Chapter 032: Decision

That’s right, Jiang Nan had arrived!

He had been held up by Eddy at the pasture for half an hour, and it wasn’t until five minutes before that he finally found an excuse to excuse himself.

By coincidence, Jiang Nan had arrived right as Reggie was about to assassinate Weylin. However, Weylin’s clear determination to die ignited a violent fury in his heart, so he activated the Radiance Technique and then punched out a heavy fist towards Reggie.

Even Jiang Nan didn’t know why he was so furious, but there was one thing that he was very clear on. Right now, he was enraged, extremely enraged!

More so in particular when he saw Victor in his proposal attire lying on the ground! The rage in his heart had already become an unrestrainable urge!

Jiang Nan’s fist knocked Reggie to the ground, and then used its lingering momentum to punch towards Rick’s head. As Jiang Nan’s body spun around, his two fists also swivelled like two wings of a windmill, smashing towards Rick’s face.

This motion was precisely an imitation of the move Hank used, Iron Roar’s Twenty-Fourth Stance, Massive Windmill!

Although Jiang Nan did not understand the essence of this skill and had just temporarily imitated it on a whim, after activating the Radiance Technique, his primary-rank 8th level necromantic energy was not something Rick could withstand.

Rick was only a primary-rank 7th level Star Totem Warrior who didn’t dare to fight head-on against Jiang Nan. Transforming into a beam of starlight, he wanted to fly to the side and land a sneak attack on the middle of Jiang Nan’s back.

But right as Rick flew to the side, he suddenly recalled the evaluation given towards Jiang Nan on the Totem Ranking, “Professor, although he is only at the 8th level, his actual fighting technique is the absolute greatest in Sun City! With his incomparable striking speed and his matchless attack rhythm, if one does not have an overpowering advantage in strength, one must avoid close combat by all means!”

He had to avoid close combat with the Professor!

Reggie fiercely sucked in a breath and forcefully stopped his body from dashing forward.

However, between experts, victory could be decided within a breath’s time. The hesitation Reggie displayed was more than enough time for Jiang Nan to seize an opportunity!

“Mister, you need to be a bit more focused.”

From his fighting experience with Hank, Jiang Nan had a deep understanding that the speed at which he dislocated bones had an enormous advantage in actual battle. He extended two fingers out and lightly grasped onto the starlight which Rick had turned into.

When Rick’s body halted, his body involuntarily reverted back to his human form, and right at that moment, Jiang Nan followed the patterns of his transformation and clack! Clack! He dislocated all the joints in Rick’s two arms.


As if he was disposing of garbage, Jiang Nan threw Rick beside Reggie.

He then swept his gaze over the fifty assassins still hiding in ambush, “Gentlemen, do you still wish to continue?”

Two moves….

With just two moves, he disabled the Gemini who held rank nineteen?!

Sun City’s ranked fourth expert was truly deserving of his reputation!!

The assassins sank into a brief moment of disorder and panic.

At this time, Reggie, who had been knocked flying by Jiang Nan’s fist, had already climbed to his feet. His right hand faintly shook as his head sank with dizziness, “Stop, everybody stop! Listen to me!”

The assassins let out a sigh of relief as though a burden had been lifted off their shoulders.

Reggie supported his twin big brother whose body was half limp and took a clear look at Jiang Nan for the first time.

Jiang Nan was still dressed in the disguise he had used the past few days: a shabby, sackcloth robe, a pair of worn out, cotton shoes, as well as several strips of rags to hide his face.

The widely spread rumors that referred to the Professor as a fallen aristocrat were, as expected, true.

Reggie confirmed Jiang Nan’s identity, “Lord Professor, this is a personal grudge between us and Weylin. *You are only an outsider aristocrat. Is there a need for you to stick out your head for Weylin and get muddled up into this?
Help us out, okay? Let us take away Weylin and early tomorrow morning, we’ll willingly present *you with a gift of gratitude fitting to *your identity!”

“Not a bad deal, but….” Jiang Nan circled around the Weylin whose face was full of astonishment, deliberately speaking in a throaty and hoarse voice, “What if I refuse?”

“Lord Professor, I must warn *you that *your decision is unwise!” Reggie didn’t want to give up this opportunity to assassinate Weylin. Seeing that his attractive proposal had no effect, his face went icy as he spoke menacingly: “I admit, *you are more than capable of protecting Weylin from our hands tonight. However, our attempts at assassinating Weylin will not cease here! Even if *you protect Weylin tonight, what about tomorrow? Can *you guard Weylin at her side for an entire lifetime? Professor, your actions are completely meaningless!”

“Oh, your words do make a bit of sense. However…. who says that I can’t guard Weylin at her side for an entire lifetime?!”

Jiang Nan’s tone suddenly heightened as he dashed towards Weylin and gave a slight bow, “Miss Weylin, I sincerely request with the title of Professor to apply to join West Farms. Are *you…. interested in recruiting me?”

