Chapter 031: Lady Weylin’s Vexation

Weylin still wasn’t aware that she had been targeted by assassins. Right now, she was vexed, exceedingly vexed!

Weylin’s vexation stemmed from Victor.

The day Jiang Nan had been rushed to Rheim Pasture, Victor had suddenly come looking for Weylin not long after he left.

He knocked on the window from the outside and said, “M-Miss Weylin, could I speak to *you for a bit?”

At that time, Weylin had been lying on the bed in recuperation. Assuming that Victor had come to annoy her, she seized a dresser and threw it over, “You want to continue fighting? This woman will accompany you till the end!”


The dresser smashed through the window, allowing Weylin to see Victor’s appearance outside.

He wore the black, formal attire of an aristocrat and stood up with his back ramrod straight, revealing a bouquet of ninety-nine light red roses, while in his other hand, he carried a container of medicines especially for healing. In his proud eyes, one could see that it brimmed with the bashfulness of an underripe youth.

The roses had been crushed by the dresser.

Weylin went blank, “You?”

“Miss Weylin, I, I wish to ask for your hand in marriage!”

Victor’s face carried a shy look that seemed to say, “Forget crushing my roses, even if you crush my face, I’ll still pursue you!”

He really had come to propose: Victor’s faith was the power of the wolf, and his concept of choosing a bride was the same as the wolf species – he revered the strong.

Victor had always hoped to find a wife whose strength was evenly matched with his, but it had to be said that Victor really was a rarely seen talent. Unmarried women who were capable of fighting on even terms with him were far too few, and even after bitterly searching for five years, Victor had still not found a woman worthy of his admiration.

But just two days before, Weylin had beaten him up until he was black and blue in the arena. Although Victor had barely ‘prevailed’ over Weylin, an unrestrainable thought bloomed in his heart, “A wolf ought to take a woman like Weylin for his wife!”

If you can fight, then you ought to get married to me; this was Victor’s concept of love.

Victor openly revealed everything in his heart straight away and then stared into Weylin’s eyes, “Weylin, are you willing to become my woman?”

“Become your woman your mom!” Weylin heaved a second dresser towards Victor’s face.

For the sake of expressing his sincerity, Victor directly bore the brunt of the dresser, “Weylin, I understand that when a wolf is choosing a spouse, he must always undergo tests. I will prove to you that I can pass your tests!”

For the next several days, Victor would set aside some time everyday without fail to express his love towards Weylin, while the scars on his face grew more and more, and even more, and even more….

Today was already the third day, and as Weylin watched the time, she estimated that there would still be a few minutes before Victor appeared before her.

As expected, two minutes later, Victor’s voice floated over from the outside, “Miss Weylin, can I come in?”


While Weylin boiled in irritation, the two black figures waiting in ambush in the vicinity were also annoyed.

They were the assassins dispatched by the ‘Sheffield Clan’.

One of them was named ‘Rick’ while the other was named ‘Reggie’.

Reggie and Rick were twins whose faiths stemmed from the power of the ‘Gemini Constellation’. They were both primary-rank 7th level Star Totem Warriors who shared nineteenth place on the Totem Ranking.

When the Sheffield Clan obtained news of Weylin’s dwelling place just before, they acted according to Madame Suzanne’s expectations and decided to assassinate Weylin, hence the immediate dispatch of the Gemini.


Right when they wanted to take action, Victor had arrived!

“Big Bro, are we still going to move?”

Reggie pulled Rick’s body to hide on top of a large tree. His narrow eyes flashed with a sinister light, “Seeing how Victor looks, once we take action, we’ll definitely face the combined counterattack from both of them.”

Rick pondered for a bit, “Move! Weylin and Victor are both injured; they definitely aren’t our opponents! However, Victor’s identity is not ordinary, so we have to do this a bit cleaner. We absolutely cannot reveal our identities.
As another precaution, I’ll stay here monitoring them while you quickly go and ask for reinforcements from Elder Merlin. Just ask the Elder to dispatch at least fifty elite assassins over in order to ensure the assassination of Victor and Weylin in the shortest time possible.”

Merlin was precisely ranked second on Sun City’s Top Ten Ranking, an intermediate-rank 3rd level Cloud Totem Warrior.

After responding, Reggie turned and left.

Meanwhile, Weylin had already opened the room’s door, although there weren’t any traces of the anger from the previous days, “Victor, what is a lowlife like you coming here for?”

“Of course I came here to propose to you.” Seeing as how Weylin did not fly into a flurry of curses, Victor assumed that she had already been moved by his sincerity, “By not beating me up today, are you prepared to accept my proposal? This wolf admires your decision!”

In truth, the reason why Weylin did not blow her top was because she had a new plan: she was prepared to reveal some of her true thoughts to Victor.

