Chapter 038: Battle During Drifting Snow, A Mysterious Written Challenge (1)

Talik suddenly grabbed onto Eddy’s shoulder: “Eddy, you believe that this slave has the qualifications to enter the Imperial Culinary Institute?”

“He definitely has the qualifications!”

Eddy let out a sigh, “Truthfully speaking, I originally wanted to buy this slave and then recommend him to the Imperial Culinary Institute, but Weylin was f***ing dead set against selling. Ai, seriously. What a son of a b****!”

They followed along this tangent and began chatting about matters related to the Imperial Culinary Institute. It was only after three minutes passed that Eddy suddenly realized that Jiang Nan was still next to him.

He smacked the back of his head, “Aiyah! I was only thinking about chatting. Rodi, what are you looking for me for?”

Jiang Nan answered with a face that expressed ‘so you’ve finally noticed me’, “Mister Eddy, you already have more than enough knife workers in hand, so I am no longer important. Okay, I’m prepared to resign from my job as Vice Captain and apply to return to Miss Weylin’s side.”

“You want to leave?! That won’t do! That definitely won’t do!” Eddy grabbed onto Jiang Nan’s shoulders, “It’s true that *I have a sufficient amount of knife work specialists, but experts like you must stay to help anchor the knife work team: I was just about to entrust the most important round of the Knife Work Feast to you!”

“But…. what if I absolutely must go?”

Eddy had a very good impression of Jiang Nan, and he did not want to make things difficult for him, “Boy, if you truly don’t dare to kill someone, then…. I’ll add you to the substitute team! However, you can’t leave the pasture. Furthermore, if any of the official members of the Knife Work Feast make a mistake, you must fix it for me! On the other hand, Talik will teach you techniques to dissect a human body tomorrow night. You must attend the class, or else if a mistake happens, how will a substitute like you handle it?”

Go learn anatomy?!

Anatomy professor Jiang Nan’s eyes went blank. However, he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to get an understanding of the continent’s anatomy standards, “Alright, I’ll accept your conditions. I will definitely attend Mister Talik’s class.”

Bang, bang!

As Jiang Nan spoke, the northwestern sky suddenly lit up with two signal flares, one red and one purple. It was precisely Weylin’s signal for seeking Jiang Nan.

Weylin was about to take care of some business!

Jiang Nan randomly found an excuse to excuse himself and then went to the horse shed to disguise himself as the Professor, taking advantage of the night to infiltrate Sun City.

Not long after Jiang Nan left, Talik also put aside some trivial matters, “Eddy, I’ll hand the situation over to you now. I’m going to go into the city.”

Eddy wished to keep Talik behind, “What would you go into the city for? *I still have a whole mountain of matters to take care of. This won’t do. On account of our long standing friendship, you must stay behind and help me!”

A hint of affection suddenly flashed across Talik’s eyes and he laughed, “Eddy, I still have a nephew in Sun City related by blood to me, and I haven’t seen him for ten years already.”

“You want to go visit your relative?! Hah, I don’t dare keep you here then. However, it seems that your nephew does not want to live anymore. He should have taken the initiative to come welcome you.”

Talik answered in puzzlement as well, “That is also true. He clearly knows I’m arriving in Sun City today, but he actually didn’t come to receive me…. Forget it, I’ll personally go to look for him.”


Bringing along a stomach full of anxiety, Talik entered Sun City and randomly grabbed a passerby on the road, “Where does Sun City’s ninth ranked expert Hank live?”

This merchant just so happened to be in the middle of counting his money and answered with a huffy tone, “Hank? He’s still the ninth ranked expert? Exactly how many years ago was that. Hank died a long time ago!”

Hank already died?!

In reality, the night Hank died, the doctor had already released the news of his death. It was only the Talik who had just arrived and the Jiang Nan who was isolated from the world’s matters who were not aware of his death.

Talik’s blood-red eyes suddenly seemed as though they were truly leaking with blood. He seized the merchant’s neck and hoisted him up, “Where is Hank’s corpse? Has anybody touched my nephew’s corpse?!”

Talik was the senior Hank spoke of.

