Chapter 035: Hank’s Final Words

It was a pity that Jiang Nan didn’t give him a chance to speak. He fled extremely quickly from the apprentice’s eyesight, “Mister, this wolf man’s two ribs are heavily injured, so I’ll have to trouble you. Okay, he has a lot of money so he definitely won’t renege on his debt.”

“Hey, I’m not done talking yet!”

However, Jiang Nan had already vanished without a trace.

The apprentice shook his head helplessly, and after taking a look at Victor’s appearance, he hesitated.

Should he save him?

If he decided to save him, his master had already instructed him that he was about to give emergency treatment throughout the night to the VIP, and even if the skies collapsed to the ground, he was not to disturb him.

But if he didn’t save him…. As a medical apprentice, how could he just overlook the shadow of death?!

In the midst of the apprentice’s indecisiveness, Victor had already temporarily woken up from the sound of heavy knocking.


This was….

Victor found that he was in an unfamiliar place, and all he felt was a stabbing pain from two of his ribs and a blinding dizziness in his head, as though he was about to meet his maker.

However, he wasn’t in any situation to worry about the state of his injuries, “Miss Weylin, are you still okay? Are you still alive? Answer me!”

“Mister, there’s no Miss Weylin here. It’s still better that y-you follow me inside!”

Between a choice to ‘abide with his master’s command’ and a ‘compassionate heart’, the apprentice chose the latter. He was just about to support Victor up, but Victor pushed him away, “Get out of my way! I must go and rescue Weylin!”

Rescue? When the apprentice heard this, he was nearly startled out of his skin, “My lord, has your friend met with danger? I understand your feelings, but your body…. It’s still better for you to quickly come with me to get your treatment!”

He pointed towards the corner of an alley, “Do you see that? That is the patrol station for peacekeeping and maintaining order. Tell me where your friend is located. I’ll ask the city guards to rescue him.”

Victor touched the ceaselessly bleeding wound on his body and then sighed, “That’s also acceptable. Go look for the city guards and tell them to go to Weylin’s courthouse, which is located on the Sixth Block. I can just go look for a doctor myself.”

The apprentice hastily ran.

On staggering legs, Victor made his way to the entrance of the emergency treatment room. At this moment, he felt as though a black mist began to suffuse in a layer over his eyes, and his hands and feet had also begun shaking uncontrollably.

Not good!

The state of his injuries was getting worse and worse. He needed emergency treatment right away!

After thinking till here, Victor violently kicked open the entrance to the emergency room and roared, “All the doctors here, listen to me! Give up all of your patients and first save me!”

“Hmph, how cocky!”

One must know that there was already a VIP patient in the emergency room, and when the doctor heard Victor’s unreasonable and overbearing words, his first reaction was to scold him.

Victor had also caught sight of the patient’s appearance, and although he didn’t recognize the person before him, when he saw how the man’s body was like a steel tower and those blood-red irises, he recalled Sauron’s introduction of Sun City’s experts….

“Hank! You’re Blood-Eyed Hank?!”

This patient was precisely the Hank who Jiang Nan had defeated.

In the Totem Arena, Jiang Nan did not land any killing blow on Hank, but he had neglected to realize one extremely important issue.

On the Yuanzhi Continent, doctors were not allowed to dissect human corpses.

And if one could not dissect the human body, one would not be able to truly understand its structure. As a result, the medical care could not develop to a truly advanced degree, particular in regards to orthopedics.

In simpler terms, doctors here were unable to treat complicated injuries pertaining to orthopedics.

After defeating Hank, Jiang Nan had even assumed that he would have fully recovered after recuperating for several days.

However, in actuality, Hank could not find any doctor who could truly treat him. His injuries grew worse and worse, which in turn led to additional medical complications.

Hank lied on the sick bed, his entire body swollen and the joints of his limbs suffused with a terrifying layer of purplish green. The finger joints which had been dislocated by Jiang Nan had already rotted, and his two feet were also festering.

He wouldn’t be able to live for much longer.

