Chapter 037: Ghost Totem Criminals

Slaughter living people?!

The knife work specialists immediately went into an uproar, “Eddy, we are chefs, not executioners! I refuse to slaughter living people!”

“Eddy, do you want to f***ing hold a great slaughter fest?!”

“You lunatic, lunatic! You’re a f***ing lunatic! Slaughtering three hundred living people, are you f***ing human Eddy?!”

Eddy hastily explained himself, “Gentlemen, gentlemen! Please listen to me. Slaughtering living people was not decided of my own accord. I was only following the orders of Madame Suzanne!”

“If Suzanne wants you to kill people, you kill them. If she tells you to kill yourself, are you going to commit suicide?!”

“Wait a minute, I’ve just f***ing realized!” A knife work specialist raised his arms high up into the air, “Everybody, please listen to me!
Eddy letting us slaughter living people is basically trying to drive us to death! Have you all forgotten the ‘Ghost Massacre Decree’? Any person suspected of dissecting a human corpse will have their three of their generations killed! We are not executioners, and we don’t have the authority to lawfully dissect people. Once we take part in Eddy’s little play…. I’m afraid that before the performance is even over, we’ll probably already be considered as Ghost Totems and put to death!
Eddy, I don’t wish to be driven to death by you! I withdraw from this knife work team!”

This knife work specialist angrily threw down his kitchen knife and then turned in left. However, at this moment, Talik suddenly stuck his hand out and blocked him, “Halt.”

“What do you want to do? This place is not your prison. You have no authority to block me.”

The knife work specialist flew into rage and then relied on the fact that he was also somewhat capable of fighting to throw a fist towards Talik’s face.

Crack! When his fist smashed onto Talik’s nose bridge, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Talik’s nose was completely unharmed. Instead, the bones within the knife worker’s own hand broke.


Jiang Nan was truly too familiar with this move. With a body like steel along with bones that countershock the enemy, this was precisely Hank’s ‘Iron Roar’.

What astonished Jiang Nan even more was what happened after! After Talik jolted the bones in the knife worker’s fist to pieces, his body suddenly swivelled as his two fists heavily struck out, the knife work specialist fainting dead on the spot from the blow.

Twenty-Fourth Form of the Iron Roar’s Hundred Forms, Massive Windmill!

Could it be that Talik was a fellow apprentice to Hank, or rather, Hank’s senior?

Jiang Nan had constantly been in an environment that isolated him from the world, so he wasn’t aware that Hank had already died. Seeing how Talik was possibly Hank’s relative, his face immediately turned into an expression that said, ‘alright, yet another good opponent’.

At this moment, Eddy had already lifted his head up, letting out a huge roar, “Nobody move! Nobody move! Let me finish speaking!
Gentlemen, I still have two more things I must tell you all! Please listen to them before deciding whether you want to leave or not. The first is that I have already gotten approval from the empire’s highest court of law to let you all dissect living people. Lord Talik is in possession of this declaration of approval! During the duration of the knife work feast, you all possess the authority to dissect lawfully!”

Seeing that the knife workers’ faces slightly loosened up, Eddy let out a sigh of relief, “The second matter is this: the living people we are about to slaughter are not innocent, but rather the criminals in prison facing the death penalty! They are a group of sons of b****es whose crimes even death cannot alleviate!”

The knife work specialists once more blew up in fury, “Even if they are prisoners on death row, we still can’t accept it! Eddy, we are chefs, not executioners! Killing people…. Good heavens, exactly how are you going to make us do this! Humans aren’t fattened pigs or oxen!”

Eddy waved his hands hurriedly, “Don’t worry, I haven’t finished speaking yet! The death row prisoners we are going to kill are not normal death row prisoners. The people we are going to kill are possessors of the Bridge of Ghosts…. ‘Ghost Totem criminals’!”

Ghost Totem criminals?! Following Eddy’s words, an extremely bizarre atmosphere began to spread throughout the entire pasture.

With excitement, fanaticism, and emotion, a large number of the knife work specialists all burst out into laughter, “Eddy, you bastard! You should have told us earlier that we were killing ‘Ghost Totem criminals’!”

“If who we are killing are Ghost Totem criminals, then I’m not leaving! Eddy, you definitely have to give me a good spot so I can slaughter more!”


Jiang Nan truly could not understand why the mood changed so abruptly among the knife workers. They clearly refused to slaughter living people, but once they heard that the living people they were going to kill were ghost totems….

All of them actually accepted it?!