Weylin stared with her eyes wide in stupefaction, “You, you….”

“Miss, *you have not heard wrongly. I am currently applying to join *your farm.” Jiang Nan spread his arms apart helplessly, “*You’ve also seen my appearance. Okay, I am a foreign aristocrat who has fallen into dire straits. I need some work to support myself.”

He actually wanted to join her farm?!

Sun City’s ranked fourth expert was actually willing to lean on a near hopeless farm?!

Weylin didn’t dare to believe that this kind of fortune had befallen her, but she was even more unwilling to give up this golden opportunity from the heavens, “Lord Professor, I sincerely request with my name as Weylin for *your services as West Farms’ chief associate!”

Jiang Nan smiled.

Then, he turned around to face the Gemini, “Gentlemen, you’ve heard it all. Now, give me your answer. Will you decide to…. leave unaccompanied, or have me drive you away?”

“Professor, you will regret the decision you made today!”


Reggie brought his people and left Weylin’s courtyard.

Not long after they left, Weylin’s expression turned from shock to perplexity, which further turned into an iciness that kept people at a distance of a thousand miles away.

She was suspecting the Professor’s choice: thinking a bit deeper about it, the Professor was a person whose strength was ranked fourth in all of Sun City. Suzanne and the others had also provided exceedingly attractive proposals to lure him in.


The Professor actually chose the her who was nearly at the end of her rope?!

There was definitely some sort of unspeakable aim behind this behavior!

Weylin skeptically gave Jiang Nan a measuring look, “The enemy has already left. Can you speak truthfully now? Exactly what are you aiming for in joining my farm?”

“Is this question of yours that important? Miss Weylin, I helped you force those assassins into retreat, and your farm possesses the backing of one of the top ten experts once more. With this kind of outcome, is there a need for you to question my goals?” Jiang Nan patted Weylin’s shoulder, “If you really need an answer…. Okay, just take it as me meddling in other people’s business. On the other hand, please speak a bit more courteously. I am not your slave, but rather on equal terms with you, am I not?”

“Just being meddlesome? Hmph, do you expect *me to believe your false nonsense?!”

Weylin snorted harshly, but she no longer had the courage to continue interrogating him.

She was afraid that if she continued to ask questions, the Professor would just abandon her!

Weylin was very clear about the current situation: the Professor was Sun City’s fourth ranked expert. With his cooperation, on defense, she could still preserve the lifeblood of her father even under Suzanne’s forceful tactics. Offensively, she could silently wait for her injuries to fully heal, then team up with the Professor to subdue all the various powers in Sun City. Furthermore, whether she went on the defensive or offensive, there was no need whatsoever for her to put her life on the line to protect the farm.

In the face of such generous benefits, even if Weylin knew that the Professor harbored questionable intent, she still couldn’t bear to let him go.

“Alright, this woman always keeps her word! From this day forward, you are West Farm’s chief marshal!”

Weylin waved her fist about as she spoke, then pointed towards the ragged strips on Jiang Nan’s face, “You’ve already joined my farm. Are you still not going to take that mask off?”

“Miss Weylin, you ought to learn to respect the secrets of others.” Jiang Nan touched the strips on his face, “Just take a look. That I’ve dressed myself up like this shows that I definitely have my own troubles. I am not preparing to tell you of my identity, nor am I preparing to take off my mask. If you force me…. Alright, I don’t mind leaving this place or even fighting with you.”

After he said this, Jiang Nan turned to leave.

“Halt!” Weylin stopped Jiang Nan, “This woman respects your private affairs! Starting today, I won’t ask you about your background or try to look at your appearance! This should be enough, right?!”

Jiang Nan chuckled.

Weylin, on the other hand, glared at the Victor who was on the side while seething, “However, since you’ve already joined my farm anyhow, how about you first help me take care of some trash?”

Jiang Nan eyes followed Weylin’s gaze to also land on Victor, “Do you want me to kill him?”

“Correct, kill him!” This was what Weylin wanted to say, “Since that lowlife I’ve taken a fancy to doesn’t have the ability to kill Victor, this woman will just help him get rid of this love rival in his place!”



36 thoughts on “Chapter 032: Decision

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  2. OH MY GAAHHHD!!! didnt she just confess her love for jiang nan right in front of him and he didnt notice?

    who else would be his love rival except for the one slave among all the ones that she owns whom she constantly seeks confirmation from


  3. While he was annoying, the guy did risk his life for her sake -_-

    Isn’t that just sad…. -_-

    And why is he helping her anyways? He should instead try to get freedom for his aunt and self and then escape….

