Chapter 034: A ‘Self-Initiated’ Challenge

Behind a rock located a distance away, Sauron’s assistant also asked him a similar question, “Lord Sauron, what does the Weather pair mean by new attack?”

Although the distance between them and the Weather Totem duo was a bit far, by relying on the echoes that resounded through the valley, they were still able to pick out the Weather duo’s words.

Sauron’s smile contained a certain degree of secrecy, “Do you still remember two years ago? The Weather duo teamed up to fight against me at Mount Longinus, but I beat them so thoroughly that one of them vomited blood on the spot, while the other was bedridden for half a year. This grudge has continuously been on both of their minds!
These two years, their hiding in this place is all for the sake of researching a new attack to deal with me!”

Sauron rubbed his arm, a carnivorous flower already sprouting out as he spoke with surging battle intent, “It seems that they’ve successfully researched this new attack of theirs. Well, it’s also good. I’ll just use the Professor to take a look at their accomplishments and see exactly how powerful their newly researched attack is!”

He paused for a bit, “My dear mister, now do you understand what I mean when I say the Professor is bound to die?”

The Professor must die was naturally referring to the fact that he would not be able to escape the Weather Totem duo’s killing pursuit, “Yes, I understand. Now, should we….
Should we immediately return and report this to Madame Suzanne?”

“There’s no hurry.” Sauron’s finger wagged, “Keep listening and see what kind of method the Weather duo is planning to employ to deal with the Professor.”

By coincidence, the Weather pair directed the conversation to this topic as well, and Gibson laughed heartily, “That’s also good. We’ll just use the Professor to test our new attack then. Merlin, when we fight with the Professor, what method do you plan on using? Assassinating him or openly challenging him?”

Merlin laughed mysteriously, “If we assassinate him, then our identities are no longer part of the equation. If we openly challenge him, we are Sun City’s ranked second and third experts! Taking the initiative to challenge the ranked fourth expert would degrade our identities. My method is…. for the Professor to challenge us of his own accord!”

“Make the Professor challenge us out of his own accord?” Gibson sneered: “Old hag, have you gone off your rocker? No matter how reckless the Professor is, he will definitely know that he is not a match for us. How could he take the initiative to provoke us?”

“Just know that I have a way! Reggie, in the midst of your assassination attempt, you didn’t expose your identity, did you?”


“Wonderful! Reggie, immediately send someone to impersonate the Professor and write a ‘public declaration’ of challenge to Elder Gibson. Use the Professor’s tone saying this: the Professor is unwilling to simply occupy fourth place on the Totem Ranking, and he wishes to challenge the third ranked Gibson in the Totem Arena!”

Merlin’s expression was a bit sinister, “Experts all have their own dignity. When the Professor sees this publicly declared letter of challenge, even if he knows that he’s been plotted against, he will most definitely still accept the challenge. Once the Professor accepts the challenge and steps into the Totem Arena…. Gibson, just request that they conduct a ‘sealed-off’ match, and then we’ll both take action and kill him using our new attack move!”

Gibson fixed his eyes on Merlin for a few seconds, and then suddenly roared into laughter, “Merlin, I’ve realized for the first time that you are actually pretty f***ing vicious!”

Merlin also laughed.

Not far away, Sauron was also smiling as he continuously shook his head, “In the two years we haven’t seen each other, Merlin has actually gained some brains and knows how to use her head to kill people now. Tsk, tsk. Only this kind of opponent is interesting.”

Seeing that the Sheffield Clan’s people had already started moving, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to glean any more information, “Alright, we already know everything that we should know. Let’s go. We’ll return to report this to the Madame.”


Several minutes later, Sauron arrived at Madame Suzanne’s room in the Elegant Forest Restaurant.

When Madame Suzanne heard that the Professor had allied himself with West Farms, she was speechless for a long while. After that, she let out a sigh of extreme frustration, “Sauron, the Professor is already our enemy…. Damn it! I proposed such appealing conditions to him, but he, he actually ignored them and went to go lean on the hopeless Weylin!”

Madame Suzanne was so angry that she smashed a flower vase.

“Calm down, Madame. The Weather duo has already started moving. There is no need for *you to get a headache for a ‘Professor bound to die’.”

Sauron’s eyes were completely void of expression, “It’s better for *you to calm down. Just think about what we can do during the duel and what benefits we can obtain when the Weather duo confronts the Professor.”

“Ai. Honestly speaking, I already don’t know what else to do….”

Madame Suzanne smiled bitterly: “The Professor’s alliance with Weylin has already stirred the waters of Sun City, and we can only calculate step by step now. Sauron, keep strict watch over the Weather duo’s movements. If there are any sudden occurrences, there’s no need to ask me for instructions. You are permitted to do as you see fit.”

“As you say, I will watch the Weather duo twenty-four hours a day. On the other hand…. Madame, Weylin has already gotten her hands on the Professor. She will most likely come looking for you very soon to negotiate and cancel the proposal regarding the cession of Mount Longinus. Are *you planning to….”

“Weylin is no longer the same as before. If she wishes to cancel the proposal of ceding Mount Longinus, I really have no choice but to relent!”

Madame Suzanne’s words were demoralizing, but a faint smile of disdain had appeared on her face, “However, me being unable to do anything about Weylin does not mean that I’m unable to find a way to get my hands on West Farms! I still have one more card hidden up my sleeve! Mount Longinus will definitely become mine!”


As Sauron and Madame Suzanne discussed, Jiang Nan had already arrived in the main district of Sun City in the vicinity of a hospital.

This hospital housed some of the best doctors in Sun City, and as long as Jiang Nan sent Victor in, he would be finished with the task that Weylin had assigned him.

However, at this moment, the Victor who was on his shoulders suddenly let out an unconscious groan.


Victor was still in the appearance of a wolf, so the groan he let out was naturally that of a wolf’s voice.

A human wolf….

Jiang Nan’s fingers suddenly began trembling.

An unrestrainable thought bubbled up in his mind: he had dissected wolves and humans before, but he had never once dissected a human wolf.

If he could dissect Victor and study the structural composition of a human wolf….

Alright, this was an extremely enticing thought.

Jiang Nan’s fingers began shaking faster and faster until they pulled out the dissecting cane. Clack! They pressed the mechanism and pulled out the scalpel.

However, right at this instant, he suddenly grew aware of something, “Calm down, calm down! For the sake of maintaining a model character, I must possess the most minimum of medical ethics. It’s not that I cannot dissect him, but I must first seek the thoughts of the person in question. Furthermore, the fact that I carried Victor away isn’t any kind of secret, and if Victor suddenly disappeared…. Okay, I would also be in huge trouble! Oh, it still isn’t the best opportunity to dissect Victor!” Thinking up till here, Jiang Nan shook his head in regret. He placed Victor before the hospital’s entrance and then knocked heavily on the door. “Gentlemen, there is a Wolf Totem Warrior out here who needs emergency treatment!”

What Jiang Nan didn’t know, however, was how fortunate this sudden torrent of thoughts were: one must know that Victor’s father was about to arrive in Sun City, and whoever killed Victor in at this time was simply treating his life and the lives of all his relatives as a joke.

Creak~ An apprentice of the hospital opened the door and looked at the Victor who had collapsed on the ground, “Good heavens! It’s actually a Wolf Totem Warrior, and it seems he needs emergency treatment. However, I very much apologize. We….”

He wanted to say, “My deepest apologies. My master is currently in the middle of rescuing a VIP who is in critical condition. He has no time to help this wolf gentleman.”



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