The merchant was so frightened that all the color drained from his face. He answered frantically, “Please, please don’t hurt me! I’ll tell you!
Hank died eight days ago! At that time, he had participated in the Totem Arena….”

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear why Hank died, nor do I want to know who killed him!”

Talik demanded fiercely: “You only need to tell me where Hank’s dead body is. Has anybody touched his corpse?!”

The merchant was dumbstruck. His blood-related nephew died, but the uncle does not even care about the reason or the perpetrator. All he actually thought about was the whereabouts of the dead body….

What a cold-blooded person!

The merchant hastily answered: “I, I am not too sure either. However, the news of Hank’s death was spread from ‘Hauss Hospital’. Y-You can go make an inquiry at Hauss Hospital.”

“Say it! What is the address of Hauss Hospital?!”

“Follow straight along this road until you get to the Fifth Block. It will be on the third alley on the left.”

Tossing the merchant to the ground, Talik dashed towards the Fifth Block without turning his head.

After arriving before the doors of Hauss Hospital, he frenziedly tore apart the iron doors of the hospital, “Tell me! Who spread the news of Hank’s death?”

Victor just so happened to be exercising in the courtyard. After five days of recuperation, his injuries already began to turn for the better.

When Victor heard Talik’s overbearing words, he shot to his feat. However, the next moment, he caught sight of Talik’s blood-red pupils, “You…. You are Hank’s senior?!” He laughed as though a burden had been lifted off his shoulders, “I’ve already waited five days for you. You’ve finally come!”


While Victor and Talik got acquainted, Jiang Nan had already arrived at Weylin’s courthouse on the Sixth Block.

There was nobody outside the courthouse, and Jiang Nan pushed open Weylin’s room’s door, “Alright, Miss Weylin. You are looking for me?”

Weylin did not answer.

She sat before a circular table. Beside her were the three managers of the farm whose hands were tightly clutching a bright yellow notice.

What surprised Jiang Nan was that Lola was standing next to Weylin. She had already brought the map of Mount Longinus.

At this time, Lola was staring at Jiang Nan in adoration with a gaze full of worship.

However, Jiang Nan did not even look directly at Lola. He was even thinking viciously in his heart, This young lady! Sooner or later, I’ll catch an opportunity to straighten you out!

Everybody was silent for an entire half a minute.

At long last, it was still Jiang Nan who shrugged, “Miss Weylin, you were the one who called me but you’re not even saying anything…. Alright, what major event has happened?”

“A major event! A major event that has shaken the entirety of Sun City!” Weylin finally opened her mouth as she spoke in a spitting rage, “Professor, you’ve done such a big thing behind my back! This woman can’t help but praise you. You have some damned strong guts!”

Lola hastily began massaging Weylin’s shoulders, “Miss, calm down, calm down! Although it’s true that Lord Professor is quite audacious, but he, he’s still very heroic!”

Jiang Nan listened on, unable to make heads or tails of anything, “Ladies and gentlemen, it isn’t a good habit to keep people guessing. Oh, who can tell me exactly what happened?”

“You still dare to ask me?” Weylin pointed towards Lola’s nose and said, “This maid of mine just came back from outside the city. As she passed through the roads, she discovered a notice that was publicly announced to the entire city, which we have here. Look at it yourself!”

Weylin threw the notice towards Jiang Nan. Receiving it, Jiang Nan looked at the words written atop it in Rheim Script, “I, the ‘Professor’ do so sincerely….”

The Professor?!

Jiang Nan immediately realized that someone had impersonated him to write that public, city-wide notice.

In actuality, this notice was a written challenge, “I, the ‘Professor’ do so sincerely relay to Lord ‘Gibson’: on the night of falling snow, you are invited to come to the Totem Arena to decide the top three of the Totem Ranking!”

Weylin smacked the table and spat out, “Do you understand now? On the night of the Drifting Snow Festival ten days from now, you actually want to challenge Sun City’s third ranked expert—Gibson!
Professor, are you tired of living? You are only a ‘primary rank’ Strength Totem Warrior, while Gibson is an ‘intermediate rank’ Wind Totem Warrior! Challenging an intermediate rank at primary rank, are you looking for death?!”



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