Could it be that in their eyes, ghost totems weren’t even considered fellow humans?

Jiang Nan had guessed correctly! In actuality, after suppressing ghost totems for thousands of hundreds of years, there was already a universal belief on the continent.

In regards to ghost totems, kind-hearted people considered that ghost totems were despicable lowlives. They were the inferior sub-species of humanity, and the more that died, the better.

On the other hand, the majority of people believed that there was no way that ghost totems were human. They were only inferior organisms draped in human skin like gnomes, slugs, and slimes, and they would not hold back the least bit when killing them.

The knife workers on scene all shared the same universal view: they did not consider ghost totems as their own fellow human comrades. In their perspective, slaughtering ghost totems was equivalent to slaughtering pigs and sheep.

And clearly, Eddy was the more kind-hearted type of person, seeing how he smiled bitterly: “Ai, so it turns out that you guys are the kinds of people who ‘don’t consider ghost totems as human’. If I knew that you all were like this earlier, why the hell would I have worried!
Alright. Since you’ve all agreed to slaughter these ghost totem lowlives, continue listening: Talik has already helped us choose three hundred ghost totem lowlives from prison, and they will be sent over in five days!
Of these three hundred ghost totem lowlives, around one hundred of them were ghost totem masters whose abilities were destroyed after being taken captive. The other two hundred are normal people who have been found to possess the Bridge of Ghosts, but have not yet become a ghost totem master….”

Eddy continued introducing the situation regarding the ‘ghost totem criminals’, but Jiang Nan no longer had the heart to continue listening.

An indescribable taste filled his heart: slaughtering ghost totems had actually become the continent’s grandest and most majestic way of carrying out welcoming ceremonies….

In addition, listening to the words Eddy used when talking about ghost totems, Jiang Nan realized that Eddy had never talked in such a rude manner even when addressing him, a slave. However, once Eddy mentioned the topic about ghost totems, a whole string of ‘lowlives’ and ‘ghost totem lowlives’ would come flying out of his mouth?!

Jiang Nan smirked. He didn’t know why ghost totems had been reduced to such a level, but he was very clear that the ghost totem criminals that were soon to be slaughtered were simply a group of innocent and pitiful people, a group of comrades.

Correct, comrades! Jiang Nan had also begun walking his path as a ghost totem master already, so he was completely identical to those three hundred other ghost totem criminals!

A thought blossomed in Jiang Nan’s mind for the second time: if it was possible, what if he helped this world run a bit smoother?

At this moment, this idea of his was so strong. Because Jiang Nan already possessed strength, he had already retrieved a bit of his self-confidence, and could now change a few things that did not satisfy him!

As Jiang Nan contemplated in his mind, Eddy finished with the aftermath of his explanation.

Mallun’s two legs had already been crippled by Talik, and Malfoy had also been injured by Jiang Nan several days before. The two of them were no longer eligible to continue staying in the pasture. Calling a horse cart, the father-son duo were taken away from Rheim Pasture.

However, before they left, Malfoy glared viciously at Jiang Nan and Talik. From the looks of it, this enmity had been carved deep in his heart.

On the other hand, Eddy even called some people to set up a ten meter tall sign.

The sign was silver, and a line of golden characters were written on it:

Days until Yulianne’s arrival…. Countdown: 15 days!

When Jiang Nan saw the sign, his heart trembled. There would only be fifteen more days before Yulianne arrived, and those three hundred ghost totem criminals had only fifteen more days left to live!

Jiang Nan was not willing to personally kill these ghost totems and went towards Eddy, “Mister Eddy!”

Eddy was currently in the middle of debriefing Talik on the situation of the pasture, “Haha, you’ve come, my boy! Talik, let me introduce you to a friend: this youngster is named Rodi. Don’t just judge him by the fact that he is a slave because this boy’s knife skills are extremely quick! I bet that if he was able to go study for a time at the ‘Imperial Culinary Institute’, he could definitely replace Yulianne’s position to become the continent’s fastest knife work chef.”

When Talik heard that Jiang Nan was a slave, his sinister face immediately exuded disdain.


When Eddy mentioned the words ‘Imperial Culinary Institute’, the disdain on his face abruptly transformed into reverence and incomparable fear!



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  2. I get the feeling this is a display to cow Yulianne, who is possibly a ghost totem master that the courts can’t touch because of reasons. If so, I predict things will go badly at the festival and Jiang Nan will be arrested, but saved by Yulianne as an apprentice or something. I doubt the current “master ” will last long.


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