    This woman herself always treated him bad, not just her family…. this is the kinda stuff I usually find in shonen… and hate -_-

    Thanks for the chapter

    Liked by 2 people

    • Love my friend comes in mysterious ways. She is a strange woman. I’ll give you that. Loud, vulgar and heroically beautiful. I could tell from the start she liked him even if she treated him like shit. Why? Because she had a tendency to only bully him when she was frustrated. Out of allll the slaves, why him, someone weak and the lowest position in the world. Most females in xianxias tend to look down on the weak. While this woman may look down on his lack of strength but she never looked down on the man himself. She’s always shown to be very proud of him. She’s like a child who likes a boy on the playground and sticks gum in his hair just to get his attention (though its usually te other way around) i think he fell for her decisive headstrong and violent nature compared to the women he had always persued who were always refined and cultured. Not loving him for him. Idk maybe. But i swear……i ship them…..soooooooooo hard.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Her family should be his enemy -_-

        In fact, in Xianxia, the family the MC is with is usually spared… I noticed that in stories, what ever family the MC starts out with, no matter how bad they were, in the end, they would be spared by him (though he might leave them).

        And while I get she loved him, what she did was bad. And it wasn’t being bad due to a misunderstanding or the comic type that we are supposed to laugh at.

        This was a serious, just being bad.

        And in Xianxia, the females only look down on the weak when they aren’t already close to the male. And they usually hate the male if they are forced to be engaged with them (and in those cases, I usually feel sorry for the girl, since it is pretty unfair).

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well…yeah. Still, she wasn’t the one who hurt his family. And her character was forced by the environment. Plus there are plenty of stories both western and otherwise where the fam of the one you love is the enemy. We will see where this goes. Tho i must say…she’s one loco. She wants to remove his own rivals cuz she likes him. Tsun + yan = mad as hell. Idk if i should be impressed by her feelings or horrified.lololol


      • It doesn’t change that she herself was bad.

        I just don’t want him getting with her because of that.

        I don’t hate her, but I don’t want her love to be fulfilled either.

        And so what if there is plenty of stories where the family is the enemy? This is different in the fact that she and her family caused him and his family pain.

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      • Yes. This is true. Then again. He isnt really….him. Hes wants to protect his aunt cuz she cares deeply for him deeply to drag herself everywhere for him but im sure his feelings are quite shallow with reference to other aspects. For one, he is still in the dark about most things related to his body and aunt’s past. Maybe there is more to it. Like i sed, we will see. I quite like her. I just dont like her family. Im tired of self important female characters that get slightly offended by MC like peeking at their butts, acting all ‘fragrant” and “jade” and “fairy” like and hunts him down till she falls in love. That just annoys me to death. She just might turn out better…….or worse. Its still too early to say.


      • Well, while that is tiring, I do understand, since it usually is a big deal in Xianxia….

        But you are exaggerating… they don’t usually go too far in hunting them down. They attack right after they were peeked on, but it’s rare for it to go farther.

        I think there were only 2 cases I read where the female goes out of their way to kill/ruin the guy who accidentally peeked on them…

        One is “Chaotic Sword God” (and in that case, the female kinda thought the MC was a rapist who changed his mind because of her power, and it’s only after figuring out that he probably could rape her and doesn’t that she starts treating him well -though I still don’t want her to get with him, since she did treat him too badly to start… want them to be friends with her having a 1 sided love)

        And I forgot the name of the other series (a while since it updated).

        The others, they usually don’t go out of their way to kill MC after he escapes.


      • There are more, god of slaughter she’s been chasing him a whole 20+ chapters. Peerless martial god, 2 chick tries to kill him with assasins. One who accompanied them. World of immortls…heck she chased him into another bloody world! Need I say more? Lol


      • Actually, those are different.

        In Peerless Martial God, almost everyone is trying to kill the MC. And the one girl who tried to kill him for peaking also just misunderstood.

        World of Immortals, they just had their problems from the start and it wasn’t that long later till they accidentally went to another world.

        And even then, both sides were actual enemies (and they are really trying to kill each other cause they are afraid that if they show mercy, the other would kill them -the author even mentioned that himself, so their situation is more of a catch22.


      • Well, in a world where most men would be rapist if they had enough power… can you completely blame them?

        I mean, in Xianxia, purity is quite important. A playboy could be forgiven, but a woman doesn’t have such luxury….

        And in World of Immortals, the MC killed her servant, so she just couldn’t let him go. And both sides are just too afraid of each other to spare the other.


      • Sigh……..Shifu is right! In all honesty, since all of the women tend to be OP genius beauties, i forget. Ur argument is solid. Though not totally convinced but u arent wrong either.

        I need to go into secluded meditation (Sleep) now. Haha! As a core disciple of the University Sect, tomorrow i need to gain insight from the Elders (lecturers) and continue closed door practice (studying). Hehe. Night!

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  4. “More so in particular when he saw Victor in his proposal attire” oh my oh my,
    is this jiang getting jealous we see? lol i wonder in how many more chapters they will get together. Also about victor when it came down to it he was still a good guy…. well more or less. Too bad mate, the story wants to end you.


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