exist.”

Jiang Nan spoke with a smile, “Are you interested? Listen to my solution.”

Weylin resentfully snorted, “Say it then!”

“This is my solution…. Oh, Miss Weylin. Before I reveal the solution to you, I hope *you can answer some of my questions….”

Jiang Nan slowly redirected the topic of the conversation, “The first question is this. I do not understand the circumstances very well, so if I might ask, who possesses the lowliest status on the farm?”

Weylin answered without thinking, “Slaves!”

“En, a slave! My second question: Lola, you can answer this. Who is the lowliest among the slaves then?”

Lola called out in a high voice: “It’s Alisa! She’s a lunatic and a cripple, a slave of the lowest standing!”

“Oh, Alisa….” Jiang Nan pondered over his Aunt’s name as though he had never heard it before.

“Then here is my third question: it is a yes or no question, Miss Weylin. You only need to answer whether I’m right or wrong….
This is my third question: to retaliate against a person, the person must experience inhuman torment and taste the lowliest suffering. This is even more refreshing than killing a person, correct?”

Weylin listened blankly, then squeezed out a few words from her gritted teeth, “Let’s just say you’re right!”

“Alright, alright! The solution has already been revealed!” Jiang Nan answered with a dazzling smile, “The compromise is…. to let Suzu wait upon Alisa!”

For a time, everybody’s faces became exceedingly strange: Weylin looked on like a deer in headlights, Lola’s jaw dropped, and the managers and the overseers exchanged looks in between them. Amidst their looks, they suddenly showed an expression that said, ‘Cruel, cruel, cruel! Professor, you’re so cruel!’

Jiang Nan continued to maintain a beaming smile, “Did I say something wrong? See, you were the ones who said just before that Alisa was a lunatic and a cripple, the lowest of the low! Then, letting Suzu go wait upon a deranged slave who cannot be reasoned with, a slave who is the lowest of the low, is equivalent to pushing her into a living hell. Isn’t this…. more refreshing than killing her?” He casually patted his chest, “This way, Miss Weylin, you are able to vent your anger, while I am able to uphold my face. No relationships are harmed, ha!”

Jiang Nan’s laughter brought about eyes that rolled in contempt, while Weylin glared viciously at Jiang Nan.

Face, face!

Weylin chewed over Jiang Nan’s words. Damn it! It turns out that the Professor wanting to save Suzu wasn’t out of compassion, but for the sake of saving his face!

For the sake of this guy’s face, a mute would be pushed into a living hell….

What a f***ing son of a b***h!

Weylin’s impression towards the Professor fell to a record low. However, the conversation had already progressed to this point, and she had to give the Professor some ‘face’, “Fine! Let’s just say that your words make sense! Lola, go interrogate Suzu and ascertain her origin, then send her to Alisa! As for you, Professor….” Glaring icily at Jiang Nan, Weylin commanded, “Come with me!”



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  2. The more I read this, the more I’m sure the author knows my friend’s girlfriend and that’s where he got the inspiration for Weylin. Poor guy haha. Thanks for the chapter.


  3. Thanks for the chapter…

    I’m really disliking this woman… really hope she dies a painful death…

    Even if it’s because of the culture and other crap… it still just pisses me off….

    I hope she finds this girl and Rodi “together” and become’s Rodi’s slave along with her horrible brother and gets tortured to death….

    Dammit, I hate the events in this book…. but’s it is well written and interesting that I can’t stop reading it…

    But it makes me feel bad….. and I’m kinda regretting reading it cause all the events are just so horrible (not as written, but horrible as the events aren’t very happy)…. though at least it isn’t a generic Xianxia where the MC is just being wronged one second and then everything magically works out the next chapter with him being better than the enemy…..

    Sorry for the rant… but if I didn’t get it outta my chest, I probably wouldn’t have been able to sleep….


  4. the lowest of the low poor excuse for a brother is in the wrong here, and shes getting angry at the person who was captured after being released again without any choice in these matters, then getting pissed at the person whos speaking truthful logic to her… its just to damn annoying.


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