Weylin wanted to say, “Accept your proposal?! Bullcrap! Victor, just f***ing screw off as far as you can. Truthfully speaking, there is already a person in *my heart! Although that brat’s identity is quite low, and although he can’t even withstand one finger from you, *I’ve already taken a fancy to him! Get your f***ing ass out of here!”
(TL: Huhuhuhu)

It was a pity that Victor did not give Weylin a chance to say this due to his desperate words, “Weylin, since you’ve accepted my proposal, I can tell you a colossal piece of good news.”

Good news?

Weylin went blank, and the words that were just about to leave her mouth were swallowed back up.

“Truthfully speaking, I’ve already written about you to my father. Within twenty days, my father, his honor Sofus the Wolf King of Reyne Mountain, will personally come to see you.”

Victor’s facial expression was as though he had just seen a female wolf submit to him, “You also know of my father’s strength. In that *old man’s eyes, the so-called experts in Sun City are simply nobodies that aren’t even considered mainstream. Once that old man arrives in Sun City, Weylin, you and I as husband and wife can completely dominate Suzanne Farms and annex the entire territory of Sun City. Furthermore, we can even….”
(*TL: respectful way of saying it in Chinese 老人家. I know old man doesn’t sound respectful, but the raws are)

“Lowlife, are you done speaking?”

Weylin disrupted Victor’s fantasy. She truly could not restrain herself from wanting to relay the true thoughts in her heart anymore. However, right at this moment, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

The sound of things violently tearing through the air rang out.

Reggie had already brought over reinforcements, and the fifty elite assassins hidden in the large tree in the vicinity let loose a rain of arrows that covered the sky in Weylin and Victor’s direction.

“You guys actually dare to provoke this wolf’s woman?! Awoooo~~~”

Victor raised his head and howled to the sky as his body abruptly expanded under the illumination of the three moons. In the blink of an eye, he had already become a savage wolf man even taller than the courtyard walls.

At the same time, his howl conjured up an energy wave that condensed into a seemingly tangible cyclone. Crack, crack! It ground the numerous arrows into bits in Victor and Weylin’s place.

Reyne Mountain’s Wolf Clan secret skill, Twenty-Seventh Form of the Wolf Howl, Cyclone Blade!

However, the Gemini had already moved out under the cover of the volley of arrows. They shot towards Victor in a pincer attack from the left and from the right. Their pace seemed to break apart as every step resulted in their figures shrinking by a certain portion.

By the time they had rushed into the courtyard, their figures had already transformed into two points of starlight. Like a pair of needle-like steel daggers, they pierced into Victor’s ribcage without a sound.


Victor’s injuries had not yet healed, so his reactions were too slow by half a beat. With a miserable scream of wrath and indignation, he toppled to the floor.

The Gemini immediately pounced towards Weylin. In regards to the heavily injured Victor, they disdained to continue facing him, “Victor has an inherited secret art for protecting his body. Stab him a few more times in my place.”

After he said this, Reggie was about to take action to kill Weylin!


Weylin’s expression made him feel as though the atmosphere was a bit odd.

Weylin was actually smiling!

Could it be that she still had some hidden tricks up her sleeve?

Reggie wasn’t aware that Weylin thirsted for death, so he halted his steps, “Big Bro, wait a minute. Look at Weylin’s expression!”

Rick looked at Weylin’s expression and went blank.

“Why are you stopping? This woman’s just standing here. If you have the guts, then come kill me!”

Weylin dashed towards them with her arms spread apart.

The Gemini shared a glance, their expressions solemn, “Big Bro, Weylin definitely has something up her sleeve…. Take over the formation for me. I’ll go probe her out!”

“Alright! Be especially careful!”

Seeing how the Gemini were so cautious, Weylin let out a laugh of contempt.

Then, she saw Reggie pull out what seemed like a beam of starlight as he slashed towards her throat.

Was she finally about to die?

Weylin looked up and let out a sigh of relief, but right at this moment, “Mister, is it fun to bully a woman?!”

A slender figure appeared before Weylin like lightning. Midair, he moved swiftly and fiercely as he used his left hand to push away Reggie’s sharp claw. His right hand then exploded onto Reggie’s chest in a fluid movement!


Reggie flew outwards, collided into a tall wall which broke into pieces, then smashed heavily onto the ground, forming a crater that was half a foot deep!

What tyrannical strength….

Strength Totem! At least a primary-rank 8th level Strength Totem!

A rumor abruptly appeared in the mind of Rick who had taken charge of the formation, “Primary-rank 8th level Strength Totem…. Professor, you’re the Professor?!”



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  2. Hoh I thought Weylin raped our MC. so, because of irritaton she hits his pretty face as he reminds her of that incident and MC’s words carry some weight towards her because of her guilt,,,,, maybe I guessed wrong…
    I am not too sure about my deduction anymore.. xD


  3. UGH! I get that Weylin likes him, but it pisses me off either way.. I wont say she should die, but I definitely don’t want her to be with the MC. He should just refuse her and leave – then she can spend the rest of her miserable life regretting how she treated him and his aunt. Better yet, she can go marry the wolf dude. I foresee trouble with the wolf dude’s clan if she goes with the MC .-. *Sigh*

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