Chapter 030: An Absolutely Strange Outcome

“Mister Mallun, I’ve already said it very clearly.”

Jiang Nan shrugged his shoulders, “Alright. If there is something impeding your comprehension ability, then I’ll say it to you a different way: I’m saying that strength decides your position in Mister Eddy’s team. If you all wish to cast me out, then please demonstrate a strength that will make me leave willingly!
If you don’t have this kind of strength, then please genuinely accept me as vice-captain.”

“Ha, haha!” Mallun acted as though he had heard the most ridiculous joke on the planet, “Did everybody hear that? This slave is challenging us? Challenging us?
Lowlife, who do you think I am?!” Mallun’s son, the skinny, middle-aged man, ‘Malfoy’, also laughed out loud, “You wish to challenge us, but do you know our identities? Here, at least thirty something of us are famous chefs. On top of that, my father, Mr. Mallun, is an aristocrat, an imperial chef of the empire’s imperial household! You challenging us…. Is simply insulting our identities!”

Malfoy called over a team of overseers in the pasture, “This slave actually dares to challenge a noble! Hang him up and beat him, don’t even stop until you beat him to death!”

There was actually nothing wrong with Malfoy’s words. After all, this was not Earth, a place where Jiang Nan could freely challenge anyone; this was the Yuanzhi Continent!

On the Yuanzhi Continent, a slave challenging an aristocrat was a major offense that was unpardonable! The《Imperial Slave Law》expressly stipulated: any slave who dares to provoke an aristocrat on the basis of any means will be considered to be slandering the Empire’s aristocratic authority! They are to be hung up and beaten till death!

Several overseers with whips in their hands charged over!

Jiang Nan simply glanced askance at the overseers. In the face of this father-son duo provocation, he did not choose to swallow his anger this time! This was because this was not West Farms. Here, nobody could use the brand of slave to threaten Jiang Nan!

“Gentlemen, violence is not very good conduct. Oh, it truly isn’t!”

Jiang Nan did not use any totem strength, but rather relied solely on the agility of his body. He passed through the swarm of overseers and abruptly arrived before Malfoy, lightly tapping Malfoy’s shoulder as if teaching the students like he had done before in the past world.

But just this light tap….


Malfoy let out a miserable shriek because Jiang Nan had already dislocated his shoulder blade!

Jiang Nan turned his head and faced the crowd of people who were beginning to get restless, “Gentlemen, do you wish to continue? Alright. I’m a slave, but I am not your slave! Oh, I don’t mind letting you guys lie on a sickbed to recuperate for several days.”

“Rodi, you lowlife!” Mallun looked anxiously at his son’s injury, roaring: “Overseers of the pasture, what are you standing there in a daze for?! Charge! Get….”

“All of you f***ing stop!”

Suddenly, Eddy seized two huge kitchen knives from his bundle and raised it up high, “*I, am the person in charge here! Without *my permission, who f***ing dares to act blindly!”

Mallun also raised his kitchen knife, “Eddy, Rodi injured my son! You dare….”

“You shut your f***ing mouth!”

The tip of Eddy’s blade pointed at the Malfoy who wished to speak, “I’ll say it once more! *My team only looks at strength, not status or identity! *My decision will not change, and from this point on, Rodi is your vice-captain! Whoever isn’t satisfied…. take a hike! If *I have an expert like Rodi here, I don’t mind driving away some useless garbage!”

After listening halfway, Mallun and Malfoy, the father-son duo, had already planned on walking off. However, after hearing the phrase ‘useless garbage’, they immediately screeched to a stop.

Wouldn’t walking off dejectedly be admitting that they themselves were ‘useless garbage’?

They glared resentfully at Jiang Nan, so infuriated that they couldn’t even speak.

Eddy grinned widely, “Nobody objects? Ai, this is good enough. What slaves or not slaves. Everybody is a chef, so why bother nitpicking with identity?
Alright, so Rodi is going to be your vice-captain~ *I am going to go gather up some more knife work specialists now. When I am not here, Rodi will act on my behalf to handle the matters here. Mallun, tell Rodi what he should do.”

After he said this, Eddy turned and leapt onto the carriage. However, he soon facepalmed, “Aiyah! I nearly forgot. If I leave, Rodi that young lad won’t be able to suppress the crowd!”

Thinking till here, Eddy stood on top of the carriage and waved towards the overseers, “Brothers, while I am not here, many thanks for your trouble! You will all listen to Rodi, and if anyone dares to challenge Rodi’s position as vice-captain like Mallun…. You guys help me beat them the f*** up!!”

