Chapter 033: The Professor Must Die

However, she quickly recalled Victor’s previous words: Victor’s father was about to arrive in Sun City, and killing Victor now would only serve to bring enormous trouble.

As such, Weylin corrected herself and said, “Who said this woman wanted to kill him?! Just help me throw him out of here. The further the better! The best would be that you throw him so far that he can’t come back!”

Jiang Nan suddenly felt a sense of relief wash through his entire body, “Alright, as *you wish!”

He heaved Victor up, but right at this moment, “Miss, Miss!”

West Farms’ overseers charged in in a heart-rending sight. Their eyes had all gone bloodshot and they were gripping their weapons so hard that green veins protruded from their skin, making them seem like a pack of tigers gone berserk.

Three days before, Weylin had driven the managers and overseers to the farm. However, their hearts weren’t able to rest assured concerning Weylin’s safety, so besides not going too far, they also kept sending people to gather news of Weylin from outside her courtyard.

Just before, the manager in charge of gleaning some news saw Victor’s intent to propose as well as the first half of the Gemini’s assassination attempt.

And then he made the most wise decision.

On one side, the manager prayed that Victor would be able to hold on for a time. On the other, he began assembling the overseers at the quickest speed possible, and then led the party charging into the courtyard.

“Miss Weylin, it seems my presence is no longer necessary.”

Jiang Nan didn’t feel like meeting the people who would often beat and scold him. Carrying Victor, he left the courtyard from a different direction, “If you wish to contact me, fire red and purple flares, and then I’ll promptly rush over.”

The elderly manager darted a glance towards Jiang Nan’s receding figure, “Miss, this person is….”

Weylin watched Jiang Nan’s back with some disappointment and laughed self-deprecatingly, “Him? He’s a lowlife who refers to himself as ‘Professor’.”

“Professor…. Sun City’s ranked fourth expert?!”

The managers abruptly fell into a daze.

After Weylin narrated what had happened just before to them, their faces became radiant with delight, “Miss, no matter what sort of scheme the Professor has in mind, our farm now has hope!”

“That’s right! Now that Sun City’s fourth ranked expert has joined our ranks, who the f*** cares about any scheme? As long as he is willing to do his utmost in helping us contend…. W-we can deal with any f***ing person!”

“Don’t be happy so easily!” The elderly manager’s face was very calm and collected, “Although the Professor has allied with us, temporarily making our enemies have misgivings about acting against us, please remember that the Professor is only ranked fourth. On the other hand, our enemy…. is Sauron!”


Everybody suddenly grew silent.

The elderly manager also felt that his words were a bit too serious, “Alright! Right now isn’t the time to fret in anxiety. No matter what, we once again have the protection of one of the top ten experts, as well as a bargaining chip to negotiate with Suzanne!”

He gave a slight bow in Weylin’s direction and said with a face full of spirit, “Miss, Lola has already returned home to get the map. However, the situation right now has changed. Do we…. still have to cede Mount Longinus?!”

“Cede my ass!” Weylin calculated the time, “Lola will soon return from getting the map. When she returns, *I will take the map and go negotiate with Suzanne. I want to see whether that lowlife still dares to swallow up my Mount Longinus!”

The managers all burst out in hearty laughter.

Having one of the top ten experts backing them once more made them feel genuinely carefree.

And right on top of a water tower not far away….

Sauron also chuckled, “Tsk, tsk. With the support of the Professor, Weylin is no longer going to hand over Mount Longinus.”


Back when their plan was decided back in the conference room, Madame Suzanne requested Sauron to keep a strict surveillance over the Sheffield’s clan every movement. As a result, Sauron had kept monitoring the Gemini.

He had also seen the entire course of the Gemini’s assassination attempt on Weylin.

However, this had to be clarified: Sauron was, after all, ten odd meters away on top of the water tower, so he wasn’t able to hear what Weylin was saying. He could only make some deductions about the reality of the situation by observing Weylin’s behavior.

On the other hand, before the Gemini’s attempted assassination, they had been more than several meters away, so they did not hear the conversation that had occurred in the courtyard either.

As a consequence….

Neither Sauron nor the Gemini knew of an exceedingly important piece of news: Reyne Mountain’s King, Sofus, was about to arrive in Sun City!

Besides Sauron was a black figure that was likewise skinny and possessed extraordinarily long arms, “I never imagined that the Professor would ally himself with West Farms. Ai, Madame’s plan to kill two birds with one stone temporarily cannot be carried out!”

This black figure was an expert of Suzanne Farms, as well as Sauron’s personal assistant. As he spoke, he suddenly began mincing his words, “Lord Sauron, just before, how come *you…. How come *you didn’t kill the Professor?
The Professor has already allied himself with West Farms and become our sworn enemy. Since he left while carrying Victor, *you could have totally ended him on the road! But *you, how come *you gave up this chance?”

Sauron picked his nails as he answered coolly, “The Professor already does not have many days left to live. Do I need to off an enemy who’s bound to die?”

The Professor must die?!

The assistant was stunned.

“Do you still not understand?” Sauron shook his head in disappointment, “If you don’t understand, then just come with me. I’ll take you to watch a good show, and after watching, you’ll understand.”

At night, Weylin’s courtyard was full of joyous activity, but Sauron was like a demonic viper who silently slithered out of Sun City under the cover of the night.

He came to a valley in the outskirts of Sun City.

In the furthest depths of the valley was a small wooden cottage.

And the Gemini were currently kneeling in front of the wooden cottage!

At this time, Reggie was currently in the middle of giving an account of their assassination attempt, his face full of shame, “Elder Merlin, Elder Gibson, your subordinate is incompetent! The Professor suddenly appeared and saved Weylin. W-We were not the Professor’s match! Please punish us as *you see fit!”

Merlin and Gibson were Sun City’s ranked second and ranked third experts, respectively. Once they teamed up, they became a Weather Totem who even Sauron would not dare to deal with carelessly!

A faintly discernible voice floated out from within the small wooden cottage, “Your incompetence does not condemn you. Arise!”

A middle-aged woman with dimly silver long hair pushed open the wooden door while wearing a plain white gown.

This woman was precisely Merlin of the wind, and she took a look at the Rick whose upper half of the body was completely paralyzed, “How long did it take the Professor to inflict this kind of serious injury on Rick?”

Reggie’s face faintly flushed, “This…. Elder Merlin, at that time, I had been knocked to the ground by the Professor, s-so I didn’t see clearly.”

Rick was already in so much pain that he was near unable to speak. He opened his mouth with difficulty, “Elder, I cannot say it accurately either, but it definitely did not exceed two or three seconds.”

“Two or three seconds? Gibson, did you hear that? In just two to three seconds, the Professor disabled Rick!”

“Of course I heard it. With his incomparable fighting technique and his matchless attack rhythm, the Professor is not an easy opponent!”

A burly middle-aged man rushed out, “Merlin, we’ve already hidden here for two years! My hands are unbearably itchy, and there seldom appears a good opponent like the Professor. You stay here, and I’ll go kill him!”

This burly man was named Gibson. He assumed that the Professor was simply a ‘primary-rank’ totem warrior, so he himself would be more than enough to deal with the Professor.

To his surprise, Merlin gave a faint smile, “It’s still better for us to go together. Although the Professor isn’t worth our combined attack, there seldom comes a worthy opponent. On the Professor’s body…. we can test out our new attack!”

New attack?! Reggie lifted his head in pleasant surprise, “Elders, you have already fully succeeded in training your new attack move?”



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