Chapter 029: The Beginning of Déjà Vu

At noon, Weylin moved into a single-story courtyard house located on the Sixth Block.

Jiang Nan continued to stay beside Weylin, taking care of her. However, he continued to maintain that calm look of his, seeming as though he had already forgotten what Weylin told him, yet also seeming as though he did not forget. In any case, it appeared that he did not care the least bit about Weylin’s death talk.

Jiang Nan was not actually cold-blooded though. His apathy stemmed from the fact that he could never forget the grudge he held against Weylin’s family.

Auntie Alisa’s two legs were cut off by Weylin’s elder brother!

Although Weylin was barely nine years old when Alisa was harmed, and despite the fact that the anger towards the elder brother’s sin should not be taken out on the younger sister, Weylin…. Weylin was, after all, West’s younger sister by blood!

Whenever he saw Weylin, Jiang Nan would think back to his Aunt’s monstrous face and two legs, and then he would feel as though an enormous chasm stood between him and Weylin, an enormous chasm that he would forever be unable to cross over!


Jiang Nan could not explain why, but the sudden urge to protect Weylin arose in his heart.

He stood in the courtyard, sighing in the face of his urge, “Ai….”

“Rodi, stop sighing in sorrow there. Hurry up and follow me.”

Eddy rushed out from within the courtyard with a bundle packed entirely of kitchen knives on his back, a hurried expression on his face as he pushed Jiang Nan into a carriage.

“Mister Eddy, what are you….”

Jiang Nan wished to decline, but Eddy glared at him with round eyes, “You smelly brat! Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten your task? Hurry up and come with me. The preparation for the Knife Work Feast is not yet over!”

Knife Work Feast….

Jiang Nan laughed apologetically. He really had forgotten about this matter, “Okay, I didn’t actually forget about my task, but Mister Eddy…. You’ve also seen Miss Weylin’s appearance. It’s truly inconvenient for me to leave this place.”

“You’re just a slave. What are you caring about Weylin for? Hurry up and follow me.”

Eddy suddenly lowered his voice, “You smell brat! I appreciate your knife skills, which is why I’m warning you now: Weylin has offended too many people. Perhaps…. somebody might come tonight to assassinate her! If you don’t want to get involved, then hurry up and follow me.”


Jiang Nan looked back at Weylin’s room and then pushed off Eddy’s two hands, “Mister Eddy, I am Miss Weylin’s slave! Now that you’ve told me the word assassination…. Alright, how can I just leave with you?!”

“Hey, you brat….”

Eddy wanted to persuade him more, but at this moment, a voice rang out from within the courtyard, “Rodi, this woman commands you to leave with Eddy!”

Weylin leaned against the window, “Even if a person comes to assassinate me, what can a slave like you do? Even if *I’m lying down on the bed, I’m still one of the top ten experts of Sun City, not a person who needs your protection!”

After she said this, Weylin sent people to escort Jiang Nan onto the carriage, and even shut the window with a ‘thud’.

Beyond the window, the elderly manager of the farm was currently staring at Weylin with worry and gloom in his eyes, “Miss, it is now in particular that we need manpower, but *you let Rodi go….”

“Me letting Rodi go is because I don’t want him to stay behind and accompany me to death! Yet not only Rodi, all of you must leave this dangerous place as well.”

Weylin wanted to say this, but when the words were about to leave her mouth, they transformed into a furious roar, “What this woman does is still not something that needs your reprimand! Screw off! All of you get the f*** out!”

“Miss, we….”

“Did you not hear me? F*** off!” Weylin pointed at the door, “Have the preparations for ceding Mount Longinus been made? If not, then quickly go into the city and do so! Listen, if you haven’t taken care of everything within three days…. this woman is going to break your useless legs!”

Ai, Miss really can’t be reasoned with anymore….

The elderly manager resentfully brought the rest of the people out of the courtyard.


While sitting in Eddy’s carriage, Jiang Nan continued to worry about Weylin. This foolish girl actually staked her own life to protect the farm…. was it worth it?!

Jiang Nan truly could not comprehend Weylin’s mindset. In his perspective, territory, gold coins, and power were all material things that definitely weren’t worth exchanging one’s life for.

“Smelly brat, we’ve arrived!”

Eddy lightly patted Jiang Nan out of his thoughts, dragging him and jumping out of the carriage.

They had already arrived in the outskirts of Sun City, and before them was a vast pasture of grass. From the southernmost area to the north, it continued to extend infinitely towards the sky-blue horizon.

This grazing pasture was called ‘Rheim Pasture’, an asset of the imperial family in Rheim Empire, who occupied an exceedingly great status within Sun City.

Within the pasture, 197 knife work specialists had already congregated, and they were team members which Eddy had called over.

“Assemble, assemble!”

Eddy began to shout at the top of his lungs right after getting off the carriage, and after gathering all the knife work professionals at the gate to the pasture, he pointed towards Jiang Nan, “Everybody, I’ve brought to you another companion yet again: this youngster is called Rodi, and is a slave of West Farms. Everybody acquaint yourselves with him because you guys are going to be teammates from now on!”

Slave?! A skinny, middle-aged man’s facial expression abruptly distorted, “Captain Eddy, what is the meaning of this?!”

He pointed at Jiang Nan, “You looking for a slave to cooperate with us is simply insulting our identities!”

A stout old man also began waving his two hands, “Is it not more than shaming our identities?! Eddy, I respect you as one of Wade Empire’s top four knife work chefs, but I myself was once the chef of a country’s royal family! Looking for a slave to become one of my teammates, hmph! Do you want to force me to withdraw from this knife work team?”

“Hey, Malfoy, Mallun, are you the two of you, father and son, not convinced?”

Eddy berated them: “*I’ve long since told you! My team disregards background and looks completely at strength! Although Rodi is only a slave, his knife work is better than any of you here! I appreciate him, so not only do I want him to join the knife work team, I also want to put him in charge of the Knife Work Feast as vice-captain! Anybody who refuses to accept this, stand out!”

“I refuse to accept this!”

“Eddy, do you still have the face and dignity of an aristocrat?”

Thirtysome knife work specialists all stood out and began arguing with Eddy.

Jiang Nan, on the other hand, touched the bridge of his nose as he suddenly let out a nostalgic smile.

He was too familiar with the scene occurring before him: a long time ago, when he was still an anatomy professor, there were many experts and authorities like the knife work specialists before him who protested his coming.

In this situation, Jiang Nan always believed that the only way to calm such a storm…. was to show off one’s strength and shut the mouths of these so-called experts!

“Calm down, gentlemen, please calm down!”

Jiang Nan walked to the front of Eddy and obstructed the knife work specialists’ view, “Alright, everybody is dissatisfied with my identity as a slave, but…. our goal in coming here is not for your happiness and pleasure either!
I’ve come for the sake of the Knife Work Feast! If everybody wishes for me to leave this place, that’s fine. However, if everybody could please give proof: prove that after I leave, you all have the ability to take my place! Prove that after you’ve lost me, you can still maintain the standard of the Knife Work Feast!”

“You damned lowlife, what did you say?!” The stout, old man by the name of ‘Mallun’ flew into rage.



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