“As you say….” The overseers answered reluctantly.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Nan’s impression of Eddy grew much better. Sending Eddy off with his eyes, he turned his head towards the knife workers whose faces held no trace of good intent, “Gentlemen, okay, I am the vice-captain….”

“Someone help! First bring my son to the doctor’s!”

Mallun suddenly cut off Jiang Nan’s words by telling people to take his son, Malfoy, away on a stretcher, and then rushed towards ten odd knife workers, gesturing, “All of you, come over! I have something to say!”

These ten odd knife work specialists were all Mallun’s disciples and simply ignored Jiang Nan’s existence, following Mallun towards the shade of a large tree, “Teacher, do *you have any instruction for us?”

“All of you, look at Jiang Nan. He injured my son, your elder brother. Can you accept this?”

Mallun viciously glared at Jiang Nan in the distance. However, Jiang Nan simply stood there smiling as if he didn’t exist, his face seeming to say, ‘Do you exist? Okay, you don’t exist’.

“Of course we don’t accept this!” The knife work specialists answered gloomily.

“You guys don’t accept this, and I can’t swallow my anger either!” Mallun gritted his teeth as he spoke: “In terms of knife work, and experience, I am not equal to Eddy, so I have no objections in regards to Eddy being captain. However, Eddy has really gone too far! He actually found a slave to become our vice-captain, and this slave even injured my son! Don’t tell me a slave is nobler than we are! Am I not more suited to be vice-captain than Rodi?”

His tone softened, “Of course, me talking like this isn’t to dispute the shallow title of vice-captain. I am just unreconciled with the fact that Eddy gave the seat of vice-captain to a slave….”

Mallun stroked his large beard, “You are all my disciples, so I’ll just say it to you directly: I wish for you all to treat Rodi as a mere figurehead: from this point on, no matter what Rodi says or tells you to do, just act as if you didn’t hear it! We must let Rodi know that the role of vice-captain is not so easily fulfilled!”

“Teacher, *your method is pretty good, but Rodi is in charge of all the pasture’s overseers! If we don’t listen, he’ll command the overseers to….”

“Idiot! Did you not see the overseers’ attitude? They are also unwilling to assist a slave! Just do as I say; the overseers definitely won’t make any trouble for you.”


Just as Mallun instructed, the ten odd knife work specialists began to ignore all of Jiang Nan’s actions: when Jiang Nan told them to introduce themselves, they just laughed it off and said they had more important work to do, troubling *him to just go look for someone else.

And when Jiang Nan asked them nicely to inform him of the specific details concerning the knife work feast, they just smirked, “Since Vice-captain doesn’t know this, okay, we don’t know either….”

Under the guidance of these several knife work specialists, the others also realized that Jiang Nan was just a mere figurehead whose words held no actual substance and began to ignore his orders.

When evening came, Rheim Pasture had sunk into a strange state: Jiang Nan slaughtered pigs alone in the pasture. Nobody provoked him, but he could not find a way to provoke anyone either.

Because not even one person bothered to pay attention to him.

However, Jiang Nan really enjoyed this kind of situation!

He kept worrying about Weylin in his heart, and recalling that foolish girl’s expression that showed a determination to die, he could not help but desire returning to the Sixth Block to have a look.

The situation at the pasture luckily gave him this kind of opportunity.

When night fell, Jiang Nan stealthily returned to Sun City. His Professor’s garb had already long been thrown into the garbage dump, so he could not find any of the equipment he had used to conceal his identity. As such, he randomly just a few pieces of cloth to mask his face.

He then stood guard for an entire night outside of Weylin’s residence.

That night, all was at peace.

Early the second day, Jiang Nan returned to Rheim Pasture while nobody paid any mind in regards to his doings during the night.

The second day and the third day, Jiang Nan repeated the things that he felt were meaningless.

Until the fourth day….

At dusk, Jiang Nan wanted to head out like he had been doing the nights before to guard Weylin, but Eddy had returned with twenty new knife work specialist recruits to the pasture.

When Eddy saw that Mallun was simply ignoring Jiang Nan, he immediately pointed at Mallun’s noise and unleashed a barrage of scolding.

This round of scolding lasted for an entire half hour.

And while Eddy was berating people and holding Rodi up in the process, two black figures…. were already lying in wait outside Weylin’s window!



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  2. Thanks for the chapter ! :p
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  3. School-A place of learning.
    School-A place that deprives you of sleep.
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