However, Hank continued to uphold the dignity of one of the top ten experts. He struck out a fist in Victor’s direction, “Brat, since you know my title, come! If you wish to snatch away my doctor, you must kill me first!”

Victor had always believed that wolves were to esteem the strong, and his tone eased up, “So it turns out that it was Lord Hank. I did not know you were here. Looking at your appearance…. I can wait for you. Doctor, please prioritize Lord Hank’s treatment!”

He pointed to his own chest, “My name is Victor, Victor of Reyne Mountain!”

Reyne Mountain?! Hank’s expression changed to reveal veneration, “So it turns out that it is the Young Master of Reyne Mountain! Doctor, how about you treat Young Master Victor first.”

“Treat me first? Lord Hank, your body….”

“Young Master Victor, no more of your nonsense. You also need emergency treatment!”

Hank spoke with a bitter smile: “You’ve already seen my appearance. I’ll probably die here very soon, so why not live it more refreshingly? I’ll live a few days less and give up Sun City’s greatest doctor to you. I deeply respect Reyne Mountain’s Wolf King, and to be able to interact with his only son before death…. is worth it!”

Victor was so moved that he could not get any words out of his mouth for a long while. Pounding his chest, he said, “A wolf will not receive a favor from another for no reason. I promise you, if you die, I will help you fulfill your final wishes!”

Hank did not think that Victor was such a frank person, and abruptly opened his eyes wide, “If you are willing to help me, I happen to have some unfinished business!
Young Master Victor, I am sure *you are already aware of how I was injured: Arena #3 was presenting a woman as a reward. Because I desired her, I fell victim to the Professor’s evil scheme.”

Hank’s eyes were already brimming with regret, “I don’t wish to hide the truth. I have a senior who is about to arrive in Sun City, and I wanted to snatch away the woman to offer her up to this senior of mine.
It is a pity that I am no longer able to await him….
Young Master Victor!” Hank declared in a resonant voice: “If, after several days, *you see a person who possesses the same blood-red irises as I do, that person is my senior! Please…. *cough cough…. please….”

He began to cough violently.

Victor hastily said: “No need to say anymore, I understand it all! I will locate your senior and ask him to kill the Professor and avenge you!”

“No, not for my vengeance! I have no regrets about the life and death circumstances that occur in the Totem Arena. My skills did not match up to another, so even in death, I cannot blame anyone.”

Hank was like an oil lamp was nearly out of fuel, “It’s just that, just that I have no relative nor kin in Sun City. I ask Young Master Victor that *you temporarily safeguard my corpse, and then, and then hand it over to my senior….
However, you must remember! After my death, you absolutely must not tidy up my appearance. However way I die is how you should safeguard my corpse! Rotting is fine and reeking is fine, but you absolutely must let my senior see my current appearance!
Especially my bones, the bones that were dislocated by the Professor…. That man with blood-red irises must personally see my bones!”

Hank roared out the unfinished business that had been contained in his heart. Suddenly, he felt as though he no longer had any attachments, and his life force began to rapidly drain away.

Very soon, Hank forever closed his eyes.

On the other hand, Victor stared at Hank’s corpse in astonishment, unable to speak for the longest time. He could not fathom the meaning behind Hank’s final words.

Delivering the remains to his senior was easily understandable because Hank probably wanted to return to his roots, to be buried in his family’s ancestral tomb.


Why did he not permit Victor to fix up his appearance? The major issue was that the person had died, but Hank would actually rather his death be of miserable and wretched appearance? He even wanted his own senior to see his bones! Could it be…. that the Professor’s dislocation of Hank’s bones contained some major secret?

Victor could no longer continue pondering. His head was swamped with waves and waves of nausea, and this was his final thought before fainting, “A wolf must abide by his promises! Hank, I will definitely fulfill your final wishes.”



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    • jiang nan neglected the fact that it wasn’t as medically advanced during that time compared to when he was back in his old world. as a result, no doctors knew human structure well enough to fix hank up


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